Atlantic City Warnings and Dangers

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    My mother with pigeons c 1950
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  • My sister and I with pigeons c 1950
    My sister and I with pigeons c 1950
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Best Rated Warnings and Dangers in Atlantic City

  • Mrslady622's Profile Photo

    Casino Row.

    by Mrslady622 Written Jan 9, 2007

    In Atlantic City most people are there to gamble and see the boardwalk. When walking down the boardwalk beware of how far down you go because across the small walking bridge is the in inner city housing projects and not by any means a nice neighborhood. I went walking there looking for an off the beaten path place to eat. Not a good environment.

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  • Don't Believe everything you read!

    by Janthony78 Written Feb 19, 2007

    For the most part I agree with most of you. You should defiantly not stray from the Boardwalk, but don't do not let that scare you into not having a good time. I have been to Atlantic city in the past and luckily have never had a problem. I tend to float of the boardwalk though. Why limit myself to just what's on the boardwalk?? As long as you keep to your self and know your surrounding you should be safe. Another good tip someone posted earlier was "Don't travel alone' There's safety in numbers, but with that said isn't that the same wherever you go?? Well I appreciate all the tips all of you post on here and I'll put them to good use next Sunday.

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  • warning

    by justmovedac Updated Mar 11, 2007

    stay in casino take the taxi this town is a dump needs a bath i just moved to area and cant wait to leave the whole ac is a dumb ho and pimps and pervs everwhere the cops are useless and ill go to south central la then come to this dump

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  • Boardwalk between Bally's and Resorts

    by krazeyraze Updated Mar 13, 2007

    Beware the streets and boardwalk after dark. Even in front of the casinos the streets can be dangerously full of dealers, hookers, pimps, beggars, thieves and others. A hooded man with two companions forcefully warned us to not pass the closed down Sands casino on our way to Resorts and Showboat. A confrontation was inevitable and I took his word over possibly being mugged and relieved of my wallet and even life. Being aware of your surroundings is not enough here. Trouble can come quickly and from hidden areas. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security. This is nothing like almost any other city. Travel only by cab( the Jitney is pure misery) or just stay in the casinos past dark. Many of the casinos are connected by walkways, and these are safe. The whole city is a disgrace and ranges between extreme third world like poverty and extreme wealth.

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  • Lots Of Hookers; But Not As Bad As Made Out

    by answp_roanoke Written May 2, 2007

    I've been to Atlantic City many times. The place is a run down slum, and even the casinos don't really compare to Vegas. Having walked through the streets many times at 3 or 4 AM, I can say this: First, you get approached by a hooker every block. The hookers are ugly and foul and not worth the time to patronize. Also, there are mostly male Negroes who stand on the street corners all night long wearing bright pink. They are also hookers, and should be avoided. I have never been threated or robbed, though I could see it happening. I've seen many people flip out and behave badly in casinos in a way I have not seen happen in Vegas. As the early morning comes on, there are a lot of passed out drunks on the streets, and often hanging in the hallways of the casinos and from the statues outside. All that said, Atlantic City does not feel dangerous -- of course, I work (but don't live) in a run down slum and am used to extreme poverty. There is a large police presence near the hotels. Atlantic City is for degenerate gambling. If you want to have fun, go to Vegas.

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  • Walking the streets at Sands Casino

    by Reptilesrein Updated Apr 4, 2011

    I really have never had a problem with Atlantic City I recall around the year 06 I was alone walking from Showboat to Sands Casino and decided to walk the streets back to Showboat were I had my car parked there. I came across a pimp/begger asking for a light for his smoke " I said sure but I didn't have a light on me" then he kept persisting on following me describing what he could get me for example smokes,weed,coke & girls, and he robbed $50 bucks from me. So I always would reccommand that you should always walk along the boardwalk and always keep to yourself if your approached and always go with a group,friends or family, If you go alone be aware be very aware day or night?

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  • Lhenne1's Profile Photo

    Underage Drinking/Gambling

    by Lhenne1 Written Apr 28, 2008

    New Jersey (and Atlantic City in particular) is very strict about checking IDs. So if you're under 21, don't try to sneak in to any bars, you could lose your license and get fined. Be careful about staying off the casino floors, too. They serve alcohol to anyone gambling so you need to be 21 to even walk through. There are paths around the sides of most so you can get from one end to the other.

    Even young kids (obviously too young to be interested in alcohol) are not allowed to sit near their parents on the casino floor. If you want to gamble AND bring the kids, it may be a good idea to hire a babysitter. The kids can spend time on the Boardwalk where there are rides and amusement park games or play on the beach.

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  • juniperjune's Profile Photo

    Beware of thugs!

    by juniperjune Written Mar 21, 2005

    What ever you do, do not walk off the Boardwalk. I did not know this and found out the hard way. It is not a pleasant sight, and you will be followed by thieves. Take the Boardwalk. The locals in the Casino told me once we got there that it is not safe to walk off Boardwalk. YIKES!

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  • Pru-Fox Rips Off

    by jimboAC Written Sep 10, 2009

    Don't be stupid like me and do business with Prudential -Fox Realtors from nearby Margate. Two of their realtors-- Lou Solomon and Mark Arbeit-- teamed up with a totally degenerate, high-fivin' mortgage broker to stick me with the broker's house over a leaking underground oil tank. the three of them think it's hilarious they put one over on me; they point to me as proof they can unload even a toxic waste dump.

    You want something really funny? Read about Mr. Arbeit's tenure as an assistant elementary school principal in The Washington Post archives for June 20 and 25, 1987, and then thinnk of all the "savvy' sellers who actually trust these clowns with keys to premises on which children might be present.

    Learn from my mistake: Don't do business with these fraudsters!

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  • Pru-Fox Fraudsters

    by jimboAC Written Sep 12, 2009

    Stay away from the realtors at Pru-Fox in nearby Margate. Two of them-- Lou Solomon and Mark Arbeit-- teamed up with a totally degenerate, high-fivin' mortgage broker to stick me with the broker's house over a leaking underground oil tank. I think the three of them and the broker's skanky wife yukked it up after the closing, celebrating their too easy to believe triumph over a stupid Irishman.

    You know what, though? It's not just New Jersey realtors, mortgage brokers, and skanks who "Never Forget!" You want some real yuks? Read about Mr. Arbeit in The Washington Post archives for June 20 and 25, 1987, and then think of all the "savvy" sellers who actually shake this guy's hand and trust him with keys to premises on which children might be present. Now that is genuinely funny!

    Look-- don't be stupid like I was. Stay away from these swindlers.

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  • Suzanne123's Profile Photo

    Atlantic city Casino's

    by Suzanne123 Written Aug 2, 2010

    Beware: I used new cash from the bank at the Casino's and in return I was given marked and dirty money in Return. Money laundering at it's best. Showboat casino was the worst. There was plenty of counterfit money flowing around.

    I've never found this to be the case in Ontario casino visits where I live. Also there were very few progressive slot machines so your chances to make money last a little longer is greatly reduced.

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  • iam1wthee's Profile Photo

    The Birds!

    by iam1wthee Updated Jun 16, 2011

    Seagulls are just about everywhere and fly down real low. They will follow you if they see that you have food. If any food drops onto the boardwalk they will swoop down and pick it up and fight in the air for it. They will also poop on you if you are not careful.

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