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  • Duck NC Outer Banks
    Duck NC Outer Banks
    by tpangelinan
  • Kite from our unit
    Kite from our unit
    by grandmaR
  • Kitty Hawk Water Sports
    Kitty Hawk Water Sports
    by grandmaR

Duck Things to Do

  • Wright Brothers National Memorial

    Now we all know about the Wright Brothers, right? Well if you do not, here's the skinny. Wilbur and Orville Wright from Dayton, Ohio made the 1st successful, sustained, powered flights in an airplane on December 17, 1903. The 1st flight went 120 feet at a speed of 34mph, the brothers switching off for a total of 4 flights and getting use to the...

  • The beaches are a must.

    Because there is less development in Duck than further down the road, the beaches are much less crowded. The natural beauty of the beaches tends to come out up here better than my photo shows. The downside to less crowded beaches is there are fewer, if any, lifeguards on duty. So, use your head for something besides a handy place to hang your...

  • See the Light

    There are five lighthouses in the OBX which can be visited. I have taken pictures of all of them, but I haven't finished all the tips yet.We went to all of them. (Lighthouses are a little bit one of my 'things') Bodie, Hatteras and Currituck Beach have museums. Currituck Beach can be climbed. Roanoke Marshes is a reproduction - not the original. ...

  • Go South or Go North

    There are various sights and attractions near to Duck. These are the ones we visited). Cape Hatteras National Seashore Roanoke Island attractions including the Elizabethan Gardens, Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, the Settlement Site at Festival Park, the Adventure Museum at Festival Park and the North Carolina Aquarium Roanoke Island...

  • Walk on the Beach

    This sand is made for walkin': smooth, light gray, plenty of elbow room at high tide. From where we were staying in Duck, we could walk across the dunes right onto the beach. In most places there are walkways and stairs that are built over the dunes so that people do not damage the grasses that hold the sand in place. There were two such walkways...

  • Visit the Currituck Lighthouse

    You must go visit the Currituck Lighthouse while in the Outer Banks. Just take Route 12 norht toward Corolla, you will take it almost to the end abd you will see the lighthouse on your left. Make sure you bring your camera on this ride as you will want to take many photos. It's kind of hard to get a good view of the whole lighthouse in your photo...


Duck Hotels

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Duck Restaurants

  • Dinner with a view of the Currituck...

    This is a fun place, very colorful, friendly staff and good food. You can eat inside or outside, inside is really neat and beachy feeling, outside is on the deck with a view of the Currituck Sound and wildlife. The food was good and nice size portions, it took a little time but worth the wait and your on vacation so HAVE A BEER WHILE YOU WAIT! That...

  • See the Sunset Over the Sound

    This place is on the water on the sound side. Sometimes they have music, and there are a number of TVs around the room. We ate here twice because nothing else nearby was open. The first time we went, Bob had a nice crab salad ($8.95) and I had crabmeat au gratin ($19.95). My tooth makes it painful to chew on that side, so I didn't eat dessert. The...

  • Limited menu

    The Duck Deli has a great sign in the front. Its cute. It catches your attention. It does all of the things a good sign for a restaurant should do. It also says a lot. Its say Duck Deli and Barbecue. It tells you exactly what to expect. Its a deli basically serving sandwiches and drinks. The menu is a little limited but the food looked good....


Duck Nightlife

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  • Watch the Sunset

    Watching the sunsets is big business in a lot of places like Key West. When we were in Duck at the end of November, it was too cold to sit and have a drink outside, and also the sun set pretty early.. This picture was taken just a little after 5 pm.But in the summer, this would be a good place to have a drink and watch the sun set over Currituck...

  • A drink while the sunsets

    There are many clubs along the coastal roads which have a deck or deck and pier to sit and watch the sunset while you have a drink or 2. This is a local custom in almost all beach town we go to and very enjoyable I might add, let alone RELAXING and that is what we all go on vacation for is to RELAX!

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Duck Transportation

  • The Cab Guys

    Taxi service in and around Duck , NC from the cab guys was awesome. call them next time you want to go partying at 252-480-0789. they are the bomb. I hear they also do 4X4 wedding transports call them for a reservation or just pricing.

  • Duck Taxi

    I love duck taxi for there cheap rides and great sevice. when we are out drinking we don'thave to worry about getting a DUI. They also drove us to our friends house for a wedding in the 4x4 area in corolla.(we saw wild horses) How kool!

  • Barrier Island Station tram

    Some folks may call you lazy, even lame, if you take advantage of the Barrier Island Station tram inasmuch as it's not all that far from the main office to the flats and the pool. Well, you're on holiday and you're entitled to a bit of pampering. You pay for it, so you might as well use it to the full. It did come in handy the day Fernando's...


Duck Shopping

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  • Great place for food shopping!

    This is Tommy's Market, a family owned and run business. They are very friendly here, this place has food that is so fresh you think it's going to craw out of the bag before you get it to the pot. Shopping here is MUCH cheaper than eating out in this town full of FINE DINING RESTAURANT! THey have what you will need for your whole vacation, so stop...

  • Duck Tradition

    We did not go to this shop because we had heard it was pricey. Instead we went up to the Food Lion in Corolla to do our grocery shopping. I understand Tommys closes in the winter. On our last day in Duck, we found out that Tommy's Market also has dinners to go. Instead of coming out in the cold and looking for a restaurant that was open, we could...

  • Duck, NC shopping tip

    The Duck Waterfront Shops include 18 stores in a boardwalk setting on the soundside. Some might call it tacky, but I think a soundside boardwalk is more natural up here than it would down the road a piece. They offer everything from shoes, books, art, and kayaks, to candy and toys. The Blue Point Bar and Grill offers lunch, supper, and good...


Duck Local Customs

  • Winged Horses

    Other places have fiberglass animals painted with various themes. Locally in Calvert Co. MD, we have seahorses. In Chicago and London, England, they have cows. In Washington D.C., they have pandas. While driving back through Norfolk, Virginia from a recent business trip, Outer Banks Press President Linda Lauby noticed the city’s popular “Mermaids...

  • Kite Flying

    Every time we drove north to the condo unit, we saw Kitty Hawk Kites just south of the water tower. Then we saw someone on the beach in front of the unit flying a kite, which may have been one of their kites. Kite flying seems to be one of the favored activities, and it has the advantage that it doesn't matter whether the water is cold, and the...

  • Bird Watchers

    This is a great place to go bird watching, so many type and sizes. Bring your camera and have a ball. The sound side is were you will have the best luck, there are serveral walkways to get you out for a closer look. Also up in Corolla at the end of Route 12 as a paved road ( only 4X4's can go any further from there ) you will find the North...


Duck Warnings and Dangers

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    Bonfires banned in Duck

    by b1bob Updated Aug 21, 2006

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    Sitting around a bonfire on the beach can be romantic and relaxing and it's certainly not something you get to do everyday. Sadly, bonfires are not allowed full stop in Duck. Dare County's finest frequently patrol the beaches for illegal fires. The county imposes a hefty fine, so know the rules of the road before organising a beach party. I speak from personal experience. The first night there in 1995, Fernando, my brother, and I were walking along the beach and happened upon a bonfire we would later find out from the local police was illegal. We didn't organise the fire nor did we know it was illegal, so we ran like scalded dogs (rather like how I ran from the thunderstorm down in Nags Head 20 years earlier) because we didn't feel like we needed to pay even a piece of what was then a $2000 fine just for wandering in.

    bonfires: don't even think about it in Duck

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Duck Tourist Traps

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    Tommy's Market

    by b1bob Updated Aug 19, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tommy's Market may be convenient, but you pay for that convenience. It has gone upmarket (read: expensive). When I brought Fernando here in 1995, he would make a daily pilgrimage down here for bananas. Coming from Europe, he didn't think they was that terribly expensive.

    Fun Alternatives: If you're traveling to Duck and you want to save a buck, go further down to Seamark and Food Lion. Fewer dollars from your wallet they'll pluck.

    Tommy's Market (thanks, grandmaR)
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Duck Off The Beaten Path

  • Soundside

    Many folks who come here in high summer only go to the beach. While it is less common to swim in the Currituck Sound (the water is murky and it drops off in a hurry), there are other opportunities for water sport such as boating and fishing. Those who are keen on sunsets will find the soundside as breathtaking as the sunrise over the ocean.

  • Field Research Facility - Army Corps of...

    This is the best picture I was able to get of the Corps of Engineers FRF - a blurry shot from the car of the tower sticking up over the grass and shrubs by the highway. There was a sign, but my digital camera couldn't be turned on fast enough to get it, because it always came up unexpectedly.Its Pier is open for tours in the summer but since we...

  • US Army Corps of Engineers Field...

    This is for the environmental geek! The research is about the barrier islands of the outer banks and how they were formed and what the environment is changing and how it is going to change these islands in the future. You can take a guided tour or walkMonday-Friday at 10am only from early June to mid-August.


Duck Sports & Outdoors

  • Water Sports

    I haven't done any of these things - even if it had been warm enough, I probably would not have done anything more strenuous than a paddle boat ride, although I'd like to do parasailing someday.But these people appear to have it all for water sports.. They have a store in Duck, but the main stores appear to be in Kitty Hawk (which is probably the...

  • Swimming

    One of the reasons that I thought this place would be good is that they have a heated indoor pool. At this time of year, it would be too cold to swim from the beach, and most of the time we were in Duck, there would also have been too much surf. (see photos 4 and 5) I never did use this pool either.

  • Outdoor pool at Barrier Island Station

    Barrier Island Station offers an outdoor pool particularly for guests who visit in high summer. The pool starts out at about 3 feet (1 m.) deep and gradually descends to 10 feet (3 m.)


Duck Favorites

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  • A great place to take foreign friends

    Showing friends from out of town the best the Outer Banks has to offer. PICTURED: my French friend Luc Marcellin and me in the rougher water (August, 1992). This picture was taken moments before my brother slammed into Luc with his boogie board. At the time, I was teaching Luc some Southern expressions. At the time my brother hit, Luc called him...

  • Look for the Painted Horses!

    While we were down in the Outer Banks we saw serveral Painted Horses from Corolla to South NagsHead. We had the Painted Dinos up here in Wilmington and the ones that we think started it all was the Painted Cows in Chicago IL. This has become a fast growing art project across this country, it's pretty neat if you catch them on display some where....

  • Go to The Farmers...

    Go to The Farmers Daughter(Gifts & Collectibles) Open 9:30am to 6pm year round(summer Season 9:30am to 9:30pm)They ship anywhere in the USA Mon.-Fri.Phone number: (919) 261-4828Duck Store Location(on the sound in the village of Duck There are many big and beatiful houses. Go and look for open houses and walk through them they are beatiful.


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