New Hampshire Restaurants

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  • Restaurants
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New Hampshire Restaurants

  • Hidden Secret

    The Little Red School House is located in West Compton, New Hampshire. This cozy restaurant is hidden way up near Loon Mountain, New Hampshire . What a great find, amazing sea food and other delicious entrees to choose from. You are greeted by the friendly staff, and you dine in a tree house style atmosphere. The outside of the restaurant resembles...

  • Fresh Food Great Prices

    The atmosphere is very casual- but don't let that put you off. The energy is all put into the food which is made fresh in house every day. As the name implies, yes you can get Buffalo, along with elk, wild boar and venison (and some others). But if you aren't adventurous don't worry they also have fresh beef, chicken and salmon along with a variety...


    Friday, September 14, 2012We were staying overnight in Gorham, NH at the Top Notch Inn. Not far from the Inn, was the DYNASTY BUFFET a Chinese Restaurant. I have to say it was a very good buffet. It even offered crab legs for Hansi. Also offered were soups - Wonton & Egg Drop, Salad Bar, Egg rolls and Spring Rolls, Boneless Spare Ribs, Fried Rice,...

  • Great sea food - fast service,...

    We got the inside scoop on Johnson's from an antique dealer ... and he was sooo right. He told us there would be a big bunch of cars out front so we couldn't miss it, and he was right. We got seated quickly and enjoyed a great lunch,...fresh, and reasonably priced.I had a baked fish....excellent. My husband had fish and chips... and my son chose...

  • The homestead restaurant

    This family restaurant is located amidst the many outlet stores of North Conway. It's a nice and relaxing place to have lunch/dinner in combination with your shopping.The restaurant is situated in an old farmhouse and they serve grill and seafood. Clam chowder

  • Good food and fun place to visit

    Truant's Taverne POB 413 N. Woodstock NH 03262 phone: 603-745-2239 website: Casual dining: lunch, dinner. Open daily at 11:30 a.m. Appetizers, unique sandwiches, fine dinners.

  • always some brews if you look....

    I was really looking forward to this place. We had done a great but tough hike and were just starved. We pulled up and saw this very fancy looking Inn and were nearly afraid to go in. We were still in our hiking gear and had not had a shower in two days. Quite simply, we looked a mess. After closer inspection, we noticed that while the upstairs...

  • My "all time" favorite place to eat!

    Step back into the 50's and 60's to a diner with music & ambience to match and a menu with the food of the times. Such as meatloaf, shepard's pie and the good ole hamburger and fries. The breakfast is terrific! Breakfast buffet.

  • Gobble, Gobble, Gobble....

    This was definitly a tourist thing to do. Everybody reccommended dinning here.The meal was okay but not outstanding. The service was excellent. The Pumpkin Pie.........

  • Swiss food

    We were curious about the "German-Swiss" food that they advertised. And to our surprise they offered indeed some German/Swiss/Austrian dishes. We had original German beer (Paulaner), Wiener Schnitzel with red cabbage and Rösti (they were so nice to serve the Rösti instead of the Spätzle) for main course (not as good as you can get it in...

  • Ice Cream!

    It wasn't the day for ice cream - cloudy, a bit too cold - but we decided we had to try Ben & Jerry's at least once. Everyone raved about it, eh? We had waffle cones, cannot recall the exact flavour but I think it was chocolate for me. I found it to be a bit too sweet (tons of sugar in it I guess). Nothing to write home about but not bad either.

  • casual dining with a view

    The plan was to have lunch at that restaurant. We learned that many others had planned the same - so you better make a reservation in advance. The service was surprisingly slow. We had a waitress who spoke French and Spanish besides English, of course, but again no German ... she was quite funny and nice, so we didn't complain that she was really...

  • Clam Chowder

    Clam chowder is the specialty of New England. It's a creamy meal soup with clams and eaten with saltine crackers.

  • Woodstock Station

    Woodstock Station is part of Woodstock Inn & Brewery. The restaurant is housed in a restored train depot. The interior is lovely and the atmosphere great. The food was okay. They serve typical American food like sandwiches, burgers, steak, pizza but also some mexican items. They have a huge menu. There is something for everyone. And of course you...

  • In the Morning, We're having Waffles!

    Lloyd died about 100 years ago but he'd be pleased with the crew that runs the restaurant these days. We dropped in on the Bethlehem diner for breakfast before heading out sightseeing. The friendly locals greeted us and made us feel at home. Pecan Malt Belgium Waffle was a no brainer for me and it hit the mark. The rest of my crew had eggs and...

  • New Location Opening Soon!!!!!!!

    "STILL In A Pinch Cafe" opening soon. Beginning of November looking to be the grand opening to the new and LONG awaited location.. We will be introducing all new items like cappaccino with our top of the line cappaccino and espresso machine, along with delicious and healthy fruit smoothie combinations, get a booster for energy or look for our other...

  • lunch at the CASTLE

    We didn't eat at the Castle in the Clouds, but it would be a nice spot to have a quick lunch and sit enjoying the amazing views. They serve the basic hot dogs, burgers, fries, and such. It's an interesting building (the carriage house....see my Castle tips) and there is a good historical photo display on the walls.


    Didn't stop here, but looks like a fun diner to check out those burgers that are so bad for us....along with the fries, of course.

  • Hart's Turkey Farm

    Hart's has been around for a very long time. Their specialty is obviously...turkey. In all forms, and for very reasonable prices...this is a typical American family sort of restaurant. We were in the mood for simple turkey, gravy, and mashed potatoes that night. worked out fine.

  • Need a caffeine fix?

    Specializing in a broad range of coffees...this little spot also has deli sandwiches and pastries. The day we were there (St. Patrick's Day) they offered a bit of Irish Cream in your coffee. It's friendly, warm and charming. Don't miss it. We're real coffee freaks, so these little places are absolutes when we travel.This is in Meredith. The...

  • Comfy diner with good food, plain and...

    This little diner is in Plymouth, which is only a minute or two from the Cold Spring Resort, where we stayed in Ashland. Classic diner with fun signs on the walls, stools at the counter for fast service...and a fabulous Reuben sandwich! Corned beef was lush. Give it a try if you are in the area....and many thanks to ElaineCatherine of VT for the...

  • A good quality meal!

    The Mile Away restaurant specializes in Swiss/German cuisine, but also offers typical American dishes. I like the sausages, schnitzel and bratwurst, but I really love the prime rib! You pay one price for your meal, which includes your salad, soup, main course AND desert and coffee. Portions may look a little small-ish, compared to other...

  • The Hannah Jack Tavern in...

    The Hannah Jack Tavern in Merrimack, NH.The building really is a genuine antique. It is divided into small, intimate rooms with about 4 tables each. Some rooms have a fireplace. The restaurant has been in business for well over 20 years - at least, that's how long my family has been frequenting it. I just recently ate there after a long absence and...

  • Pancakes, Yum!

    Another terrific restaurant is Polly's Pancake Parlor.. you can go to their website and get all of the information, and even order maple syrup and pancake's worth it! I believe that would be PANCAKES!

  • Don't Miss the Ice cream!

    If ever you find yourself in the Manchester, NH area...Don't miss driving down Candia Road to Goldenrod's. Now, if the weather is warm, you will spot it due to all of the cars lined up on the street & the full parking lot. Is it worth waiting in the line outdoors?Oh yes.Most definitely yes.You will have your choice of many homemade flavors of ice...

  • Great bread!

    This restaurant doesn't look like anything I would care for from the outside.A bit--cartoonish?Anyway, someone talked me into trying it one day & I'm so glad I did.The rolls that they bring to your table (hot) with an herbed olive oil dipping sauce are absolutely mouth watering. Also, try their delicious sweet Italian sausage soup. The name does...

  • Friendly Atmosphere

    the Bridgewater Inn is now one of the local watering spots on the lake. It has expanded to feature itseld as a Japanese Steakhouse and Tavern with new owners (from my viewpoint) Soon-Jin and Dianna.Great atmosphere with a friendly if loud crowd. Most anything,

  • Open-Pit Barbeque

    Excellent Open-Pit Barbecue. The extras on the menu -- corn, fries, cole slaw, dessert -- are adequate, but remember what you are there for. Focus on the meat. The Decor is done in Early Porcine, and it is swine souvenier central. Last I knew they didn't take credit cards, but there is an ATM 100 yards up the road. Pulled pork

  • Authentic New England

    It is a mark of an authentic New England restaurant to offer beans for breakfast. This is a carryover from the logging camp breakfasts of 3-5,000 calories, with pancakes for early energy, eggs for midday energy, and beans to keep you on your feet late in the day. It is still favored by those who will labor during the day with little or nothing at...

  • Lunch in Concord?

    They bill it as "Incredible Edibles" and that it is. Sandwiches built to order...or try one of their creative combinations. Salads of most any description...daily specials, sweets, fruits, and fresh baked. Catering also available, (in case you are staying in the area). Green Mountain Gourmet Coffee, Boar's Head Meats...a long list of...

  • Very popular, good food, and comfy

    Ashland is the home of the original Common Man restaurant but there are a number of them scattered throughout the territory. You feel as if you are in an old barn filled with memorabilia on the walls... friendly wait staff to make things seem homey. Good American food, homemade deserts. At the entrance you will find collections of old magazines...

  • Really Great Seafood

    Newick's is right off of Route 4 in Dover, New Hampshire. It's the perfect place to go to after a day at the beach. They served fresh boiled lobsters, great fried seafood and baked seafood too. They do have a kids menu with stuff like cheeseburgers and chicken fingers too. It's extremely casual. There are long bench seats that you may share with...

  • Great Breakfast Tradition!

    Benton's is a traditional New England sugar shack, producing it's own maple syrup on-site for 4 generations! They sell an extensive variety of all things maple-y... candies, spreads, syrups, etc. And every weekend, they open up their kitchen and have an awesome pancake breakfast!While you're waiting for your table (no reservations) you can look at...

  • The most expensive pancakes on Earth!

    You probably aren't used to hearing the words "shockingly expensive" and "pancake house" in the same sentence, but it fits in this case.Polly's is an institution - and it knows it. Many people claim that Polly's has the best pancakes in the region - and for what they charge, they had better be! It is located in the Sugar Hill area, which is home to...

  • Pancakes! and fresh Maple Sirup

    Pollys Pancake Parlor. it´s not only for Breakfast. Here you can have all the Pancakes and Waffles and French Toast and of course Sandwiches and Homemade Bread etc. you want.They use no prepared mixes, the maple sirup and maple sugar is made by themselfes also.The house itself was built in 1830 and is a view itself.Restaurant open weekends 7AM...

  • Great Variety

    Part of a chain of local restaurants called "The Common Man," the Italian Farmhouse is a step away from what you'd expect to find on a back road in NH. My rigatoni and meat sauce rivaled many of NY's finest. Everyone else felt the same. Fom the fish dishes to the canneloni all thought the place was great.

  • Hannah Jacks LET DOWN

    I read all the tip on the web and I was very let down. We got to Hannah Jack's and the place was very nice. We were seated right away since we had reservations, but that's when it went down hill. The Waiter was very slow getting to us and then when he got there and left he never came back. We asked for normal bread for our kids and he never brought...

  • If you like good hamburgers

    This little place was unique. The ceiling was covered with small chalkboards with remarks from customers. All the walls were covered with something interesting, no special theme however. This is definitely the place to buy a juicy hamburger.

  • Hearty Breakfast for a Long Day of...

    If you are passing through Gorham early in the morning on the way to your trailhead, stop in for a cup of hot coffee and a muffin. If you have more time, their full breakfasts are big, hearty, and well worth stopping for.

  • An Eating Experience Not to be Missed

    On our last trip through NH, returning from upstate NY, we stopped in Concord for one evening. Next to our Inn, was The Common Man, recommended to us a great eating spot. The restaurant is located in an old "barn-like" atmosphere with different levels and a very warm feeling. From the opening "help-yourself to the salads and cheeses" to the final...

  • Poor People's Pub

    PPP is a nice pub in the middle of Sanbornville, NH, right on Rt. 109. The food is great, the beer fresh, and the atmosphere is of that small town "everyone knows everyone" type that just makes you feel right at home. The burger I had was pretty good.

  • Operating since 1954

    I do believe turkey would be their specialty!! It's a huge place, able to serve over 400. This is an institution in the Meredith/Lakes region and probably anyone who's ever been in the area has eaten there. We did think the prices were a little high....$10.25 for the small portion of turkey pie with side dishes. The first time we went there, I...

  • Homestyle cooking

    It's a diner located in Rumney, NH.... we've been going there for years when it was known as Glory Jean's, but it was sold in 2000 and the new owners have fixed it up, cleaned extensively, and just made it look much better. The front portion of the restaurant is an original diner, complete with counter/stools and booths. In the back is an addition...

  • Breakfast All Day

    There are several Bickford's Restaurants in New Hampshire which are a step above a coffee shop. The food is fresh and the helpings are substantial and the service was good. They were advertising apple dishes when we were there -- that time of the year. They have great breakfasts and the pancakes are their specialty.

  • Leprechan's and Irish Flavor

    We ordered a take out Burger. Now, being Texan's I can guarantee you these were more than what you would call Texas Sized!We had enough to feed half of New Hampshire!


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