Places to eat in New York City

  • The Shake Shack
    The Shake Shack
    by leics
  • Nothing has changed in decades!
    Nothing has changed in decades!
    by TexasDave
  • Salamis in the front window
    Salamis in the front window
    by TexasDave

Most Viewed Restaurants in New York City

  • Chinggis_n_Borte's Profile Photo

    Peking Duck House: Deliciously Cooked Peking Duck in sweet sauce

    by Chinggis_n_Borte Updated Jan 24, 2015

    We were walking along the main street of Little Italy in New York and our stomach starts to feel it needs to get a feed. We are doing some sort of lunch restaurant window hopping and looking on different unfamiliar Italian cuisines of different regions of Italy from one shop to the other , when a man who seemed to be the owner yelled at us and tried to convince us to stay and order from their menu. It was his rudeness that turned us off. We walked away, he started to follow, calling out, so we walked faster. We are almost running in a very quick step turn on a corner and we ended up in Mott street landing in another territory of different cultural suburb this time it shows in our eyes under bright sunny noon that we are in the middle of China Town at Mott Street.

    Again we started to get harassed by side street vendors saying "wanna buy watch wanna buy watch" that kept on calling out to us. But we just said "No" or ignored them.

    We were walking back and forth past a Restaurant that says Peking Duck House, but at the start we were hesitant because it did not look inviting from outside. But when we saw the BBQ ducks in rustic colours hanging on its front windows we decided to go in as we were so hungry already .

    As we enter the door we realized we have to wait to be seated as it was full. And there were large round tables seating mixed groups of individual or small groups of diners who do not know each other. Originally we were seated on one of the big tables with other diners, but got moved to our own table shortly after. To cut the story short we ordered their specialty Roasted Peking Duck and some other Chinese meals and my oh my the food is just melting on our mouth. The flavour so delicious. It was such a wonderful lunch truly mouth watering.

    Favorite Dish: Half Roasted Duck with sweet sauces and authentic pork dim sums and tasty fried rice.

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Yummy Sushi: budget Japanese Sushi at Rockefeller Center

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 5, 2014

    cheap but tasty Japanese assorted Sushi, Maki and Japanese Bento Meals. Yummy Sushi is one of the many Restaurants and Food Counters at the Concourse Level of the Rockefeller Center that serves the hordes of people, ranging from local new yorkers to gawking tourists that are going to and from the Subway Stop to Rockefeller Center and Vice Versa. It provides cheap (for Manhattan Standards that is, since this is not a Luxe Sushi Bar but more of a food court with a few tables and chairs) and satisying assorted fresh Sushi, Sashimi, Maki and various Fast Japanese Bento and Donburi Meals and some Soba or Ramen Noodle dish as well.


    Monday to Friday: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
    Saturday: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
    Sundays: Closed

    Favorite Dish: what else but the many kinds of sushi and sashimi and maki preparations like california maki at $ 4.99 for 6 pieces and up to $ 9.99 if the unagi (sea urchin) maki. Japanese Bento Meals at $ 11.99 an order and my favorite the donburi meal the Gyudon at $ 8.99 a bowl with rice.

    order now sushi menu yum concourse
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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Todd English Bonfire: nice airport resto but expensive

    by machomikemd Updated Sep 5, 2014

    nice place to eat to catch a morning flight back to san francisco and the food is good but is a little pricey. The globally inspired menu of the restaurant which was founded by Iron Chef/ Celebrity Chef Todd English (Todd English has found a new ground to colonize: airports. The Bonfire Restaurant here at JFK gives a new meaning to the term "destination" restaurant. the Iron Chef opens a version of his steakhouse (the original one is in Boston's Park Plaza) in JFK's Delta Terminal 2, a 90-seat upscale eatery with an open kitchen where travellers can stopover for steak frites, roasted swordfish and a full taqueria) which features signature Latin and European specialties in addition to traditional steakhouse favorites, ignites travelers' taste buds and stokes up their appetites but again is on the pricey side hehehe.

    Opens: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm everyday

    Favorite Dish: the sirloin steak frites for breakfast at $ 20 for just a really small size, the coffee at $ 5, yes is a bit pricey like what i said since this is owned but a celebrity chef who invented a number of concept restaurants like the Food Hall!

    the resto inside coffee steak frites me
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  • leics's Profile Photo

    The Keg Room: Noisy but friendly 'pub'.

    by leics Written Jul 31, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've taken to eating in 'pubs' (usually 'Irish') when I visit the US. The beer is always good, and there's always a decent range of 'proper' beer. And the food is generally ok-to-good as well, and reasonably-priced.

    And, most importantly for me, it usually feels ok to sit and eat/drink in an 'pub' as a solo female-with-book. It's part of UK pub ethos that people go there to have some alone time as well as to seek company and I feel comfortable doing so elsewhere.

    There were several 'pubs' near my Midtown Manhattan hotel and I chose the Keg Room for one meal. I went in the early evening early in the week, when the pub wasn't too busy (it's clearly very popular) and so was able to get a table to myself. I do loathe sitting at the bar to eat, although I know it's perfectly normal for solo people to do that in the US.

    I was hungry (unusual for me when it's hot) so chose the French Dip sandwich with fries (14USD). It was very pleasant indeed, very filling (of course) but very tasty. I had draft Sam Adams seasonal beer to accompany it...a very nice beer indeed.

    The Keg Room is a large, open pub with several TV screens (showing sports, of course) and a substantial range of draft and bottled beers, both US-brewed and imported. By 7pm it had filled up and was becoming very noisy in consequence.

    The staff were efficient and courteous, my meal and beer were both good and I was perfectly happy to add the expected 20% tip (I'm not always happy to do so).

    The Keg Room is certainly not somewhere for a quiet evening spent with a book and a pint (I haven't yet found anywhere in the US which fits that bill) but it was certainly a pleasant and friendly place to eat and have a pint.

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  • EviP's Profile Photo

    the Musket Room: east gourmet

    by EviP Updated Jun 10, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Cool hip easy going environment
    with fine cuisine

    Favorite Dish: I tried the mushroom custard, the tofu gnocchi and the strawberry camembert mousse.
    All fine tastes, wonderfully unexpectedly and happily joined together.

    the Musket Room the Musket room the Musket room
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  • 43beckos's Profile Photo

    The Half Pint: Brunch Spot in Greenwich Village

    by 43beckos Written May 7, 2014

    Unfortunately did not eat here ( we had just had brunch elsewhere), but definitely had a case of food envy when we saw the plates coming out of the kitchen.

    The bottomless brunch looked really good value.

    The staff were very friendly and attentive, and he whole place had a good feel about it. Nothing was too much trouble for the bar staff.

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  • tavern on jane: best staff

    by agmisener Written May 5, 2014

    Typical Tavern, not so typical staff-went for brunch, the food was great service was too, it was fun watching and listening to the locals, but we left a purse there and did not know until later that night when we got home to Nova Scotia, Canada from New York that it was there ( we thought it was gone for good when we realized it was missing at the airport), Somebody called from the tavern to my cell phone from the number left on the cell in the bag, to let me know it was there- the staff sent the purse home to me within the week!!!! I recommend people should go here to support places like this for the staff alone!!! Not a big place which I think is good, because the atmosphere is great, the room is bright, with character, and the brunch was great!!

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  • Turska's Profile Photo

    The Black Horse Brooklyn: Pub food and lots of beers

    by Turska Written Apr 20, 2014

    We stayed at Brooklyn, and this was one of the places I found at google maps before the trip. I red their menu, and at our first night we went there. We were quite tired after 3 hours at car, 2 hours at airport, 9 hours at airplane, and allmost 2 hours at underground at local train.
    It was midnight our time, but only 17 o´clock ( 5 p.m.) at local time. Strange feeling.
    The staff was friendly, and when we said we want to try some local beer, the weither gave as samples in small glasses to try.
    We were also hungry and had chicken sandwishes. We actually also took cheese fries, because it wasn´t told at the menu, that there is fries with the sandwish! So we got a lot to eat.
    We came here 4 times at our trip, and ate twice. I did also like their mac and cheese, but my husband didn´t like it. It had some eggs on it I think.
    We were planning to go here even more often, but we found some other nice places too. And when here was the woman bar tender, she did play quite terrible music (hip hop and rap, sorry for those who love it, but it´s not our thing), so that made us not go. And of course all the tv screens showing many different sports were disturbing, but.. in NY we saw not one pub without tv´s and sports. These people seem to think pub and sports go hand in hand.
    I will also mark budget travel because of the pub food being cheaper than in fancy restaurants.

    Favorite Dish: The chicken sandwishes with mozzarella were delcious, even though quite simply.

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  • debdono7's Profile Photo

    The Nook: Don't pass by The Nook

    by debdono7 Written Nov 16, 2013

    Located in Hell's Kitchen, we try not to miss it when we stay in mid Manhattan. It's tiny and often has people waiting outside. The food is always fresh, interesting and delicious. It's cash only and BYOB. Don't forget to bring a favorite bottle of wine or beer. If we go for brunch we bring our homemade bloody marys! Price range marked is for lunch or brunch - higher for dinner.

    Favorite Dish: Omelettes, quiche, mushroom soup, smoked salmon, steak, pork all delicious. Love their house salad dressing, too.

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  • yooperprof's Profile Photo

    Tiny Thai: Upper East Side Thai Value

    by yooperprof Written Aug 9, 2013

    My friend who lives on the Upper East Side says that this is one of his "go-to" restaurants in his neighborhood - modestly unassuming but very reliable and affordable. Prices were not "Upper East Side" - only a very little bit higher than at my favorite Thai restaurant in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

    At 1558 Third Avenue, between 87th and 88th Streets.

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  • MM212's Profile Photo

    Various: An International Culinary Capital...

    by MM212 Updated Mar 3, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Over the past three decades, New York has emerged on the international scene as one of the culinary capitals of the world. It now rivals cities such as Paris, Barcelona, London (also a recent newcomer) and Beirut for the variety and quality of the cuisine. It is often said that one could eat at a different restaurant in New York each day and never repeat a single one. While this may be true, naturally, not all of these places are worthy of our patronage as New York has its big share of restaurants that are a nuisance to our refined palates, probably far more than at the other aforementioned culinary capitals.

    Below is a list of only a few favourite restaurants. I will expand the list and describe the restaurants in more detail over time.

    Spanish/Catalan: Casa Mono (17th St & Irving Place)
    Lebanese: ilili (Fifth Ave & 27th St)
    Middle Eastern/Mediterranean: Taboon (52nd St & 10th Ave)
    Steakhouse: Strip House (12th St & Fifth Ave)
    American/International: Gotham (12th St & Fifth Ave)
    Italian high end: Da Umberto (17th St & 6th Ave)
    Italian casual: Zampa (13th St & 8th Ave)
    French Bistro: Balthazar (Spring St & Broadway)
    French high end: Nougatine (at Jean George - 59th & Central Park West)
    Greek casual: Snack Taverna (63 Bedford St & Morton St)
    Greek high end: Ammos Estiatorio (Vanderbuilt Ave & 45th St - late Friday night is best!)

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  • CatherineReichardt's Profile Photo

    Tortilla Flats: A fun and unpretentious place to eat

    by CatherineReichardt Updated Oct 23, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    (work in progress)
    I claim no credit whatsoever for this recommendation, as this was the venue suggested by the delightful solodancer for a highly enjoyable VT meet to coincide with my visit in October 2012.

    I adore Mexican food, and - based on my very limited experience - this is pretty close to being the ideal Mexican restaurant. The food was superb (and served in gargantuan proportions), the beer was icy cold but the main attraction was the atmosphere. It was casual and laid back and affordable, and the ideal ‘family friendly ’venue in a convivial Greenwich Village setting.

    Perhaps the deciding factor for me was the 80s soundtrack, perfectly calibrated to appeal to my fondly nostalgic frame of reference ... if you’re looking for an affordable venue for a group that combines good food and great ambience in an unpretentious setting, then this is the place for you!

    Even American Barney enjoyed it!

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  • von.otter's Profile Photo

    The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck: Best Soft-serve Ice Cream on NYC’s Streets

    by von.otter Written Jun 17, 2012

    “Ice-cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn't illegal.”
    — Voltaire (1694-1778)

    For the best, most original soft-serve ice cream in New York City, seek out the Big Gay Ice Cream truck. Usually, for weekday evenings, it can be found at Union Square North & East 17th St.

    We were lucky enough to happen upon it on a late Saturday afternoon at the corner of Fifth Avenue and West 40th St., just next to the main branch of the New York Library.

    The truck’s specialties are what set this ice cream truck apart from others that dot the streets of the Big Apple. Most of the other ice cream trucks serve pre-packed ice cream or just plain, soft-serve.

    Favorite Dish: I really enjoy the Salty Pimp:vanilla ice cream with dolce de leche, a bit of salt, all dipped in chocolate. It is ice cream with a sense of humor!

    The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, New York City, 6/2012 The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, New York City, 6/2012 The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, New York City, 6/2012 The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, New York City, 6/2012 The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, New York City, 6/2012
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  • SandiM's Profile Photo

    The Cellar lounge at Beecher's Cheese: Beecher's Cheese Shop & Cafe near Union Square

    by SandiM Written Jul 7, 2011

    The owner of Beecher's Cheese has done it again! With Seattle's hot cheese shop gaining in popularity, they decided to open up a shop in NYC just north of Union Square at 900 Broadway. This place rocks even better than Seattle! You can sample and select your cheese from the counter upstairs, and if feeling a little hungry, dip downstairs into The Cellar (opens at 5pm and Happy Hour is from 5pm-7pm) for some wonderful tasty grub! You can also have snacks at the cafe upstairs, but you'll miss the ambience of the lower floor if you do. Just remember, some menu selections are available only upstairs or downstairs, so ask first before sitting. Wonderful flagship cheese is the hot commodity, and I buy it all the time I'm visiting the USA from Canada (they won't ship across the border!).

    Favorite Dish: Try the world-famous Mac N Cheese or the Grilled Cheese Sandwich! Yum!

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  • garridogal's Profile Photo

    Tasti D Lite: Why can't we have one of these in Boston?

    by garridogal Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'd been wanting to try this stuff for some time now but just never got around to it during my last couple of visits to NYC or we just couldn't find one when we wanted to. Well.....turns out that my best friend's new apartment is just a few blocks from one! (That's the supernatural force that led him to it, if you ask me....) So, yay! Finally got to try the stuff!

    Favorite Dish: I had a swirl that consisted of Creme Brulee and Chocolate Fudge in a waffle cone. I liked the chocolate flavor more, but it was really good in that it really felt like a decadent treat.

    Here's the scoop: It's low fat, low calorie, low cholesterol, low sugar, low sodium, not made with artificial sweeteners and it's Kosher! So basically, something for just about everyone!

    My first spoonful! Look for this!
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