New Jersey Transportation

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New Jersey Transportation

  • Liberty State Park New jersey

    We went to Liberty State Park in New Jersey for the purpose of taking the ferry boat named Miss Freedom to Ellis Island ( NY Immigration Centre ) and The Statue of Liberty. While waiting for the Ferry's departure we took the chance of taking photos of New York Manhattan CBD from this park and accross a river you see the new World Trade Centre ( The...

  • PATH & Light Rail

    You don't need a car, you don't need to pay tunnel and bridge tolls. A metro ticket is good for transportation to and in New York City (PATH trains) and there is a shore following light rail in New Jersey, connecting the west side of the Hudson with each town and the PATH trains to New York City.The PATH trains run - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,...

  • Coming later...

    There are many ways to reach New Jersey but the easiest is to jump (from Europe) to airplane and go to New York. Spend some week in NY and take a trip to NJ, for example to ice hockey match and New Jersey Devils.(one Finn on last season, Tuomo Ruutu, and one of the best players ever: Jaromir Jagr from Czech).

  • How to get in and out of NJ

    This is a compact State sandwiched between Pa, Ny and De States. While living there for 13 years I always use the car with the exception of a train ride to WTC and Yankee stadium, and a bus ride to Shea Stadium!In addition to street parking, (some have meters) you can park here have the NJ...

  • Newark Liberty International Airport

    16 miles from Manhattan sits the Newark Airport, one of three major international airports serving NYC. Newark has to be one of the worst airports I have used for numerous reasons. One, it is so congested with air traffic delays are inevitable--about 20% of all flights are late (most of these due to weather). Two, it is built in the middle of a...

  • From NY to NJ

    Getting to New Jersey from New York can be easily achieved by both bus and train, depending on where you need to go. The NJ Transit system is quite well integrated with bus connections from most rail stations both within New York and over in New Jersey itself.During my visit I went from the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd St with the intention...

  • Flying to Newark

    We decided that flying to Newark rather than JFK or La Guardia would make most sense for our combined New York and New Jersey trip, as lying to the south of the city it would be more convenient for driving both too and from our destinations in New Jersey, and it proved to be a good choice. We went with Continental from London Gatwick (although...

  • Delaware Memorial Bridge

    This bridge connects Delaware to New Jersey toward the southern end of New Jersey. The Delaware Memorial Bridge is a memorial to the soldiers who gave their lives in World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam & Operation Desert Storm. Take this bridge over to New Jersey to get to Pennsville on the other side, and if you follow Route 40 it will take you...

  • Philadelphia to Camden Waterfront

    A too-often overlooked pleasure of a visit to Philadelphia is the Camden Waterfront, where you will find an excellent aquarium, a World War Two battleship, a minor-league ballpark, venues for entertainment, a children's garden, and great views of the Philly skyline. Whether anywhere else in Camden is worth a visit can be debated, but the Waterfront...

  • Shuttle Bus between Philly and Camden...

    If you are visiting Philadelphia and wish to see the Camden Waterfront (HIGHLY recommended) during the day, the best way to do so is via a shuttle bus between the Philadelphia Visitor Center (500 Market Street, across from Independence Hall) and the Adventure Aquarium. Cost is $2 per person, round-trip -- less than the cost of tolls and parking a...

  • Pumping Gas Not Allowed

    So, just in case you're like me and have never been up New Jersey you cannot pump your own gas. It's interesting. Crazy, even. You give the attendant your credit card, tell him to fill it up or so and then he does everything for you. You stay in your car. If you need anything from the convenience store you go park in front of that and...

  • The Turnpike

    I-95 goes from Maine south to Florida. It's LONG. But, in New Jersey, it's called the Jersey Turnpike. And you best know where you're going because you can only get on and off every 10-20 miles. And... it costs a boat load of money to drive on. I drove almost all of the turnpike and it cost about $10.

  • Driving in New Jersey

    After a week spent in Manhattan, we rented a car for our week in New Jersey. We picked up the Hertz car, a Ford Fusion, from Newark Liberty Airport, having pre-booked it on a special deal through Expedia (£158 for 8 days all in). The rental office was on the airport and easily reached by the free monorail, the Airtrain, and the whole process was...

  • from NY to Newark Airport

    A good and inexpensive trick to get to Newark airport quickly from Manhattan is to combine public transportation with a short cab ride. Take the PATH train, $1.50, which has several stops running from 9th St. to 34th St. along 6th Avenue .. to the end of the line in New Jersey, which drops you off at Newark Penn station. From Newark Penn station,...

  • Circle Line

    Circle Line is the exclusive operator for Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty tour/ transfers. You can board via Weehawken in NJ or in Battery Park NY.About 30 minutes interval per vessel from the port to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty.Though recently, a memorandum just came out telling that Circle Line will no longer operate on the same route...

  • Enterprise ~ Rent A Car

    Within the towns in New Jersey, you will find lot of Enterprise rent a car offices. Although it is not as big as Hertz or Avis wherein you can pick up a car from one office then drop off to a different one.Here, you can only pick up and rop off on the same office where you rent the car. rates differ from seasonality and type of car.Tip:If you're...

  • Dollar ~ Rent A Car

    During our stay in New Jersey, we used dollar for our car rental needs. Although it was pre arranged about a month ago over the internet through expedia. The car was new and in good running condition as well as the airconditioning unit.We actually picked up the car at theirr JFK airport office and returned to their Newark airport office. Insurance...

  • Atlantic City Trolley

    Strolling along the Atlantic City boardwalk can be a little tiring. So, if you feel like riding this cute trolley you have to pay $10 for a maximum 3 persons. You can find lots of these along the boardwalk just take your pic if you want a blonde, blue eyes or black hair brown eyes will push your trolley ;-0

  • New Jersey D O T

    The New Jersey Department of Transportation website has information that tourists find useful but you have to hunt for it. The website below is the best example of conslidated information by this DOT for tourists that I could find.You can find information on real-time road conditions and TV camera shots of the highways.There is a simplified...

  • Have The Right Fare!!!

    Many of the local routes around New Jersey are covered by a myriad of these little shuttle buses, all part of the NJ Transit system though they appear to be run by dozens of different operators. One thing they all seem to have in common is that they are driven by mad Hispanic-speaking drivers who seem to delight in weaving in and out of even the...

  • The Jewel in the Crown

    The Hudson-Bergen light rail system runs along the Hudson river from Bayonne to North Bergen, with a transfer terminus at Hoboken, taking in Jersey City including the financial and harbour areas, and with a stop at the Liberty State Park.This is a fairly new service with state-of-the-art trains and stations, most stations having integrated bus...

  • Loose change for tolls

    New Jersey is plagued by numerous tolls on every major highway, so bring copious amounts of loose change. Most tolls charge between $0.35 and $0.70 on the Garden State Parkway, but if you take the NJ Turnpike you pay when you get off (can be as much as $3.00+).

  • Train to New York

    Trains run regularly between New Jersey and New York, and cost roughly $6 a day. The journey takes about 45 minutes, and you get 'dropped' off in the centre of New York, Penn Station I believe.Beats driving in the Manhattan traffic!

  • Car

    What I noticed about the place I was staying in New Jersey (with family), was that everyone drove, as public transport was rare! So based on that, I would say driving is the best way to get around New Jersey. When driving between New Jersey and New York, we came across many toll places, which can be a bit annoying and expensive. If you intend to...

  • The Riverlink Ferry to Penns Landing

    This is a great thing to do if your in Camden take the Riverlink Ferry over to Philadelphia Penns Landing for plenty more things to do, museums, boat tour, food, live music and much more! The ferry crosses about every 40 minutes, starts around 10:00am to 5:15pm, check the website below for more information. This is the ferry dock located on the...

  • NJ Transit

    If you need to get some where check out NJ Transit, prices are good and they are every where you are in New Jersey. If you are planning a trip and are trying to get around in any NJ town check the website below for details and fares.

  • Beware of Traffic Snafews, Alerts and...

    I don't know what can be done about it, but driving to and from NYC to New Jersey or the other way around is bound to get you into some traffic and it can be tedious, boring, frustrating, painful, nervracking and dangerous. Be prepared. In summer, especially it is best to have your Air Conditioning working in your car. Don't forget your snacks,...

  • road tolls

    keep cash/ change on hand!!! both the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway charge tolls. unless you have EZ pass (which if you're visiting here, i don't see why you would), you have to pay the tolls with cash. the garden state parkway has $0.35 tolls every 10 miles or so. the turnpike gives you a ticket as you get on, and you pay when...

  • Jersey Left

    A couple odd quirks about New Jersey when you're driving around. First, watch out for left and U-turns in many places, as you have to make a right turn onto what's called a jughandle to make your turn. Secondly, filling up with gas is mandatory full-service, so don't get out of the car or the attendants will be cross. Luckily, the gas is oftentimes...

  • Public Transportation-Train

    Getting around NJ by train is easy in most areas, but the further southeast you get, the harder it gets.New Jersey Transit operates electric and diesel train service within NJ (and to Philadelphia and NY).NJT also operates 3 "rapid transit" lines (the Hudson Bergen Light rail serving Jersey City, the Newark City Subway serving Newark, and the River...

  • Public Transportation- Bus

    Renting a car in NJ is unecessary and a hassle in many areas, although necessary in some. Many towns in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, etc. counties (including beach towns) are accesible by NJ's wonderful public bus system, operated mainly by NJ Transit and Academy.Although many busses are slow-- sometimes 2x as slow as driving, you don't have to...

  • Metropark Station

    Last time I came to this part of New Jersey (at the millennium), I was advised by the folks at Amtrak to come and go out of the New Brunswick station. Metropark Station in nearby Iselin, I found out later, took more Amtrak traffic so that I wouldn't have to get up with the chickens the day I left and it was decisively closer to my destination than...

  • Driving

    Since I live in New Jersey, I drive everywhere, though I carpool with Lou to work to save gas. I find this the easiest way to get around, certainly for anything off the beaten path it is essential. But if you are just passing through, visiting friends or anything requireing you to get from point a to point b, NJ also has a lot of mass...

  • Yuck, tolls!

    NJ roads are a joy to drive. Not only do you have to avoid becoming a victim of road rage and sit in traffic for ages, you pay for this right on several roadways. The NJ Turnpike and Garden State Parkway, the 2 major North-South routes are both toll roads. The Turnpike requires you to get a ticket when you board and pay when you exit. At most,...

  • Spanish/ Vanessa Bus Services

    The mini buses depart form GW Bridge Bus Terminal, Lower level (see NY page for details). They have various routes, but most go to Jesey City area via Bergenline, passinf through Fort Lee, Cliffside Park, etc.The charges are form $1 to $3, depending on destination.

  • NJ Transit Trains to the beach

    u can get to i think most of beaches from sandy hook up to Pt. Pleasant on the NJ transit trains...they leave from new york. take a bus to nyc and go from there..

  • Newark's Penn Station

    This is the last New Jersey stop for Amtrak and New Jersey Transit. Newark's Penn Station, near where we went out on the town Monday 29 December 2003, is cavernous and ornately appointed like 30th Street in Philadelphia.

  • NJ Transit buses

    Not only does NJ Transit have trains to get you around the state and the two big cities just outside, but it provides bus service to get you around town or to the next town over.

  • Newark International Airport (EWR)

    Newark International Airport is one of four regional airports operated by the New York-New Jersey Port Authority. It caters to flights from all over the world and is a hub for Continental Airlines. From the perspective of folks who live in northern New Jersey, it is much more convenient than having to cross various bridges and/or tunnels and...

  • New Jersey Transit

    Every working day, J.D. uses NJ Transit to get into work in Manhattan. There is a station conveniently located near J.D.'s flat. New Jersey on the whole is more mass transit oriented than many states. NJ Transit operates train and bus service deep into the state, going as far south as Atlantic City.

  • New Brunswick, NJ train station

    When I visited J.D. at the new millennium, I thought the nearest train station was at New Brunswick. However, I found out later it was actually at Metro Park in nearby Iselin, the next stop northbound. When I arrived here a little after 6pm on 30 December 1999, J.D. and Savannah were waiting there for me.

  • route from Amsterdam

    Mostly airplanes from Amsterdam fly much more north than we did this time.Usually we can see the ice in the waters around Greenland, but this time it was no problem sitting in the middle instead of near the window. Nothing to see but ocean (water)

  • Newark airport transportation

    The Newark airport has a great means of transportation betwwen the terminals, parkinglots and to the rentalcars.A monorail is connecting these points every 3 minutes! The monorail is called skytrain and is free. Just follow the skytrain signs and hop aboard.

  • Continentals terminal C

    Continental has its own terminal at Newark Airport. 3 Continental flights leave from terminal A, but all the others leave or arrive at terminal C.Continental was not the best airline we ever flew, it was a big disappointment they charged 5$ for 1 beer in coach. Never had that on an intercontinental flight before......And 5 $, that must be quit a...

  • New Way to Get Around

    Here's New Jersey's newest form of transportation, called the Light Rail. It supposedly makes traveling in Bergen and Hudson Counties easier for commuters.


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