New Jersey Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Yaqui
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Yaqui
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by KiKitC

New Jersey Off The Beaten Path

  • the beaches of NJ

    off the beaten path because NJ is not known for weather, but it has some superb beaches, that I took in my youth to college times.I was at the beginning of what we call the Jersey Shore of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springteens fame starting by Sandy Hook all the way down to the Wildwoods.There are many but will just mentioned the ones I visited and like...

  • Lucy the Elephant- Close to Atlantic...

    A fun detour from gambling and shopping in Atlantic City is a visit to see Lucy the Elephant in Margate, New Jersey. Lucy is a 15-20 minute drive from AC give or take. You can take a tour and go inside of Lucy which is about 4 stories high!More info at

  • Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton NJ

    My Aunt lives not far at all from New Jersey's oldest zoo, the Cohanzick Zoo, located in Cumberland County which is in southern NJ.. Though it isn't big, it's a nice relaxing place to spend the day. The things that stand out vivdly in my mind about it, are the many peacocks that were strutting around, and the beautiful white tiger exhibit.(I will...

  • The Delaware River Valley

    The view to the west from High Point takes in the Delaware River Valley between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Delaware River flows 410 miles (660 kilometers) from its source in the Catskill Mountains in New York State to Delaware Bay. It forms the boundary between New Jersey and Pennsylvania for 25 miles (40 kilometers) of its length. Just south...

  • The Wallkill River Valley

    The view to the southeast from High Point takes in the Wallkill River Valley in northern New Jersey. The valley lies between the Kittatinny Mountains to the west and the New York-New Jersey Highlands to the east. Its elevation ranges from 400 feet (122 meters) to 650 feet (198 meters). Over the last century, much of the valley was cleared for...

  • The High Point Monument

    The High Point Monument sits on the summit of High Point, the highest point in New Jersey at 1,803 feet (550 meters). The monument is a memorial to all war veterans and was paid for by Colonel Anthony Dryden Kruser, the man who donated the land that is now High Point State Park to New Jersey. Built between 1923 and 1930, the High Point Monument was...

  • High Point State Park

    High Point State Park is made up of 14,193 acres (5,744 hectares) in the hilly region in the northwesternmost corner of New Jersey. It includes High Point, which is New Jersey's highest mountain, at 1,803 feet (550 meters). High Point is also the tallest peak of the Kittatinny Mountains. Looking north from the summit of High Point, the visitor will...

  • Washington Crossing, PA

    If you’re driving along the Delaware River in New Jersey as we were, it’s really worth the very short detour to pop over the river to Pennsylvania to check out Washington Crossing State Park. This marks the spot where on December 25th, 1776, General George Washington and a small army of 2,400 men crossed the Delaware River on their way to...

  • Oyster Creek

    Think of the New Jersey Shore and images of seaside fun, boardwalks and casinos are likely to spring to mind. But the area around Great Bay, just ten miles north of the bright lights of Atlantic City, is rather different. Great Bay is considered one of the least-disturbed marine wetlands habitats in the northeastern United States, and is apparently...

  • The New Jersey Naval Museum

    The New Jersey Naval Museum is a small, kid-friendly museum located along the Hackensack River in Hackensack, New Jersey. The museum's highlight is its submarine, the USS Ling, which was built during World War II, and is open for tours on weekends. The Ling is well-preserved and is fascinating to walk through. A number of its sections are included...

  • Frenchtown and Milford

    When I returned from our first venture out to Frenchtown, I was amazed by the amount of people who had never even heard of this hidden gem! It's a quaint little town on the Delaware just about 15 minutes north of it's famous neighbor, New Hope. There are tons of little cafes and galleries lining the main street, and (I suppose because it is not as...

  • Fine Craftmanship At The History...

    I thought this mantle was a piece worthy of comment. The fine woodwork and style (note the rounded mirror and two pillasters at each end) gave it a commanding presence in the room. I could imagine the family preparing for their evening meal, stopping for just a moment in front of the dancing fire to warm their hands. How many stockings hung from...

  • More details from the History House

    The homes in Officer's Row were built between 1898-99, so the craftmanship and detailing in this home were wonderful! One of its finer points was this stairway leading to the second floor from the main entry way.Midway to the top of the stairs, this fan-shaped window graced the landing. It brought sunshine into the interior of the house and...

  • The History House--Officer's Row

    The tour of Fort Hancock concluded with our visit to the History House which was part of Officer's Row. The roomy yellow-brick homes were built between 1898-99 for the officers on the base and overlooked New York harbor. This base became a major hub of the military in WWII, so the decor is from that period.The History Home was a 1940's...

  • Officer's Row--Fort Hancock, Sandy...

    Officer's Row (located in Fort Hancock) forms a line of yellow brick homes constructed between 1898-99 which overlook the New York harbor area and were specifically intended for officers and their families. The History House is one of the former residences and was opened for tour over the Christmas holidays. In the early 20th century, 30 buildings...

  • Ft. Hancock Barracks--Sandy Hook, NJ

    Our tour of Ft. Hancock featured several buildings which comprised the military complex. This barracks was constructed in 1909 and seemingly in good condition, but inside it tells a different story. Beautifully detailed woodwork, carved mantle pieces and hardwood floors once made this building a very nice place to stay. Now, the rusted tin ceiling,...

  • Fort Hancock, New Jersey-Hub of 40's...

    My husband and I toured Ft. Hancock military base over the Christmas holiday. It is opened for tours on the weekends, but this tour was special since it highlighted the officer's lives during Christmas in the l940's. Fort Hancock forms part of the Gateway National Recreation Area and is located on Sandy Hook Peninsula in New Jersey.Sandy Hook...

  • For People From NY...

    I have recently found that several of my long lost friends from NY have found their way to NJ. So this tip is about that. If you are looking for any of your old friends or loved ones from NY going back a period of years, one of the first sensible places to check would be NJ. While it is not true that NJ is just a suburb of NY, it seems that...

  • Autumn colors...local &...

    Susie has accomplished all that she had dreamed of for many years. She always wanted to have a garden shop with other local products and gifts to appeal to the everyday gardener. She recently had a customer appreciation day and invited many to come in for free coffee and cider. The local bee keeper was there to show us one of his hives and was...

  • Pick Your Own Jersey Vegetables

    This is a great activity for friends, couples ,and a great family outing as well. Do you love strawberries? Then you absolutely must go~~you can pick to your heart's content, all summer, I think! In the fall I like to go to a "u-pick" farm to pick pumpkins. If you check out the following website it tells you what you can pick at different times of...

  • Lucy

    Lucy the Elephant is a six-story elephant-shaped architectural folly constructed of wood and tin sheeting in 1882 Over the years, Lucy had served as a restaurant, business office, cottage, hotel, and tavern (the latter closed by Prohibition), but had fallen into disrepair by the 1960s and was scheduled for demolition. She was moved and refurbished...

  • Dingman's Bridge

    Dingman's Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in New Jersey. The bridge was originally built in 1834, and has been replaced three times since then. The current bridge is about 100 years old. It spans the Delaware River between Pennsylvania and New Jersey at Dingman's Ferry and has a single lane in each direction. The toll to cross the bridge is 75...

  • Don't want to know what his electic bill...

    Every year we drive to Mahwah to a cul-de-sac to see the amazing display of lights on this Elvis Impersonators house. Waiting in the line of cars is def well worth the wait to see this house and many of the houses on his street have also gotten into the act. This guy has every inch of his property covered in lights or statue of santa, statue of...

  • Bobolink Farm

    Friends of ours had seen Bobolink on the travel channel, when they planned a trip up, we were invited along, lucky us! Bobolink makes their own cheeses and fresh baked breads. When you visit, they will give you very tiny tastes of all the cheeses. For a decent chunk, you must buy your own. We wandered around the grounds, saw some hens, watched the...

  • "On the way to Cape May"

    If Atlantic City is the King of the Jersey Shore, and Ocean City the Family Capitol of the Shore, then Cape May is the Queen of the southern New Jersey coast. Cape May has a lot to offer but is not exactly what I'd call off the beaten path: CapeMay is at the very end of the beaten path to the Jersey Shore. Cape May hosts some of the most beautiful...

  • Diamonds are a girls best friend

    But anyone can be a millionaire at Sunset Beach at Cape May Point. All along the shoreline are quartz stones that have been tumbled by the waves and tides against each other and all the sand in the surf and shore. They are called "Cape May Diamonds", and although they are not precious gems, you can find some that look like clear crystals. Once you...

  • "It's not the end of the world!"

    But you might be able to it from here. An interesting place just south of the lighthouse called Sunset Beach. It is a great place to see a sunset, and also see the remains of a post-World War I liberty ship( they were made utilizing concrete for part of their hulls) USS Atlantus, that ran aground in 1926. The remains of the wreck lie about 200...

  • Ocean City Family destination of the...

    Less than 10 miles south of Margate you will find Ocean City ... a family mecca...a summer resort town founded by Methodists well before the turn of the 20th Century. To this day, it is still dry ( no bars), but it seems to work out fine for family stays at the beach for a week or longer. Ocean City has a nice boardwalk and beaches as well as...

  • The Coastline South of Atlantic City

    As you drive south along the coast from Atlantic City there are several nice towns beginning withMargate.Margate is the home of 'Lucy the Elephant' . Lucy is a Victorian architectural wonder of a tall building shaped like an Indian elephant that you can go into. She had fallen on disrepair to the point that it was felt that she shopuld be razed,...

  • Southern Coastal New Jersey

    The southern part of the Jersey Shore is probably most famous for Atlantic City and it's Boardwalk. Since I am not a gambler, there are many more places along the coast of "Jersey that I much prefer.

  • New Jersey Marinas

    New Jersey has some beautiful marinas all over the intercoastal waterways. These are great for photos ops and if your lucky you may come across a good seafood joint with a fresh catch of the day. Grab some fresh seafood a beerr and eat with a nice view, sounds perfect right! If you have your own boat then just pull right up to the dock and grab a...

  • Island Beach State park near...

    Island Beach State park near Toms River(Central coast) is located just south of Seaside Heights. It is a 14 mile long narrow stretch of barrier island that has the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Barnegat Bay to the other side. If you travel all the way to the end of the park you will be overlooking the Barnegat Bay Inlet and be able to get a great...

  • Watchung Reservation

    This is a 2000 acre nature preserve in Union County. There are 13 miles of color coded hiking trails here, along with a lake, and very hilled terrain. I didn't get to explore this place very much, but what I did see was nice. Lake Surprise is a man made lake dating to the 1800's. There are roads going through the reservation, and they're beautiful...

  • East Point Lighthouse

    The East Point Lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Maurice River and the bay. The lighthouse in Heislerville was built in 1849, and was restored thanks to the efforts of the Maurice River Historical Society. At the beginning of the 1940's the light was put out because of the war. In 1980, the light was reinstated, and it is the last functioning...

  • Going "down the shore" in the off season

    During the summer, you won't find too many native New Jersians at the shore (unless their children begged and whined until their parent's could not stand it anymore.) The reason: the tourists. Well, more like, the roadways clogged up by tourists. Unfortunately, for us, the best beaches are in Cape May County, which is at the southern most part of...

  • "The Rez"

    For a bit of local hiking we like to head up Route 202 to Ramapo Reservation. I remember coming up here in High school and going swimming with all my friends in the upper lake. Actually I don't think you are supposed to go swimming there at all.....hmm. Anyway there are a good amount of things to see here. Lakes, rivers, a waterfall, some old stone...

  • Historic Long Pond Ironworks

    I have passed by the Ironworks an uncountable amount of times without really knowing the extent of the interesting things there were to discover within. We were lucky enough to get a personal tour of the site with a very informative guide who explained the history of the place while taking us to all of the buildings that remained of the once...

  • Stone Living Room

    The Stone Living Room is shrouded in mystery. Who built it and when? The rumors are numurous. Some say it was an old hippie, some say a religeous cult, yet other speculate that it was a secret sect of the Masons. Who knows? What I know is that it's a really cool place to watch the sunset, it's up on top of a mountain with spectacular treetop views...

  • Lakota Wolf Preserve

    The Lakota Wolf Preserve is located near the Delaware water gap in NJ. Not only do they have tours of the premises with a very informative guide (see picture), but you can exclusively sponsor a wolf. The sponsorship goes to the support and care of the wolves. Depending on how much you spend, you also receive a magnet or a t-shirt and a little bio...

  • Discover Alpacas

    I saw a sign along the highway on my way to work one day,that said "Discover Alpacas". I was intrigued, so that weekend I went! And discover alpacas I did. I enjoyed it so much that I returned the folowing year.It's is a small festival of sorts where alpaca owners get to show off their handsome animals. It is held in a different location every year...

  • The best in hunting and...

    The best in hunting and fishing.(As a side note I should mention that 'hunting' in particlar is not the best thing for some people. People actually need 'therapy' for this! Can you imagine?)And as far as fishing goes... well don't sleep with the fishes...

  • Hike to an abadoned burnt down castle

    Just off of Skyline Drive in Oakland, NJ, is a wonderful set of hiking trails in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest. The main trail leads you up past a babbling stream filled with little waterfalls, then up and around a beautiful lake and if you go up even futher, you will eventually reach the remains of a mountaintop castle that has long ago burnt...

  • The Sterling Hill Mines

    At the mines you can take a tour of what used to be a fully functioning mine. Nowadays the only mining that goes on there is on the last Sunday of every month when you can go there and mine all you want! Admission for this is $10 per person and $1 extra for every pound you get over 10 pounds. There are equipment requirements for the mining...

  • Ringwood State Park

    This is a great park not 20 minutes away from my house. Besides the hiking and trails there are beautiful manicured gardens. There are also secret nooks, like the "frog bog", a swampy little area that has a ton of croaking frogs, some that even sit on the bog...Anyway, like I was saying, places like the Rhododendron Garden and the apple...

  • Newark

    Newark, the city to which main transport arteries once led and whose corporate headquarters buildings were the tallest in the state has recently been the hollow core of New Jersey. In the 1930s, it had about a half million people and now it has slightly more than a quarter million. The flight from Newark proper into the suburbs was caused by urban...


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