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  • Rats from website
    Rats from website
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  • Pretty as a Painting!
    Pretty as a Painting!
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Hamilton Things to Do

  • Indoor Art

    While most of the sculpture art was distributed around the grounds of this outdoor museum, I found the art in the Domestic Arts Building exceptionally creative. About a half dozen fabulous pieces were all created with car tires!! Cut into pieces and shapes and then bent, layered or otherwise placed and formed into interesting shapes, these works of...

  • Flower Power

    If you love gardening, you'll certain appreciate the landscaping at the Grounds for Sculpture. There are lots of beautifully designed gardens, copses, and water features many of which are play as backdrops for works of art and sculpture. The flowering trees, bushes and flowers really are exquisite -- I especially liked the water lilies, lotus,...

  • Animal Art

    One of my favorite parts of this outdoor museum were the sculptures of animals and there were quite a few. These larger-than-life sculptures were distributed all around the grounds at places which seemed quite a fitting place for that particular animal. Unfortunately, I don't who who the artists were, but I really enjoyed their creations.

  • I Could Live Here!

    For those of us who as youngsters dreamed of having a "treehouse," complete with child-size furniture and places to eat, sleep, and hide away, you may feel a twinge of longing when you visit "The Gazebo." Perfectly placed overlooking a lily pond, and surrounded with greenery and weeping willow trees, "The Gazebo" brought back to me those childhood...

  • Impressionist Sculptures

    One of the more interesting features of this outdoor art gallery was the number of life-like sculptures based on impressionist paintings. The "Grounds for Sculpture" certainly lends itself very well to these sculptures because the grounds are arranged so that each piece of sculpture is "framed" by the landscape; around each bend or curve in the...

  • Grounds for Sculpture

    The welcome center has maps of the grounds. I highly suggest you pick one up if you don't want to miss anything! Even with a map in hand there is a lot of ground to cover. We spent 4 hours at the museum and know that we did not see it all.There are also some indoor displays, but a majority of the art is outdoors, so go when the weather is decent!


Hamilton Restaurants

  • Two Dining Options

    The "Peacock Cafe", located in the Domestic Arts Building, provided a place to escape the heat as well as get a nice bite to eat. Moderately priced as such eateries go, Peacock Cafe had interesting sandwichs, salads, soups, and pizza. Upscale bottled teas and juices are available as well as beer and wine. Everything was very fresh and was...

  • Rat's

    This is a fanciful place- inspired by the 'Wind in the Willows'. One enters through the Gypsy Caravan and the restaurant itself is cozy & charming. The food & service are excellent and I would highly recommend the Sunday brunch. Located on the Grounds for Sculpture, you can walk around the gardens with a cocktail before you dine.

  • Hamilton Hotels

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Hamilton Off The Beaten Path

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    All photos from the Monuments website

    I will assume few people in this country know about this memorial monument and I would even venture to say that few people from the state of New Jersey (where the monument is located) know about it! It is a beautiful monument and a gift from the artist and the Russian people to remember those who died on September 11, 2001.

    The following information is from the memorial's website:

    To the Struggle Against World Terrorism: A History

    "The artist, Zurab Tsereteli, was in his home in Moscow on the morning of September 11th. The television was on as he was getting ready for work and Zurab, like the rest of the world, was glued to coverage of the attacks on the Twin Towers. He watched the towers collapse on TV and was moved to tears.

    That day, he went to work at the Academy of Art driving on a route that takes him past the American Embassy. People were gathered outside the embassy gates to pay sympathies, to be together, and to mourn. He saw a mass of crying people and decided to use the image of a tear in a memorial.

    He set to work that day on a proper and appropriate form through which to express his feelings over the attack. He went through many various sketches and 'forms' (all of which are chronicled in the yellow book) until finally deciding on the current monument's form.

    Zurab traveled to NY shortly after the September 11th and went to ground zero. The ruins were still steaming. He decided that he wanted to create a memorial to the victims; but that wouldn't want to build on top of the bones of the dead on the ground zero site. He began to look for an appropriate and fitting site on which to erect the memorial.

    Zurab spoke with friends and colleagues who were in NY during the attacks. He heard stories about how boats and ferries were used to shuttle survivors away from the Twin Towers. He also learned about the New Jersey residents who worked in the towers. Zurab decided to look for a site in New Jersey, where the monument could be on the waterfront and settled on a never before seen area of the peninsula at Bayonne. Here, the World Trade Center was the backdrop to the waterfront, and so, the backdrop of life. The site had been a military installation, and the town had decided to convert the land into public park-space.

    From this vantage point, the Twin Towers looked almost as if they were in fact one building. His bronze monument reflects that image with a jagged tear through the center, and a 4-ton nickel tear hanging from the top. The tear represents not only the sadness and grief over the loss of life on 9/11 and previous attacks on the World Trade Center, but also hope for a future free from terror.

    The monument has several reflective elements, so that the visitor becomes part of the memorial. The nickel tear is shiny and mirror like. The granite name plates which make up the stand for the monument, and on which the names of the victims are etched, is also shiny and reflective."

    NOTE: I have not been to this monument but plan to do so in the future.

    From the Memorial Wide View of the Park from the Memorial Dedication - Keynote by Clinton & Putin

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Hamilton Favorites

  • Lakeside Dining?

    Strolling along the lake at the Grounds for Sculpture, you will see a perfectly set table, just waiting for its guests. But look closely. Everything is fake! The glasses tablecloth, napkins. Even the perfectly rolled butter on a perfectly fake bowl of ice cubes. This place is a lot of fun!

  • Encounters with a Peacock

    As if the beautiful sculptures aren't enough, you may encounter a peacock on the grounds. It's a delightfully surprising when one just emerges from behind a tree when you least expect it!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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