Atlantic City Travel Guide

  • Are you sure you know what you're entering into?
    Are you sure you know what you're...
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    Play one, play them all! Slots, they are...
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  • Steel Pier
    Steel Pier
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Atlantic City Things to Do

  • Beach

    There are several beaches in the area that one can view. In the summer bars are setup and one of them Sammy's has a small dance floor. The music is so loud you can be anywhere on the beach and dance. The other beach bar is Trumps which is for the more reserved crowd.

  • Bally's

    Bally's is located at the center of attraction in The Boardwalk of Atlantic City and is nearby it's Sister Casino Complex of Ceasars. Bally's is one of the Original Casino Complexes that started in Atlantic City when Gambling was legalized here in 1976 and had several ownership changes and is presently owned by Ceasar's Enterntainment Group (merged...

  • Boardwalk

    The historic Atlantic City Boardwalk is one-of-a-kind, with all of the unique casinos, wide variety of shops and restaurants from high-class hotel eats to greasy spoons and the BEST ice-custard to be found--at Rita's. There is also a museum, a lighthouse (nearby), and if you walk way down in the opposite direction from the Marina you will come upon...


Atlantic City Hotels

Atlantic City Restaurants

  • Great Place with a Beach View

    After leaving Margaritaville across the boardwalk my wife and I decided to have a nice lunch here.The Land Shark Bar & Grill is an installation of Margaritaville but acorss the boardwalk right on the beach. This place has a more casual vibe and relaxed atmosphere. The decor is simple and the menu has more casual fare such as hotdogs, warm pretzel...

  • Right past the Bridge

    It was time to eat, and the GPS had confused me into turning on the wrong street. There was a McDonalds right there so we stopped to eat and regroup. It was busy with not many places to park (and Bob does not like drive through) so we parked in a handicapped place as there wasn't much else available. I got water to drink and partly filled one of...

  • Good Burgers but Don't be in a Hurry

    The burgers here are decent and the prices aren't bad in comparison to other choices in the area, but don't be in a hurry. My husband and I dined here for a pre-concert meal; when we arrived, there was barely anyone in the place, but it still took almost 10 minutes for our server to come to our table and when he did, it was to tell us that he'd be...


Atlantic City Nightlife

  • Good Drinks & Good Times

    I enjoy visiting Margaritaville's and make it a point to stop in whenever I find one. I was actually here the day the first opened this Margaritaville in the Resorts Hotel and Casino but didn't feel like dealing with the mob scene. I recently returned with my wife to AC for the day and Margaritaville was our first stop.The restaurant/bar is at the...

  • Stay away

    Went in hooters for the first time, of course you get the "welcome to hooters, can we take your photo and charge you, can we sell you a calendar etc" Then before you finish eating they are trying to rush you out. Well in the rush I left my cell phone on the table. We came back 5 minutes later only to find the phone missing. The place wasn't busy...

  • good ole sexy but clean fun part 2

    Part two of my hooters tips with more picsMy Favorite Hooters is located along the restaurant row of the tropicana hotel near the boardwalk. located along the restaurant row of the tropicana hotel near the boardwalk.This will be a two part tip with more pictures. Hooters is My all time favorite place to hang around and lounge around due mainly to...


Atlantic City Transportation

  • Train to Atlantic City from Philadelphia

    Journeying to Atlantic City from Philadelphia? Have you considered NJ Transit?The train takes approximately one-and-a-half hours to one-and-three-quarter hours to make the journey from Philadelphia's 30th Street Station to Atlantic City with one-way fares for adults costing US$10.This is a great option for non-drivers who wish to travel out to...

  • Great Bus Services!

    New Jersey Transit offers numerous options so that you can enjoy the whole range of beach resorts along the New Jersey coast.I took the 552 service from Atlantic City to Wildwood at a cost of US$5 in October 2012.

  • Local Taxi Cabs

    In October 2012, I took one of the local taxi cabs from the Showboat resort to the Atlantic City transit Center at a cost of US$12. I was boarding one of the local bus services travelling through New Jersey which would take me to my next stop of Wildwood.Taking a taxi from Atlantic City to Wildwood would cost approximately US$140.


Atlantic City Shopping

  • Abescon Lighthouse

    They offer a wide variety of Lighthouse related souvenirs, apparel, novelties, publications, and artwork. I didn't buy anything but I took photos of some of the offerings. They will ship and so you can order on the internet or by phone Items featuring ours and other Lighthouses for sale in the Gift Shop include: T-shirts, sweatshirts, embroidered...

  • All Things Margaritaville

    The Margaritaville Shop is located right outside of the restaurant. The shop has all the usual Margaritaville merchandise; glasses, tee shirts, flip flops, hats etc, all emblazoned with the Margaritaville logo. I collect Margaritaville glasses from their different locations so I had to stop in and but two more to add to my ever growing collection...

  • Factory Outlet w/in a CITY!

    An outlet mall is a type of shopping mall, in which manufacturers sell their products directly to the public through their own branded stores. Clothing, sporting goods, electrical products, cosmetics, and toys are among the types of items sold at outlet malls. Outlet malls first appeared in the United States as a development of the traditional...


Atlantic City Local Customs

  • New Jersey Fridge Magnets

    Besides the Atlantic City fridge magnets that I've bought, I also got the New Jersey fridge magnets here at Atlantic City and you can buy them everywhere at the casino shops, at the Walk Factory outlets and they come in different designs and styles and sizes and they cost from $ 3.99 to $ 7.99, depending on the type of material used.

  • Resort & Casino Parking

    Resort and Casino parking can be a bit pricey. We paid $10 to park at the Resorts Hotel and Casino (what a dodgy place that was); primarily because we were going to Margaritaville. There are plenty of other options that are basically around the same price and some places have reduced rates or waive the parking fee for Rewards members.

  • Casino Reward Cards

    Casino Rewards Cards have many perks so make sure to sign up for as many as possible. Some perks include dicounts on food and drinks, free or discounted parking, reduced room fees, etc. During our visit we signed up for a few rewards cards just in case we are ever in the area in the future.


Atlantic City Warnings and Dangers

  • Undesirables

    Now when I say undesirables it covers a vast array of groups: the prostitutes, the drunks, the Jersey Shore types and those just behaving badly. During our August 2013 trip to AC we came across several of these and believe it or not the worst behaved people were the women. One in particular kept lifting her skirt up at the bar to give the other...

  • Bird Droppings

    Apparently the pigeons that used to be on the boardwalk wanting to be fed have been supplanted by the seagulls. Seagulls are more aggressive than pigeons and also are better flyers. So they can circle overhead and grab stuff from your hand and also poop on you.Atlantic City was going to put up some nets in 2008, but I don't know how that worked or...

  • The Birds!

    Seagulls are just about everywhere and fly down real low. They will follow you if they see that you have food. If any food drops onto the boardwalk they will swoop down and pick it up and fight in the air for it. They will also poop on you if you are not careful.


Atlantic City Tourist Traps

  • Parking Fees

    OK - I get the sense from my family who have been here before that this isn't a big deal, but I was appalled that the casinos charge to park in their garage. They all appeared to be in the $10 range. So you are being charged to park so that you may have the privilege of gambling your money at these properties. When I went out to the Borgata, at...

  • The Steel Pier

    Quoted from Wikipedia: " Teh Steel Pier in Atlantic City is a 1,000 foot long amusement pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It is located opposite The Boardwalk from Trump Taj Mahal. On August 21, 2006 it was announced that Steel Pier, which has been open since 1898, will close permanently in October to make way for new development. The Pier which...

  • Boobies and Dicks !

    Okay, so your traveling to Atlantic City ... why not celebrate the vacation by remembering all the hookers you saw, and bring back a dickie cup or even better a boobie cup ! please people ... dont get sucked into the tourist trap's ... this is so cliche ... AC has much better stuff to buy than novelty sex cups.


Atlantic City What to Pack

  • A few items for a weekend getaway

    A small carry bag or roller board is all you really need unless you plan on spending weeks on end here. We usually spend a night or two and everything we take will fit in a small rollerboard. Depending on the season, but during the summer you can enjoy casual wear like summer dresses, shorts, skirts and tank tops for women and men usually wear...

  • Summer Time List

    stuff an unused bag into your carry on so you can bring home souvenirs plastic bags for bathing suits if still wet when you have to leave so they dont damped your other clothes Good walking shoes/sneakersComfortable Pumps/HealsFlip Flops (dressy & non dressy )Windbreaker (the boardwalk gets breezy, even in the summer)Light sweater Dress down...

  • it depends you gamble or not

    walking shoes if you plan to stroll along the boardwalk,carry extra clothing if you plan to walk at night on boardwalk because it can be breezy bring your cardiac medicine if you have a weak heart and you are a may win the jackpot or you can lose big time credit card & atm card


Atlantic City Off The Beaten Path

  • Go to Ocean City

    Ocean City is just an 8 mile drive (and a 20 minute driving time) down south from the heart of Atlantic City via US 152 into the Historic Cape May County and if you don't have time to go to Cape May of New Jersey and Ocean City in Maryland (and ride a hour long ferry in between and is a popular destination in the east coast for spring break and...

  • Go To Ventnor

    Ventnor Township is the neighbor of Atlantic City and while you are Busy Cruising Along the Busy Atlantic Avenue Area of Atlantic City Just Beyond the Tropicana Casino Complex, you would actually be in Ventnor City Itself. The City is small at just about 5.5 square miles in total land area and in it are assorted small inns and motels that have...

  • The Senator Frank S. Farley State Marina

    While in the Marina district, visit the Senator Frank S. Farley State Marina. This is a public facility owned by the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry managed by Trump Marina Associates. The marina offers 640 floating slips most of which are occupied by amazing craft. Security prevents tourists from walking up and down the docks, but many...


Atlantic City Sports & Outdoors

  • Bike the Boardwalk in the Morning

    My grandfather took us all to Atlantic City one Easter when I was in grade school or junior high. This would have been in the early 50s or late 40s. We rented tandem bikes to cycle on the boardwalk in the morning. My sister and my parents and some friends (photo 2 and 3) went cycling on the boardwalk again when I was in college in the late 50s. The...

  • Rollerblading along the Boardwalk

    Although skate boarding is frowned upon, rollerblading seems to be acceptable along the Boardwalk. I’m not convinced that this is a good idea though. These two made quite a lot of noise skating along the Boardwalk because the wooden boards are uneven and have small gaps between them. It couldn’t have been a very pleasant ride.

  • Cycling along the Boardwalk

    Cycling is allowed along the Boardwalk, but only between 6am and 10am. I believe that bicycles are intended to stay in the middle of the Boardwalk, between the yellow lines where the rolling chairs normally operate. Signs along the Boardwalk: (1) “Bike riders please be courteous. Please ride carefully, watch for pedestrians.” (2) “Pedestrians keep...


Atlantic City Favorites

  • Blue and Gold

    I talked to a Park Ranger, and he told me all the colors that the lighthouse had been. He said originally it was red brick but that it got lost in the setting sun so they painted it red and white but that had the same problem. I don't think that is a real story though because there are several red lighthouses.Anyway, apparently when it was...

  • Automated Teller Machines (ATMS)

    the ATM's are a heaven sent specially if your debit card runs out of cash of your credit card is maxxed out so that you can withdraw instant cash but the only downside is that you would spend more if you are a gambler and with extra ATM in hand so try to use it only in extreme times. The ATMs here are everywhere and as usual, they have banking...

  • Driving around Atlantic City

    Atlantic City New Jersey is a gambling and resort community located on Absecon Island on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean that is the second largest in it's kind after las vegas in the United States. Since I stayed at the philadelphia suburb of lansdale at my nephews house, I've learned that this is a favorite destination of pennsylvanians (my...


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