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  • Watching the Water fowl
    Watching the Water fowl
    by rdywenur
  • Fishing in Winter
    Fishing in Winter
    by rdywenur
  • Kayaking and Canoeing
    Kayaking and Canoeing
    by rdywenur

Irondequoit Things to Do

  • Seabreeze Amusement Park

    This has been a local favorite for kids of all ages. In the last 15 years the park has seen some bad times but has rebounded greatly with the addition of waterpark attractions and refurbishing some of the older rides.From June to September, people flock with their kids to the park on the weekends. A daypass is $20 for adults and $15 for kids. There...

  • Durand Eastman Park

    Durand Eastman Park is a large area at the north end of Irondequoit on the east side of the river and the west side of the bay. There are a ton of things to do there depending on the time of year.BIRDINGBird watchers "flock" to this area in the spring to see the migratory fowl gathering on both the lake front and the ponds that dot the park. You...

  • Seneca Park Zoo

    The zoo park lands are in a lower, pond area and a hilly, upper area. Originally (1890's) the whole zoo was in the lower area and featured local animals (deer, racoons, snakes, birds). In the 1930's the main building was started in the upper area. From that time until now the lower area has been transformed from a zoo park to a picnic park and the...

  • Coast Guard Station

    The Coast Guard is now part of the Department of Homeland Defense and they have made changes to staffing to take advantage of that. Irondequoit now houses two Border Guards.(With tongue in cheek) The work of these two is very important in stopping aliens from crossing the border from Canada into Rochester. Nearest Canada border is 60miles away in...

  • Seabreeze Amusement Park

    Seabreeze Amusement Park for a ride on an old wooden rollercoaster built in 1920...the "Jack Rabbit" or try one of the newer steel rollercoasters. Also has a great water park and old fashioned carousel and much more .

  • Lighthouse On Parade

    Here are one of several lighthouses that were painted by local artists and planted all around Irondequoit. This one is located at the end of the pier by Irondquoit Bridge. The bridge is a swing away bridge and is opened for travel from November to April each year.


Irondequoit Restaurants

  • great sub sandwiches

    This is an Italian delicatessant with more types of Italian food than I have seen in most restaurants.Antipasto, prosciutto, provolone, several tpes of sausage, olive salad, fontinella, pepperoni, bocconcini, capicola, lasagna, ricatoni, spaghettini, veal parmigiana, artichokes, gniocchis, more and more.You can buy individual items or ready made...

  • a family favorite

    This Bill Gray's is one of the more sedate franchises in the chain of restaurants.All Bill Gray's stores are aimed at pleasing the kids, getting adults to bring their kids to eat here and enticing familes to spend some time and money at the restaurant.The interior is bright and cheery and nicely divided into several dining areas so that the...

  • subs and pizzas

    Cordello's first opened as a sandwich shop and expanded quickly to include pizzas and then expanded into 5 other locations in the Rochester area.The shop itself is a typical American pizza shop; counter service, very small sit-down area, primarily pick-up and delivery operations. They have some of the better tasting chicken wings in the area. Their...

  • second best

    These guys make the second best pizza in the area (Pontillos is best).This shop has been open for decades and hasn't changed much over the years. The pizza is still a bit too thin for me and a little bit oily but my kids like the sauce and the choice of toppings. To grab more business they have added a lot of non-pizza items to the menu.When you...

  • Summerville Grill

    Summerville Grill...Nice little restaurant with good Italian-American food. The dining area is adjacent to the bar and separated by a small wall. It is fairly subdued lighting inside with dark wood furnishings and nautical decor on the wall.Dress and atmosphere is casual; friendly local clientel. It is open for lunch at 11am and dinner at 4pm; it...

  • Steak and Seafood

    This "Irish pub" was made from, ironically, an old Victorian home. The place has three connected dining areas, each with a distinctive decor. The place is family owned and operated by a very nice local family.We stopped in there with my brother-in-law for lunch after a drive down to see the bay.The lunch menu was a bit brief but that made it easy...

  • SUBstantial Sandwich

    (this is my niece's place so my opinion is definitely biased)DiBella's submarine sandwiches are unique. The buns are a patented (or is it copyrighted) recipe and have been franchised out to places like Wegman's Supermarkets and Wendy's.The bun flavor is mouth-watering; they are firm and chewy; the special sauces (another secret recipe) are great....

  • IHOP

    IHOP is just about the same whereever you are when you enter one.Good food, reasonable price and prompt service (with a smile generally).This particular restaurant is no different. It is normally no waiting for a booth (except on holidays when the line is out the door). The menu is pretty standard for breakfast fare.They do have a lunch/dinner menu...

  • Schaller's

    Quick service at stand-up counter. Hot freshly cooked food with your choice of condiments.Friendly servers. And they don't expect you to dress up.Hamburgers, hots, shaved beef, italian sausage, french fries, onion rings: all to go or eat in their booths. Schallers is a local favorite for people at the Medley Mall or from General Hospital (Rochester...


Irondequoit Shopping

  • Now that's Italian!!!!

    If your looking for some great Italian foods then this is the place to go. They have a huge selection of imported Italian food stuffs. Also subs and pasta to go. (or eat in as they have a small cafe area) You won't be disappointed. Coffee and canoli anybody? Rochester's best Italian deli. Anything Italian Prices are very reasonable. Check out the...

  • a Rochester-area institution

    If it has anything to do with music especially rock-and-roll, then it is here that you'll find it.The owners are sharp enterpreneurs who have ties into many of the music industry's big names. Anyone who is anyone in rock and roll and comes to entertain in Rochester, ends up talking to one of the Schaubroeck Brothers at their Irondequoit store.There...

  • Irondequoit Mall... no, that's not...

    When they first started building a group of stores in that area of the Ridge Road that is now Medley Centre, it was just the Ridge Plaza. Years later it was encapsulated into a large indoor structure called Irondequoit Mall. After a brief rise in popularity. the mall made a meteoric plummet, succumbing to the down-trend of the neighborhood;...


Irondequoit Local Customs

  • Ukrainian Fest

    The Rochester Ukrainian Festival is held annually for four days in mid-August. Each evening there is live entertainment (mostly of ethnic origin) and folk dancing. Face painting and egg decorations are for the kids. For the adults, arts and crafts by local artisans are on display and for sale. Ukrainian/East-European foods are there for sampling...

  • Soap Box Derby

    For decades the Soap Box Derby was held in Durand Eastman Park on the main road (Lakshore Boulevard). They would block off the street and paint the racing lanes and set up the judges booths and the starting gates. The kids would roll up their "cars" to the gate when their number was called and down the hill they would race. The race was down in...

  • local areas

    Irondequoit has a long history of population shifts within its boundaries. Today there are many sub-populations with economic and social affinity within their neighborhood boundaries.Some of these areas within the governance of Irondequoit are:Bayview... on the west side of Irondequoit bay


Irondequoit Warnings and Dangers

  • davecallahan's Profile Photo
    use a car alarm

    by davecallahan Written Mar 9, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Irondequoit is rated much safer than an average American city in respect to any violent crimes.
    However it is rated in the risky class when rated for crimes of theft (Burglary, Shop-lifting, Car Break-ins).
    So, as long as you keep your car doors locked, use the chain on the doorlatch at the motel and don't flash a wallet full of cash, you should be safe during your visit to Irondequoit.
    Basically, just use common sense.

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Irondequoit Off The Beaten Path

  • Irondequoit Bay from Empire Blvd

    If you get off of 590N and take Empire Blvd, just as you get to the bottom of the hill you will see the Reststop where the marker is. Directly across the street is an antiques store a great shop. (you can spend all day in here and still not see everything) Just past it are a couple of great restaurants. There is Bazil's, an Italian reastaurnat,...

  • Going down Kings HWY

    This is the road I travel to the Lake. Take 104 east or west and get off at Goodman. heading north down Goodman once you cross Titus it turns into Kings HWY. Take this road all the way to Lake Rd and in front of you will be Lake Ontario. (check out the new walking / biking path built along the lake. This area is best know as Durand Eastman...

  • Straberry Salt Box Museum

    Built in 1830. It has been moved twice. I have known it when it was called the Strawbery Salt Box, a gift shop, located on Portland Ave. near E. Ridge Road. It has since been moved to 1280 Titus Ave. right next door to the Town Hall (behind the gazebo) It is currently preserved as a historical building.


Irondequoit Favorites

  • Wildflowers

    Lots of places to go hiking or just a walk and enjoy the views, discover something new each time. These flowers were growing at my Empire Blvd/Irondequoit page. Being a city girl here is my best shot at each flower:- milkweed- amur honeysuckle- crown vetch- St. John's Wort

  • just like the TV show (NOT)

    Irondequoit has its own Wisteria Lane but it is nothing like the one in the TV series "Desperate Housewives". The one here is quiet and peaceful, a family neighborhood with no drama. Kids play ball in the street, ladies water their gardens, gentlemen mow the lawns. Typical middle America.The road is convenient to Stuston Plaza or a short walk...

  • Wet and Wild

    Or you might try the water park and try out the water slide or one of the other water attractions. Something for everyone big or small. Daring or just a lazy wet afternoon of fun on a tube.


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