Hatteras Island Travel Guide

  • Up at the top of the lighthouse
    Up at the top of the lighthouse
  • In the lighthouse parking lot
    In the lighthouse parking lot
  • Lighthouse

Hatteras Island Things to Do

  • Climb the lighthouse

    Jim and I and our friends climbed the lighthouse. I did not know it at the time, but my great grandfather also climbed this lighthouse back in 1908. My mother has a post card that he sent my great grandmother. I never knew my grandfather as he died soon after Deb was born, but from his photos he didn't seem like the lighthouse climbing type - maybe...

  • Bodie Island LIghthouse

    If you're going down to see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, you should stop and see the Bodie (pronounced Body) Island Light as well. It's less crowded but you can't climb it. There's a nice trail and raised walkway where you might see some alligators and definitely birds like egrets. There is a visitor center here that's open pretty much every day...

  • Hatteras to Ocracoke Ferry

    This is a nice enjoyable 40 minute ride through the Atlantic to the island of Ocracoke. Park your car and get out and move freely around on the ferry. This is a lot of fun and its free! If you take a sightseeing cruise it costs around $20 per person, so why not do this for free! On the way to Ocracoke we had a bit of a wait, had to wait approx an...

  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

    This lighthouse is beautiful!!! You can climb the lighthouse for an additional $7. Beautiful area to walk and explore as well as the buildings full of info. Lovely place to visit, you will not want to miss it, Very easy to find.

  • Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

    The black and white spiral makes Cape Hatteras one of the most recognizable lighthouses in the US, and the 208 feet height makes it also the tallest in the United States. The light can be seen for 20 miles, warning ships of Diamond Shoals (the graveyard of the Atlantic) which is a twelve-mile (12) long sandbar just offshore. Diamond Shoals is the...

  • Wright Brothers National Monument

    Cape Hatteras, Fort Raleigh and the Wright Brothers National Memorial are the 3 National Park Sites on the Outer Banks.The Wright Bros. has an entrance fee of $3 which is good for a few days, maybe a week (? I am not TOO sure of the length of time) The Rangers are knowledgeable and the programs are interesting.They give a walk taking you to the...


Hatteras Island Restaurants

  • Hatteras Restaurant Tip

    Believe it or not when you are on the Outer Banks on Hatteras Island it's sometimes hard to find good local seafood in a restaurant. You can get disappointed and at times find yourself at the beach staring at a plate full of TV dinner fish sticks. Bill's Fish House in Buxton, NC may not be fancy with their plastic tableware but it has the best...

  • Not Open in December

    We wanted to stop for lunch in Buxton, but none of the restaurants were open. This one had someone there, but they refused to even talk to us.

  • Mmm...Breakfast

    The last 2 times I went down to the outer banks, I looked for this place. Granted, it was during the off season, but I couldn't find where it was even located. Turns out I drove right by it about a million times and STILL overlooked it. That mistake will not be made in the future, if I'm there in the summer. We only at there 2 times, but I recall...


Hatteras Island Nightlife

  • Karoke and lots of beer...a good mix?...

    During the day, the Froggy Dog is a great restaurant. It's relaxed and not at all overpriced. By night (in the summer), it has karaoke. One day, we were eating lunch here and Bobby noticed the karaoke sign. Usually, when my family goes to Hatteras we just hang out at the houe at night and drink there so going out (all together) was going to be...

  • Good pre party or weeknight spot

    This place is pretty good...I've always had a good time there. Earlier this month when we went, the bartender told me I couldn't pass out on his bar but really, I was just laughing so hard I couldn't breathe...we talked to a lot of people there that night--they are definitely friendly!they make their own beer (hence the brewing station in the...

  • outdoor seating overlooking the ocean

    I have only been here during the off season, but it was fun even then. I hear it's really great during the summer. There's live music, games (like volleyball, horseshoes) out on the beach and a beach party every Sunday. They also have a full lunch and dinner menu. Additionally, there are 2 decks for outdoor seating It's the beach and it's going to...


Hatteras Island Shopping

  • Buying Food

    Many people rent houses for their week in the Outer Banks. Their thinking is that they will save money over staying in a hotel because they can cook their own food. There are several grocery stores in various places on Hatteras Island. Some of them are:Avon Grocery StoresFood LionHatteras Island Plaza, NC Hwy. 12Avon, NC 27915(252) 995-4488Island...

  • Grocery Delivery is the Way to Go

    Food Lion is chaotic on Saturdays and Sundays with these two days being the check-in days. It becomes a grueling chore when you could be at the beach with your groceries in the fridge upon arrival. I would check out www.islanddeliveries.biz and have groceries delivered. It is well worth the money to avoid the store and make the most out of your...

  • They are everywhere!

    This chain of stores popped up on the Outer Banks a few years ago--and they are seriously like every half mile. It's your usual tourist trap store, with souveniers, bathing suits, t-shirts, jewelry. I like the local surf shops as an alternative, but sometimes you can find good deals in here. When we were down here in January, I seriously found a...


Hatteras Island Warnings and Dangers

  • Popularity isn't such a good thing...

    A LOT more people are going down to Hatteras for their summer vacations...many more than when we first started going and even 2 years ago. Because of this, the roads are more congested, the lines are always outrageous and the wait for the ferry to Ocracoke Island is irritating. The big vehicles and RVs minimize the efficiency of the ferry. What...

  • This isn't good

    Everytime we left our campsite and even while we were right inside our tent, it was surrounded by geese and ducks. Normally this is pretty cute, but they were pecking at the tent to get something that was falling from the tree. Everywhere we went, they followed us (I think people feed them--don't do this EVER, feeding wild animals is very bad) They...

  • Hurricane

    Frequent threat of hurricanes. VERY annoying to evacuate since there is one 2 lane road. Everyone is trying to leave at the same time.


Hatteras Island Tourist Traps

  • Hatteras Island Rodanthe Waterfall Park.

    PARENTS PLEASE!!!! Do not allow your children to visit the waterfall park in Rodanthe without adult supervision. We have a registered sexual offender that is now working and living at the waterpark. New state law will not take effect until Dec. 9 2007, (Jessica Lunsford Act ), which will prohibit registered sexual offenders from working anywhere...

  • Why would you do this?

    I don't understand why someone would go down to a place that's known for their seafood and other great local restaurants and eat at a chain? I don' t care if you want Mexican food, there's local places to go. But why would someone go to Outback Steakhouse or to McDonalds or other national chains found in their hometowns? If it's money people are...

  • Waterfall Park Is Not a Cascade of Fun

    If you are coming from the North, as soon as you get into North Carolina from Virginia, you'll see signs advertising Waterfall Park. It looks like it's so much fun if you haven't been there before. Waterslides, racecars, dune buggies, even bungee...it seems like it would be a nice getaway for kids. It's really not all that fun, I promise. There are...


Hatteras Island Off The Beaten Path

  • Ocracoke

    I am assuming it's possible to get to the Ferry once again from Hatteras village. Hurricane Isabel created a new inlet, making Hatteras Village only accessible by boat and in October of last year, it wasn't possible to get to ferry if you weren't local. But like I said, I am sure this has been restored for the visitor season, which I believe began...

  • Currituck Lighthouse

    This lighthouse is located 32 miles away from the Bodie Island light, making it pretty well off the beaten path, I think. But, you can climb it (I have this new fear of spiral staircases...don't know where it came from, but it's here...so I haven't climbed this one) and you most likely won't have to wait in long lines to do so. It's only from...

  • Elizabethan Gardens

    These gardens are located in Manteo at Ft. Raleigh National Historic Site along with the Lost Colony. This is the site of the 1st English colony where the last of them suddenly disappeared and no one knows where they went. So, they put some gardens up? I don't know...it's an accurate representation of an English garden from this time (hence the...


Hatteras Island Sports & Outdoors

  • Fishing

    Many locals and visitors spend a good portion of their time here fishing and with good reason, there's a wide variety of fish in this area. For example, and I got this from "George's Outer Banks Fishing Page" (see address below) here's a few kinds of fish you might catch: JANUARY: Trout, Sea Bass, Blue Fish, Bluefin/Yellowfin Tuna, Oysters and...

  • Great Surfing on East Coast

    The Outer Banks is known to have great surfing conditions. But it is also known to be the "Graveyard of the Atlantic" Both are because it's the place where the Gulf Stream meets the Altantic current, so there are some large waves and dangerous riptides. There are always people surfing here, though and when we were there in late October, there was a...

  • From the tallest dune on the US Atlantic...

    On the Outer Banks, there are ample opportunities to be active...hang gliding is very popular choice at Jockey's Ridge State Park, located in Nags Head/Kill Devil Hills(north of Hatteras Island) There's even a school right there to teach you. Since the Wright Bros. took off from here because of the wind, you know there's a great chance it's going...


Hatteras Island Favorites

  • PA2AKgirl's Profile Photo

    Check out the Outer Banks in the Off...

    by PA2AKgirl Written Mar 2, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: What a different world. Different people, different things to do and different attitudes. Having dealt with the tourism industry directly for the past few summers, I know the height of the season leaves merchants, tour guides and other employees stressed out and then end of the season, we are all more burnt out. But by October or even November, the Outer Banks has a chance to recover and everyone seems to be back in a good mood. Locals are fishing on the beaches (because the nesting season for birds is over), drinking in the bars and milling around. Everyone strikes up conversation with you, knowing you aren't from the area. Of course, the mix of people is definitely interesting...prices are cheaper everywhere too. Unfortunately, not everything remains open, but during the early fall, MOST things are. It's still warm enough to walk on the deserted beaches, to camp and to hang out on the decks of the houses or some of the bars.

    Fondest memory: In the off season, it's not having to wait in lines for anything. This is when we play miniature golf or go see the touristy things...the lighthouse doesn't stay open past a certain date, the programs are fewer at the park sites, but you can still do most things:) As far as the golf goes, Jurassic Putt is my favorite, you can't miss it when you're driving along because there are large dinosaurs and waterfalls. We could have played all day for $4.00 but the people I went with weren't as enthusiastic as I was about the prospect.

    Almost deserted beaches...
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