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Grand Forks Things to Do

  • North Dakota Museum of Art & Cafe

    This museum is a virtually undiscovered and not very well publicized, but proves to be a nice little touch of culture in a town where such opportunities are few and far between. There doesn’t seem to be a very large collection of art here, but instead, the museum specializes in touring exhibitions. The museum’s small size is an advantage rather...

  • Getting your bearings...

    The Greater Grand Forks Convention & Visitors Bureau is a great place to start your visit they offer a good one-page map of the surrounding area, which is the only one I use. The visitor center itself also has information about the 1997 flood including photos of the devastation.

  • Hockey

    If you never thought anything of Hockey, like me, wait to you come here, where Hockey is life. I was near UND. I saw the match between Boston and UND and then the rematch a year later on TV. What can I say. I was actually fixated to the TV and it was a sports game, and not Susan Lucci (who I found out, is oddly the daughter of Phyllis Dyller....


Grand Forks Hotels

Grand Forks Restaurants

  • Artisan Bakery in Downtown G.F.

    Great bakery and cafe with tasty soups and satisfying desserts, in central downtown Grand Forks. Wholesome and thoughtful.

  • Big city java in cowboyland?

    Downtown Grand Forks has a grand coffeeshop, the Urban Stampede. It's hidden behind this large and healthy tree, but you should definitely use your GPS if necessary to locate it!

  • Nice Family Restaurant

    Perkins is a chain restaurant with family-style cooking and excellent baked goods. The food was well-prepared and tasty. Service was good too. I enjoyed my fish and chips but wish it wasn't fried.

  • Nice Chinese Buffet

    If you are looking for a nice Chinese Buffet Restaurant, this place is not bad. They had a fairly decent selection and they brought out fresh food fairly often. Not the best I've had but certainly acceptable. Decent price at $8.30. Black Bean Chicken and seafood dishes.

  • Don't Take the Subway

    Great subs on even better bread. This fast-food style sandwich chain is a great alternative to some of the less healthy options in the area. The stores here even sell their leftover (day-old) bread if you'd like to take some home. There are a few frustrating quirks to Jimmy John's, for example, they only offer provolone cheese. When I asked if they...

  • Like a Mexican Starbucks

    While it is in a strip mall and it is a chain, Qdoba is pleasantly surprising. Unlike other Mexican fast food joints, the fare will not lead to an early demise. Everything they put in their food is easily identifiable (no “special sauces” or mystery meat). Their hot sauce is actually hot, and they have a nice variety. The dining area is very nice...

  • Coffee & Wireless

    The architecture and decor of this coffeehouse is stunning - vaulted ceilings provide lots of light. The fireplace is beautiful, and very welcoming during the frigid Grand Forks winter. Tabula has the requisite overstuffed chairs, and one huge table for larger meetings. The standard table and chair setup, however, is a bit uncomfortable for those...

  • Stay home and make DiGiorno's

    I tried to like this place - especially since it is not part of a chain and has charmingly awful television ads. Well, I tried - and failed. Italian Moon is truly bad in just about every conceivable way. I went for lunch, and ordered the lunch buffet. There was a pretty big variety of items (several types of pizza, fried chicken and mashed...

  • Eat the best pancakes anywhere.

    It is very unusual to find ANYTHING in Grand Forks that isn't a chain or a franchise. Gramma Butterwick's is unique in that it is the only one in existence. It is an old-fashioned style diner with great all-day breakfast, huge portions, friendly waitresses, and a regular clientele. The seating is bright booths by huge windows (nice during the...


Grand Forks Nightlife

  • Tiki Bar amid the Tundra

    Once inside, this dark, cheesily decorated bar & grill will transport you to Florida. This is definitely a low-budget affair, but the decor is creative and fun. There is a good variety of beer - especially for Grand Forks. No hard liquor available, though. There are also very good specials on bar food (for example, $1 burgers with a beverage...

  • Grand Forks Pub

    Down Under Pub had a good beer selection, but the place also had some cheap beer pitcher specials. Near the UND campus and gets crowded.

  • Live Music Venues

    Parrot's Cay: Tuesday night "Cay Jams" every week during school year, once a month otherwise. Saturday night shows normally during school year as well, occasionally in the summer.The Parrot's Cay Tavern1149 36th ave SGrand Forks, ND 58201Blue Moose: Every Wednesday night.507 2nd street NW, East Grand Forks, MN 56721 'the Cay: Hippie-friendly....


Grand Forks Transportation

  • Grand Forks International Airport

    Grand Forks has a new terminal, named after fromer Senator Byron Dorgan who helped secure the funding for this handsome $22 million facility. Interestingly, it has only two gates.

  • Amtrak

    Definitely the most comfortable way to get here. The coach is a lot more comfortable than on any bus or plane, plus you have a dining car, a cafe car and a lounge car. Can't beat it. Unless you're willing to pay for a sleeper car, but that's expensive.

  • Grand Forks Hotels

    24 Hotels in Grand Forks

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Grand Forks Shopping

  • any gas or eating place: Checks accepted here?....Really?

    by cardsfan66 Written Feb 11, 2004

    In 1988 you could go just about anywhere and write a personal check for anything. McDonalds or gas stations would accept them. They just trusted anybody. They probably dont do that now though. I just loved the convenience of going thru a drive thru and writing a check....he he he!

    What to buy: Winter gear

    What to pay: The stores there are pretty reasonable.

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Grand Forks Local Customs

  • cnel355's Profile Photo

    Descendents of Swedes

    by cnel355 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Maybe it was the cold. Maybe it was the long, lonely, winter drives into town. Anyway, I loved NPR: National Public Radio and Prarie Public Television. I loved listening to the funny commentaries from Swedish descendents and hearing jokes about Olaf. So, it might have been the cold because my brain actually started to understand some of their expressions and verbiage. Nice people.

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Grand Forks Warnings and Dangers

  • Winter Driving Woes

    While Grand Forks has some limited bus service, most folks are forced to drive. Maneuvering the sometimes treacherous winter roads is truly an art. If you are unexperienced at driving in winter weather, take it slow (especially at intersections where black ice tends to form). If venturing out of town, make sure you have an emergency kit in your...

  • Eewwww...that smell!

    Depending on which way the wind is blowing the entire town reeks of french fries. Many thanks to Simplot for that invaluable service. Well, I suppose potato products have to come from somewhere. And it could be worse - they could be processing sugar beets.

  • Potato Processing

    I would go for a jog around the campus of University of North Dakota and on some days cut my run short because of the smell in the air from the Simplot potato processing plant. According to their website "annually turning out 3 billion pounds of french fries and other potato products worldwide. The Grand Forks operation turns out traditional cuts...


Grand Forks Off The Beaten Path

  • Fewf's Profile Photo

    Watch for Animals

    by Fewf Written Aug 1, 2006

    There are a lot of animals here, and in the very early morning (5:30 AM or so), it's already getting light and a lot of them are still out. Just take a walk through the town--particularly the outskirts--and you can't help spotting them.

    Whole bunches of these guys

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Grand Forks Sports & Outdoors

  • Fighting Sioux!!!

    Go see the Fighting Sioux in either the Ralph Engelstad Arena or the Alerus Center. The best college team around.

  • Ralph Engelstad Arena

    It's the beautiful, albeit controversial, home of the University of North Dakota fighting Sioux. Thanks to the late Mr. Engelstad, millions of dollars were spent building this fancy-schmancy arena. Unfortunately, the Sioux mascott isn't quite acceptable in some circles, and it is often the topic of discussion in-and-around the UND community.

  • Golf, Golf Golf!!!

    Golfing is big out here on the vast flats of North Dakota. I played on base but there are many public golf courses in the area.


Grand Forks Favorites

  • Fourth of July

    On the Fourth of July, the central square was surrounded by small stands--food and otherwise--and hosted performances, including one by the school band. A good time to see the place, because everyone was not only out, but concentrated in one place, in what is normally a pretty spread-out town. The next block over hosted a car show with some...

  • Sugarbeets and sunflowers

    Grand Forks Air Force Base I was stationed at the Air Force base from 1988-1993. The people off base, "towners" where really friendly. Some had problems with us "basers" but everybody got along. I remember a winter when it was -40 below windchill. You just stayed inside.....He he heWhen the weather warmed up to 0 the people had shorts on...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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