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    Getting to New York City : from JFK Airport

    by Christophe_Ons Updated Sep 14, 2005

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    Formerly "Idlewild", The John F. Kennedy International Airport, or "JFK", is located fifteen miles from midtown Manhattan, in southeastern Queens, at the southern end of the Van Wyck Expressway. Over 29 million passengers pass through JFK annually.
    Taxis (flat rate $45 plus tolls, as of May 2004) aren't your only option to get to Manhattan from JFK, you may want to check out the :
    -AirTrain JFK to Manhattan (via connection with NYC subway)
    -New York Airport Service Express Bus to Midtown Manhattan/West Side
    -SuperShuttle Manhattan to anywhere in Manhattan between Battery Park and 227th, including all hotels
    -Q10 and Q3 buslines connecting to MTA subway trains
    -Private Car/Limousine/Van Services

    Details on all of the above transportation options are too numerous to list here, but are clearly presented on the official JFK website - see below. Here you will also find all information on getting to Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, or Staten Island from JFK.

    Getting to New York City ... evening flight from JFK back to Europe Takeoff. I thought these trains were way cool :)

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    by inconnu Written Jul 23, 2005

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    The subway or the Long Island Rail Road and AirTrain are the new, fast, economical ways to JFK International Airport.

    AirTrain is a light-rail system that links the Howard Beach and the Sutphin Boulevard subway stations, and LIRR's Jamaica Station directly to JFK. It takes about an hour from most parts of the city, and about 15 minutes from LIRR's Jamaica Station — with no traffic or parking worries ever.

    And just like the subway, AirTrain runs 24/7.

    AirTrain stations are fully enclosed, heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. They feature wide escalators and glass enclosed elevators. Transfers between the subway and AirTrain at Howard Beach and between the Long Island Rail Road and AirTrain at Jamaica are ADA-compliant; the transfer between the Sutphin Boulevard subway station and the Jamaica AirTrain station will be ADA-compliant when construction is completed later this year. At the airport, convenient moving walkways take you and your luggage to any one of nine connecting airline terminals. Some airlines will check you in and take your luggage at Jamaica Station before you board AirTrain.

    Travel to and from JFK via AirTrain is $5 each way. Children under 5 ride free. You pay the fare with Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard at either the Sutphin Boulevard or Howard Beach station (unlimited ride cards are not accepted for AirTrain).

    Be sure you add additional money to your Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard to cover the cost for the subway and AirTrain.

    At the Howard Beach station
    The A train stops at Howard Beach every 5 to 10 minutes during rush hours and every 15 to 20 minutes evenings and weekends. AirTrain stops at Howard Beach every 4 to 10 minutes. Most subway lines connect to the train. Just be sure you take the marked "Far Rockaway," NOT "Lefferts Boulevard." It's about a 12-minute ride from the Howard Beach station to the airport.

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    by inconnu Written Jul 23, 2005

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    Taxi Cabs
    Taxis into the city take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. They cost $45 to Manhattan NOT including bridge tolls and tip (these are an additional 4 dollars). Taxis are cash only. Make sure to hail a cab in the designated areas or ask a uniformed airport employee to help you. Generally, it's polite to tip at least a dollar per bag if the taxi driver assists you. more...

    Bus and Van Services
    New York Airport Service Express Bus:
    The fare is $13, which you pay in cash to the bus driver. The busses operate once every twenty to thirty minutes between 6am and midnight. For exact schedules call (718) 875-8200. The trip is 45 minutes to an hour and there are several stops in Manhattan:
    Grand Central Terminal, 125 Park Avenue (betw. 40 and 41st Streets)
    NOTE: From here you can catch a shuttle bus to many New York hotels for $2
    The Eighth Avenue and 42nd St. Wing of The Port Authority Bus Terminal

    Penn Station, 34th Street (betw. 7th and 8th Avenues)
    Express Shuttle USA (formerly Gray Line):
    One-way fare is $14. The buses run from 7am to 11:30 pm to locations in Manhattan from 23rd to 125th Streets. When you arrive at the airport, go to the ground transportation desk. A shuttle bus will come to pick you up within twenty minutes of your arrival. For exact schedules call (212) 315-3006 or (800) 451-0455.

    SuperShuttle: (800) BLUE VAN (258-3826)

    Public Transportation
    The New York City subways and buses run to JFK for $1.50. If you have large quantities of luggage, you may find it difficult to manage this long trip.
    Take the A train to Howard Beach (not all A trains go here, double check that you aren't headed to Lefferts Blvd). From there take the free shuttle bus to your terminal.

    Tip for Queens:
    Take the Q10 to Lefferts Blvd. subway stop (A train) or to the Kew Gardens subway stop (E F R); Or the Q3 to the 179 Jamaica (F R).

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    JFK To Manhattan: Take The Airtrain

    by ForestqueenNYC Updated Jun 7, 2005

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    This has got to be the best way to go to and from JFK and Manhattan, Queens, or Brooklyn. I qualify this by saying it is the best way if you don't have a lot of luggage. I am also not sure about handicapped services. The airtrain itself is a breeze, but once you get to the subway, that could be a problem.

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    JFK Terminal 4 interior picture

    by butterflykizzez04 Written Apr 19, 2005

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    This is an interior shot of the JFK Terminal 4. This is looking down from the ticketing and baggage area to the food/shopping areas within the airport.

    This airport is very nice. We liked it much better than the Newark airport.

    Interior picture of Terminal 4 at JFK

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    JFK Airport in Queens

    by butterflykizzez04 Written Apr 19, 2005

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    We took the F subway from 47th to Franklin Station where we got on the E subway and took it to the Air Train station Queens, There we took the Air Train for $5 into JFK airport.

    Alot of transfers but we got an express subway train up so it wasn't as long as we had figured. It was reasonable and easy to use.

    JFK (taken from the Air Train car)

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    New York City Airports

    by sswagner Written Feb 5, 2005

    If you figured that a city this large needs more than one airport, you are right. There are three major airports that offer access to the city center. For international arrivals, both Newark International in New Jersey and John F Kennedy International (JFK) are going to be the arrival points. Newark has a link to a train that serves Penn Station among other various choices for public transportation. New York Kennedy also has a nearby subway station, although you do have to take a shuttle to get to it. Depending on what luggage you have a train/subway may or may not be the best choice. Taxis are the most expensive option.

    Domestically, I like to travel into LaGuardia Airport since it is the closest to Manhattan. Like JFK, this airport is in Queens and has several alternatives for transport to the city. Unfortunately, LaGuardia does not have a direct subway line to the city. You will have to take a bus to the nearest station to transfer to the subway. Also, you will need exact change for the bus. Personally, I have taken the shuttle that runs to Grand Central Terminal. It is not as cheap as the bus/subway connections, but it is not too expensive and it is much more convenient. The shuttle information booth can be found at the baggage claim level.

    LaGuardia Airport
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    by deadites Written Jul 29, 2004

    All major airlines service New York City and use La Guardia (domestic flights), John F. Kennedy International (international flights) and Newark International Airport (domestic and international).

    Newark International
    John F. Kennedy International
    La Guardia

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    New York City Transport

    by roamer61 Updated Jun 16, 2004

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    New York City is reached by train from Long Island. JFK and LaGuardia Airports are the other main points of entry into the area.
    Bus, subway and taxi are the 3 main ways to get around. As well as your own 2 feet.

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    Getting to/from JFK Airport

    by Jehcekah Written Apr 7, 2004

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    We went with the cheap option for getting to/from the airport and in the end we paid for our choice.

    Granted, the subway is a great tool for getting around the city, but not necessarily for getting into or out of the city. When we left JFK airport, we had to take the new AirTrain from our terminal to the Howard Beach station where the subway supposedly runs from. However, on the day we were travelling, there was a bus that went from Howard Beach to the Rockaway Blvd stop where you could catch the A-train which we took to Penn Station/34th Street. Because we had no time limitations (we were staying with friends), the trip into the city was very uneventful.

    The trip back to the aiport was a different story!

    Basically, the trains were running different schedules and to different stops than usual and there was no notification of this. Because of a 1/2 hour delay due to our confusion on these changes, we missed our flight.

    One piece of advice...give yourself extra time to get to the airport on time. In fact, plan on leaving at least 2 hours earlier than the time you THINK you need to leave to be there to check-in!!

    Trust me, you will THANK ME for that!!!

    Good luck....

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    JFK or Newark

    by aukjejetty Updated Jan 10, 2004

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    If you have a choice of airport, choose JFK, it is the eassiest accessible from Manhattan, just take the A-train to the center.

    If you do land at Newark and you want a 'budget'-ride into nyc you can go to the busterminal and take a bus ($1,10) to the path-train ($1,50) which will take you to Manhattan Penn Station (you might need to transfer trains, look at the map inside the train) , from there you can take the subway to where you want to go ($2 for a single ride).

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  • sarahandgareth's Profile Photo

    Airport Transportation

    by sarahandgareth Written Jun 20, 2003

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    For most people, a cab will be the easiest option to and from JFK, which is still very ill-served by public transportation, especially if you’re traveling with substantial luggage. You might consider a direct bus if you’re traveling alone, but with two or three of you, the cost will be pretty similar (there’s a fixed charge from JFK to Manhattan, currently $35 plus tolls/tip; going to the airport, you pay exactly what’s on the meter, which can be anything from $32 to $50 depending on traffic conditions). They are in the process of building a monorail link to the airport, but that is not due to open until at least late 2003. There are also plenty of other private (mini) bus services.

    By contrast, the bus is a decent option to the much closer La Guardia airport, which serves domestic destinations and from where the east coast shuttle services generally depart. The buses depart from Park Avenue at 42nd Street (opposite Grand Central). A cab from La Guardia costs between $16 and $22, plus tolls and tip.

    We took the train to Newark, in New Jersey, which proved to be pretty simple, despite the hassle of lugging baggage around the transfer station; late at night, however, you may find that it’s easier just to grab a cab back into the city, but the charges can be high, since you’re riding in a New Jersey cab beyond the city/state limits (anything from $35 to over $50). The train costs $11.55 from Manhattan’s Penn Station.

    Leave yourself lots of time for getting to the airport, especially if you’re going to JFK; traffic delays can have you panicking in the back of the cab (and watching the meter in despair).

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    If flying into JFK Airport,...

    by feline01 Updated May 7, 2003

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    If flying into JFK Airport, just take a taxi or a shuttle bus to Manhattan if you want to avoid any hassle. If you're looking for cheap, take the shuttle to the Howard Beach subway station and take the A train to Manhattan. Newark Airport is pricey for a taxi but there are regular shuttle buses to Port Authority on 42nd Street.

    Do check out the MTA's (Metropolitan Transit Authority) website. It is extremely helpful with maps, schedules and all sorts of needed info.

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  • yumiyun's Profile Photo

    JFK cabs

    by yumiyun Written Feb 4, 2003

    If you are not on tight budget, the easiest transport to/from JFK airport is the yellow cab. There is a fixed rate of $35 between JFK and Manhattan. But remember, the fare does not include toll fee and tip for the driver.

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    New York has three...

    by Hosell Updated Dec 26, 2002

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    New York has three international airports:JFK,LA GUARDIA and Newark International airport.
    When you are arriving to New York from JFK airport,be sure to get a NY yellow taxi to go to Manhattan.If someone offer you another kind of taxi,don't get it,because can cost doble price than a normal one!,.
    The price of a normal taxi is $35 + tunnel toll+tip.
    New York is a very easy city to walk,but for long distances in the city,I reccomend you to use the subway,is very fast and efficcient.
    Here you can see a NY Subway Map,enlarge to see it in full size.

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