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    by whiteplains_man Written Apr 3, 2009

    I consider myself to be easygoing and tolerant of the city life having grown up in Brooklyn and living in Manhattan for numerous years. So I expect some noise, some crowds, some traffic, some garbage and even some mayhem. Unfortunately though, White Plains takes each of these categories to the nth degree so I am leaving and never coming back - not even to shop.

    After only living here for 1 year, I am leaving White Plains for many reasons; chief among them noise, traffic and the crowds that are allowed to hang around outside at night near City Center, La Famiglia and the fountain near Starbucks among and other places.

    Quality of life should be better than it is, but unfortunately the people who like to litter and scream or yell while walking home drunk and loud motorcycles and car mufflers rule this city. There is too much noise and garbage pollution as a result. Quality of life in this city doesn’t even register on a 1 to 10 scale. It’s abysmally wretched, filthy, loud and I would never raise a family in it.

    It's apparent to me that White Plains is merely a transient city and it will never be anything else unless it literally gets cleaned up. Garbage pickup and street cleaning needs vast improvement. There isn’t a street you can walk in this city without seeing litter or mountains of trash. It’s disgusting and makes me feel like I need to wash myself clean after walking around this city.

    The teens in this town need to be removed from the streets at a certain hour unless accompanied by an adult. Not once, not twice but too many times to count have I been out on the town and seen a swarm of teens congregating near City Center, La Famiglia and that no mans land between Sleepys and The Melting Pot. During nights when there is something happening at the Arts center having anything teen related, I simply don’t go past it and make it a point to order in.

    Was I an angel in my teenage years? Nope. But I had the decency not to yell on the street, take up the whole sidewalk and certainly not shout curses across the street or avenue to my friends. A curfew for all kids under 18 should be put in place if there is to be some relief. 10pm should be the limit every night of the week unless an adult accompanies them.

    Too many people in one place at one time. The people who congregate near the Galleria mall waiting for a bus, either in the mall or outside it need some corralling. It’s almost impossible to walk by there without having to step into the street. I stopped going to the Galleria mall for this very reason. There are plenty of other spots in downtown that need similar corralling such as the bus stop in front of Dunkin Donuts on Mamaroneck and Martine Ave.

    Where are the cops? Why are they always just parked in their cars? Why aren’t they out walking the beat and cleaning up the streets? One day I walked by the garage near the Galleria mall on Martine Ave. and observed three suspicious men just hanging about looking in the garage, one was on a cell phone, one walked away as I approached them and another was just looking out at the street. Could they have been waiting for someone? Sure, but I am streetwise and I know a shady deal when I see it. So, I reported it to a cop up on Mamaroneck Ave (once I finally found one) – he was pulling up to the curb to park. So I relayed the story to him, and he responds, “We’ll check it out.” I say OK thanks and go on my way. I turn around and the cop is getting out of his car and going towards the pizzeria! Thanks for caring officer; I guess 9/11 is too long ago for you to remember!

    The traffic needs better management - trucks should not be allowed at all hours of the night to drive through the city. They should use 287 to go around it or another highway – unless there is a delivery. The so-called loud muffler rule and “No Honking” signs all seem to be ignored because no one ever gets a fine. I have never heard or read about anyone being given a summons for loud mufflers or honking.

    Last time I checked any facts or figures, there were 300,000 automobiles or more going through White Plains on any given day. That is a lot and with it, comes the pollution. Does every bus in the BeeLine depot drive through White Plains? If so, change the routes so that it doesn’t detract from downtown experience. Does anyone really want to eat outside a restaurant when there are loud buses going by spouting noxious fumes?

    If you look at the buildings around White Plains you can see them covered in soot – they look drab and only serve me as a reminder of what I am inhaling while walking around downtown. Anyone ever see the traffic around city center garage during Christmas time? It took me 40 minutes to get down the block near where I live! When I asked a cop if there was an accident, he just laughed and said that it’s normal for that time of year. What? Do people really accept this way of life? I won’t be here for another Christmas that’s for sure.

    You can put all the Ritz Carlton hotels and Trump towers you want in this city, but it’s really lipstick on a pig. The bottom line is that this city is a thoroughfare not a destination; it’s a discarded Styrofoam cup within the flotsam of Westchester and it will decay for years to come unless it’s cleaned up and someone actually does something about the quality of life issues that are on most residents’ minds. Goodbye White Plains, it hasn’t been real, it’s been a horrible experience. Good luck and clean up your act.

    A future nonresident.

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