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Keene Things to Do

  • Sarah's porch

    Things to do on Sarah's porch:1- Drink2- Play with fake guns3- Look at the bunnies named Relish and Molly (ya that's my name)

  • Ashuelot River

    The rapids here are amazing. The river almost sucked Sarah into it's depths. Actually it tried to eat Chris as well. There was an adorable little crazy man who stood on the rocks above the river and was watching us. No but it was really fun. The water was quite clean and refreshing.


    The movie jumanji was filmed in the small town of keene, nh. there is still evidence of the film. this painting on the wall was painted and shown in the movie.The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named Keene to its list of "America's Dozen Distinctive Destinations" due to the city's well-managed growth, commitment to historic...


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Keene Restaurants

  • Good Hotel Restaurant

    Good Hotel,Good Restaurant.The CHEF is very creative ! The soup for apetizer.The fish, glazed with mapple syrop.The chocolate cake is great, called OH YEAH !Try the local beer.

  • Panini, Belgian Fries, and Lambic

    A relatively new Keene establishment, Fritz has quickly become one of our favorite lunch stops. The fries are wonderful, there is always a great selection of paninis if you feel the need for something a bit healthier, and the beer menu is unique. They have Stella Artois on tap and bottled Unibroues, Ommegang Abbey Ale, Hennepin, and Lindemans...

  • Soft Serve or Hard-Packed? Your Choice!

    Rick's is tucked away in a rather unattractive mall - especially in the evening, when everything else is closed. Of course, you soon forget about the surroundings when you're confronted with a list of something like 45 possibilities, plus cakes!They emphasise the soft-serve custard-style ice-cream here, but some of the hard-packed stuff is just as...


Keene Nightlife

  • by wah_keen Written Jun 29, 2006

    Sarah, Chris, and I went to Twenty One Bar and Grill and had a drink. The waitress was really great, very quick and friendly. I had a drink called a Grateful Dead. I have no idea what was in it but it was strong and made me quite drunken.

    Dress Code: casual

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Keene Local Customs

  • by ranting Written Aug 24, 2002

    If you are polite to the local law enforcement, they will let you go on your way - as long as it is out of their way. My nitemare in New Hampshire ended with me catching my date in the act of....well it was pretty vulgar to see - and so I packed quickly to just leave. I was driving my car, threw my bags into the trunk where I happened upon the dates things - a CD collection worth about $500, really nice clothes, etc. Well, quite frankly I wasn't hauling it all back home with me - so I threw it all in the street, in the snow, making sure I cracked every CD as I tossed. And then the police came - some report of a crazed woman tossing garbage in the street. Here is where the politeness comes in - I simply explained that the items in the street didn't belong to me , that the owner could fetch them when he got his pants on and that I was leaving New Hampshire - never to return; the police very kindly wished me a safe trip home.

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Keene Favorites

  • by ranting Written Aug 24, 2002

    Favorite thing: Not exactlty the tourist capital of the country, ya know. The only reason I was in Keene was because the guy I was dating wanted to go home for Christmas - so I tagged along to see New England, you know - a covered bridge or two. Ok - so the trees, nice. Fresh air, good. The people though - quite rude and unattracive actually. read on - it gets better.

    Fondest memory: One week in which I would find out the guy I was dating was a complete stranger, snow is only pretty for about 20 mintues, meeting new people is not a favored pastime among the locals - nor is courtesy. And the image of my date cheating on me - on the living room carpet no less, with the girl who is just 'his best friend' is burned into my retnas. I neeed never go back to New Hampshire - I've seen it all.

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