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  • Birkhead Mountain Trail
    Birkhead Mountain Trail
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  • Backcountry Campsite on Robbins Branch Trail
    Backcountry Campsite on Robbins Branch...
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  • Forest Groundcover
    Forest Groundcover
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Asheboro Things to Do

  • Pisgah Covered Bridge

    Pisgah Covered Bridge, located just outside of Asheboro, is one of only two covered bridges remaining in North Carolina. The 54-foot bridge was built in 1911 for a cost of $40 but soon became obsolete as it couldn't handle the traffic. A two-lane road was built in the 1950s and the covered bridge fell into a state of disrepair. Recognizing the...

  • Go natural

    Go wild at the North Carolina Zoo, the nation's largest walk-through natural habitat zoo. This outstanding zoological park features more than 1,100 animals from Africa and North America. The latest addition is a new giraffe feeding station where you can get eye-to-eye with these long-legged giants, an experience you'll never forget. The Acacia...

  • Africa!

    The second parking area, which is directly adjacent to the Africa exhibit is about a mile past the first parking area for North America. Within you will see everything from Rhinos, Elephants and Antelope, to Lions, Gorillas and Baboons. The pavillion next to the Baboons is definitely worth the visit as there is a unique white egret inside, pictured...

  • NC Zoo things to see & tips to not...

    There is no reason why you shouldn't visit the zoo! This is probably the cleanest zoo you will ever go to in your life! There are 3 sections in the zoo, N.America, Africa & NEW in 04 Australia! The polar bears, sea lions & otters will make you smile with delight! Check out the tunnel views from below they are better there then from the top!! The...

  • Polar Bears

    One of the highlights of the North America area is the Rocky Coast, which features polar bears, sea lions, puffins (NOT dolphins with cigarettes in their mouths), arctic foxes and falcons. These animals, especially the sea lions and polar bears, seem to be really popular with the kids as there were huge crowds of little people surrounding the...

  • Cool planes

    If you're an aviation enthusiast, the NC Aviation Museum is a must see. There are plenty of immaculately maintained planes inside the hangars and some cool ones like this one outside.

  • North Carolina Aviation Museum

    It was formerly known as the Peddycord FAC Air Museum (even though the sign still says that), but is now known as the NC Aviation Museum. It was started by a local Asheboro businessman named Jim Peddycord who was a collector of old airplanes. He founded the Foundation of Airplane Conservation in the mid 90s and the museum started in 1997....

  • Cool sculptures

    All throughout the zoo, you'll find interesting statues of animals. Some are life-sized and might even startle you at first ("hey, what the heck is that elephant doing out of its cage!!??). Others are a little more artistically creative, like this cougar stalking visitors from its perch on top of this rock.

  • Cougar

    In the Cypress Swamp in the North America part of the park, you'll find cougars, alligators, waterfowl and turtle. Incidentally, I've eaten 3 out 4 of these animals!!!

  • Giraffes

    You won't have to strain your neck to see the giraffes! These guys stick out like a giraffe in North Carolina (that was funny in my head). They are in one of the best enclosures in the park in the Africa section called the Forest Edge. If I were an animal (don't say it . . . ), this is where I'd want to be; in a huge enclosure that really gives me...

  • What is this? Miami???

    Nope, it's not Miami, but the zoo does have some impressive pink flamingos. The flamingos are located right where the Africa and North America sections of the park meet near Junction Plaza and the R.J. Reynold's Forest Aviary (everything has a sponsorship in the USA!!).

  • Grizzly Bears

    The Grizzlies are located near the Prairie Outpost Tram Stop, the highest point in the park. As you can tell by the picture, the bears weren't overly active. Who could blame them? It was quite a hot day and those furry coats sure look hot!


Asheboro Hotels

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Asheboro Restaurants

  • A place to eat

    This restaurant was located in the Akiba Market, right inside the entrance to Africa exhibit. There wasn't much to say about the food, except for the fact that they did offer a veggie burger, which was actually decent, in lieu of the dozens of chicken sandwich, chicken wrap options on the menu. When we went it was quite crowded with kids and their...

  • Don't miss the BUFFETT!

    This is the best deal with the best variety in the whole area!! Make sure you eat here! There is a night that is free for the kids, but I am sorry I can't remember which night it is! Weekend nights are best if you would like seafood on the buffet! The shrimp is great! There are tons and tons of foods to choose from & you'll find you over eat if...

  • Sit down, in or out

    I believe this is the largest restaurant at the zoo and while I didn't eat here, I did take a peek inside. It's a huge place with plenty of room to accommodate even a large party of grade schoolers.


Asheboro Transportation

  • Asheboro Airport

    It's pretty unlikely that you'll actually fly into Asheboro unless your VT name is frankcanfly, but it is possible. The Asheboro airport is a short drive from the city's most notable attraction, the zoo. And the NC Aviation Museum is locate right at the airport and I'm guessing that half of its visitors are pilots!

  • Convenient bus

    Like I said earlier, you can enter the park from either the Africa or the North America sections. If you walk all the way from one end of the park to the opposite side, you may not want to walk all the way back. Solution: Just exit the park and take this bus back to the opposite parking lot.

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Asheboro Shopping

  • acemj's Profile Photo

    Some options: Zoo Souvenirs

    by acemj Updated Jul 10, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I've never been shopping in Asheboro except at the zoo (I bought a magnet for my fridge, the big spender that I am). You'll find at least three gift shops. The Leopard Spot and the Safari Shop (pictured here) are located at the Wachovia Akiba Market at the entrance to the Africa section. At Junction Plaza you'll find a shop called Junction Outfitters and at the North America Plaza you'll find two shops, Uwharrie (pronounced, "You-wAre-ee") Purchase and Wolf Bay Traders.

    What to buy: All of these shops have zoo related souvenirs.

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Asheboro Local Customs

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    Lazy locals

    by acemj Updated Jul 10, 2003

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    The locals at the zoo sure seemed to be a lazy bunch!

    The real locals of Asheboro are friendly and welcoming to visitors. You'll find some decent restaurants and accommodations in downtown, but most people just come here for the zoo.

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Asheboro Off The Beaten Path

  • Birkhead Mountains Wilderness

    Birkhead Mountains Wilderness is a federally-designated wilderness area in the northern part of Uwharrie National Forest, just outside Asheboro. The Uwharrie Mountains are believed to be the oldest in North America. Hundreds of millions of years of erosion have worn down the mountains to not much more than hills, with the highest being under 1,000...

  • Down by the Marsh

    If you enter the park at the North America section, you'll cross over a bridge that spans the large body of water that contains the Cypress Swamp and the Marsh areas. There are some cool picnic areas where you can escape the crowds and enjoy the serenity of your surroundings.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Asheboro Favorites

  • Art in the park

    Throughout the park you will see sculptures of animals, with kids climbing all over them. The first I saw was a giant stone elephant. On occasion they will just pop out of the woodwork. There is a spot on their website where you can find info on the art, and the zoo's mission to add to the experience of the zoo with the artwork. you can even take a...

  • Two different sections

    There is an Africa Section and a North America Section. Within the North America section there is a new Australian exhibit. I only saw the African exhibit and that not even in its entirety. At 500 acres, the Asheboro zoo is the biggest in the US when it comes to space. So my advice here is, unless you have a full day and a lot of energy, don't try...

  • The Zoo

    This picture shows one of the two entrances to the zoo, the Africa entrance. You can also enter through the larger North America gate. Soon there will be a third themed area, the Australia section. For all the information you'll need to plan a great trip to the zoo, go to The cost for an adult is $10 and the zoo is open 7 days a...


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