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Pennsville Things to Do

  • Pennsville Peregrinations

    Pennsville is an under-rated town overlooking the beautiful Delaware Riven in Southern New Jersey. Sites to see in this town include:- old Riverview Amusement Park. Now a park for the whole township to enjoy- fine dining at the Riverview Inn right on the Delaware- Church Landing Farm. An wonderful museum highlighting the historical origins of the...

  • Finns Point Rear Range Light....

    Finns Point Rear Range Light. This is not your ordinary lighthouse! I'd never seen anything like it. Beautifully preserved, it sadly sits kind of in the middle of no where on the road to Fort Mott. Although most lighthouses have that solitary look to them, this one looked almost lonely!From the webpage:'This 115 foot tall iron tower with skeleton...

  • Finn's Pt. Lighthouse

    At Finn's Point, just outside Fort Mott Park, a beautiful lighthouse can be seen. This tower was constructed in Buffalo, NY, and hauled by freight train and then mule-drawn wagons to its current location where it was erected in 1876. It cost $1,200.00. Over 115 feet tall, the tower featured a 150,000 candlepower kerosene vapor light. The keepers...

  • Fort Mott State Park

    As a children, we ran around this fort playing "dungeon". Now most of it is closed off because of structural concerns. (ah, the good old days...) Some facts:Fort Mott was part of a coastal defense system designed for the Delaware River in the late 1800s. The fortifications seen today at Fort Mott were erected in 1896 in anticipation of the...

  • Fun for your dogs

    Pennsville has strict leash laws and the beach has become a haven for our pet dogs. Here they can run, romp, and swim leash free! Doggy heaven!

  • Delaware Memorial Bridge Beach

    Pennsville lies along the Delaware River. If you've ever travelled Interstate 95 up or down the coast like a gadzillion others, you've passed us by. Many people come to the beach to fish or ride jet skis. The river was a tourist attraction in the 50's, heavily polluted by the 60-70's, and somewhat cleaner now...


Pennsville Hotels

Pennsville Restaurants

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

    This place has been here since my time began. As a kid, going to the custard stand was one of summer's highlights. If neighborhood kids got wind of your impending visit, they all became your 'best friend', hoping for an invite. My sister worked here as a teenager--Bliss! Now I take my kids here. Will they do the same some day??! black and white...

  • Where the Locals go

    There is a Cracker Barrel right off the Turnpike and 95. But it is generally very crowded because its the first place travellers see. Just another mile down the road is Pier 13. Food is better, service quicker, prices about the same.When I was a little girl, this place used to be called the G&L Diner, which we affectionately referred to as Garbage...

  • The "Fancy" Place in Town

    If I meet someone who is not from Pennsville, but has heard of the place, it's usually because they've eaten here, at the Riverview Inn.Prices are high by Pennsville standards, but the restaurant is considered to be very nice. We like to eat outside to enjoy the view of the Delaware River. (although some inside tables also have good views.) You...


Pennsville Nightlife

  • Rhondaj's Profile Photo

    AJ's Tavern, Formerly Tom's Tavern: Hasn't changed in looks-ever

    by Rhondaj Updated Jan 30, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    many a Pennsville marriage and the like begin and/or end here at AJ's. Met my husband here I must admit! They keep it nice and dark inside so you don't pay too close attention to the plastic laminate, plywood decor. It's one of those places where the ladies squat rather than sit on the toilet if ya' know what i mean. They have bands on weekends. Usually heavy rock. Their web page has a schedule.

    Dress Code: as bummy as you dare. look too nice and you will be stared at suspiciously.

    my local dive

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Pennsville Shopping

  • Rhondaj's Profile Photo

    Smith Brothers Farm: From the Local Farm

    by Rhondaj Written Aug 11, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In direct contrast to the WalMart a stone's throw down the road from this farm, here is a local farm run by the Smith brothers. They took it over after their parents died. They live elsewhere in town and the old family home looks like it could fall over with the next gusty storm...

    What to buy: Whatever is in season. They will have a sign posted by the road to let you know what is available.

    Eggs always. Chickens run around at will-not the cooped up, your only job is to lay eggs chickens.

    What to pay: You put your money in the coffee can next to the goods. Unfortunately, a few years ago, they started getting robbed of their meager earnings, so now they have a security camera rolling.

    Chickens Run Free
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    • Eco-Tourism

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Pennsville Local Customs

  • No Worries

    Many people feel at ease enough to leave their keys in their car at home or stores even. It's very common to pull into the local Wawa convenience store and see cars left running by their owners making a quick stop. My husband does this. Not me! I wonder how long this secure feeling will last in my town?

  • Seafood

    Being close to so many shores,Maryland, Delaware, and of course New Jersey, seafood is plentiful and enjoyed greatly. Maryland blue claw crabs can't be beat. Best bang for your buck is to pick them up roadside. Our favorite place: Marty's. This season $80 a bushel. We have a crab feast every year. This year, some drunk dropped a handful of cooked...

  • Pennsville Hotels

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Pennsville Warnings and Dangers

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    Local Character

    by Rhondaj Written Feb 4, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Every small town has a local character (or two). We have Rhymin' Raymond. A few beers shy of a sixpack, Raymond nonetheless is a very fine poet. Don't be alarmed if you are walking in the park, picking up coffee in the Wawa, or stopped at a redlight, and hear a long, but listen!, its quite good!, poem, coming out of a middle-aged man's mouth, a mile a minute. The shortest one I can quote from memory: to my husband stopped at the light, "danger, danger, watch out for the man in the blue ranger." (blue ranger truck)

    I can stop on a dime, anytime

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Pennsville Tourist Traps

  • The Septemberfest

    This is the day Pennsville gears up for all year long! Saturday after Labor Day the town is in it's glory. The festive day begins with a parade that starts at the shopping center and ends----can you guess where? Yes, Riverview Beach Park! At the park, food tents are set up. Games can be played, like dunk the teacher! Bands play all day long on the...

  • The River view from Riverview Beach Park

    This walkway is the best part of the park. Too bad it's only about 1/4 mile long. We used to sing this song as kids:"There goes (name) floatin' down the Delaware, chewin' on her underwear, can't afford another pair, six weeks later she's sittin' on a polar bear, still chewin' on her underwearrrrrrrrr." (I don't sing it anymore!) Don't come

  • Pennsville's Main Attraction!

    Riverview Beach Park------used to be an amusement park. Closed down in the 60's. We ran wild through it in the 70's. Turned it into a town park in the 80's. It has a pond, a mile long track, a gazebo (for weddings-ooh-la-la), picnic tables for company picnics and my favorite part- a riverwalkway. Keep your dog(s) on a leash! Pennsville cops don't...


Pennsville Sports & Outdoors

  • Rhondaj's Profile Photo


    by Rhondaj Written Sep 21, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pennsville consistently spits out championship softball and baseball teams. If your kid wants to be on a winning team and has some talent, move here!

    Equipment: a talented child

    State Champs-again

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