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  • Stephen Crane House
    Stephen Crane House
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  • Asbury Convention Hall
    Asbury Convention Hall
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  • The Stone Pony
    The Stone Pony
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Asbury Park Things to Do

  • The Stephen Crane House

    This childhood home of author Stephen Crane, known greatly for "The Red Badge of Courage" was saved from demolition in 1995 by volunteers known as the "Crane Crew" and turned it into a museum to the author and a place to share literature and art.Stephen Crane was born in Newark, NJ in 1871, and moved here in 1883. He and his thirteen...

  • Check out the Mansions of Deal

    Decades ago, Ocean Avenue, the main street of Deal, an extremely wealthy enclave between Asbury Park and Long Branch, was paved with yellow cobblestones which glittered like gold in the sun. Deal is certainly where the gold is, although asphalt has replaced the cobbled surface. Unlike many beach towns in New Jersey and Long Island, ostentatious...

  • Play Miniature Golf

    Back in the ancient times of my youth, the center of the Asbury boardwalk was a dingy and dilapidated miniature golf course offering as its greatest challenge the torn green carpet haphazardly placed over the cracked cement of each hole. Nonetheless, its central position made it one of the major attractions for meeting friends and just hanging out....

  • Rent A Bicycle

    A new bicycle sales and rental store on the boards is located just south of the Paramount complex. They offer a full range of upscale units and accessories for sale and rent basic no-gear units at surprisingly reasonable cost. A full day rental is $20 and short term rates are also available for as little as $14. At this time, driver's licenses are...

  • Visit the New Restaurants on the...

    Dining is a term used loosely on any boardwalk and Asbury is no exception. The famed circular restaurant adjacent the Paramount which housed a Howard Johnson decades ago is again under new management and offers a real menu with appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts but as of now is alone in this category. Many new venues, all constructed within...

  • Metropolitan Hotel

    The 180 room Metropolitan Hotel is a classic example of the upscale ornate hotels located within two blocks of the boardwalk and beach. This Spanish style building with an attached motel unit was one of the last large facilities to close, finally, in 1989. The ornate style includes Doric columns and both external and internal porches, and a large...

  • Visit The New Stores on the Boardwalk

    In a mad rush to recoup their investment, the management company has rented space to stores opened with barely more than a removal of debris from the old buildings. Many have no signs or interior decor. Forget flooring - the original cracked cement floors are unchanged from decades ago. Some are located within the Paramount theatre complex, some in...

  • The Stone Pony

    Hey, Asbury Park is synonamous with Bruce Springsteen, who is synonamous with The Stone Pony. This small, local club offers venues of local talents, as well as national and international stars. You never know who is going to show up here.In the past decades, as Asbury Park was going into an economic downfall, this local haunt almost closed many...

  • Asbury Park Convention Center

    New York architect Whitney Warren designed the city's most enduring Landmark: the Paramount Theatre and Convention Hall complex. As Asbury Park grew in popularity as a resort town, venues such as talkies, live entertainment, shows and more were offered in this auditorium theatre.Though the city has witnessed an economic decline in the past couple...

  • The Legendary Stone Pony

    The Stone Pony looks like any roadside bar in the United States but is unquestionably one of the world's most revered rock music venues. Originally constructed as a biker Beer garden with occasional live band performances, Mrs. Jay's was forced out of business over the issure of see-through blouses on the waitresses. With the downfall and racial...

  • The Condominiums

    Visiting beachside condominium sales offices is a very popular activity on the boardwalk. Not only are they airconditioned, but they have the only flush toilets open to the public without buying or eating something. The heart of the current plan for Asbury's rebirth is developing an upscale residential community beyond the gay population. Three...

  • The Beach

    Asbury's long white sandy beach will remain one of the main attractions for all time - clean, wide, and well-maintained. For the first time in years, lounges and umbrellas can be rented at the stairs down from the boardwalk. On shore breezes are delightful along the Jersey coastline and the beach used to be jammed with families and young people....

  • Berkeley Carteret Hotel

    The most famous of Asbury Park's hotels was the Berkeley Carteret, located just across Ocean Avenue from the Convention Center and Paramount Theatre and connected by a second story bridge. Originally built in the 1920's, it was designed as a luxury hotel to serve "all the best people" and it did. In my memory, it was the hotel - convention center...

  • WonderBar

    This venerable bar and music venue on Ocean Avenue near the north end has featured over the years many well-known rock musicians. Originally famous for having "the mile-long bar" around the periphery, it achieved real fame after the demolition of Palace Amusements in 2004. The previously white building was painted pale green in the style of the...

  • The Yellow Brick Tower

    The over the top tower just south of the Casino is one of the tallest buildings on the boardwalk. It is currently totally shuttered and barricaded and gives no evidence as to its function. The strange architecture draws all sorts of guesses about its former life, but the rather mundane answer is - the boilers and heaters for the Casino were housed...

  • Convention Center and Paramount Theatre

    These two impressive buildings are the cultural centerpiece of the Asbury Park boardwalk, connected by the boardwalk itself running between them. They were constructed in the 1920's from archictectural plans by Warren and Wetmore, best known as the architects for New York City's Grand Central Station, the Chelsea Piers, and numerous hotels and...

  • The Casino

    Casino refers to a gathering place or place of entertainment and in the glory years of Asbury this remarkable building fit the description perfectly. There has actually never been gambling in Asbury. The original Casino from the early 1900's was replaced by this Warren and Wetmore plan in 1929 after a major fire and housed some of Asbury's greatest...

  • The Boardwalk

    The mile-long boardwalk between the North End and Ocean Grove has been reconstructed with re-opening of the long closed segment through the Casino at the south end. Grass no longer grows through the cracks and the wood segments are no longer rotted. Previously lined end to end with food stands including the famous Kohl's custard, games of chance...


Asbury Park Hotels

  • The Empress Hotel

    101 Asbury Ave., Asbury Park, NJ, 07712

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Berkeley Hotel

    At 10am security knocked on our door. I rolled out of bed and answered the door. My friend was still...

  • Oceanic Inn

    201 Sixth Ave, Asbury Park, New Jersey, 07712, United States

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

Asbury Park Restaurants

  • Breakfast on the Lake

    First opened in 1960, this old red house with a large deck overlooks Deal Lake and a large number of ducks of varying types and swans. Probably the most famous breakfast emporium in Asbury, the hours are 0500-1300. The breakfast menu is huge, with multiple exotic omelets and pancakes as well as the usual eggs, french toast, etc. Decor is minimal,...

  • The Best View in Asbury

    Surrounding the ground level of the Convention Center is a narrow promenade. Overlooking the beach on the south side, The Beach Bar offers alcoholic beverages but apparently does not yet have a working kitchen. In front, lounging couches. In back, high small cocktail tables with bar stools. And in the middle, a bar with a few black clad servers...

  • Superb Iberian Cuisine on the Shore

    Many upscale and trendy restaurants open and close in Asbury Park, waiting in vain for the huge beach crowds and the rich condo buyers who never seem to materialize. Not so Bistro Ole which has reached critical mass. This Spanish Portuguese style restaurant is here to stay. Owner Rico visits every table, talks with every diner - he is engaging,...


Asbury Park Nightlife

  • Asbury Nightlife

    Officially, Harry's Roadhouse. From the looks of the website, it appears to be a happening place! I haven't been there yet, but I will go soon. In the meantime, look at the upcoming events on the website.

  • Bouncing on the boardwalk

    We were on a road trip up from Carolina to Maine and spend a day through here... we weren't even planning on it but the place was great. Awesome to know places like this are still out there, very authentic, and a great vibe. The people were cool and a dude on the boardwalk mentioned this place he called a "supper club" - Tim McCloone's. So went...

  • An Absolute MUST for Music Fans

    Terrie took me to this world famous nightspot for my birthday and it was one of the most unbelievable and greatest birthday surprises EVER!!! It was definitely great to visit the very place where Bruce Springsteen began his journey to legendary stardom. Coincidentally, that evening's performer is also a rock star himself. Ian Hunter (Formerly of...


Asbury Park Local Customs

  • Airplane Advertisements

    A form of advertisement unique to the New York area and particularly the Jersey shore are the tiny one engine planes which are based in small airports and fly up and down the shore just off the beachline, trailing behind them advertisement banners for banks, shows, insurance companies, and most everything else. Most of the banners used to be for...

  • The Dice

    My memory recalls when every young man's car carried two accessories, both entwined around the rear view mirror - the large sponge dice and the "steady girlfriend's" kerchief. This custom has apparently receded all over the US but still persists 'on the shore' as seen here in a PT cruiser parked in an Asbury parking lot.

  • Asbury Park Hotels

    4 Hotels in Asbury Park

Asbury Park Warnings and Dangers

  • needless to say....

    Asbury Park used to be like the town in Happy Days..... safe and bawdy, young and loud.Now it is more like a ghost town. There are no crowds, even on the beach and boardwalks.And at night, it is downright scary.the crime stats show that Asbury Parks annualy has:2 murders, 10 rapes, 150 robberies/assaults, 250 burglaries, 600 has crime at...

  • Abandoned Asbury?

    In some parts it resembles a ghost town~~you will ask yourself "what happened?", as you pass the vacant lots and abandoned construction sites. At night, you may like it less, especially if you leave Main Street. But areas are being worked on, and there is hope that Asbury is coming back to life!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Asbury Park Favorites

  • Palace Amusements

    On the official register of National Historic Landmarks, the face on this building is Asbury's most recognizable image. For a while there was a rumor it would be torn down, then it 2000 it became a landmark.Update: Tillie has been dismantled, and the building is no more. Tillie is now in storage.

  • what you can expect

    With the link below you can see what weather you can expect when you get to Asbury park today. Hope it is sunny for you! location is at 1212 1st Avenue

  • Bruce Springsteen and the Stone Pony

    These two names are inextricably linked for all time in rock legend, yet there is less here than one might suspect. By the time the club opened, he had already released two albums - Greetings from Asbury Park and The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle and was an established star. He has appeared here more than at any other club or...


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