New Hampshire Local Customs

  • The little tour was interesting and informative
    The little tour was interesting and...
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    Karen and I did our share of tasting
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New Hampshire Local Customs

  • Moonlight Meadery

    Not far from Hudson, NH where our son is living we found a MEADERY! One of the oldest drinks in the world... this meadery has a small tasting room and tours which include free glasses. Their mead can be bought in a number of flavors from Blueberry to Coffee. It's made from local honey and local fruits (where possible). They are very creative in...

  • Bear Bells

    We were told there are (black) bears in the White Mountains. To our disappointment we didn't see one. Not that I'd want to get too close to one!Anyway, the balcony of our rental apartment had a nice little bell that one can ring when the bears get close. As far as I know they don't like the sound and run ... True or not, but it's a nice story for...

  • state symbols

    the state bird is the Purple Finch.the state animal is the White Tail Deer.the state flower is the Purple Lilac.state nickname is "Granite State" in reference to the fine granite quarries and to the state's steadfastness in hard times.state motto is: "Live Free or Die"the state seal shows a ship in the shipyard indicating Portsmouth shipbuilding...

  • Always a dog around the lake

    My sons have loved Lake Winnepesaukee since the first moment they saw it...and the first time one of them fell off the dock. So many great sunny days spent with good friends. The Lake is just that kind of place.

  • Tipping

    Tipping is more or less compulsory. In restaurants, waiters expect around 10% to 20%, as do taxi drivers, while porters and bellboys anticipate around 1 or 2 USD per piece of luggage. You are not expected to tip in fast-food restaurants or cinemas.

  • Parking pass

    If you are driving the White Mountain Trail and want to park somewhere for hiking, you need to buy a parking pass. Passes for more than one day can be bought at the visitors center. Day passes are available at parking areas along the trail.There you will find a dispenser box with envelopes. Take an envelope and tear the daily recreation pass stub...

  • You MUST paddle a canoe

    No doubt about it, you haven't been to Lake Winnepesauke until you've taken a canoe out on the lake....and probably fallen overboard! Part of the fun.


    Our friends have a Jack Russell terrier who loves to stand out on the surf board. Looks like he's ready to go. I don't know if anyone has ever challenged him to a real speedy ride. :-)

  • Whirlygigs, birdhouses, and Cape Cod...

    You can find these roadside businesses scattered throughout New England, but moreso in New Hampshire and Cape Cod. If you are lucky you will find a man who makes the whimsical art from scratch and creates his own design. Unfortunately there isn't much money in that, so we now see people selling things which come from a kit. However some of the ...

  • Old Home Days

    New Hampshire towns celebrate "Old Home Day", usually during the Summer. It's a homegrown celebration of "the town", but it's origins are somewhat more stark.At the turn of the twentieth century, most of these small towns lost population. With few job opportunities to offer its children, most youth would travel away for college or work - and stay...

  • You in a Subaru

    The hottest car you can have in New Hampshire is a Subaru.This makes sense, actually. Pragmatic New Englanders driving a versatile, economical vehicle that's good in the snow - now, throw on a ski rack, and you're a rock star.Us kids bought this Subaru for my Mom. She was in tears, "I can't believe I have a SUBARU!". It's the New Hampshire Porsche,...

  • Celebrations & Events in New Hampshire

    The people of New Hampshire are fun-loving individuals who love to celebrate their culture, religion, politics, and holidays.Although I did not see this, I heard about it from other tourists who had Scottish backgrounds!Each year, 35,000 people attend a 3-day festival of Scottish culture. Scotch-Irish immigrants were among the earliest settlers in...

  • Politics is Important in New Hampshire

    "We're so passionate about our primary. We believe we're one of the last places where, without spending a fortune, you can establish yourself as a viable candidate for President of the United States." Donna Sytek, Speaker of the New Hampshire House of RepresentativesFor New Hampshirites, government plays an important role in their lives. They have...

  • Vanity Plates

    Did You know that New Hampshire has a greater percentage of Vanity plates than any other state in the US?Reason.. they are really inexpensive here! It does seem that most everyone has one! It's fun to read them while driving on the road. But even more fun to have one on my own car!Just for fun check these out:

  • The Old Man in the Mountain

    He's gone now, his face forever erased from the mountain in May, 2003! And all of New Hampshire was stunned and devestated. It was so common for people to go up north just to say 'hi' to him. He's been such a part of our culture for ever. He's our state symbol, he's on our coins, he's on our road signs. It seemed that he truly symbolized New...

  • The Old Man in the Mountain

    He's gone now, his face forever erased from the mountain in May, 2003! And all of New Hampshire was stunned and devestated. It was so common for people to go up north just to say 'hi' to him. He's been such a part of our culture for ever. He's our state symbol, he's on our coins, he's on our road signs. It seemed that he truly symbolized New...

  • cool off your feet....

    One thing I love to do is cool my feet off after a long hike. After nine hours of strenuous walking in the same hot boots, it is a real joy to finally take them off and dip your feet in the icy waters of a mountain stream. You'll hate putting your boots back on, but the rest of the hike will be much nicer after you treat your feet to this simple...

  • It's Spring, Dammit!

    New Englanders have to put up with a lot of rotten weather from Autumn through Spring. Granted, there are - here and there - some lovely fall, winter and spring days, but by and large, it's cold and crappy from November until mid-to-late April. So when Spring arrives - Spring being defined as the time when you don't have to wear your down parka...

  • What's a Rotary?

    When asking directions and they say go to the rotary, they mean a traffic circle or in Europe, it's a roundabout.

  • Church Communities give helping hands!

    If you're looking for something to do in a small town, look to the Church bulletins for any in town activities going on. Church suppers, dances, social gatherings of different kinds can lead you to new friends and a fun time!.They are also very supportive if you find yourself in need of temporay help. People in small town America can be very...

  • As much as I hate to say or...

    As much as I hate to say or admit this, foreigners are not always treated equally up here. Though this is far from a universal rule, many people are clear headed enough to treat everyone as an equal. However, white New England folk are the norm, people of other cultures just stand out - really. This is not a race issue, it applies to people with...

  • People in New Hampshire are...

    People in New Hampshire are perfectly friendly, but not warm and certainly not effusive. Natives will often answer questions with a laconic 'aayup' or 'nope.' Don't be offended.New Hampshire state-run liquor stores are great places to stock up on booze. Alcoholic beverages usually sell for quite a few dollars less than elsewhere, except for wine,...

  • Not really a cultural tip, but...

    Not really a cultural tip, but take time to appreciate the beauty of the nature around you. See the struggle for survival that the local plantlife has trying to dig its roots around the many rocks to reach the meagre soil in order to grow. It really makes quite an impression on you if you take the time.

  • Autumn in NH

    New Hampshire has always been an agricultural state. There are many large dairy farms here, as well as feed and grain farms. A nice thing about NH is the country side and in the fall NH can be best known for its leaf peeping.


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New Hampshire Local Customs

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