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  • Manhattan
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  • Manhattan
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  • Manhattan
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    Manhattan Bridge

    by machomikemd Written Nov 23, 2010

    the manhattan bridge is just near the famed brooklyn bridge and serves as an alternate route into brooklyn from manhattan. Although not as famous or popular as the Brooklyn Bridge, is it also an architectural wonder. Unlike the brooklyn bridge where only cars and pedestrians pass by, the New York Subways actually pass through here and I little bit of trivia, this is the bridge that was destroyed by the aliens in the megahit of the 1990's Independence day (thank you will smith!) and the final fight scene of the movie "the taking of pelham 123" (thank you john travolta and denzel washington).. It was built in 1909 and recently had it's centennial in 2009. The Manhattan Bridge is 6855 feet long, connecting western Brooklyn with southeastern Manhattan and there is no toll in passing here.

    to the bridge the bridge ok connects china town more
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  • BruceDunning's Profile Photo

    Manhattan Skyline

    by BruceDunning Written Jan 4, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is not many places in the globe that rivals the skyline of glass and architectural structures in such a small place; well ya-Dubai now-or old places all over Europe. So I restate that is is one of the better skylines of architecture in US. It seems as though there was two main eras of growth; one for the early period and art deco styles, then comes along the new and high rise glass facades.

    Chrysler building Momet art museum? High rise still rising Packed in close to save space Apartments/condos by central Park

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  • a5floor's Profile Photo

    Full Manhattan Island Tour.

    by a5floor Updated Dec 7, 2008

    If you want to know how big Manhattan is, the best way to do that is by boat. When I was in NYC, I did a Full Manhattan Island Tour. This tour last for 3 hours. You will go around the island of Manhattan. During this tour you will see the Statue of Liberty, all the bridges that conect Manhattan with the rest of NYC, skyline of Downtown Manhattan by water...

    I booked this tour via Keith Prowse (through a travel agency). This tour is operated by Circle Line Sightseeing. There are various tours you can do. For example 3 hour full-island cruise, 2 hour semi-circle cruise, 2 hour harbour lights cruise. For more information you can go to the below mentioned website.

    Full Manhattan Island Tour. Full Manhattan Island Tour. Full Manhattan Island Tour. Full Manhattan Island Tour. Full Manhattan Island Tour.
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  • a5floor's Profile Photo

    Skyline of Lower Manhattan.

    by a5floor Updated Nov 30, 2008

    I went on a boattrip around Manhattan. One of the things you can see during this trip, is the skyline of Lower Manhattan. From the boat you will have a great view of the skyline. It is really amazing to see it from the water. :)

    When you are going on the hop-on, hop-off bus and take the broolyn loop, you will have a nice view from part of the skyline of Lower Manhattan. I did this loop in the evening.

    Skyline of Lower Manhattan. Skyline of Lower Manhattan. Skyline of Lower Manhattan. Skyline of Lower Manhattan. Skyline of Lower Manhattan.
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  • a5floor's Profile Photo

    Lower Manhattan Walking Tour

    by a5floor Updated Oct 5, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This walking tour is starting & finishing at the Brooklyn Bridge. The distance for this tour is 2 to 2.5 miles (3.2 to 4 kilometer).

    This is what you will see & do when you are doing this tour:

    For avid walkers you can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and back. If you don't want to do this, you can start by City Hall Park. Across the street you will see the Woolworth Building.
    Heading south on Broadway, cross Vesey St and you will see St Paul's Chapel on your right.
    If you exit St Paul's and turn left down Vesey St, you will arrive at Ground Zero. Wander the the perimeter along Church St, Vesey, Liberty and West Side Hwy.
    Across Church St you can see Century 21 (clothing store).
    At the corner of Liberty and Church Sts, you can follow Liberty St East to the intersection with Broadway, a few blocks south you will some to Trinity Church.
    For a quick change of pace, jump across the street and take in the bright yellow-and-red, art-deco lobby of the Museum of American Finance.
    The New York Stock Exchange is between Wall St and Exchange Pl.
    Looking diagonally across from the Exchange, you will see the Federal Hall.
    Walk back to Broadway and turn left (south), down the Canyon of Heroes (the stretch of street used by the city every time it wants to fete a New Yorker for some particularly spectacular achievement like winning the World Series if you are a Yankee fan).
    Continue toward the Charging Bull sculpture at the end of Bowling Green park.
    Up here you can walk into the National Museum of the American Indian.
    If you continue south, you will enter tranquil and relaxing Battery Park.
    As you stroll around the edge of Battery Park City, a residential community within the park that abuts the Museum of Jewish Heritage.
    When you are done drifitng through the park, get back on Broadway and then follow State St as it curves around the tip of Lower Manahattan. It will bring you to Pearl St, and you want to follow Pearl northeast to Fraunces Tavern Museum.
    You are now in the heart of the colonial town, and the streets get narrow and confusing, but don't worryj too much about getting lost - there is no where really to go.
    Continue up Pearl to Wall St and turn right (east) on Wall St.
    You can now saunter down Wall St (the last block is a new pedestrian park) and you will come to the East River and the beginning of the East Side promenade.
    You will also see the tall ships of South Street Seaport immediately to your immediate north.
    Across the street is Schermerhorn Row, reported to be the first city block in New York to get electricity.
    From there, you can walk up Fulton St until it becomes Broadway.
    You can dip in and out of John St and Nassau St for a little shopping.
    When you are done, head north on Broadway, and in a few short blocks you are back at the Brooklyn Bridge.

    World Trace Centre Trinity Church New York Stock Exchange Tall Ship at South Street Seaport Brooklyn Bridge
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  • TexasDave's Profile Photo

    Manhattan From a Different Point of View

    by TexasDave Written Jul 21, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Circle Line has been giving tours around Manhattan for decades and is a very nice way to see some landmarks and learn interesting tidbits about the city. There are several options which vary in length and time of day (see their website). The whole trip around Manhattan takes 3 hours and is what I would recommend (weather permitting).
    There is no need to buy tickets ahead of time, unless it's unusually swamped with tourists, because boats are quite large and they take off just about every hour starting at 9:30 in the Summer.

    And it's a good idea to sit on the port, or left side of the boat as you're facing forward, which is where most of the sights will be.

    Boarding Area
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  • sue_stone's Profile Photo

    Manhattan at Night

    by sue_stone Updated Nov 22, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Manhattan is a beautiful city at night, with all the buildings lit up.

    We were lucky enough to time our trip on the Staten Island Ferry, so that the sun had set and on our way back to Manhattan all the buildings were lit up - just magnificent.

    Also, make sure you check out the Chrysler Building at night - gorgeous!

    Then there's Times Square. Just take a walk basically and don't forget your camera.

    view of Manhattan from ferry view of the Statue of Liberty from ferry Chrysler Building Times Square view of Manhattan from ferry
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  • jltan's Profile Photo

    Lower Manhattan

    by jltan Updated Jun 9, 2005

    The general area of Lower Manhattan should be the first stop of your New York trip. You can find the Battery Park, the South Seaport, the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, Wall Street, Ground Zero and a lot of other tourist spots there.

    Lower Manhattan Skyscrapers
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  • ROCKARIA's Profile Photo


    by ROCKARIA Written Feb 8, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can never get lost in Manhattan.The streets are designed in a grid form with avenues going parallel to streets numbered consequentially after each other so if you are in 33rd street there is only one direction to take to go say to 35th street.....very easy is it!

    Manhattan less Twin Towers

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  • roger-ramjet's Profile Photo

    Manhattan Boat Trip

    by roger-ramjet Updated Jun 23, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Manhattan boat cruse is a nice way to see the sights of downtown looking in. There is a one hr cruse and a 3hr cruse I would recommend the 3hr cruse as it does a complete loop of the island and also circles the Statue of Liberty. The cruse can be purchased in conjunction with the hop on hop off city loops bus which makes it more affordable. A 48hr unlimited pass costs 72 dollars.

    Driving Range On The Hudson River.
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  • miniman2804's Profile Photo

    Manhattan skyscrapers

    by miniman2804 Written Oct 11, 2009

    Make sure you look up when walking around Midtown. Even the small buildings are huge by European standards!

    Rockefeller center

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  • GlobalMatt's Profile Photo

    Manhattan skyline

    by GlobalMatt Written Jan 17, 2004

    Of course, the Manhattan skyline is one of the major attractions when people think of New York City. This place is truly skyscraper heaven!

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  • shivan's Profile Photo

    The Manhattan magnificent...

    by shivan Updated Oct 5, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Manhattan magnificent buildings as seen from above.

    Weather was good fortunately and the sightseeing was incredible. Don't forget to climb a skyscraper to enjoy this.

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  • Pierre_Rouss's Profile Photo

    Manhattan (again before)

    by Pierre_Rouss Written Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Take a nice cruise around the Manhattan peninsula for a great view. Walk around the head in the air and try not to hit any lamppost.


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