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    New York can really be a safe...

    by Nomad_2001 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    New York can really be a safe place. Of course, you must be prudent in the way you carry yourself (and your belongings). The most important thing to remember about New York is that it is divided into burroughs and subdivided into neighborhoods and (in some areas) further subdivided into gang turf. It's the last group of subdivisions you want to avoid, especially at night. If you are in dowtown Manhattan, strolling around after the theatre, there is truly a low likelihood of mishap. But if you happen to be wandering around in the Bronx (for example) at 2:00 a.m. or nosing around some of the rougher parts of town, then you are inviting mishap to happen to you.

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  • Dangerous is life but not the...

    by daBertl Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    Dangerous is life but not the city. NYC is not more dangerous as any other big city in the world, and frankly I feel safer in NY than in many “safe” western European cities. Certainly there are neighborhoods in town where you may not want to be left behind alone, but listen; you are not getting there anyway as a tourist. If you once take the wrong train, don’t freak out, just stay calm, get off next stop and take the next train back. Even in the naughtiest neighborhood you will find somebody to ask for guidance. Forget about stories you have heard and movies you have seen. The Bronx is not different as any other lower class neighborhood in any other city in the world. I know many people living there and have been there many times, no problem at all. Brooklyn has bad areas as well and so does Queens and Manhattan, but listen if you do not scream out that you are a shy, insecure and tons of money carrying tourist then you most likely will not encounter any danger. Don’t play the cool guy though and walk as a blonde European with suitcases through Harlem, you may get rid of them. I am not saying though that Harlem is more dangerous than other places, but there are certainly a few kids around that do not like to see anything new on the block.

    Riding the subway at night can be dangerous, but does not have to be necessarily. I am riding the subway for many years at any time of the day and never had any problems. I did see a few incidents, but if you stay cool and do not attract anybody, one will leave you in peace. It’s everybody’s transport in the city and therefore you won’t be alone in a train with gangsters. It’s safe believe me.

    Time Square is definitely an annoying area and you may want to stay away from there as much as possible. Check out the famous view once at night or visit a local theater, but for the rest of your stay, leave the place for others. It’s too crowded and in the end there is nothing to see anyway. Don’t even think about buying anything over there it’s overpriced and grab.

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    Try to stay in manhatten at...

    by Jschukal Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Try to stay in manhatten at night, below 96th street. Also, stick with someone who knows the city, that's your best bet. Always keep your eyes open and try not to look like a tourist, they prey on those people. P.S. If you see a rolex on the street for $10-$20, it's probably not real. Use common sense with everything!

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    NY is NY !! You always got to...

    by Tinuvielle Written Aug 24, 2002

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    NY is NY !! You always got to be carefull! Apply the basic safety rules for every big city!

    Don't go out alone at night or if you do, stay where there is light and people! You will not automaticly get attacked but you would be suprise at how often you can be verbaly harrased... and in so many ways...

    The metro is defenitly not a safe place at night!! During the day... well it is safer but it's not cleaner and free of stange odors...

    Harlem is safer than it once was but that does not mean you can walk around freely. There are still some areas you really should avoid. This is why a city tour is a good and safe way to visit those kind of places.

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    I had to go to long island for...

    by russ45 Written Aug 24, 2002

    I had to go to long island for training in Jamaica in Queens the part i was in you wouldn't have a car
    after dark. The worst thing about the area is that the company i went to didn't have their name on the door. Because if people new what business they were in they always got robbed

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