New Jersey Favorites

  • Black skimmers, Cape May Beach
    Black skimmers, Cape May Beach
    by toonsarah
  • Hoboken City Hall
    Hoboken City Hall
    by LoriPori
  • Washington Street
    Washington Street
    by LoriPori

New Jersey Favorites


    Saturday, May 4, 2013The city of HOBOKEN is part of the New York Metropolitan Area and lies on the west bank of the Hudson River.In my research of Hoboken, I found a few interesting tidbits, that I would like to share.When the U.S. entered World War I, Hoboken became the major point of embarkation and more than 3 million soldiers passed through the...

  • Hoboken

    There are a number of hotels in Secaucus NJ but travel a few minute more to the meadowland and you may save some money. The links below are very nice hotels and reasonable for the area. Only 15 minutes from Hoboken. The PATH station is one block from Carlo's and much cheaper than the ferry. A few blocks down to the water front and you have a great...

  • Delaware River Valley

    To see a very different side to New Jersey from its famed Shore (literally a different side!) take a tour along the Delaware River Valley. The scenery is green and lush; there are lots of small pretty towns like Lambertville and Frenchtown (and just across the river in Pennsylvania is arty New Hope too); there's rafting and canoeing on the river...

  • Liberty State Park

    As a child I took many field trips to the Statue of Liberty. You can take the ferry from Liberty State Park in Jersey City and visit Liberty Island and Ellis Island. Access to the statue: check the website for updates:

  • Madison

    Madison is a wonderful little town...serviced by the Erie Lakawanna Railway from NYC....hence lots of commuters live here. The town is clean, filled with intereting architecture, good restaurants, tree lined streets, beautiful gardens and interesting shops. We spent our time at the museum (on another tip here) and having lunch in one of the...

  • Bruce Springsteen

    Bruce Springsteen put Asbury Park on the map..and these days it's coming back to life. If you want to check out Bruce's favorite spots, this is an great website:

  • Madonna dei Martiri Italian Festival

    La Madonna dei Martiri is the patron saint of Molfetta, in Puglia, Italy. Years ago many Molfettese settled in Hoboken (and the Hudson County area) and brought their traditions with them. As a descendant of Molfettese, I have been going to this festival since I was a little girl. The original celebration in Molfetta is also something very special...

  • state divisions

    There are 21 counties in New Jersey. They started with about 7 in the 1670s and by 1860 they had reworked those areas into 21 smaller units. Bergen County is the largest with a population about 900000 while Salem County only has about 70000 people. Ocean County is by far the largest in area and Hudson County is the smallest (by nearly a factor of...

  • Authentic Herb Gardens of the past

    Jockey Hollow's feature farmhouse has a perfect herb garden with markers telling you about the herb and its medicinal use to the housewife of the 1700's. It's fascinating to learn not only the proper name, but a bit about early medicine. I sometimes think we would be better off going back to the old way...certainly less expensive! My friends and I...

  • Jockey Hollow...south of Morristown

    Washington's army marched through Morristown and there were 10,000 men who needed to camp on a local man's farm for an entire winter. They built "huts" of trees as they cleared the farmer's land....and the generals used the farmer's home as their headquarters. Washington was in a nearby mansion. The men were cold and starving, but they somehow...

  • Madison's Museum of Early Trades

    Originally the James Library built by a philanthropist by the name of Willis James. He numerous buildings and parks to the town of Madison. Eventually the town needed a bigger space for their library and when they built the new one, the James closed its doors. Fortunately another couple of philanthropic types came along with their extensive...


    Of all the places around the world Cory has lived, New Jersey is still the place he thinks of as home. * Home* Going back to see friends I haven't seen in 10 years!

  • Take a walk on Atlantic City's...

    Take a walk on Atlantic City's boardwalk...if possible at night! Bring the kids along...they have become more family friendly there, with a small pier amusement park...icecream parlors etc.... The buildings and lights are amazing, and the view of the ocean is wonderful! Also, take a visit to Wildwood.....they have a beautiful, HUGE beach and also...

  • The thing many people like...

    The thing most people like about New Jersey is the Atlantic coastal region (native New Jersians just call it the shore). One of the most enjoyable and beautiful parts of "the shore" for me and my family is a 14 mile-long stretch called Island Beach State Park. It's an fantastic stretch of pristine white sand beaches with dunes and scrub pines. It's...

  • cell phones while driving

    when you're driving, it's against the law to use a cell phone UNLESS you have a headset to use. talking on the phone when you're driving is distracting enough, but when you're not driving with both hands, it makes it worse. i think this is a great law.... too bad nobody sticks to it.

  • Route 22-where it's all at!

    Route 22 is where everything is located. For most of the towns outside of NYC in New Jersey, there's not a lot to do. The towns are old and settled, and there's not a lot of newness to them. But Route 22 has just about everything you can think of... restaurants, movie theatres, tons of shopping... it's all here!!! Just watch out for those crazy...

  • The Beach in Autumn

    Going to the beach is autumn is an entirely different experience than going during the busy summer season. The crowds have all gone home, the wide expanse of sand, once full, is now almost empty giving you plenty of space to spread out and just enjoy the scenery in relative silence, save the sounds of the crashing waves. The weather is still warm...

  • The Garden State is NOT a joke.

    People might like to mock this motto but New Jersey is officially the Garden State. This rather small state has some of the best produce in particular, corn, peaches, asparagus, eggplant, potatoes and tomatoes. Farmers markets are a great way to try some of these local delicacies as well as see how locals shop and support small farms. Go for...

  • The Lighthouse Challenge!

    Once a year there is a weekend adventure called the NJ Lighthouse Challenge. The challenge is to visit all of New Jersey's eleven lighthouses in just 2 days. All of the lighthouses are open to the public o these days. Some of them usually are not, so it's a great chance to see the interior of a lighthouse that on a regular day you could not.Each...

  • Eric's visit

    On the afternoon of the first day of the new millennium, Eric came to J.D.'s flat. I have known Eric since I was a senior and he was a freshman at George Mason University. He lived on Washington Hall, 2 doors down from me. When I suggested our meeting with Eric, I had intended a neutral location somewhere in northern New Jersey. However, Deb...

  • Impromptu Visit: 27-31 Dec. 2003

    As much fun as I had at the millennium with J.D., Deb, and Savannah, this trip would be one for the record books. I want you to get the full flavour of this. At noon on 27 December 2003, I had no idea it would be anything more than a typical weekend in Mechanicsville. On exchanging picks for the final weekend of the NFL season, J.D., told me he...

  • Better mass transit than most places

    Since New Jersey is rather a bedroom state, their mass transit from the suburbs into the big cities just beyond the state's borders is better than most. My friend J.D. takes the train from the pictured station each weekday morning into New York's Penn Station and a short walk or, when raining hard, a short subway ride into work.

  • It has great facilities for...

    It has great facilities for our beloved and retired (or almost retired) senior citizens.Oh yeah, I forgot! There are plenty of Nursing Homes you can stick them in when they get completely out of hand... Can you taste the Brylcream yet?....

  • It's a great place to enjoy...

    It's a great place to enjoy your extended family.The sun, the beach, the boats! (errr...stay off the boats, especially any boat Tony wants to buy... )

  • Almost all New Jersey High...

    Almost all New Jersey High School grads go to college.(Usually out of State.) Some attend schools in Manhattan where they take courses like 'How to Get Back at your Parents'.

  • New Jersey is a great place...

    New Jersey is a great place to bring up kids. A great place to arm them with the knowledge and talents they will need in later life. Have you read the papers lately?

  • He is usually accompanied by...

    He is usually accompanied by a strong and loving wife who will stand behind her hard working husband, no matter what. Like most New Jersey wives she will, and will not know what her husband actually does for a living. Isn't that amazing?

  • Carolina Panthers 37, New York Giants 24

    In and of itself, being invited to a professional football game was enough of an honour. What was icing on the cake was the fact that my team was playing against the home team and they won rather decisively. On the train up the night before the game, I was warned not to cheer in any way lest any physical harm come my way. That was advice that...

  • Lambertville

    Lambertville is a quaint little town on the Delaware River, right across from New Hope, Pennsylvania. If you're in New Jersey or the New York area, you might want to take a day trip here--it's nice to walk around, there are endless little artsy shops and galleries.More info on my little Lambertville page...

  • Santa Train

    Allaire State Park is a beautiful place to visit. I like it especially in the fall. At Christmas time, you can take your kids on the steam train to meet Santa. It's cute for the younger kids, especially if they're into trains.Allaire State Park is in Howell, NJreachable from rt. 195

  • The old place

    For about a year and a half, J.D. and Deb lived in this loft flat. It was a nice place to stay, but there were two minor imperfections. First, it was too close to the train tracks. Trains would whiz by at what seemed like all hours. One can get used to the whizzing by in time, but occasionally they would blow their horns. Second (speaking of...

  • The millennium proper

    Deb cooked London broil for supper whilst J.D. sauteed the mushrooms and onions in beer as well as butter. We took baked potatoes and greens with oil and vinegar. After supper, we played more Scrabble. I lost all 3 times, but made a respectable showing in 2 games. During the evening, a bank of fog so thick you could cut slabs off and eat it...

  • Meeting up with J.D.

    As I said before, it would have been hard to believe ten years before that I would have spent the new millennium in New Jersey, but J.D. is one of those friends to whom I would go to the South Pole (you know how I hate the cold) to visit. J.D. and I met at university in 1988 when he was a freshman and I was a sophomore. When I came across him on...

  • Island Beach State Park

    Probably the nicest beach on the Jersey shore, Island Beach State Park is very clean, well kept and free of development. The park fee is per vehicle (not person) which includes parking and admission to the beach. This is a great deal compared to the other beaches in north Jersey.

  • Passing through & got the munchies?

    Do not pass go, do not collect $200-- go directly to WaWa. A lot of out of state people are shocked to discover we have a very popular convience store called WaWa. It is bar-none the best chain convience store around. Forget about 7-11, Heritages, Sunoco, Amoco or any other place. WaWa is the place to stop. WaWa is famous for it's outstanding...

  • Jersey Beaches

    It's great living close to the beach... I can go in the morning and return home in the early afternoon. Aahh, I love watching the planes pulling banners across the sky and listening to Bruce Springsteen blaring from someone's radio!!In New Jersey most beaches charge a fee--you need a beach badge to get on the beach. The only free beaches are Asbury...

  • Great Falls of Paterson

    The Great Falls of Paterson is one of the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi (Niagara is bigger). It is a 77 foot waterfall. The waterfall is one of New Jersey's hidden treasures. For more information, see my Paterson page.NOTE: My Paterson page is in the works.

  • Jenkinson's Aquarium

    I think it's so great to have this aquarium near my home. They have all kinds of creatures, tropical fish, and penguins. Currently, they are featuring a new rainforest exhibit, a rare white alligator from Louisiana, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches (if you've seen the show Fear Factor you know they are not that tasty, either!)It's on the...

  • Urban Enterprise Zone

    Many urban areas in New Jersey are classified as Urban Enterprise Zones. What this means is that instead of paying 6% sales tax, you can pay 3%. Roselle (where I live) is one of these areas. It doesn't help us out much as there is nothing to buy in Roselle. Great, I can go to Walgreens or Blockbuster and pay 3% tax. This reduced taxation is...

  • Childhood in suburbia

    Growing up in the boring suburban town of Cranford and being able to be in New York City in an hour. Going to the NJ shore with my family during the summer. Just driving down country roads + seeing how beautiful certain parts of NJ are. My absolute fondest memory of my childhood are my parents instilling in me a sense of adventure and the...

  • New Jersey Visitor Information

    There are so many things to do and see-- this website might give you some ideas:'s a great one for touring New Jersey:

  • Lakota Wolf Preserve

    In Columbia you will find the Lakota Wolf Preserve. Here you can watch and listen to packs of wolves in their natural surroundings. The preserve is located at 89 Mt. Pleasant Road in Columbia. For information phone: 1-877-733-9653

  • New Jersey State Aquarium

    Visit the New Jersey State Aquarium in Camden. You will enjoy the many species here which include penguins, sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, seals and birds. The aquarium is located at 1 Riverside Drive in Camden. For information phone: 856-365-3300

  • Camping at state parks

    We've spent years camping all along the east coast and our favorite campsites are the state parks...get away from it all but still within an short drive to metropolitan areas!

  • the Pine Barrens

    within minutes from the beaches, there is a region of Jersey visited by very few, but rich in cultural local history. Environmentally sensitive, the region of the Pine Barrens is best explored on foot or by canoe. The State Parks enable these explorations.


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