North Carolina Local Customs

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North Carolina Local Customs

  • 4th of July Bryson City

    Some of the smaller towns in the U.S. do just a great a job celebrating holidays as larger ones. We spent the 4th of July in Bryson City, and they had a lot of entertainment going on, on the 4th, including Elvis:)I prefer smaller towns for this event, since it is easier to get in and out. Large cities always have traffic problems, plus there are...

  • counties

    North Carolina is divided into exactly 100 counties.Chowan County was created in 1668 and is the oldest. And the last to be created in 1911 is Avery County.

  • North Carolina barbecue

    You often hear of North Carolina barbecue. Well, there is no single kind of North Carolina barbecue. What is generally regarded as North Carolina barbecue is the Eastern variety, for which whole pigs are usually cooked with a vinegar-based sauce and served with white or yellow slaw. There is a tomato-based version in the western part of the state...

  • Calabash seafood

    Calabash, North Carolina is home to a style of dining. This small southeastern North Carolina town has become synonymous with a style of cooking that involves corn meal battering and frying. Fresh seafood is caught in the Atlantic and the locals like to fry it up, pile it high on the plate, and accompany it with fries, hush puppies, and a side of...

  • Try Cheerwine

    Why is this cherry-flavoured soft drink called Cheerwine? In the early 1900s, soft drinks were often named for their appearance, hence the names root beer and ginger ale. Therefore, it made sense to name a burgundy-red, bubbly, cherry concoction- Cheerwine. Cheerwine is fairly unusual amongst sodas for what the company calls its intense cherry...

  • Where Krispy Kreme got its start

    Many Americans and even foreign travelers are familiar with the chain of doughnut stores called Krispy Kreme. However, very few people from outside the South are aware that the chain had its humble beginnings in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In 1937, Vernon Rudolph bought a secret recipe from a French chef in New Orleans. He rented a building in...

  • The State Things

    The State Motto is: Esse Quan Videri which is latin for "to be rather than to seem to be"The State Flower is: the dogwood. I love these trees. My neighbor has a flowering dogwood and they (the trees, not the neighbors) smell so sweet in the spring.The State Bird is: the CardinalThe State Beverage is: milkthe state seal: figures of Liberty (with cap...


    WHAT IS A TARHEEL? Once used as a term of derision, it has come to symolise the strength of North Carolininas in the face of adversity. During it early days as a British Colony, North Carolina was an important source of tar and pitch used by ships of the Royal Nay. As much as 100,000 barrels of this gruesome goo was shipped back to England every...


    Q. HOW DO YOU KNOW GOD IS A TARHEEL?A. BECAUSE THE SKY IS CAROLINA BLUE!The sky is Carolina Blue and there is nothing like Carolina Sunshine and a Carolina Blue Sky. Please note: These photographs were all taken in North Carolina. Accept no substitutes!

  • Moravian cookies

    Moravian cookies are traditional Christmas cookies in Moravia, Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakian immigrants settling in North Carolina (the Winston-Salem area) brought this cookie to the United States. Matt and I picked up tins of these cookies at the cashier's desk at the perfectly awful food court at Mount Vernon, Virginia in mid-October, 2004 and...

  • Tar Heel Pie

    North Carolina's nickname is the Tar Heel State. The recipe for Tar Heel Pie is from an old North Carolina recipe:1 cup chocolate chips1 stick butter, melted1 cup chopped pecans (out of their shells)1 teaspoon vanilla1/2 cup plain flour1/2 cup white sugar1/2 cup brown sugar2 eggs, beatenPour warm butter over chocolate chips and stir. Blend all...

  • New Year's Day Good Luck Tradition!

    In much of the American South, eating black-eyed peas on New Year's Day is thought to bring a year filled with luck. Black-eye peas, rice and ham hocks/ bacon are the basis of a dish called Hoppin John, which originates from the Slaves in W. Africa. There are at least 4 reasons for calling it Hoppin John. "Hop in, John," as one might say, "Go to...

  • The Piedmont Region of NC

    This is the central region of the state. The piedmont actually means"foot of the mountain". The Piedmont region actually is located between the Blue Ridge Mts. and the eastern " fall line" where all rivers have there last rapid before the coast. The piedmont region definately has it's diversity in the city and country roots of NC.

  • Southern Hospitality

    When I was growing up, native North Carolinians stood out from most types of people. The males were all gentlemen, and the ladies were very down to earth. Unfortunately, for some reason, there has been a slow to rapid culture flux. Living in Wilmington and the coastal areas, this norm still held true. However, as you move westward toward the...

  • Eastern Carolina BBQ

    About 10 years ago, I went to the restaurant that offered a 'sampler' of BBQ styles. The four kinds they offered were Texas (range from thick, spicy, tomato-based sauces to thin, hot-pepper-based sauces), Kansas (thick, with a tomato and sugar base), Carolina (a very thin, vinegary sauce), Memphis (all three of the major ingredients– vinegar,...

  • Core Sound Clam Chowder

    I ordered clam chowder in Manteo on Roanoke Island, and was surprised to get something that was not a cream soup like New England or Boston clam chowder, nor was it tomato based like Manhattan style chowder.The first Clam Chowder (on the left) was Outer Banks or Hatteras style; clear broth and clam based. It includes clams, potatos, bacon, onion,...

  • Be sure to wave!

    I'm not sure how the rest of the United States goes, but being from North Carolina, when you are trying to pull out of a gas station, store, or whatever onto the road with your car, and someone lets you out because of a traffic jam, you wave to them. This means "Thank you." Living in Texas and Colorado, I don't see it, which is sad. I am always...

  • Nascar

    Nascar is a HUGE thing in North Carolina, especially in race towns like Kannapolis (home of the late Dale Earnhardt), Mooresville (home to many race teams), and Concord (home of the Lowe's Motor Speedway.) There are two major speedways in North Carolina, Lowe's Motor Speedway, and Rockingham. So you'll find a LOT of fans here. And don't be...

  • Friendly neighbours on the train

    On both the north and southbound runs of Amtrak's Carolinian, the North Carolina Department of Transport puts on volunteers to supplement conductors in providing information, helping out crippled passengers get on and off, and giving information about North Carolina, rather like embedding friendly neighbours. They can be seen on board from Rocky...

  • Local brews

    There are plenty of microbreweries around the state, but the two best locally brewed and bottled for sale within the state beers are Red Oak (Greensboro) and Highland (Asheville). I doubt you'll be able to find either one outside of the state and they're actually pretty tough to even find outside of their respective home towns, but if you're...

  • Burlington City Park (NC)

    Burlington, NC has the best city park I have ever seen in a small town. It offers small children-rides, a train, ball parks and a beautiful creek that runs thru the parksite setting. They have a great firework display at halloween. It it's still there, the park hosted a museum directly behind the park up the hill.Located at City Park, off Church...

  • Hush Puppies

    Hush puppies are fried balls of cornbread so named as to quiet canines begging for food at fish fries and outdoor barbecues.2 cups white corn meal1 finely chopped onion1 cup sweet milk, more if needed4 tablespoons vegetable oil or shortening1/2 teaspoon salt2 eggs, beaten wellMix all ingredients. Form into balls. Fry in deep hot fat. Serve piping...

  • Outer Banks cornbread

    1/2 stick butter1 cup yellow cornmeal1 tablespoon flour2 teaspoons baking powderpinch salt2 teaspoons sugar1 cup cold milk1 eggPreheat oven to 425°F. Place 1/2 stick of butter in 9x5" oblong pan. Put in oven to melt butter and heat pan. Mix meal, flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar in bowl; add cold milk and egg- just beat together for a minute....

  • The Two Finger Wave

    As one drives along the roads of NC (not the interstates but the "back roads") as one meets another local driver, it is customary to "speak" by waving. This wave is accomplished by raising the two fingers on the top of the steering wheel (or sometimes one finger) as one comes close enough to the oncoming vehical and driver to be seen. It is...

  • ¿Se habla español?

    No, the scene in the picture is not in Florida, Texas or California, but in North Carolina. Furthermore, it is not in a major North Carolina city such as Raleigh or Charlotte. This Spanish advertisement for a Pentecostal church service is on the side of an old building in rural Wilson, North Carolina. This bears witness to the kind of diversity...

  • Native American roots

    You can learn about the Cherokee Nation in Cherokee, North Carolina, just west of Asheville. While the Cherokee Nation is the only North Carolina tribe recognized by the federal government, the state recognizes seven tribes. They are: Eastern Band of Cherokee, Coharie, Haliwa-Saponi, Indians of Person County, Lumbee, Meherrin and Waccamaw-Siouan.

  • Talk to the people in small towns

    If folks in a small town engage you in conversation, don't hesitate to reply. Small town North Carolina is very friendly. They will make you feel at home regardless of where your home is.

  • The people of the South are...

    The people of the South are very friendly and always show good hospitality to anyone, even if you are not a friend.They are very patriotic like the rest of the Country and it is very important to respect that.Try not to talk politics.

  • Drinking. Contrary to what I...

    Drinking. Contrary to what I thought it doesn't seem to be a place that drinks a lot so people's tolerance can be pretty low. Be careful when you try to encourage them keep up, they might get sick. On you.

  • This is genuine Bible Belt...

    This is genuine Bible Belt country. Keep that in mind. I met more than one person who was studying to be a minister, I think Episcopalean was heard more than once. They're not closed minded, but you might want to watch what you say, you might be taken more seriously than you want to be, like how I joked 'Back when I was in the mob...' Just watch...

  • While visiting North Carolina...

    While visiting North Carolina there are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with the culture of its citizens. When you meet a funeral procession (led by a hurst, and all the cars will have their headlights on) coming from the opposite direction, pull over to the side of the road. This is a sign of respect to the deceased in our neck of the...

  • barbeque is chopped pork, not...

    barbeque is chopped pork, not something from the grilltea is iced and nine times out of ten SWEETpeople smile, we dont mean anythign by it, we just smiledont underestimate intelligence because of accents here

  • OK, so this may not appeal to...

    OK, so this may not appeal to most Northerners,but as a yankee, I can appreciate North Carolina's charms. First of all, when in a restaurant, tea usually comes in the form of sweet tea. One of my favorite things!! Second, you gotta love the genteel accent by many natives(sadly being outnumbered by re-located yankees). And thirdly, c'mon, the heat...

  • Travelling through small towns...

    Travelling through small towns in North Carolina can be a cultural treat. There are many small stores that stock just about everything one might need for a trip. You may find strange and unusual gifts fot home. For a little variety try the boiled peanuts, or pickled eggs.

  • As a reverse cultural tip,...

    As a reverse cultural tip, when your in cities like Charlotte or Raleigh-Durham, you really are in a 'typical' mid sized suburban area. You have the choices of excellent restaurants, grocery and department stores, hotels and entertainment. Plan on traffic jams too.

  • No matter where you visit in...

    No matter where you visit in NC, southern hospitality reigns supreme. A few translations for new visitors...y'all: you all or you guys/fixin' to: getting ready to; ie 'i'm fixin' to go out'/haint: ghost or haunt/ and spell: for a moment; ie 'let's rest a spell before our next adventure' :)

  • The People of NC /in general/...

    The People of NC /in general/ are quite old the old ways goes and 'don't you come and try and change it' Going there with purple hair is not a hit. Mixed marriages is a no no (Ku Klux Klan is still alive unfortunatly) and it seems like time has stopped, and the progress of peoples minds has slowed down to 10 km/h. Nice people but...

  • While in the rural areas or...

    While in the rural areas or the Outer Banks, acknowledge people by saying 'hello' and answering their questions. Being suspicious of strangers doesn't fly here -- it took me awhile to get used to the familiarity. Surfcasters in October on the Outer Banks are a particularly friendly lot -- and unnervingly chatty at sunrise. If you have a city edge...

  • Hee hee! These are from a...

    Hee hee! These are from a native! Greeting people is a must; most of us in NC are quite friendly. 'Hi there!' is fine, but if you want to get authentic, you should say 'Hey y'all!' The word 'y'all' is one syllable, drawn out very slowly. It can be used for any number of people, from 1-1,000. If you don't know a person, you probably shouldn't touch...


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