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  • Beware of ON/OFF DIGITAL WORLD 485 5th Avenue NYC

    by bentsson Written May 10, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    ON/OFF DIGITAL WORLD 485 5th Avenue NYC . This is a electronic store located in Manhattan. The thing about this store is that it looks like it is a high quality store that you can rely on. But it turned out to be a whole different story for my stister that recently visited the store.
    I live in Iceland, and asked her to buy a few accessories for my ipod. When she returned with the accessories, which should have cost around $100, she told me she was charged for $550. My sister who is not very aware of electronics and how much it costs had been fooled by this deceitful store, which I think is a huge and sneaky "Tourist Trap" that people should know about.

    Unique Suggestions: I read another review and saw that you can go to J and R (Town Hall) in Manhattan: www.JR.com or B-and-H and that they heve good products and good prices.

    Fun Alternatives: Never, ever shop at ON/OFF DIGITAL WORLD 485 5th Avenue, specially if you don´t know the product´s normal price.
    I would like to ask you people if you knew if there is anything I can do to correct this, as I would like to call illegal trade practices? Please comment....

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  • heryanta's Profile Photo

    51st Electronics & Computers

    by heryanta Written Dec 31, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beware of this shop located on 51st and 7th Ave. During very recent trip to NYC my parents who were walking around the city walked into the shop to inquire about the new Ipod Nano.
    Look, ok I wouldn't by any electronics from any place rather than official shop or large chain but they are tourists from Asia.

    The salesman kept telling them to buy another portable media player instead, which they marketed as 'made by the guys who make Windows'.

    So they paid (incl tax) $216 for a Pasbuy portable media player. They did not tell me they bought this (well they don't need to tell me everything) until we got back home. When I first saw it I immediately know something is wrong as it looks to be very cheaply built.

    Upon checking on the Pasbuy website I found that I can get one for $73 (!!!)

    So I googled "51st electronics & computers" and first result was from New York Citysearch website. ALL of the reviews on that website tell of a similar story: lies, persuasion, rip-offs, etc.

    It seems that they pry on foreign tourists, of course hoping that once they're back in their own country it will be difficult to fight for refunds (which, by the way is not possible since the invoice states 'no refund'). I have reported them to the New York Department of Consumer Affairs; but at all cost, AVOID THIS SHOP!

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    by Fjrmaximx Written Dec 12, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bad enough ripping me off when I was in the shop, they have now put through an extra charge on my credit card.

    This is a VISA docket that they made up themselves, and presumably, forged the signature.

    Unique Suggestions: AVOID

    Fun Alternatives: Any branded store

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  • On/Off Digital World

    by Naivenelly Written Feb 26, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Watch out & don't be an idiot like me at this place, where they were happy to sell me a pc without the box, but presumably new... Enquiries of the manufacturers revealed that it was reconditioned & the warranty had expired. OK, I was dumb not to notice the box bit, that the sticker on the back had been tampered with, that "No exchanges, No returns" was posted in a place selling electronics, but having wised up they did give me my money back when challenged, after having tried to deny that there was anything abnormal, of course. Imagine if I had left the country before savvy tech friends pulled the wool from my eyes...Boy, was I dumb - they saw me coming, so don't be like me!!

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  • Stay away from electronics shops on TS

    by pavloskl Written Jul 16, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Stay away from those jerks!!! Never buy anything from those shops. They sell faulty products, refurbished( as new) and so so expensive. They want to take advantage of tourists, especially those who don't researh the internet for prices and fall into their traps.

    Unique Suggestions: don't, seriously don't

    Fun Alternatives: go to commercial shops like circuit city, bestbuy etc...

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  • ON/OFF DIGITAL WORLD - stay away

    by Wilkenbach Written Aug 16, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    485 5th AENUE
    This shop is the most deceiving one I ever found in the US.
    On August 9th 2007 I asked there for a Nikon Digital Camera D80 with a certain lense. The salesman made a good price but urged to buy a digital high speed card SD 2GB for 247,00 $ plus tax too.

    I hesitated to buy the card but - after asking twice if he would have have the camera and lense in the shop ready to sell - I finally agreed to the deal in total.
    The salesman said he would prepare three different credit card receipts, starting with the SD card.
    After I had signed this receipt he suddenly explained that he didn`t had the camera and lense in shop. They would be in the warehouse and would be send later during the day.

    I was going to leave New York that day and therefore couldn´t come again.

    Back home I proved the SD-card to be worth less than 50$.

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  • 'On/Off Digital World at 485 5th Avenue

    by LondonGenie Written Dec 12, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I'm looking to buy a camerna (Canon SD450). I've been browsing around for the last week or two, and dropped by 'On/Off Digital World at 485 5th Avenue today.

    It was a pretty weird experience, so much so, I noted their address, Googled on it, and came upon this website and review!

    The camera was in the window, with the price shown. This in itself was unusual, I did not find another camera shop that displayed prices for any but their lowest end models. I went in and asked if that was the right price (I was told it was). I then asked what was included in the box. I was told the battery, memory card and charger. I asked if it was a 110/220v charger, and was told it was. I asked it the USB cable was included, and was told (quite abruptly) that everything from the supplier was in the box. I said I did not know what the supplier provided, so I just wanted to know. He said he was 'just telling me'. I had been entirely polite, and knowing that not providing these extra bits and pieces is a usual tactic of the less reliable merchants thought my questions perfectly reasonable. But by now the merchant seemed pretty irritated. I told him that I would like to buy one.

    Unique Suggestions: He got on the phone and said 'I need a Canon SD450', and I expected one to appear from the stock room. Instead, I waited and the merchant asked what I did in England, I told him I lived in NY. He asked what I did, banking? I told him no, I do as little as I can'. ... just smalltalk...

    Then he asked me how I knew that the camera was 30% off, to which I replied 'What?'. He asked if I had read some article in some elctronics magazine. I said I hadn't. He repeated the question about the 30% offer again, and pointed to an A4 promo ad, 'How did I know about it?' The promo ad had been underneath a box on the glass counter top. This briefly suggested there was a 30% off offer on various electgronics.

    He then told me that they were running an inventory check, and that they would be closed from that evening ('in 15 minutes') for four days. I did not need to pay for the camera, but should return in four days, next Tuesday ('evening') [8 days?].

    All in all it was pretty odd. One of those conversations where you hit it off on the wrong note, and then continue as if you are talking different languages. I don't understand why a merchant would run a 4 day stock check in the midst of the run-up to Christmas. Why nothing was made of this and their supposedly linked 30% off offer in their windows. Why he did not even want to take a note of my name or details in connection with my order.

    The price quoted is the cheapest I have seen... cheaper than Pricegrabber.com and shopping.com, and 20% cheaper than J&R.

    My gut tells me something a bit fishy is going on here, but I have no idea what. Anyway, I'm sure I will pass this shop a few times over the next few days, so it will be interested to see if it is closed. Then, I expect I'll drop by next Tueday pm., and see what happens.

    If anyone has any ideas what might be going on, I'd be curious to know. I'm fully expecting not to complete the transaction with these people, but am interested to see how this plays out...

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  • ON/OFF DIGITAL WORLD 485 5th Avenue

    by newyorktraps Updated Jun 8, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Like Bentsson says "ON/OFF DIGITAL WORLD 485 5th Avenue" is the rip-off!!! I just bought a Nikon EN-EL1 Lithium Ion Rechargable Battery (ENEL1) for $49. I asked the price first and the guy said $69! I was so surprised and just was leaving the store, but the guy stopped me and said "if you pay cash then I will discount $20". One hour later, I found the same battery for $37 on the internet, so I went to the store to return it…but refund was not acceptable. So now I had to exchange with “Power2000 Turbo Charger f/Nikon EN-EL1”. The same guy says “this costs $59, so give me extra $10”. Yeah right, the stupid charger costs $59 at this store, and $28 on the internet?? I definitely say this is an illegal trade practice.

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  • nygaston's Profile Photo


    by nygaston Updated Jan 8, 2005

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Save money

    You will find many electronics stores in Manhattan, mostly in the toursit areas, for the tourist trap.

    They look good and cheap but generally they are not.
    AVOID THEM, if you do not know the products and the normal prices !

    Unique Suggestions: You can go to J and R (Town Hall): www.JR.com or B-and-H
    They heve good products and good prices.

    Avoid this store (cf. diageva notice) :
    485 5th Avenue

    Fun Alternatives: JandR or BandH

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  • Kinho's Profile Photo

    Eletronic Shops in anywhere...

    by Kinho Updated Oct 11, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Eletronic Shops in anywhere (most in times square), very unpolite people with not trustful merchandise. Complete avoid those little shops, don't even step in one of those (it will always be a bad experience). Always go to big stores.
    Try for example CircuitCity near soho, they have good prices and friendly sales people there.

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  • Everybody know that...

    by haimico Updated Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Everybody know that electronics is not expensive in the USA.
    When you visit Manhattan in the first time, you will see a lot of electronics shops, most of them at Times-Square.
    The prices will look to your amazing!
    But don't hurry my frined!
    Don't be trapped!
    Try to find a place far away from Manhattan...
    Take a subway to Queens, find s K-Mart shop (large shop with everything: cloths, electronics, etc...),
    this is the place where you will find things on very good prices. If you buy and want to change, no problems. They don't ask any questions. I even bought a raincoat there, and the same day I got few holes (I realy don't know how..) in the subway.
    They give me my money back!

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  • Electronics stores: Big...

    by sellaturcica Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Electronics stores: Big tourist traps. Never buy from the 5th Ave electronics stores! Basically if it's not a chain like the Wiz or Circuit City, you risk getting ripped off real bad.

    For photo equipment: There are only two real stores in New York, Adorama and B&H. I prefer B&H on 9th and 34th street. DO NOT BUY CAMERA EQUIPMENT ANYWHERE ELSE. You seriously risk getting fleeced, even if you think you know what you are doing.

    If you are into the high end, expensive film camera equipment, Ken Hansen and Tammarkin are straight arrows as well.

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  • When buying electronical...

    by jheller Updated Aug 24, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When buying electronical equipment in one of the many stores around Times Square, try to haggle with the shopkeeper. I bought a set of camera lenses, asking price was US$300, I got them for US$150 in the end. Be aware you may not be allowed to import equipment from the US into your own country!

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  • Electric shops TimesSquare

    by Theo.v.E Written Oct 23, 2011

    Do not buy anything over there, we thought to have a good deal but it turned out to be worth 175 instead of 700.

    Unique Suggestions: Looking is good but go back and check the prizes on the internet before you go over there.

    Fun Alternatives: Internet is cheaper and honest.

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  • bbaran73's Profile Photo

    Electronic shops in/around Times Square!!!

    by bbaran73 Written Jun 7, 2006

    There are hundreds of shops selling electronics and other stuff like cameras, mp3 players around Times Square, Empire state building and in 6th Ave....beware of them!!! the moment you enter the shop it is 1-0 and you lose! the owners of the shops seem very friendly, they talk and talk but dont answer your questions. they give you special discounts (dont know why?) and just in a wink of time you find yourself singning the credit card slip. they never accept refunds and the moment you buy the stuff you are a total stranger. you realize that you paid 3 times more the next day. the price tags are not reflecting the truth. they dont include batteries, straps, case, warranty and etc for a camera for ins...

    Unique Suggestions: the other thing is that if you decide not to buy after a long talk with the attendant, they get nervous and most of the time violent!...

    Fun Alternatives: for this kind of stuff Best Buy, Circuit City, and etc. are more cheaper and safe to shop.

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