New Jersey Local Customs

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New Jersey Local Customs

  • Jersey girls love mini-golf!

    NJ really comes alive during the summer. It gets really, really hot here during the summer, so we partake of a lot of activities that aren't particularly strenuous. Especially popular past times for young people include going to waterslide parks, going to the (indoor) mall, going out for ice-cream, bowling, and miniature golf (also called mini golf...

  • Airplane Ads

    When you are on the beach at the Jersey Shore you will definately see these guys fly by. Low flying airplanes towing large banner ads for local bars, restaurants, sometimes even for major brands of soda or beer,anything really, you name it, will pass by many times during the day. Everytime I see them it brings me back to my childhood. Walking on...

  • state symbols

    The New Jersey state motto is "Liberty and Prosperity".the state seal: three plows for agriculture; horsehead for state animal; figures Liberty with cap on pole and Ceres with cornicopia representing the state motto; a banner with the state mottothe state flag is the state seal on a mustard yellow fieldThe state animal is the horse.The state bird...


    When we moved to New Jersey seven years ago we were impressed by the fact that the beach was a mere seven miles from our home. Having been transplanted from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--city of three rivers--it was a dream come true to be able to visit any beach we wanted...and not be on vacation!!Almost immediately we were made aware of the BEACH...


    New Jersey beaches are bird-friendly--We love our wildlife!!The sign reads:NO PETS--Shorebirds Nesting--MARCH 15 TO LABOR DAY

  • Interesting details of Mt. Tabor

    So many things to see and enjoy in Mt. Tabor. A number of the residents were dressed in period costume and wandered around the houses throughout the day giving it another colorful dimension. The porches give great opportunities for photographs...whether you are interested in the people or the architecture.There is one metal garage left in Mt....

  • The Iron worker's house

    The iron worker at Mt. Tabor was quite a showman. He was doing demonstrations and joking with the crowds about making "devil money" from the iron he was working with. His art is displayed throughout his house as well as the fence at the edge of his driveway. He kept the crowds entertained as he enlisted volunteers to take part in the...

  • Artistic Interiors of Mt. Tabor

    When you do a House Tour you enjoy everyone's creativity and bring home ideas for decorating your own house as well. On the Mt. Tabor tour I was taken by a particular house because of the woman having such an artistic flair. She made the most of her little spaces. She was also the proud owner of her grandmother's oil paintings which I fell in...

  • Space Savers in the kitchens and baths

    The people of Mt. Tabor have to learn to make the most of the space they have..because it is at a premium. We were amazed again and again at all the clever methods used to make efficient spaces that were so attractive. Beautifully decorated homes are common here. I've selected several bathrooms and kitchens for you to get ideas from.

  • In the Montclair - Carney...

    In the Montclair - Kearney areas of New Jersey don't forget to visit 'Tony.' See the best of New Jersey. Don't forget to visit the Travelogues! ... just as I was getting away, they pulled me back in !...

  • Don't leave your car!

    When at the petrol station, you do not have to leave your car, as the gas stations are 'full-serve'. This basically means that an attendant fills the gas and takes your money to make the payment for you, while you sit in your car and entertain the kids ( don't have to do that...but I did...entertaining meaning stopping them from...

  • One mistake we made was...

    One mistake we made was thinking there would be a "supermarket" around every corner.....not so here! They have small convenient shops. If you are thinking of getting a bottle of wine to relax for the night, you will have to go to a liquor warehouse store....they do not sell any form of alcoholic beverages in the convenient stores.

  • New Jersey Beaches

    If you are a beach lover like we are you must check out New Jersey's beaches. There are pretty clean, wide so there is plenty of room between you and the next person. You xcan go up to the boardwalk and grab a quick bite to eat and back to the beach. New Jersey has miles and miles of beaches to choose from, so grab a map, pick one and head on over...

  • There is a reason it's called the Garden...

    Stop for some produce at a roadside stand! Now you won't find Roadside stands all over New Jersey. Certainly, they are not terribly common in the cities and very densely populated areas of the state. You will find them in the Northwest and in some southern sections. The one pictured was actually down the shore. Believe it or not, New Jersey (tiny...

  • full service gas stations

    this went out years ago in most states in the US, and now everything is self serve, so i was very surprised to see that the gas stations here are still full service. you never have to get out of your car, which makes it nice in those cold and snowy winter months, BUT you do have to wait on someone to help you, and sometimes that can take just a...

  • Smokey the Bear

    Smokey is more of a nationally known character than just a statewide friend. He is pretty famous, starring in commercials to promote forest fire awareness. "Only you can prevent wildfires" is his motto. For as long as I can remember he has been gracing our state and national parks with his presence, letting us know the fire conditions for the day....

  • Halloween is just around the corner!

    Time to go pumpkin picking! We go to a farm in Montville. they have a decent variety, great cider AND you get your own wheelbarrow. What more could you ask for?Take exit 47 off of Rt 287 and follow the pumpkin signs. This of course only applies in late September til the End of October;)

  • Weird NJ

    Weird NJ is a magazine, and now a book, chronicling the strange and "weird" places, people and things that are located in our little state. The Stone Living Room (mentioned in one of my "off the beaten path" tips) is one of the things mentioned in the magazine and it's on the website. Other stories include weird abandoned places, ghostly events,...

  • Dunkin' Donuts vs. Krispy Kreme

    Up North, Dunkin' Donuts is the preferred doughnut chain although Krispy Kreme is making some inroads. Dunkin Donuts can be found not only at strip malls, but also in many train stations including Philadelphia's 30th Street Station and even Metropark Station in Iselin. According to, there are 381 Dunkin' Donuts locations in New...

  • Home fries

    Since there isn't, as yet, a Northeastern USA VT destination, I will make my New Jersey page the repository for all Northeastern local customs, like I did in Virginia for the Southern ones. Home Fries are often served for breakfast at home and at diners where grits would be served down South. Home fries are diced potatoes, usually fried with the...

  • New Jersey dialect

    The New Jersey dialect can be hard to comprehend for tourists and for newly-arrived come-heres. Besides fuggedaboutit (forget about it), my favourite expression in this dialect is, "It isn't for nothing, but..." That phrase, which means nothing in and of itself, often precedes a mild complaint.NOTE: This is not intended to make fun of the dialect...

  • Police stopping police ??

    You cann´t see it clearly in the pic, but the police car has its lights on and it seems like he stopped another patrol car........Beats us, but we didn´t dare to ask !

  • Italian Ices

    If you're Italian or a lover of Italian things, you obviously know what a granita is. When Italians imigrated to the US, especially the Northeast, they brought their traditional foods and culture. These foods have been Americanized over the last century or so, sometimes to the extent that a real Italian would not recognize the item. Granitas are...

  • Hoboken is the hometown of...

    Hoboken is the hometown of Frank Sinatra. Though its relationship with Old Blue Eyes has been a love-hate one — Sinatra spurned his hometown after being pelted with fruits at a concert there in 1952 — his presence can be felt everywhere.

  • Some advice

    In suburban towns, people sometimes say hi to each other. In cities, eye contact is NOT recommended. Tip well especially if returning to restaurant another day. Tipping in the USA is 15% based on pre-tax check total though no problem if you tip on total bill. If service stinks, tip less. Never complain about the restaurant before food is served....

  • This is what most people who...

    This is what most people who haven't visited New Jersey think it looks like. Parts of it are extremely ugly but many parts of it are very nice. Keep in mind that it is a very small state packed with over eight million people. And besides, the Linden refineries glow like fairy lights at night ;-))

  • If you want to get a...

    If you want to get a gut-wrenching look into NJ life from a different perspective, rent any movie by Kevin Smith, a NJ native who has made some of my favorite movies including Dogma & Clerks. He has put Red Bank, NJ on the maps (okay, having upscale shopping & eating helped as well). There is a store on Broad Street dedicated to comic books and Jay...

  • Dumb New Jersey LawsYou cannot...

    Dumb New Jersey LawsYou cannot pump your own gas. All gas stations are full service and full service only. [Reader Comments on this Law.]On a highway you can not park under a know, this never made sense to me until the other day when we had a horrible rain storm and there they were....parked underneath the bridge!!!It is against the...

  • People are very different...

    People are very different between north and south New Jersey. Beware of these differences in liking different sport teams, regions, and politics. I'm on the Jersey Shore in the south and we dislike any tourists and the northern counties.

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