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    by April1985
  • yep, i live on a corner . this is my property.
    yep, i live on a corner . this is my...
    by April1985
  • My dear departed dog, Archie.
    My dear departed dog, Archie.
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Absecon Things to Do

  • Galloway Ceramic Studio

    Galloway Ceramic Studio is a great place to take a group of kids or even just a fun night with friends! They are usually open, I would call ahead for times. The people are very friendly , and you can basically go in there and make whatever you want, leave it up to them to do the rest. They put your item in the kiln , and you come back to pick up...

  • Make it a blockbuster night !

    In south jersey there is not a lot to do but lay around and find something fun to do. So, instead of sitting on your couch thinking of something to do, stop by blockbuster in absecon, and grab a movie (dvd or vhs) or video game (playstation, xbox.. etc) I know it sounds silly, but sometimes the best thing to do is kick back and watch a movie with a...

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Absecon Restaurants

  • Dairy Queen...

    Oh Dairy Queen ... How do I love thee , Let me count the ways ... Dairy Queen is deff a childhood favorite ! Growing up it was always a small vanilla cone with rainbow jimmies ! Yep jimmies ! Not sprinkles... Jimmies . Its a jersey thing I guess . Those are the soft ones that look like minus signs .. sprinkles are the round hard ones , ew . Anyways...

  • Candy ... yum

    G Carl Tripician Macaroons, is an amazing candy shop. They have delicious chocolates, and other cute candies. A great place to get a gift. They will also ship boxes for you, anywhere you'd like. And they are wrapped in their signature dark blue gift wrap with a gold sticker. truffles

  • Pitney Italian Market

    Pitney Italian Market is awesome. Point blank! I have been going here for years. Their italian cookies are the best, I went away to college and I missed them so much! I used to ask my parents to ship them to me in the mail . They aren't special , other italian markets make the same cookies . But its like, your moms cookies are always going to be...

  • Fresh Fruit

    Santori's Produce & Deli Market, is a great place to buy fresh fruit, bread, and other healthy items. I love going there because I get the feeling I am in a small town where people still rely on the small country stores like this one. Even though it is still a chain store, it has a nice mood to it. However I advice not purchasing anything on the...

  • Chinese food

    Best Food In Town is really a good place to eat. It is very clean,and the owners are so nice ! I remember one time someone knocked over a bowl of uncooked rice ( they keep the pencils in there at the register ) and I started to pick it up for the owner . She was so thankful that she gave me 4 huge handfuls of fortune cookies . I guess she wanted me...

  • One Scoop ? Two Scoop ?

    Mmmm Lindy Hop's. I have been going here since I was a little girl when it used to be such a tiny little place. Well, its still tiny, but a tad bit bigger. It is a family owned place, but Lindy herself! The ice cream is delicious, and its run by basically all female high school students. They are all very friendly, and they all know how to scoop...

  • Italian In Galloway

    I remember when this place used to be a small pizza parlor . Of course the food was better then , and chef's have changed over the years . The food is alright , I don't think it is the best though . I would chose other Italian restaurants before this one . But it is close to home , and it is a very beautiful place . There is also a bar , which used...

  • Munchies at 1am ?

    Okay, so I know WAWA seems to be the big joke of south jersey, but, we here in jersey love wawa. When we go to other states we get confuzed and mostly depressed because you cant get a sub at 1 am ! Thats right folks, if youve got the munchies at 1 am, 3 am , or 6 am , you can drive up the street to a WAWA and get your self , a sub, sandwitch, cup...

  • Grab a taste of Italy

    Rifici's Ristorante is a place my family goes to very often. They have delicious food and the people who work here are so polite . Half is a resturant, and the other half is a bar/take out. There is always a nice ambiance, and the food is always pleasing. I have never had a bad time here, and always went home full ! The portions are big, but very...

  • Hibachi/Traditional Japanese cuisine

    Mount Fuji is awesome. I love japanese food, i think it is so healthy . this resturant was very clean , and everyone there was very nice . i felt at home here . the food was delicious , and the atmosphere was perfect . My mom and I went here and had an amazing meal ! anything chicken for me , anything sushi for my mom

  • 2nd in Subs

    Sack O Subs in my opinion is 2nd . because of course vic's comes first in my book . Sack O Subs , does have a really good meatball sub , they mush the meat so you get more out of it , also the tuna is nice , its dry with oil and vinegar , and the cold subs ( ham , turkey , italian , etc ) are good as well .

  • South Jersey's Finest !

    OMG ... When ever I coem home to visit my parents, I always go to get a Vic's Sub. Whether I am eating in Jersey, or taking it back to NY , its always taste amazing ! I actually got my boyfriend hooked to them , and now he even says , that south jersey has the best sub's on earth ! (although we havent tried them all just yet ) Vic's is out Number 1...


Absecon Nightlife

  • April1985's Profile Photo

    by April1985 Written Mar 11, 2008

    10 West Bar & Lounge, is one of those places where people go to dance, watch girls wrestle in mud, drink shots till the wee hours of the morning, and meet people (again) from your high school years. Unless of course your from out of town, which one would wonder, why on earth are you coing to 10 west, out of all the nice places you could be ??

    Dress Code: I don't think there is one, but I would call before hand just in case , although , if you couldnt get in, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing .

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Absecon Shopping

  • Flowers

    I have been receiving and buying flowers from Godfrey Aschmann Florist since I was 3 years old. Yep 3. ( i was in a lot of dance recitals), also proms and holidays. They have the most beautiful flowers. You can tell them exactly which flowers you want, and they will go in the back and put them together in a beautiful bouquet for you. It is a very...

  • Shop Rite !

    Okay , so Shop Rite, which used to be called " Starns " and is still called that by the people who remember it being called that , is a great supermarket to shop at because a lot of the stuff here is cheaper than others supermarkets, like ACME, or Stop & Shop .. I like to go here because I find that they have more of a variety than the others also....

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Absecon Sports & Outdoors

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    by April1985 Written Mar 11, 2008

    Gabriel Field is a great place to go to if you want to get a bunch of friends and play baseball, football soccer or even tennis. There are baseball diamonds, fenced in, safe for children to play in, as well as a football field and tennis courts, also soccer fields. In the summer/spring months you can watch the the kids teams play ( G.T. A. A. ) It stands for Galloway Township Athletic Association I played in that league for years. Also there is a concession stand that sells slices of pizza ( yuck ) for 75 cents , all sorts of crazy candy to keep your kid full of energy , and others special things .

    Equipment: Whatever sport you want to play make sure you come prepared with what you need.

    Ex.) Baseball - bats, baseballs, mits, water

    Football - Football, flag belts (if playing flat football), cheerleaders if you own any (haha), water

    Tennis - Tennis Racket , Balls , water

    Soccer - Soccer Ball, Water

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