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Tribes Hill Things to Do


    by Tucc Written Jan 3, 2003

    Ummmmmm.....ok if you need an event or something I guess I can give you one. Nearby, in Fonda you can join the rank of rednecks and see the car racing and the Fonda Fair. Both to me are a waste of time unless you are a redneck.

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Tribes Hill Restaurants

  • Antler's Country Club: I never eat here really

    by Tucc Updated Jan 3, 2003

    I went here once when I graduated with my master's degree and the food was good I guess but I can't even remember what I had to be honest. Normally the only time I go to Antler's is in the winter after it snows to go sleigh riding which can be fun. I never golf here because golf sucks.

    Favorite Dish: I believe I just said I really have no idea what's good and what's not good here. This isn't really a restaurant per se. Other restaurants have shown up in Tribes Hill but most go out of business within a year which is really too bad.

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Tribes Hill Nightlife

  • The Kozy Korner lol: Hmmmmm...........

    by Tucc Written Jan 3, 2003

    This is the local bar. It looks more like a shack though and houses the town drunks. There is another bar which I think is call Lucas'. It is run by a nice old couple. For a real nightlife (or at least a better one) drive 35 minutes to Albany, NY.

    Dress Code: Dress code at the Kozy?? Nahhh

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Tribes Hill Warnings and Dangers

  • Whoa!! The roads are never plowed in...

    by Tucc Written Jan 3, 2003

    Other than the outskirts and possibly the bridge be careful on the roads!!! You people who are not from upstate New York or chilly areas have no winter driving abilities whatsoever. The streets are rarely plowed so be careful!

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Tribes Hill Tourist Traps

  • The Outskirts!!!! BEWARE!!!

    by Tucc Written Jan 3, 2003

    The edges of Tribes Hill can be very scary. Most of the town is very nice in appearance and atmosphere but the outskirts of the town should be avoided!! You could possibly see bandana wearing, one toothed, shotgun packing, trailer trash rednecks there!!!


    Fun Alternatives: The alternative is simply this.....don't go there!!!!! A trap is a place you should avoid!! Don't go there or drive through to a more civilized part of town.

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Tribes Hill What to Pack

  • Up to you

    by Tucc Written Jan 3, 2003

    Luggage and bags: Sure you can bring them if you are staying at someone's house in town.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Clothing should be worn generally. It can be cold one moment then be warm the next so be prepared.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Not a bad thing to have.

    Photo Equipment: If you have a camera you can bring it. I'm not telling you not to.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Not really necessary

    Miscellaneous: I, personally would bring something to eat or drink. Tasty food and fine refreshment always makes one feel better.

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Tribes Hill Off The Beaten Path

  • The Tribes Hill/Fort Hunter Bridge

    by Tucc Written Jan 3, 2003

    This narrow bridge is a virtual adventure to anyone who wishes to travel across the Mohawk River to our neighbors on the bad side of the river in Fort Hunter :P Seriously, every trip across it could be your last. WILL IT COLLAPSE?! WILL I MAKE IT THIS TIME?! WHO'S TO SAY!?!

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Tribes Hill Favorites

  • DON'T BLINK!!!

    by Tucc Written Jan 3, 2003

    Favorite thing: If you are going to Tribes Hill for some reason keep your eyes open or you may miss it its so small. There is only one real sign indicating that you are in Tribes Hill so if you miss it you just may miss the whole town.

    Fondest memory: The site asked me to share my best memory of T-Hill. Here's a memory: I used to race my sister up and down Second and Third Ave. on our bikes when we were kids which are big hills. I always won except one day when she forgot to slow down racing down 2nd Ave. and blew threw the stop sign and went into a ditch! I have never have laughed so hard and enjoyed losing so much!

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