New York City What to Pack

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    T-shirts for sale on Lexington Ave
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Most Viewed What to Pack in New York City

  • 1. Comfortable Shoes

    Pack light, cause I'm not going to carry your stuff. The most comfy shoes you got. Coat and Hat and Gloves. Boots too from Dec. to March. Ibuprofen, walking is pain... All you got. Hockey stuff....

  • 2. Packing for Summer

    summer, extremely hot and humid. rain and severe storms possible (flooding) shorts and shirts, winters can be extremely cold and snow accumulations of half a meter within a short period of time is not...

  • 3. Dark clothing

    If you don't want to look like a tourist try these ideas. 1. Leave all of the college/highschool sweatshirts at home. This is an instant clue that you aren't from around here! 2. If it is winter,...

  • 4. Packing for Winter

    Sunglasses are necessary especially when driving. There are some new glasses out now that will get dark when it is too bright and will go back to normal when the light is normal. Moisturizer is...

  • 5. Handbag that Zips

    Bring a small bag to use when sightseeing and shopping, but bring a HUGE suitcase to bring all your goodies back in. Dress to the season. We went in November and it was absolutely freezing. Sunny but...

  • 6. Packing for Fall

    backpack good shoes that are comfortable to walk in, and in summer, not too warm clothes, shorts, a simple shirt, autumn, do not forget rain coat umbrella. camera is a must, but be careful not to ask...

  • 7. Digital Camera

    This was one of the shortest trips I've ever done so it was nice to travel with just carry on luggage. Two small day packs got us through our two days in NYC. It was a winter trip to NYC, so we...

  • 8. Packing for Spring

    Backpack (to hold everything you have with you, and what you buy) Good Walking Sneakers A light sweatshirt for the summer (if staying at night) A warm Sweatshirt for the fall ( gets kinda chilly ) A...

  • 9. Map

    NYC is an easy city to get stuff stolen. Bring a 60l bag back so you can walk with it on your shoulders If you have a medical condition (like myself) then please bring enought medication to cover...

  • 10. Layers

    Definately a sturdy lightweight bag or suitcase - you are bound to buy gifts whilst you are here! A crossbody handbag is a must for ladies - I wouldn't recommend bringing anything you have to carry -...

  • 11. Is It Really Necessary To Look Like A New Yorker

    In both the New York and Paris forums, women often ask what to wear in order not to stand out or to look like a New Yorker or a Parisian. I have lived in both...

  • 12. Getting all that stuff home

    Well, I can't deny it. When I visit New York, the first thing I do (after visiting family) is hit the shops. The trouble is, how do you get all the stuff home?...

  • 13. Drugstores everywhere

    Macy's is a great one-stop-shop for everything. Name brand items at discount prices: Daffy's, TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory There are Duane Reade,...

  • 14. All what you need are credit cards !!! :-)

    ...and some empty luggage and bags because... ...everything else can be purchased there... ...mostly for reasonable prices... ...whatchout for special offers...

  • 15. Want to get ahead of the bathroom line ladies?

    You can get travel-sized toilet paper (I've only seen Charmin). Buy some and keep it in your purse (right beside the Purell but, I'm assuming you already...

  • 16. Packing List

    Films that take place in New York City:The Broadway Melody (1929)The Divorcee (1930)42nd Street (1933)Lady For a Day (1933)Morning Glory (1933)She Done Him...

  • 17. Packing List

    ' A tear shed for every life lost'click Remembrance of the World Trade CenterOn September 11 2001, the World Trade Center was destroyed. My heartfelt...

  • 18. Packing List

    Little backpack for your daytrips! Large bags for your souvenirs and gifts etc.... Jeans are one of the main things German tourists buy here, as they are much...

  • 19. Packing List

    Films that take place in New York:The Broadway Melody (1929)The Divorcee (1930)42nd Street (1933)Lady For a Day (1933)Morning Glory (1933)She Done Him Wrong...

  • 20. Packing List

    No need for suitcase with wheels neither at JFK or newark. Luggage trolleys are easily found, and the check-in / baggage claim are found just a few meters from...

  • 22. Packing List

    Why bother everything over there is cheap anyway! Go on treat yourself! ;) I believe there is no shortage of drugs of any description in this Country:). Sorry...

  • 23. Packing List

    Basically, my trips to New York have all been day trips. There would be an organization that would charter a bus, each person would pay $16, the bus would drop...

  • 24. Packing List

    What ever you take ... take an EXTRA bag in your suitcase to take back all your shopping. NY is much cheaper than Europe for almost anything, and the selection...

  • 25. Packing List

    I know some of my pages look like a LONELY PLANET ad (and they don't even pay for me for tihs...:-) but I really find their books outstanding.While in NYC I...

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