North Carolina Warnings and Dangers

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North Carolina Warnings and Dangers

  • Don't step on these creatures!

    Expect encounters on trails in the wilderness, such as the cute millipede. Watch your steps to avoid unintentional killings! Every living thing has a function in the ecosystem and deserves to live. Respect the environment and enjoy the sight and behavior of these creatures!


    In The 1970’s someone invented the Drive-Thru for fast food restaurants. This meant that suddenly millions of Americans were liberated from the need to walk when getting huge bags of unhealthy food. Yep, exercise was cut right down to make it easier. Now you can see (and I have pictures) lots of cars in a huge line belching toxic fumes into the...

  • Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Please don’t think you can cover the 469 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway in a day! This isn’t a highway but a rural road, albeit a well-maintained and very well-known one. You need to be aware of tight, spiralling curves – these help make the Parkway special, but can catch an unobservant motorist (or motorcyclist) off guard. There are also 26...

  • Blue Ridge Parkway Driving

    This road sometimes gets so foggy that you cannot see 5 feet in front of your vehicle. It took us hours one time to get from one town to the next. If you are not sightseeing, or going to a specific trail on the Parkway, I would drive on a regular road if you plan on getting anywhere fast.

  • Road Hazards on Blue Ridge Parkway

    The speed limit on the Parkway is 45 MPH. Though, due to traffic and endless views, you may not reach this speed, be aware of numerous road hazards:1. If it's raining or foggy, visibility is down and the road may be slick. The road twists and turns as it goes up and down the mountians.2. Wildlife may wander onto the road. Be careful going around...

  • Mountain Roads

    I knew about switchback roads from visiting Colorado as a child. I didn't expect to find the same thing in NC because I really had not been to the mountains prior to the trip my husband and I made on our honeymoon in 1959, which is when I took this picture.The mountain area of NC is called God's Country by some. The main area of interest is roughly...

  • Photographs Not Allowed

    The Tryon Palace in New Bern does not allow photographs of the interior. The reasons they give for this are variable - one person said it was because of insurance requirements. I think the real reason is probably that they want to avoid flash pictures which can degrade the antique fabrics and they can't rely on photographers not to use flash. I can...

  • Hurricanes

    When you visit establishments along the coasts and sounds of North Carolina, you may find records like this of the high water levels that happened during hurricanes. This doorpost is in a restaurant in Belhaven (The Helmsman). This whole town has gotten FEMA money to raise the houses and buildings up above the flood level. This is because they had...

  • Security at Raleigh-Durham airport

    I don't know if it's a common thing or if I was just unlucky on the morning of 18 December 2001, but my security agent was as dumb as a bag of hammers. He concentrated more on the size of the bag rather than its contents. I outsmarted him by just pushing my bag through the machine and moving on. It's not really a danger, but be prepared for...

  • Hurricanes

    Growing up in coastal North Carolina, I had the privledge (or curse) of riding out 4 hurricanes. My suggestion is, do not do it. If you are on vacation here and you hear a hurricane watch or warning, please heed it wholeheartedly. The damage done by these storms can be catastrophic. I was in Hurricane Fran in 1996, and it was by far the worst...

  • winter travel and ice storms!

    people down south don't really know how to handle winter weather because it only happens a few times every year, but when it does happen, watch out. NC gets a lot of ice storms, and the power goes out for days, and drivers who aren't experienced driving in hazardous conditions are out on the roads causing wrecks. please be careful!

  • Jellyfish & Portuguese Man-Of-War

    OK, if you are allergic to bee stings, you do not want to get stung by one of these. Between the two, the Portuguese Man-Of-War is by far the worst. They are most noticable by their bright blue ballon-like body. The tentacles are very long. You can be swimming in the surf and get stung by a Portuguese Man-Of-War without it touching you, because the...

  • Rip Currents

    Rip currents are very common along the North Carolina coast. A rip current is a current created from the ocean cutting a narrow channel through a sand bar. The force of the water going through this channel is tremendous, but weakens as it goes out. If you feel yourself being pulled out to sea, follow these directions:First, drift with the current....

  • Durham

    Highest crime rate in the nation per capita. I was a police officer here for 6 years and know the ins and outs of Durham. 150 known gangs and over 350 known gang members as of 2003. It has probably gone up since then. Crime is out of control, and is very widespread. If you go, go to Duke University, then Southpointe Mall, spend the day there, and...

  • Be careful

    Be very careful of the undertow, it can sneak up on you and take you down the beach a stretch. Don't panic just swim even with the shore until you come out of it. Don't try to swim againt it, you will tier out quick. There are life guards on duty during the season.

  • Watch your step!

    The soil in the Carolinas is often a red clay that will stain your clothes, so watch your step. As a result of the abundance of this clay, you'll notice that brick is widely used as a building material.

  • Beware when around waterfalls....

    Beware when around waterfalls. Several people fall to their deaths each year by getting a little to close.

  • When camping, never try to...

    When camping, never try to turn a Nissan Sentra into an off- road vehicle. Some of us learn this the hard way.

  • The Outer Banks is known for...

    The Outer Banks is known for its sparkling, clean beaches. Sun worshippers of all kinds and from all parts of the world come to the Outer Banks to play in the usually gentle surf. But remember, the ocean is a fickle being and can change her mood in the blink of an eye. Each beach is different and to stay safe you need to follow a few rules. Store...

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North Carolina Warnings and Dangers

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