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    by seagoingJLW
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    by paulapes
  • Street Vendors
    by Aphrodite21
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    Street salesmen

    by Quartzy Written Mar 16, 2006

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    In NYC, there are people selling anything, everywhere, whether it be souvenirs or food. Just remember to keep change on you in order to give them exactly the amount you want to give them, because they don't (or they pretend not to) have change. (That is true especially for those selling food and beverages.)

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    Street Merchandise

    by AuTourDuMonde32 Written May 19, 2004

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    there are NO authentic designer products on the streets,nor in the little hole-in-the-wall shops run by the africans or chinese.
    Go to Chinatown for the best fakes and SHOP AROUND!

    Also,count your change when dealing with such.

    Unique Suggestions: smile!.....and bargin.

    Fun Alternatives: Sample Sales for designer products....also Century21 discount department story across from the World Trade Site....
    You're more likely to see Elvis in there than a fake product.

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  • seagoingJLW's Profile Photo

    Avoid the street vendors

    by seagoingJLW Updated Mar 15, 2003

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    Avoid the street venders and the shops that are forever going out of business. The department stores are great in New York. By all means, go to Bloomingdales (pictured here.) Don't miss Bergdorf-Goodman or Henri Bendel's. There are great discount stores for clothing. If S&W is still there (6th Avenue opposite FIT) by all means go there. There is Forman's for women's clothing. Men should go to Moe Ginsburg on lower Fifth Avenue (around 27th street or thereabouts.) There is Miss, Ms, and Mrs. In Brooklyn, go to Nathan Borman's. You'll find places on your own as you wander the streets of NYC. Remember, New York is a walking city.


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  • They really over charge for...

    by Aphrodite21 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    They really over charge for bottles of water. I was paying $2 per bottle at the major tourist attractions. I found a store in the Trump plaza that sold water for $1.50. And we took the subway to Queens by mistake one day but we stopped in a convenience store there and I paid $1 for a bottle. So it's always good to look around a bit.

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  • Be careful if buying something...

    by Mulattomama Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Be careful if buying something from street vendors or men selling things out of briefcases. If they start to get nervous when the police come around or are constanly scanning the area for police cars...don't buy anything.

    Be careful with the money! Looks all the same!!!!

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    Street Vendors...they are all...

    by sverige Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    Street Vendors...they are all over, selling key chains, Statue of Liberty hats & T shirts. Well, I am here to tell you, get them when you can! I got a deal of 4 Tshirts for $10. I was worried that they may wash up terrible for that price, but I am here to tell you, BUY THEM!! I have them & they washed up great. Well worth the money!!

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    There are tourist traps...

    by paulapes Updated Aug 7, 2007

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    There are tourist traps everywhere in NYC, but what the hell, be a tourist and have fun---just try not to spend too much money on wacky touristy things! The street vendors are selling 'bargains' everywhere--like t-shirts, 5 for $10.00...but you can get the same thing in the Campo dei Fiori in Rome!! I don't usually buy souvenirs, but I could not resist these--so FUNNY!!! King Kong and the Empire State Building---salt & pepper shakers :o) I love it!

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    There are lots of street...

    by ZoeB Written Aug 24, 2002

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    There are lots of street sellers on the streets in the main cities trying to sell you watches, tshirts etc. Just remember you get what you pay for. I bought a tshirt for $5 and it about fell to bits after two washes so it is advisable if you want to buy nice presents for people buy them something that is not from the boot of a car or being sold on the street - less hassle!

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    Street Vendors-Water doesn't cost over $2.00

    by Erica83 Updated Dec 8, 2004

    If you are coming to New York City, the biggest problem I hear from a few friends of mine is that New York is really expensive...Those Famous New York Streets "Hot Dog Vendors" you see them almost everywhere,selling things for outrageous prices like $2.00 for small bottle of water or can of soda. Even more for hot dogs or food especially around the holidays. It's even happen to me. They want to take your money.

    Unique Suggestions: Don't feel bad to just walk away to the next place...if they give you a tottally outrageous price for a bottle of water or can of soda. Because sooner or later $1 can come in handy with other things such as Taxi's..

    Fun Alternatives: If you end up needing a bottle of water go to a local store, or duane reade, CVS...ETC . a larger bottle of water will cost you about $1.19..

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  • CD vendors they have them in LA & now in time sq

    by oznztofro Written Jul 13, 2010

    i was walking throught time square one day when some rapper stops me in the sytreets & wants me to buy his cd.

    So i stupidly broguth his cd & i had watsed $10 on a piece of crap & music i hate


    Unique Suggestions: IGNORE THEM.



    Fun Alternatives: By real music at a cd store

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  • Street person ripoff

    by dondicobb Written Oct 8, 2011

    As we were leaving a Broadway play we were stopped by a street person selling cd's to promote his sister's rap career. Only $5. All I had was a $20. No problem. ends up I got a blank cd and 3 counterfeit $5s. Only we didn't know they weren't real until we tried to spend them. Great lesson and a pretty cool souvenir.

    Fun Alternatives: I would rather just give my money to someone asking than to be cheated. If they're not in a store or pushcart, don't give them anything you are not willing to lose.

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