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  • Leonard Park pagoda
    Leonard Park pagoda
    by daddygila
  • Peaceful City
    Peaceful City
    by o00o
  • Friendly City
    Friendly City
    by o00o

Mount Kisco Things to Do

  • Jardin de Mt. Kissco

    1 minute walk from te house of DaddyGila, you are able to see all these typical beautiful bushes along the road side.I enjoy looking around the bushes at both of the road side.

  • Green Belt

    The lawn as a green blet tells the boundary between houses.You will never feel bore looking at the landscape planted by DaddyGila.

  • 4 seasons

    The trees here turn red and yellow in falls season and then they change to brown color before the winter comes.

  • The Trees

    Te trees at the back yard of DaddyGila's provide shadow. You will never feel warm in summer.

  • The Back Yard

    The back yard of the house. The birds on the tree sings, stay at home lisning to the bird could be fun.

  • Main Entrance

    The Main entrance of DaddyGila's house.The house is surrounded with flowers and greenary.

  • 2nd Floor

    There are 4 rooms on the 2nd floors, the sleeping of DaddyGila, the brother of Joe on the oposite side, the empty room next to Joe supper delux sleeping room and the bath room.

  • Town Government

    This is the Village Hall. This is where the local policticians raise our taxes. A very important place to visit.

  • American Legion

    Not far from the Veterans Memorial is the American Legion which serves as a soical organization for local Veterans.


Mount Kisco Hotels

  • Holiday Inn Mt Kisco

    1 Holiday Inn Drive, Mount Kisco, New York, 10549, United States

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

Mount Kisco Transportation

  • Mt Kissco

    .DaddyGila Picked me up at JFK International Airport.After 35 minutes drove through the highway, the moment you see the Mt. Kissco signboard, you are already arrived in the boundary of Mt. Kissco.

  • Here I Come

    This 14 hours flight won't even bored you once you realized that the Mt. Kissco is such a beautiful and friendly place, where you ask for a cup of water, the people here would serve you with a glass of wine, togather with a buntch of flowers on hands.

  • International Flight

    Finger pointing at where I am originally from. This need an Plane to move me there and it takes US$1500 and 14 hours by flight.


Mount Kisco Sports & Outdoors

  • Swiming Pool

    Most of the residentil here has a swiming pool.A dive into the chill water will refresh you from the summer heat.

  • Reserve Player

    I am not too young and i am not a supporter, i am not good enough for the match and i am just a reserve player.

  • Supporter

    I am too young for the tournement, but I can be the member of supporter for our team and here we are.


Mount Kisco Favorites

  • Story Begun

    That's why this small residential area famous with it names Kissco where you can see some young couples, spending their weekend here just for a walk.

  • Tender Kiss

    This city is beautiful, peaceful and friendly as a Kiss, as gentle as a beautiful young mother, kissing her new born baby.

  • Mount Kisco Hotels

    1 Hotels in Mount Kisco

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