North Carolina Favorites

  • Wildlife in Cades Cove
    Wildlife in Cades Cove
    by DSwede
  • Mushrooms on the Logs towards Chimney Tops
    Mushrooms on the Logs towards Chimney...
    by DSwede
  • Frost Encrusted Moss at Clingsman
    Frost Encrusted Moss at Clingsman
    by DSwede

North Carolina Favorites

  • The Outer Banks

    I loved my visit to the Outer Banks. It offers the outdoors"y" things that you love to do in the summer, and is not crowded compared to other beaches in the US. If you end up going to the OB/Kitty Hawk area, don't forget to visit the Wright Brothers memorial. And of course, visit the wonderful ice cream shop in town (sorry I forgot the name). North...

  • The Outer Banks

    If you love the sea and the coast as much as we do, but dislike over-commercialisation and high-rise hotels, this string of sandy barrier islands, more than 130 miles long, is the place for you. Most of the island chain has been set aside as Cape Hatteras National Seashore, the first national seashore in the US. The Outer Banks are also the site...

  • Our intinerary

    We combined our tour of North Carolina with a few days in Virginia, and altogether were touring for just over two weeks. Our route was as follows:• Flew into Charlotte direct from London Gatwick• From there, west to the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we spent a couple of days at the southern end before driving north into Virginia• East via Lynchburg...

  • Skiing!!

    I love it when it snows on top of the mountains! There is no snow in Florida, there are no mountains in Florida, so I miss that. North Carolina is the closest place to see snowy mountains and it is not that cold that you are too miserable to be outside. I don't want to be outside if it is under 25 degrees...... Beech Mountain snow storm when we...

  • North Carolina State Flag

    North Carolina's official flag was adopted in 1885. This red, white, and blue flag has a white star, the letters N C around the star (standing for North Carolina), and two yellow scrolls, above and below, bearing dates. The upper date, May 20th, 1775, commemorates the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence (named for Mecklenburg County, where...

  • North Carolina-The Tarheel State

    Basically, there are 2 legends as to why North Carolina is called the "Tar Heel State." The one that circulates around the most dates back to the American Civil War. Tar was a very big commodity in North Carolina during the Civil War, and the legend says that North Carolinians were unable to hold thier positions during the battles, and if they...

  • Seagulls

    All over the beaches...and not just limited to North Carolina...are seagulls. Although they are beautiful birds, they are quite nasty. I actually saw one snatch an entire sandwich from a friend of mine's hand once!!! Not to mention, they are greedy. If you decide to feed them, prepare to get pooped on!

  • North Carolina Coastal Sunset

    This picture was taken at Fort Fisher, close to where I used to live. It is the best picture of a sunset on the bay I have yet taken. Spending evenings at the bay watching sunsets....quiet, tranquil, serene...what more could you want?

  • Don't discuss the Barbecue...

    If you only come away with one useful tip from me... please take this one.Tempers run high when barbecue to sought to be defined in see... the term varies widely across the US, but especially in NC. In NC the term refers to less about how the cooking process is done but rather the outcome of the meal. The meat is served up usually alone,...

  • My North Carolina Pages

    1st number is tips, 2nd number photos, 3rd number narratives. For instance in Blowing Rock 0 1 0, I have no tips only a photos.No one else has written pages for VT for: Alligator River 6 44 5 Beaufort 12 22 1 Belhaven 31 68 4 Carolina Beach 0 1 0 Cedar Island 0 10 1 Coinjock 6 26 2 Columbia 8 11 0 Core Creek 2 13 1 Currituck 3 23 1 Dismal Swamp...

  • Interstate 40

    If you drive Interstate 40 either from Raleigh to Wilmington or vice-versa, prepare for a long boring drive. There is nothing but farmland and a couple of rest areas. That's about it. Just be careful driving through here so you don't fall asleep! This stretch is just plain ZZZZZZZZZZ.............

  • Treating Jellyfish / Portuguese...

    I was a lifeguard on the beach for 6 years, and have treated hundreds of jellyfish stings. This section is designed to help you in case you are on the beach with no lifeguard. It is very important that you seek medical attention immediately should you become ill from the sting. Print this page for reference.1. Rinse the sting area with clean ocean...

  • "Variety Vacationland"

    I grew up here! I know practically everything there is to know about it. In grade school, we were taught that North Carolina's nickname was "Variety Vacationland." The reason why is because you have the mountains, the foothills, and the coast all in one state. It is possible to see all three areas in one day, but I would not recommend it. North...

  • Random bits of North Carolina trivia . ....

    State bird: CardinalState flower: DogwoodState Tree: PineDate of statehood: Nov. 21, 1789Highest point: Mt. Mitchell (6,684 feet)Nickname: Tar Heel StateLink to state parks

  • First 3 trips to the Outer Banks: 1975,...

    Those 3 trips in 1975, 1976 and 1977 are among the fondest memories overall, particularly the first trip on 3-7 August 1975. For more details, see my Nags Head page. I guess these first 3 trips to the Outer Banks because anything different from the daily normal seemed magic for me when I was between 6 and 8 years old. Of those first three trips,...

  • Wrightsville Beach, 1973

    As of August, 1973, this was the longest trip I had ever taken. I remember getting up with the chickens one morning and riding in the dark for many hours. We arrived by lunchtime and we checked into a nice but cheap motel across the road from the beach. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the motel or any of the restaurants at which we...

  • Be careful

    Please us the beach access provided so you don't hurt the much needed dunes which protect so much. These dunes are vital to the preservation of the beaches and land.

  • Damage from Isabel storm

    We don't have first hand photos of the damage caused by the storm Isabel, I have been told that one pier half or more was washed away and other extensive damage was caused, so call local realtors for more updated info. B1bob also has photos and info on his NC travel logs of the damage.

  • Bird watching

    There is plenty of nature and bird watching to be had here in North Carolina from little tiny birds to big ones like Pelicans. Photo ops are every where to be had here so bring lots of batteries and film!

  • Fondest Memories

    Going to Burlington City Park, a tradition in my family. Growing up, I can recall my fondest memories of Burlington, was when my parents would take my brother and I to the City park. The train ride is still in production today, as is the famous carousel (which is historical and over 100 yrs old). We would picnic in the park and spend the whole day...

  • You will see many craftspeople...

    You will see many crafts people working all over the village. I love the stories the guides tell if you. I love the relaxation music that is sold in this area by the indians. The blankets are nice to!

  • U.S.Mail

    Going up to the town of Duck, we took a side road to just get a different tourist view. We can upon this mailbox and we figured the person got tired of waiting for that special delivery letter and took his/hers better half and went home.

  • Famous North Carolinians

    Robert Byrd, politician, N. WilkesboroDavid Brinkley, TV newscaster, WilmingtonHoward Cosell, sportscaster, Winston-SalemElizabeth Dole, public official, SalisburyJames B. Duke, industrialist, DurhamRoberta Flack ,singer, Black MountainAva Gardner, actress, SmithfieldBilly Graham, evangelist, CharlotteAndy Griffith, actor, Mount AiryJesse Helms,...

  • Octagon House

    Visit the Octagon House in Engelhard.Such was a building fad in the 1850' build houses with eight sides. For information phone: 252-925-4150 or 252-925-5201

  • North Carolina Transportation Museum

    Visit the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer. They have exhibits of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, rolling stock, and antiques cars as well as other forms of transportation. The museum is located on Rte 29 in Spencer near exit 79 on I 85.

  • Hope Plantation

    Visit the Historic Hope Plantation in Windsor. It is the restored home of former North Carolina Governor David Stone. the mansion is furnished with both reproductions and original period pieces. It is located at 132 Hope House Road in Windsor.For information phone: 252-794-3140

  • Greensboro Historic Museum

    Visit the Greensboro Historic Museum in Greensboro. Pictured here is the original sit-in at Woolworths on February 1, 1960. The museum is located at 130 Summit AVenue.For information phone: 336-373-2043

  • Double Decker Bus Tour

    Tour the Beaufort Historic District in a double decker English bus. It is run by the Beaufort Historical Association. For information phone: 252-728-5225

  • Wright Brothers Museum

    Then go to the Wright Brothers Museum. It is located at Kill Devil Hill from whence the Wright Brothers fmade their flight on December 17, 1903.It was made a National Memorial on March 2, 1927.It was transferred from the War DEpartment on August 10, 1933.It became a National Memorial on December 1, 1953. Kill Devil Hill is located in the Outer...

  • Sky and Sea stretch as far as the can...

    If you are renting a beach house, be sure to rent one with a jaccuzzi on deck and a pool table! Oh, and at night enjoy the hundreds of stars as far as the eye can see. What I miss most about North Carolina is...........Just being there!!!

  • Parks aplenty

    There are many parks spread out throughout the state, from wide open state and national parks to city parks like Freedom Park in Charlotte (pictured here).

  • Mountain Air

    Before I moved to North Carolina, the first image that would come to mind when thinking about the state, was the famous Blue Ridge Mountains. Taking a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a must if you have the time. Besides the beautiful views you'll also have the opportunity to do some hiking, to explore caves, photograph waterfalls and learn...

  • North Carolina State Fair, 14 October...

    My parents, grandma, and I went to the North Carolina state fair in Raleigh just a few days after my 9th birthday. I can vividly remember the exhibits, the midway, the rides and the food.

  • RALEIGH area...beautiful State...

    RALEIGH area...beautiful State Capitol...but apart this building...not really interestingNEW BERN...funny city for a Swiss citizen (as I am). This city was founded in the 1700's by Swiss emigrants coming from the Swiss capital, Bern. The logo of the city looks like the one in Switzerland..apart this there's nothing to see in...

  • Drive the highways and byways...

    Drive the highways and byways of the Great Smokey Mountains on the western border of the state. Smokey Mountain National Park is a treasure. (See pic) People. Walk into any restaurant in NC and you'll be greeted like a friend or neighbor -- especially in little ma-and-pop establishments. To my Midwestern ear, the local accent can be pretty funny...

  • Check out the Smoky Mountains...

    Check out the Smoky Mountains National Park. While not as spectacular as the Rockies or Sierras, they are far older and their gentle slopping green peaks have a more quiet and subtle beauty. While camping at Cape Hatteras, we decided we needed shower and it being early spring, it wasn't exactly warm. Of course, the water wasn't heated and it was...

  • Eat some barbeque, yes it is...

    Eat some barbeque, yes it is THAT important. and join the debate on which is better, Easter or Western. I stand by Eastern, we created it, we do it best!! To many memories, I go to UNC - Wilmington and have more than I can remember. The people are great and so is the weather.

  • First Flight

    Visit the site of the first airplane flight by the Wright Brothers at Kill Devils Hill (Kitty Hawk).

  • Roanoke Island Festival Park

    Visit Roanoke Island Festival Park in Manteo. Board the Elizabeth II and explore 400 years of outerbanks history.

  • Mtnsport's General Tip

    I lived for two years in the berg of Corolla at the northern tip of the Outer Banks. It was a great time in my life, I worked for the Currituck County Fire/EMS - Ocean Rescue division. Yeah, the whole Baywatch thing. I moved there sight unseen, a friend of mine is from Corolla & convinced me to come check it out for the summer & I fell in love w/...

  • doing the obstacle course that...

    doing the obstacle course that summer was pretty fun, but rather nasty. This obstacle was through some muddy water with barbed wire and logs, which you had to go under

  • One must see in North Carolina...

    One must see in North Carolina is the Outer Banks. These barrier Islands jut out into the Atlantic Ocean. Once you are on the outer banks, you feel like you truly are seperated from the mainland. My absolute favorite area is an island called Ocracoke. Supposedly Blackbeard spent many a day here. This island is only accessible by ferry. If you...

  • go and visit the Smoky...

    go and visit the Smoky Mountains climbing up a steep hill on all fours toget to some rather remote and beautifulpart of the stream, before it seriouslystarted dropping down..

  • Red Oak Beer

    Now someone down here tried to make a beer that tasted like iced tea and failed miserably. But the concoction they made tasted mighty fine. You can't get it in stores, but you can get it in bars. It has a unique taste to it.

  • ...Take a week, or longer, to...

    ...Take a week, or longer, to tour this beautiful state. Yes, I am a 'little' biased since this is my home state, but it is a wonderful place nevertheless. You will need at least a week to see all the interesting sites that North Carolina has to offer from Cape Hatteras National Seashore to the Biltmore House in Ashville. Take your time when you...


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