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205 E. Houston, NYC 10002 212-254-2246

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  • BEST on EARTH !!!!!!!
    BEST on EARTH !!!!!!!
    by jlanza29
  • Well worth the trip here !!!!!!
    Well worth the trip here !!!!!!
    by jlanza29
  • In Katz's
    In Katz's
    by toonsarah
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    Katz's Deli: NYC History between 2 slices of rye bread

    by SNEAKS Updated Feb 27, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is Cheap Eats. Avg. Sandwich $9.00

    Favorite Dish: If you want to see a bit of old New York, head to Katz's. This is where I bring my friends from out-of-town. There is a system to ordering here. First, grab a meal ticket from the guy at the door and walk up to the long counter. Place your order, I recommend the Pastrami on Rye (all sandwiches are large enough to share). If you are not sure what to order, ask them for a sample (they will carve you a couple of slices). Also, make sure to tip them. You might receive some extra slices on your sandwich. Order a Dr. Browns Black Cherry Soda, then head to your table with a big bowl of pickles. They will mark your ticket and pay at the door when you leave. By the way, this is where the orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed.

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    Katz's: Nostalgic Deli

    by apbeaches Written Jul 28, 2008
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    Nostalgic deli from 1888; filled with mementos of the era. U.S. Presidents, stars of stage and screen and local and international political, social, and arts figures. Katz's has been featured in the movies. When Johnny Depp met with his FBI contact in "Donnie Brasco," it was at Katz's. When Meg Ryan displayed her orgasmic skill in "When Harry Met Sally" (I'll have what she's having) it was at Katz's.

    During World War II, the three sons of Katz's owners were all serving their country in the armed forces, and the family tradition of sending food to their sons became sealed as the slogan "Send a Salami To Your Boy In The Army." Today, we'll arrange to ship the best of Katz's, anywhere, anytime.

    One side of Katz's has waitress service. We prefer taking a ticket, going to the cafeteria counters were prices are written down. We seat ourselves & pay on the way out.

    Favorite Dish: Pastrami is hand sliced, warm & incredible. The hot dogs & fries are pretty memorable. We enjoy people watching.

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  • Katz's Deli: Who Knew?

    by mitzi2 Written May 5, 2007

    when you go up to the counter which you must to order they will give you a taste of corned beef and pastrami.I have been here numerous times and always ordered corned beef and never tried the Pastrami but this time I did.Was I wrong...the pastrami is far superior and I would urge all corned beef lovers to just try it.

    Favorite Dish: PASTRAMI on rye with guldens mustard.

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    Kat'z Deli: Yum Sandwhiches! More Pastrami Please!

    by machomikemd Updated Nov 19, 2010
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    this delicatessen near chinatown is a food icon in new york, famous for it's sandwiches especially the pastrami and i will do a two part food tip on Katz (for more pictures).

    Favorite Dish: the pastrami and the corned Beef Sandwhiches what else!

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    Katz's Delicatessen: Delis, Sandwiches

    by t_cims Written Oct 1, 2011

    Is a typical deli and sandwich restaurant, with excellent and high quality, and since then they have also a lot of snacks that are god.

    Also you can buy with you from their business and take home with you, very good.

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  • Katz's Deli: Skip the restrooms and enjoy the food

    by Angie723 Written Aug 23, 2004

    After some 20 yrs of not being in New York and wanting to visit the famous Katz's Deli i found the food good but a tad expensive and the ticket payment somewhat confusing but to tell you the truth i found the bathrooms revolting to say the least. For what you pay to eat there they can at least have a womans bathroom smelling nice not like a New York sewer and it makes me wonder if i was a celebrity would i have to use such a disgraceful bathroom or would i have different accomadations with status behind me either way i think they need to remodel the bathroom and at least make it comparable to the prices they charge for the food they serve. If one makes it to the bathroom prior to eating i believe they would make a dash to the front door..

    Favorite Dish: The pastrami sandwich was good but high priced and a little fatty and the matzo ball soup was good too but not like grandma's and the pototoe kinish was too well done

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    Katz's Deli: Dont miss the Cheese pie !!!

    by Littlebug Written Dec 15, 2004

    Kats is an special place because many kind of people ends up there for a sandwich. And because of the movie "When Harry met Sally"!

    Favorite Dish: Please, dont miss the pastrani sandwiches and the cheese pie. And pf course, take with you one of the mineral water bottles, with the Katz logo on them!

    And dont miss "When Harry met Sally" before you go to NYC

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    Katz's Deli: Great Pastrami (And I Don't Even Like Pastrami)

    by kidkilowatt Written Apr 5, 2005

    Katz's Deli on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is definitely an experience. If you are a fan of the movies, this is the deli that Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are in in the famous scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally. The place is spacious and figuring out how to order (it's a take a number kind of place) can be a bit confusing, but once you have your food, you will be in heaven. If you are lucky, the guys behind the counter will offer you a sample of the fresh meat and if you get a sandwich, prepare for it to be gigantic. The feel is not romantic or anything, with flat lighting and a kind of lunch hall atmosphere, but the food is great and this is a definite landmark of the Lower East Side and Manhattan in general. This is also a great place to come for a meal after a night of barhopping on New York's Lower East Side- a great place for nightlife.

    Favorite Dish: Pastrami sandwich
    noodle kugel
    Dr. Brown's soda

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    Katz's Deli: Hot Pastrami!

    by Matravel Written May 5, 2004

    The best advice: DO NOT EAT before going to Kat'z.
    The sandwiches are huge...ok, ok maybe there are many folks that might easily finish two- still, almost all sandwiches are enough for two.

    If you stood in line and ordered directly be careful not to take a sit in the tables next to the wall, those are reserved for those who ordered from the menu.
    There are generally two waitresses, and they can be rude if exasperated.

    Favorite Dish: Sandwiches are the best, specially the Hot Pastrami. If you still got room for dessert, try the NYCheesecake.

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  • gillez's Profile Photo

    Katz's Deli: Famous deli

    by gillez Written Oct 3, 2003

    This is apparently where they filmed Meg's orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally, and there are pictures of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal on the walls. There are also letters of thanks from US presidents (Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, maybe others). The food itself was very good (I had a philly cheese steakwich) although maybe not quite as fantastic as I was expecting.

    Favorite Dish: I only tried the philly cheese steakwich but this was very nice.

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    Katz's Deli: New York Deli Sandwiches

    by bottleofdoom Updated Mar 4, 2003
    The Famous Katz's Deli

    A deli since 1888, this was the strangest one I've ever been in. It's a little daunting if you've never been here before. When you walk in, you get a ticket. Then you go up to the counter which is huge. Depending on what you want, you walk up to the part of the counter that's serving that kind of food. For example, if you want a chili dog you would go to the hot dog section of the counter. If you wanted a sandwich, you would go up to a diffferent section. You have to be aggressive or else you'll be ignored. I just had Don order for us because I didn't feel like being assertive. When you order, you present your ticket so they can write a code on there for when you check-out. There seemed to be waves of people, so sometimes it can be crowded, but then it clears out between the waves. They serve stuff like "Knobel" wurst, tongue and knishes.

    Favorite Dish: We split an open-faced turkey sandwich platter with french fries, cole slaw and a pickle. Don also got a chili dog. The pickle was the best I've ever had and the rest of our lunch was amazing. We had a few beers with it as well. After you're done, you take your ticket to the cashier and pay for your meal.

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    by SirRichard Updated Oct 2, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A very popular huge bar-restaurant specialized in Pastrami Sandwiches (Huge sandwiches, by the way).

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  • Katz's Deli: Food that makes you want come back for more!!!

    by ladyday484 Written Aug 11, 2005
    Katz's from the past

    Love the food and the atomosphere, Katz's is worth going back to time and time again

    Favorite Dish: Lean Corned beef on Rye with mustard and sour pickles and a cream soda

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