New York State What to Pack

  • T-shirts for sale on Lexington Ave
    T-shirts for sale on Lexington Ave
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    To go or not to go
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New York State What to Pack

  • Comfortable Shoes

    New York City What to Pack

    Pack light, cause I'm not going to carry your stuff. The most comfy shoes you got. Coat and Hat and Gloves. Boots too from Dec. to March. Ibuprofen, walking is pain... All you got. Hockey stuff. Skates. Bike.

  • Packing for Winter

    New York City What to Pack

    Sunglasses are necessary especially when driving. There are some new glasses out now that will get dark when it is too bright and will go back to normal when the light is normal. Moisturizer is essential in the bitter cold. The wind will beat your face up. Our winters have been heavy with snow recently. We also have ice storms. Hats, gloves,...

  • Dark clothing

    New York City What to Pack

    If you don't want to look like a tourist try these ideas. 1. Leave all of the college/highschool sweatshirts at home. This is an instant clue that you aren't from around here! 2. If it is winter, don't wear flip flops. The street can get nasty! Even in the summer, the streets are dirty. If you wear very open shoes, you feet will be black when you...

  • Packing for Spring

    New York City What to Pack

    Backpack (to hold everything you have with you, and what you buy) Good Walking Sneakers A light sweatshirt for the summer (if staying at night) A warm Sweatshirt for the fall ( gets kinda chilly ) A warm jacket for the winter ( it gets really cold in the winter ) A good paid or flip flops (for the summer if you love your flip flops) An umbrella (it...

  • Packing for Summer

    New York City What to Pack

    summer, extremely hot and humid. rain and severe storms possible (flooding) shorts and shirts, winters can be extremely cold and snow accumulations of half a meter within a short period of time is not an exception but the rule. DRESS AND CARRY ACCORDINGLY lots of film

  • Handbag that Zips

    New York City What to Pack

    Bring a small bag to use when sightseeing and shopping, but bring a HUGE suitcase to bring all your goodies back in. Dress to the season. We went in November and it was absolutely freezing. Sunny but SOOO cold. Take good firm walking shoes or comfortable trainers. A nice thick coat. I also wore a hat, scarf and gloves everytime I stepped outside....

  • Digital Camera

    New York City What to Pack

    This was one of the shortest trips I've ever done so it was nice to travel with just carry on luggage. Two small day packs got us through our two days in NYC. It was a winter trip to NYC, so we brought long underwear, lots of layers and perhaps most importantly hats! Do not underestimate how important a hat is in cold weather! A wide angle is...

  • Packing for Fall

    New York City What to Pack

    backpack good shoes that are comfortable to walk in, and in summer, not too warm clothes, shorts, a simple shirt, autumn, do not forget rain coat umbrella. camera is a must, but be careful not to ask a stranger on the street about to shoot you, and hide the camera on the best they can in the subway when a lot of pickpockets there. watch out for...

  • Layers

    New York City What to Pack

    Definately a sturdy lightweight bag or suitcase - you are bound to buy gifts whilst you are here! A crossbody handbag is a must for ladies - I wouldn't recommend bringing anything you have to carry - its amazing what a pain it gets carrying abag round all day! I am a heels girl but wore them once - in our hotel bar. You MUST bring flats with you -...

  • Map

    New York City What to Pack

    NYC is an easy city to get stuff stolen. Bring a 60l bag back so you can walk with it on your shoulders If you have a medical condition (like myself) then please bring enought medication to cover your trip. If you lose your medication it can be a$125 doctors visit & $39+ to buy new tablets SD card, the big the better. If your a person that...

  • wide diversity, so you need info

    New York State has the diversity that many countries have in terrain, population density and sights to be seen. Having a general travelers guide as well as maps for specific popular areas is a must. Some places are so interesting and complex (like New York City) that you might even need a couple of booklets and maps just for that one area. But...

  • Climate in New York

    Spring: Average temperatures between 10 and 20°C (50-70°F). At night it can drop down below freezing point mainly in March. Especially in April and May very wet. Summer: Average temperatures in the high 20s °C (mid 80s °F). In July and August 40°C (100°F) possible. Expect occasional thunderstorms. Fall: Average temperatures between 15 and 25°C...


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New York State What to Pack

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