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    Airport Buses

    by shutterlust Written Jun 3, 2006

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    If economizing is a concern, you should consider taking the bus into the city. Carey Transportation buses depart for the city every 30 minutes from 6AM to 12AM from all terminals at both JFK and LaGuardia. The fare is $13 from JFK and $10 to LaGuardia. The trip takes about an hour to get to Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street between Eighth Avenue and Ninth Avenue. The bus subsequently stops at a string of hotels before terminating at the Carey Ticket Office at 125 Park across the street from Grand Central Terminal. Gray Line also operates shuttles from all terminals to specific locations in Manhattan for a one-way fare of $16 from JFK and $13 from LaGuardia. New Jersey Transit's Newark Airport Express Bus (number 300) leaves from each terminal every 20 to 30 minutes all day and terminates at Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. Fare is $7 one-way or $12 round-trip and the trip takes 30 to 60 minutes. Olympic Trails has a bus that serves Manhattan from all Newark Airport terminals. The bus serves Newark Airport terminals from 5Am to 11PM with stops near Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station. Fare for either bus is $7 one-way and $12 round-trip. Inquiries can be made at the Ground Transporation Desk.

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    by inconnu Written Jul 23, 2005

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    M60 bus from Manhattan and Astoria
    With the M60 bus, you can travel to all terminals at La Guardia from the West Side, the East Side or Astoria (Queens). The M60 runs between 106 St and Broadway in Manhattan and La Guardia Airport from approximately 5 am to 1 am, seven days a week. The M60 serves all airport terminals. Connections can be made with all north-south Manhattan subway lines or with the N and W trains at the Astoria Blvd station.

    If you pay your fare with MetroCard, you can transfer free between the subway and the M60 bus. The M60 also makes convenient connections with MTA Metro-North Railroad at the 125 St station. Travel time between Broadway and 116 St and the Delta Terminal is approximately 40 minutes.

    Q48 from Flushing, Queens
    The Q48 provides local bus service between Flushing and all terminals at La Guardia Airport. It loops through La Guardia Airport and makes a stop at Shea Stadium. Free transfers between the Q48 any bus or the subway are available if you pay your fare with MetroCard. The Q48 operates from 4:30 AM to 1:00 AM. Travel time from the Main St 7 station to La Guardia Airport is approximately 30 minutes.

    Triboro Coach also provides service to La Guardia via the Q33 bus (Central, US Airways and Delta terminals) and the Q47 bus (Marine Air Terminal).

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    by inconnu Written Jul 23, 2005

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    Taxis into the city take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. They cost between $16-$26 NOT including bridge tolls (these are an additional 3 dollars). Taxis are cash only. Make sure to hail a cab in the designated areas or ask a uniformed airport employee to help you. Generally, it's polite to tip at least a dollar per bag if the taxi driver assists you.

    Bus and Van Services
    New York Airport Service Express Bus:
    The fare is $10, which you pay in cash to the bus driver. The busses operate once every twenty to thirty minutes between 6:45am and midnight. For exact schedules call (718) 875-8200. The trip is 40 minutes to an hour and there are several stops in Manhattan:

    Grand Central Terminal, 125 Park Avenue (betw. 40 and 41st Streets)
    Transfer available to hotels between 27th and 59th Streets.
    Air Trans Center located in the Eighth Avenue and 42nd St. Wing of The Port Authority Bus Terminal
    Penn Station, 34th Street (betw. 7th and 8th Avenues)
    Express Shuttle USA (formerly Gray Line):
    One-way fare is $13. The busses run from 7am to 11:30 pm to locations in Manhattan from 23rd to 96th Streets. When you arrive at the airport, go to the ground transportation desk. A shuttle bus will come to pick you up within twenty minutes of your arrival. For exact schedules call (212) 315-3006 or (800) 451-0455.

    SuperShuttle: (800) BLUE VAN (258-3826)

    Public Transportation
    The New York City subways and buses run to LaGuardia for $1.50. If you have large quantities of luggage, you will find it very difficult to manage this trip. You will need $1.50 in change, a token or Metrocard for any public bus and a token or Metrocard for any train. For more information on fares, see our bus and train pages.
    The easiest route is the M60 bus which picks you up at the airport and drops you off at 116th and Broadway in front of the gates of Columbia University. From here you can take a bus, taxi or subway to anywhere in Manhattan; we don't suggest riding the subway at night if you are new to New York.

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    To and from the Airports...

    by Dimi1 Written Mar 31, 2005

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    JFK - Inernational Airport, Laguardia Airport and Newark International Airport...

    Travel between the airports and Manhattan is always a choice between inconvenience and money. Public transportation is cheap, but you will almost definitely have to transfer from bus to subway, subway to bus, or subway to subway at least twice (with all your luggage). Private bus companies (shuttles) charge slightly more, but will take you directly from the airport to any one of many Manhattan destinations: Grand Central Terminal (42nd St. and Park Ave.), the Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st St. and Eighth Ave.), or several prominent hotels. Most private services peter out or vanish entirely between midnight and 6am. A taxi is the most comfortable way of getting to the city, if you're willing to pay. Heavy traffic makes the trip slightly more expensive; traveling during rush hour (7:30-10am and 4-7:30pm) can be hard on your wallet. Passengers are responsible for paying bridge and tunnel tolls.

    The best resource for ground transportation to the airports is the Port Authority of NJ and NY's website, If you make lodging reservations ahead of time, be sure to ask about limousine services---some hostels offer transportation from the airports for reasonable fares. All time estimates below are for getting to Midtown Manhattan.

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    Laguardia in the "wee hours" of the night.

    by nikola316 Written Jan 3, 2005
    The Airport Waiting Game

    Let the waiting game begin. All I wanted to do was get back to Syracuse.

    Yet, it seemed that all US Air could do was cancel every flight in the northeast. At this time, the Syracuse flight had been delayed 3 seperate times... and there was a big doubt that it would be leaving Laguardia that evening. Camping in an airport is no fun time.

    Thankfully, shortly after this picture was taken, the plane boarded and we were on our way back home...

    What was supposed to be a very empty flight, ended up being quite full as people who's flights to Buffalo, Rochester, Ithaca, Binghampton and Albany were given the option of going to Syracuse and finding alternate transportation from there to their destinations.

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  • Flying to NYC

    by grkboiler Written May 2, 2004

    Flying to New York is not cheap, but there are 3 airports you can use - Laguardia, Kennedy, and Newark. I have used all 3 at one time or another.

    The one closest to Manhattan is Laguardia. It is small and outdated. Security can be a hassle with long lines and unfriendly security guards. Most domestic flights will come through here. ATA usually has the cheapest flights to Laguardia.

    Kennedy is a good half hour from Manhattan. If you are on an international flight, it is a safe bet you will be using Kennedy. It is a crowded airport and probably far away from where you want to stay, but easier to use than Laguardia in my opinion. It is also most expensive to fly here.

    Newark is a 3rd option some people don't consider. For domestic flights, if you want to save some cash, try flying into Newark. Continental and ATA should have the cheapest flights. You can get a cab or bus to NYC from here.

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    Getting to New York City : from La Guardia Airport

    by Christophe_Ons Updated Apr 5, 2004

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    Getting to New York City ...

    Located in Queens, La Guardia Airport (code LGA) is eight miles from midtown Manhattan and located on Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay.

    A variety of options are available to get you to Manhattan from LGA :

    -Taxi (an estimated $16-$26 plus tolls)
    -New York Airport Service Express Bus to Midtown Manhattan/East Side or West Side
    -SuperShuttle Manhattan (shared mini bus) to anywhere in Manhattan between Battery Park and 227th Street including all hotels
    -M60 Bus (MTA - New York City Transit) to 125th St. Can connect with 2,3,4,5,6,1,9,A,C and D subway trains
    -Q33 Bus (Triboro Coach) from all terminals except Marine Air Terminal. Connects with E,F,G,R,V and 7 subway trains.
    -Q47 Bus (Triboro Coach) from Marine Air Terminal. Connects with E,F,R,V and 7 subway trains.
    -Private Car/Limousine/Van Services

    Details for all the above transportation options are too numerous to list here, please check the official LGA website below, also for information on getting to Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx or Staten Island.

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    Getting To and From the Airports

    by TRimer Written Aug 18, 2003

    You can take public transport to the airport but it will not be easy.

    From LaGuardia Airport, you can take the M60 Bus to/from manhattan. You can take any of these subways (A, B, C, D, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) to 125th Street then catch the M60 bus. The bus runs between 106th/Broadway and the airport at all hours except from 1am to 5am. The bus ride will take from 40 to 90 minutes depending on traffic. The bus stops at all terminals in the airport.

    From JFK, you can take the A train (from manhattan take the train marked Far Rockaway or Rockaway Park, not Lefferts Blvd and get off at Howard Beach/JFK station). The train ride from lower manhattan will take about 70 minutes. You will then take a free shuttle bus to the airport. Budget an additional 20 to 45 minutes to get to your terminal.

    From Newark, take NJ Transit from New York Penn Station to Newark Penn Station. The ride takes about 15 minutes and costs $3.30. From there, take the #62 bus ($1.10) on Penn Station Bus Lanes to the Newark Airport Terminals. Buses run every 20 minutes or so and take about 25 minutes to arrive at the airport.

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    Most accessible city in the world.

    by seamandrew Updated Jul 12, 2003

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    Please standby for the cloing doors...

    New York is the easiest city to access in the world. Nearly every airline flies into one of the surrounding airports. The three majore airports are John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark International Airport (my favorite), and for domestic travel within the United States, La Guardia Airport. Trains also make a reliable means of transport into New York. Amtrak, Metro North, Long Island Railroad, and NJ Transit all make their way into either Pennsylvania Station or Grand Central Station. If you're coming in by car, be sure to travel over the George Washington Bridge if you're coming from New Jersey. The view is amazing. However, the Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, and many more will get you into the city. Another alternative is to travel to New York by ship. Several cruises include New York City on their itinerary. However, this is not the most flexible of travel methods.
    Getting around new York is fast and easy. You can use the subway systems, which I recommend. While not the cleanest in the world, they do run quite an extensive network and in an ideal situation, you can reach almost any part of the city with great ease. In the outer-Boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island) buses are your best bet most of the time. Cabs are a more expensive alternative. I wouldn't recommend a bicycle to get around. The traffic network in New York is not designed for biking. You can do it, it's just not that safe. Take the time to walk through different parts of the city. There so much you don't want to miss.

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    Many ways in and around ...

    by shrimp56 Written Mar 11, 2003

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    There are three airports that serve NYC -- JFK, Newark and LaGuardia. The latter is closest to the city.
    LaGuardia seems to have discovered a way to take the sting out of long waits -- rocking chairs!

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    The best way to get INTO town...

    by morgane1692 Updated Nov 3, 2002

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    it's such a thrill to be arriving here...

    International flights will always use JFK or Newark airports. But many domestic flights, like this one I was on back in '95, bring you into LaGuardia airport...from here it is very easy to get to downtown Manhattan...if you don't have too much luggage, you can take the bus and subway combo for just two tokens, a far better deal than taxis!!!

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  • Your most Favorite Airline to...

    by Club Written Sep 7, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Your most Favorite Airline to either laGuardia,Kennedy,or Newark Airport
    Walking is one way. Unless it's absolutely necessary,avoid driving. Traffic round the city is a living hell,esepcially during rush hours, Holiday shopping : b The subway is another best bet

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    Getting to NYC is easy -- you...

    by greencard Written Aug 26, 2002

    Getting to NYC is easy -- you can fly into any of the three major airports there: JFK, La Guardia or Newark. Then you can take a cab or the train into the city.
    If you're in Manhattan, you can walk, walk, walk everywhere. For greater distances, like getting from midtown to uptown, take a cab. You can go about 80 blocks in 10 min for about $7.

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  • volarevolare's Profile Photo

    I flew to New York from Los...

    by volarevolare Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I flew to New York from Los Angeles on UA. It was pretty nice to take a day flight cos' if you have a window seat, you can look out and see the changing landscape. It is a beautiful patchwork quilt of colours and textures! :p
    Take the subway during the day, and the buses too. Pretty easy to navigate. Walking is a good option too, and if you have a good map -- it's really easy to figure out the streets. A taxi is also quite easy to get...

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    There is not train line to LGA...

    by jeffreywwato Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There is not train line to LGA or EWR. To get to downtown from LGA I had to take the M60 bus to the subway station and got off there and rode the number 7 train to downtown. I asked the driver to let me know when to get off to get to the station. When I flew into EWR I had to take a charter bus to downtown. It was $20 but it dropped us off right in the middle of Manhatten in about 30 mins.

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