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    Flying to New York

    by brewjohnson Written Feb 28, 2010

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    For first time travelers to New York, it is important to understand there are 3 (actually 4, if you include Islip) airports that serve New York City. the largest and most heavily trafficked is JFK and I feel that most people opt to fly into JFK. While flights are often cheaper to JFK and there are more options to choose from, it is bar far the worst option of the 3 major airports. If you're travelling to Manhattan, both LaGuardia (airport code: LGA) and Newark (airport code: EWR) are much, much closer than JFK. In fact, when you drive to JFK, after about 20 or 30 minutes you drive past LaGuardia Airport, and you're only 1/2 way to JFK! And even though Newark is in New Jersey, its normally a much shorter ride.

    Google maps will tell you that JFK is only 22 minutes or so from Manhattan and that Newark is longer. Liars! JFK is rarely less than 45 minutes and often an hour or more. Newark is generally a much shorter ride (as is LGA).

    Because of flight availability or price, you may have no choice but to fly into JFK. But hopefully, you have an option.

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    Many ways in and around ...

    by shrimp56 Written Mar 11, 2003

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    There are three airports that serve NYC -- JFK, Newark and LaGuardia. The latter is closest to the city.
    LaGuardia seems to have discovered a way to take the sting out of long waits -- rocking chairs!

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    I flew to New York from Los...

    by volarevolare Written Aug 26, 2002

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    I flew to New York from Los Angeles on UA. It was pretty nice to take a day flight cos' if you have a window seat, you can look out and see the changing landscape. It is a beautiful patchwork quilt of colours and textures! :p
    Take the subway during the day, and the buses too. Pretty easy to navigate. Walking is a good option too, and if you have a good map -- it's really easy to figure out the streets. A taxi is also quite easy to get...

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    Most accessible city in the world.

    by seamandrew Updated Jul 12, 2003

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    New York is the easiest city to access in the world. Nearly every airline flies into one of the surrounding airports. The three majore airports are John F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark International Airport (my favorite), and for domestic travel within the United States, La Guardia Airport. Trains also make a reliable means of transport into New York. Amtrak, Metro North, Long Island Railroad, and NJ Transit all make their way into either Pennsylvania Station or Grand Central Station. If you're coming in by car, be sure to travel over the George Washington Bridge if you're coming from New Jersey. The view is amazing. However, the Lincoln Tunnel, Holland Tunnel, and many more will get you into the city. Another alternative is to travel to New York by ship. Several cruises include New York City on their itinerary. However, this is not the most flexible of travel methods.
    Getting around new York is fast and easy. You can use the subway systems, which I recommend. While not the cleanest in the world, they do run quite an extensive network and in an ideal situation, you can reach almost any part of the city with great ease. In the outer-Boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island) buses are your best bet most of the time. Cabs are a more expensive alternative. I wouldn't recommend a bicycle to get around. The traffic network in New York is not designed for biking. You can do it, it's just not that safe. Take the time to walk through different parts of the city. There so much you don't want to miss.

    Please standby for the cloing doors...

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    Public transport from major...

    by feline01 Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Public transport from major airports to Manhattan:

    From JFK Airport: Free shuttle bus to subway station, take A train into lower Manhattan or Q10 bus to subway station then E or F train to midtown.

    From Newark Airport(which is in NEW JERSEY!): Air Train to Penn Station Newark then NJ Transit or Amtrak to Penn Station New York or Path Train to Greenwich Village/midtown or shuttle bus to Port Authority.

    From LaGuardia: M60 bus to Astoria Bldv to get N train to Manhattan or M60 bus to 125th St to get A,B,C,D,2,3,4,5,6 train.

    Newark Airport Landing

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    New York is serviced by three...

    by Tony_ET Written Aug 26, 2002

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    New York is serviced by three major airports: Newark International, LaGuardia, and JFK International.
    If your coming from the west and flying internationally you'll probaly have a short stop over in LA. The flight from LA to NY is about 4-5 hours.
    You've heard it all before.
    There's the massive subway system.
    There are more than 12000 taxis in NYC, they will cost you $2.00 as an initial fee and then 25 cents per 1/5 mile traveled, plus 25 cents for every 60 seconds in stopped or slowed traffic.
    And don't forget walking, it's a great way to get around NYC, you get to see so much.

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    There is not train line to LGA...

    by jeffreywwato Written Aug 26, 2002

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    There is not train line to LGA or EWR. To get to downtown from LGA I had to take the M60 bus to the subway station and got off there and rode the number 7 train to downtown. I asked the driver to let me know when to get off to get to the station. When I flew into EWR I had to take a charter bus to downtown. It was $20 but it dropped us off right in the middle of Manhatten in about 30 mins.

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  • Your most Favorite Airline to...

    by Club Written Sep 7, 2002

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    Your most Favorite Airline to either laGuardia,Kennedy,or Newark Airport
    Walking is one way. Unless it's absolutely necessary,avoid driving. Traffic round the city is a living hell,esepcially during rush hours, Holiday shopping : b The subway is another best bet

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  • Robinski9's Profile Photo

    Delta Cincinnati to LaGuardia....

    by Robinski9 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Delta Cincinnati to LaGuardia. Takes about 25 minutes from LaGuardia to the theatre district. The going rate for a cab to or from from the LaGuardia from Times Square is about $'s $35.00 to least that's what the sign in the cab said.
    Take a cab and bring some good walking shoes!

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  • Jschukal's Profile Photo

    Best way to get here is by...

    by Jschukal Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Best way to get here is by airplane or train, I guess. It all depends where you're coming from. LaGuardia is the closest airport, but, Kennedy and Newark will do fine as well. Use a taxi to get into the city. The airports are not in Manhatten so a cab should get you there. Or use the car services, 666-6666, and 777-7777 are both reputible. ALWAYS SET PRICE BEFORE YOU RIDE!!!
    Use of cabs and taxis are the best unless you have a bike. Learn the subway maps because they are nuts, keep track of peak, and express times. Try not to wind up in Brooklyn or the Bronx. In taxis, act like you know where you're going or they might cruise you all over to make some extra dough

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    Take a plane to NY. There is...

    by sharkie Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Take a plane to NY. There is two airports at Queens, La Guardia and JFK, and you have one in Newark also, but that one is pretty far from Manhattan.
    Walking is recommended, then you will have time to see everything and 'feel' the 'pulse' of the city. But if it's far to where your going, take a cab. It's not expensive and they are everywhere! =)

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    Plane, boat, whatever. If you...

    by hajin Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Plane, boat, whatever. If you fly into LaGuardia Airport and you're broke, take the M60 bus right into Manhattan--it ends up near the Columbia University campus in Mornigside Heights (the Upper West Side), but there are stops along the way along 125th Street in Harlem to get all sorts of subway lines. For JFK, good luck. Grab a cab.
    Subway, bus, ferry, cab, railroad, bike, in-line skates, horse and buggy--you name it, we've got it. Also, we move all night long so don't worry about that last train. For the latest subway, bus and train info: NYC MTA

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    AIRPORTS: JFK, LaGuardia,...

    by jeaniek13 Updated Aug 25, 2002

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    AIRPORTS: JFK, LaGuardia, Newark (New Jersey). You can get to JFK via subway and taxis. There is no direct subway stop to LaGuardia--so take a taxi or take the subway and connect to a bus that'll take you there.
    When in NYC, there are several means of getting around: TAXI, SUBWAY, BUS AND CAR. Personally, I prefer the subway, even during peak rush hours. If there is a lot of ground traffic on the streets, it can take you an hour to cross a street when in a cab. Occasionally, you'll encounter some problems with the subway, but usually it's the most efficient means of getting around the city. The problems you may encounter are that the subway line may be re-routed for some reason or another or due to mechanical problems, usually during the winter, the subway may be out of order. The only time this ever happened during my stay was when a water main broke and the subway got flooded. BUS: this is a cheap way of getting around in the city and giving you the opportunity to see parts of the city you wouldn't see if you were in the subway. But the buses can also run into traffic, so just think in advance. CAR: If you really must, then drive. However, be prepared to have difficulty finding parking or paying an exorbitant amount of money to park in a lot. At night, most of the subway lines run till about midnight and some even run 24-7. However, if you miss the last train, take a taxi back as they run 24-7.

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    I prefer to fly into LaGuardia...

    by SJM Written Aug 24, 2002

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    I prefer to fly into LaGuardia for two reasons--baggage system is very quick and efficient, and it's the quickest route to the city if you're in a car/cab. (It's also the airport for United and American flights.) Newark is okay, but because it's in New Jersey, the cab fare is double (there's an inter-state tax), and the tunnel in heavy traffic is a nightmare. You can, however, take the Path/Subway from Newark which is helpful. (subway doesn't go to LaGuardia). JFK is very far away...I avoid it at all costs.
    I recommend a balance of cabs and the subway. The Metro is one of the more efficient underground systems in the country, and often the best solution in traffic. It's also been cleaned up dramatically in the past 8-10 years, however I would not suggest using it at night. The cabs in NY are great, and I've only had one 'less-than-direct' experience in the 10+ years I've relied on them!

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    Cheap ways from airports/LGA /JFK / Newark

    by PilotLight Written Jan 13, 2009

    Since I've found it's tough to find cheap ways to get to where you're going in other places, I'll make it easier for others to get to nyc.

    LaGuardia > the city
    Go to the bus depot and take the M60 to 125th (the bus
    coming from the airport runs from east to west when reaching manhattan)
    and from there you can catch the trains: 4,5,6 (Lexington) 2,3 (Lenox Ave),
    ABCD (Frederick D) and the 1 furthest west (if you have luggage this stop
    is only stairs so if you have a lot of luggage you're in trouble)
    Cost: $2 for bus and train transfer (as of 1/2009)

    From JFK:

    AirTrain at JFK to Howard Beach stop & take the A train at howard beach
    to city and or transfer to other trains.

    Airtrain at JFK to Jamaica queens stop and take LIRR
    to Penn Station 34th St. OR you can take the E train.

    Although the A is closer it makes more stops and is slower.
    I've taken the the Airtrain to the E train to 42nd St to and felt the ride was faster.
    cost: $5 for Airtrain another & $5 for LIRR to manhattan or $2 subway train

    you can also take the LIRR in Brooklyn if your destination is in the BK
    (see map)
    Download the pdf to also see LIRR and main buses that go to the airport
    since the one online looks sparse.
    Metrocards are available at turnstyles right before you exit the Airtrain

    Taxi: Yellow cabs are the
    easiest way and will run $45 from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan,
    see site for other places

    There are also shuttle services to the airports.

    supershuttle is unreliable unless you are going to midtown mahattan.
    anything above 72nd street and they are scarce.
    I've used them once reliably and the next 2 times I reserved
    they did not show up because I was the only passenger WITH NO
    PHONE CALL INFORMING ME of the change. so not using them again
    use at your own risk: cost $21 per person.

    From Newark Airport

    Jersey Transit buses makes trips from Newark Airport to
    Penn Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, or Grand Central every 30 minutes starting around 5AM and (check schedule) The fare to Newark Airport by bus is $13. Travel time is usually between 40 and 50 minutes Traffic conditions will affect your trip time.

    Take AirTrain Newark to the Airport Station. When you exit AirTrain, follow the signs to NJ TRANSIT trains. Purchase your NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak ticket to reach your destination. If you are arriving at the airport, disembark at the Airport Station and follow the signs to the AirTrain platform. NJ TRANSIT does not run between 2am and 5am!

    Hope this helped.
    Enjoy your stay in NYC!

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