New Jersey Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn

New Jersey Warnings and Dangers

  • Bears while hiking/mountain biking

    Bears are becoming more common these days on the trails. They really do not pose much danger here. If you encounter one in the summer or fall, they're more worried about finding food and your not on their menu. The one in the photos was sitting on a trail as I crested a small hill. I wasn't more than 20 feet from it when we saw each other. The Bear...

  • Snakes! They're everywhere!

    Only kidding with the title. But on a recent hike over the summer, I crossed paths with several varieties in the same day! The snakes in the photos here may look the same but they're not. The first two photos are a Black Rat Snake. The next three are of a Black Racer Snake. Neither one is venomous and really harmless but are common on the trails of...

  • Rattlesnake!

    Well, New Jersey does have some worthwhile hiking, at least if you live locally. Hardly a destination solely for this purpose. But if do find yourself on a trail in the Garden State, there is a rare (fortunate in my opinion) chance of coming across a rattlesnake. I came across the one in the photos while hiking in Bearfort Mountain area in Hewitt,...

  • Scary Rollercoaster at Great Adventure

    If you are a child under 9 years old, and even if you are tall enough to ride El Toro like me, don't do it!! There are nicer rides than this one. One I suggest is the runaway train, which is a small rollercoaster. My favorites are the log flume and congo rapids. Have fun at Great Adventure!

  • Expensive highways

    When I was driving around New Jersey there was a lot of pay stations where you'd have to pay to drive on the Interstates or Highways. It wasn't more than a couple of dollars but I think that we had to pay between 3 and 5 times.If you get of the plane in Newark and do not have any change it could might cause a problem.

  • Warnings of the Tolls

    Living in Texas, I pay tolls on roads that by-pass the big ones, for convenience. However, up north you have to pay them to drive on the regular interstates? What is that?? In New Jersey I paid $8 as soon as I got into the state, then the GPS told me to take the Jersey Turnpike, which is really I-95. So, I got my little ticket that shows the...

  • Lube Yourself !

    Well, Lube yourself sounds wrong.. but it made you curious didn't it ? Please , please listen to me when I tell you that New Jersey is not what New Jersey used to be ... The sun is hotter and more dangerous than ever before . Take my word for it . I have Armenian olive skin . I never thought I would burn . I am used to going out on the beach and...


    When traveling in New Jersey, make sure you have lots of coins! The Garden State Parkway, which is a main artery, requires $.25 and $.35 tolls. Most of the time there will be at least one toll booth that has an attendant who will give you change if necessary--it is indicated by a non-blinking green light. Toll booths requiring the correct change...


    The hardest thing to get used to after moving to New Jersey, was the infamous jug handle. For those of you who are unacquainted with this highway feature--it is used when you are not permitted to make a left turn. In order to do so, you must find a place indicated for making U-Turns and veer off to the right. The turn loops around so that you are...

  • Driving

    Please be careful when driving in NJ. It is full of perople who have nothing better to do than drive around in huge SUV's like maniacs. Use defensive driving here. Also, if you plan on driving the Garden State Parkway...... bring alot of change. Be safe...buckle up!!

  • deer

    because New Jersey is so urbanized, the wildlife has been crowded into really small places. they just have nowhere else to go. and the deer population in New Jersey is huge. you seem them everywhere, all the time. and they run out in front of you in the road at night.... so be careful... this has happened to me several times!!!!

  • Traffic Patterns are crazy!!!

    Perhaps it's just because so many people have populated the area for so long that the roads weren't planned far enough in advance, but I've noticed that there are too many places where lanes end suddenly without warning, or where merging into traffic is necessary but next to impossible to do (like on Route 22). Also, the drivers here are a bit more...

  • Be careful

    I'm not sure about its validity, but cities like Camden, Trenton, and Newark (and area) seem to have a reputation for being rough areas in terms of crime. Decide for yourself, but I'd be cautious about these three cities in particular.

  • those crazy NJ drivers!

    Apparently we drive like maniacs in New Jersey:) Of course we all complain about the New York drivers but then again one always has to blame someone.... Growing up here and learning to drive here I guess for me it is the norm, but if you're not from the area be careful for those who don't know how to use their blinkers (not me I assure you) exits...

  • Where not to go

    when you are traveling to nyc and on the turnpike dont get of at jersey city or newark or paterson these areas are known for high crime . If you need to visit liberty state park in jersey city stay in the park if you wander out of the park u will be face to face with one of the worst slums in nj you will notice your there when u see all the...

  • Don't Drink Too Much

    The sign in the picture applies all over, but I came across it at an A & P store in Metuchen, New Jersey. It says BEER: Helping ugly people have sex since 1862.

  • No U-Turn

    New Jersey is famous for its cloverleaf intersections, especially on 4-lane highways. Cloverleaf intersections are a ramp that you turn off to go onto the secondary road where you can make your turn around. On older highways, there are very few u-turns nor left turn signals. It drives people from out of state nuts. Thanks to my friend Joe for...

  • Serious danger

    If you spend even a small amount of time in New Jersey there is a real danger you will go mad because there is nothing to do in this suburban dump!!!! Head east of the Hudson to New York and keep well away from NJ!!!

  • Do you have what it takes....

    Driving in NJ takes guts. If you are a scared or hesitant driver, do not drive here. An interesting statistic is that the USA national average is 64 cars per square mile, NJ has 822 cars per mileage. It doesn't take Einstien to realize that in this relatively small state, there are a hell of alot of cars. We move fast and do not let others get in...

  • New Jersey Urban Areas

    New Jersey's urban areas are the thing that give it a bad rap. Newark, East Orange, Irvington, Paterson, Jersey City, Trenton, Atlantic City, and Camden all have pretty bad areas. My advice is to know where you are going in these cities.

  • THe Union is alive and well in...

    THe Union is alive and well in NJ. Don't dare do work that they claim to have dibs on or they'll set up the Giant Rat and wal around holding sigs.

  • Tony Soprano's magnificent...

    Tony Soprano's magnificent house is in North Caldwell. We all know it also features New Jersey's most famous backyard. Some of the opening credits are shot nearby on Mountain Avenue. Neighbors of the house don't mind the filming because they leave the place cleaner.

  • Drive carefully. Wear your...

    Drive carefully. Wear your seat belts at all times. NJ drivers can be aggressive at times and rude I'm sorry to say. If you are driving along route 322 DON'T EXCEED THE SPEED LIMITS. I believe some smaller local municipalities just about fund their police departments on their speeding ticket incomes,epecially in Harrison, Elk and East Greenwich...

  • I really don't mind being...

    I really don't mind being asked politly for spare change if I choose I'll give some sometimes not . It's my choice . But there are some panhandlers that can be very aggressive ,grabbing your sleeve or stopping you while you walk . I find this a little unsettling and I try to avoid these people . Robberiesdo take place and travelers should be...

  • Since driving in New Jersey is...

    Since driving in New Jersey is a necessity, I suggest that you all practice defensive and aggressive driving before entering New Jersey. Also, sign reading skills must be sharp, there are many instances when travelling on the highways when you will end up on the Turnpike if you are not careful. Better yet, get to know a local to chauffeur you...

  • OK as a Jersey girl I can tell...

    OK as a Jersey girl I can tell you what to look out for. Its a long list so be prepared for alot of reading. In Atlantic City, the Las Vegas of NJ you want to stay off the boardwalk at night. Unless there are a lot people around its safer to stick with the Casino's and their security and the surrounding of other gamblers or guests. If you are...

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New Jersey Warnings and Dangers

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