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Raeford Things to Do

  • Annual North Carolina Turkey Festival

    Every September! It's a Hoot! High School Football....Bridge Tournament...Fun Walk...Parade....Turkey Dinner...Road Race...Dog Show...Car and Motorcycle Show...Golf Tournement...Street Festival! There's even a Turkey Cooking Contest!

  • Of course we've got golf...

    ...it is central carolina and home to the decendants of those who invented the game.You can play at the Arabia Golf Club (192 Golf Course Road 910-875-3524) or try your skill at the new Bayonet at Puppy Creek Golf Club (info follows).Personally, I prefer Putt-Putt, which by the way was invented right next door in Fayetteville, NC.

  • We've got sky diving!

    We meet some of the nicest folks that miscalculate their drop zone and land in our hay field. We'll drive you back to the airport, but it'll cost you a beer.There's two outfits at the airport, but I'm referring you to Raeford Parachute Center instead of Raeford Skydiving Services (138 Airport Drive 910-875-3303) because they have a web site.


Raeford Hotels

  • Days Inn Raeford

    We stayed there once in September 1997 after one of our more notorious hurricanes took out our power...


Raeford Restaurants

  • Usual Fast Food Fare

    by LaLobo Written Oct 25, 2005

    The fast food is along 401 in two separate stretches...out by East Hoke Middle School where you'll find a Subway, Papa's Pizza (that delivers), and a Chinese Take Out (okay, you can sit and eat if you really want to) and further south on 401 you'll find the Subway, Hardees, McDonald's, Burger King, KFC and a little place that changes names and hands too often to keep up with.

    Favorite Dish: Favorite dish and fast food are definately oximorons, but then again, fast food and Raeford are too....don't be expecting fast service. In fact, don't be expecting much at all because I have...
    #1 ordered the salad meal at McDonald's only to be told they were out of bottled water...and they still wanted me to pay full price and take the cup of tap water...
    #2 ordered a meal deal at Burger King only to be told they were out of fries (completely out and having to wait for the supplier the next day)...
    #3 ordered crispy wings at KFC and was told it would be twenty minutes (I can fry up my own crispy wings in twenty minutes)...
    ...I guess you get what I'm saying about the "fast food" in Raeford, yet out of necessity, I often find myself at the drive through.

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Raeford Nightlife

  • "Everybody Knows Your Name"

    Another spot where by day you and your family can enjoy lunch and dinner. By night the little room across from the kitchen becomes Raeford's version of "Cheers". But beware, not only does everybody know YOUR NAME, they know your mama's name, your wife's name, where you live, and where you work AND they have every one of those telephone numbers on...

  • Wear Ear Plugs At the Airport

    The Aviator serves up lunch and dinner for the whole family and skydivers galore, including the Army's Golden Knights, but at night the pool tables get busy and after a few beers on the weekends, the locals begin to think they can sing. That's right, Karaoke Rick actually encourages them to try and doesn't even offer them a bucket to carry a tune...

  • Raeford Hotels

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Raeford Shopping

  • The usual small town fare...

    We've got groceries, hardware and parts stores, feed stores (farming community), and dollar stores. If you're out to buy clothes there's Cato's and Moore's, otherwise you have to hit the dollar store or one of the second hand/thrift stores. If you love plants, we have plenty of nurseries ranging from backyard mom and pop sales to commercial...

  • Insider Trading from a middle school...

    Unilever has a store on the factory premises for employees only, but those lucky enough to get a pass from one of our fund raising middle school students can get in there to shop too! If you get the chance to shop there, buy plenty of everything! Suave products are not expensive at retail, so imagine how far your dollar goes here! Buying for...

  • Only In Raeford...

    Our Turkey Plant has an outlet right next door that's a tiny little building where you go in one door and out the other. Don't let size fool you though, because you can get turkey and other poultry products at a good price along with souvineers of past and present Turkey Festivals. They used to carry "Ugly Eggs" that were misshaped but usually...


Raeford Local Customs

  • Supporting Our Troops (Young and Old)

    It's what we do and if you are here on Veteran's Day or Memorial Day, you'll find us on the courthouse lawn around 11:00 a.m. remembering those who have served. We're out in force at the Turkey Festival every year too. And for you veterans out there, join the Ralph A. Pandure VFW Post #10 and its Ladies Auxiliary located at the PK Airport, we meet...


    That's right...the little sign on the tree really does mean that you're infringing on the Red Cockaded's territory and you are not to disturb him, his wife or his kids or their area because all of the above are protected (and there are fines for messing with an endangered species).

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Raeford Warnings and Dangers

  • "REAL" Deer Season Facts

    The real facts about hunting/Shooting across a road can be found in the N.C. Regulations Digest. The following is taken from pg.70 and states in referance to HOKE county. HokeTake a deer with a rifle, except on Fort Bragg.Hunt with or discharge a firearm from, onto or across a primaryhighway.Hunt with or discharge a firearm from, onto or across a...

  • Road Kill

    At least that's what it is after you've hit it. We've got a lot of wild life that like the proverbial chicken likes to cross the road. Be ready to brake, swerve or squish...but beware, deer don't squish so easy and the Red Cockaded Wood Pecker could get you a fine because he and some of his other buddies are protected. Did I mention the little...

  • Deer Season

    It is actually LEGAL FOR HUNTERS TO SHOOT ACROSS THE ROAD. Just hope a deer does not choose an inoportune time to show himself, like for instance when you are driving between him and the fella with the gun!


Raeford Tourist Traps

  • Raeford-Hoke Museum

    by LaLobo Updated May 27, 2005

    Don't take my word for it though because I make donations, take visiting relatives, and buy their souvineers for out of staters, but I find most local museums to be tourist traps.

    Unique Suggestions: If you must go, please spend money to support the place, otherwise they'll have to raise my taxes.

    Fun Alternatives: What? Me send you to Fayetteville to visit the Airborne and Special Operations Museum or to Fort Bragg to visit the Special Forces Warfare Museum or to Pope Air Base to climb around on their static display of aircraft instead of supporting our local fare? Never!

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Raeford Off The Beaten Path

  • Longstreet Church and Cemetary

    Founded by Scottish settlers in 1756, the church as it stands today was built in 1846 with markers in the cemetary dating back to 1773. This Presbyterian Church located on Longstreet at Fort Bragg is open by appointment only.


    If it's not, you could visit Monroe's Crossroads, the site of one of the largest cavalry battles of the Civil War. Make sure you get permission from Fort Bragg's Range Control first though because is is located on the fringe of an impact area south of one of the drop zones located in Hoke County. You could get blown up if they don't know you are...

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Raeford Sports & Outdoors


    by LaLobo Written May 27, 2005

    The old Montrose Motorcross Park closed down, but there is a new one that's open from noon to dark Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday called WIDE OPEN MX PARK.

    Equipment: Your dirt bike or ATV of course (and safety equipment).

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Raeford Favorites

  • Birdwatching Paradise

    by LaLobo Written May 27, 2005

    Favorite thing: Not just Raeford/Hoke County, but across our state you will find that most of our communities are bird santuaries. You will no longer see Bachman's or Kirtlands Warblers or the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, but you can get a glimpse of a Bald Eagle, Piping Plover, Red-Cockaded Woodpecker (they frequent my feeders), Roseate Tern and Wood Stork, all of which are on the endangered species list.

    Fondest memory: Unless you have a few hours, don't ask me about the birds we've attracted to the farm...and unless you want to hear some obscenities, don't ask my husband how much we spend on bird food or how often we have to refill the feeders :-)

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