United States of America Off The Beaten Path

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United States of America Off The Beaten Path

  • Central Park

    New York City Off The Beaten Path

    Finding a quiet place in New York is a bit tough. If you'll accept people all about, but with the wind louder than the voices, then, you'll find that quiet in Central Park. No, we didn't get away from people, but we did get away from the feeling of needing to be on the move, of having a purpose. Sunny warmth on a cool day or shady breeze on a warm...

  • Within a 3 Hour Drive

    Las Vegas Off The Beaten Path

    The Lost City of Overton was a surprise we found at the end of the drive through The Valley of Fire. There is a small museum full of recued relics from the days when the Hoover Dam was being built. You see, when the water of the Colorado River pooled behind the dam, it would bury the evidence of the indiginous people, the Basket Maker people and a...

  • Plantations

    New Orleans Off The Beaten Path

    I highly recommend leaving the societal cess pool of New Orleans, and driving about two hours to The Myrtles in St. Francisville, La. Deemed "the most haunted house in America" by The Wall St. Journal, I have spent many nights there and highly recommend it. Not for the faint of heart, or easily spooked, this great experience is off the beaten path...

  • State Parks, Animals and Nature

    Orlando Off The Beaten Path

    Northwest of Orlando, at the edge of the sprawl, the unfortunately named Kelly Park is just an unassuming dot of a county park. But it's actually fantastic. This is the sort of thing that you would love to see at a theme park but never do, because theme parks can't recreate it properly. Think of swimming in a huge, clear, cool pool with a lazy...

  • Day Trips

    San Francisco Off The Beaten Path

    One of the northern missions, this was originally part of Mission Dolores in San Francisco. Founded in 1817 as a sanitarium for Indians afflicted with European diseases, it was named for the patron saint of healing. This is still an active church and school. The phone number is that of the gift shop. Father Junipero Serra founded this and most of...

  • Architecture & Public Art (outdoor)

    Chicago Off The Beaten Path

    If you're in the University of Chicago area, have a look at this massive concrete sculpture (it was originally supposed to be carved in granite). It dates from 1915, sculptor Lorado Taft (whose workshop was nearby) and was intended to commemorate the first 100 years of peace between the US and the UK. The sculpture and its pool lie at one end of...

  • Cemetery and Ghosts

    Key West Off The Beaten Path

    An African cemetery appears on an Army Corps of Engineers map drawn in 1861. It is labled "African Cemetery with nine small Xs. This location probably has up to 295 graves extending from under the West Martello Tower out onto the beach toward the east (i.e. toward Miami) According to the website below (melfisher.org): "Many of the Africans were...

  • Downtown

    Los Angeles Off The Beaten Path

    OK, so, tourists that come to L.A. say that they want to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign, the beach and the other usual sights. The tourist guides really cater to those but much to my chagrin, there is less mention of the downtown area. It DOES exist! Many locals in the L.A. are quite ignorant about downtown. This is changing...

  • Boston's Neighborhoods

    Boston Off The Beaten Path

    This is my neighborhood and I love it dearly. Here are some reasons I've stayed in a 1 mile radius since I moved to the area: Inman Square, Cambridge: Easily accessible from Harvard Square or Central Square by public transportation or a pleasant 1 mile walk (north up Prospect St. from Central or east from Harvard Square up Cambridge St.). There...

  • Point Loma/Ocean Beach

    San Diego Off The Beaten Path

    San Diego has lots of bakeries, but one that is just a slight bit different, is one that only sells cupcakes. Oh, and they are square, not round, so that you get more topping. Yummy. This business is open and the cupcakes are a sensation. The name of the bakery goes right with the product, Cupcakes SQUARED. The many varieties of flavors are all...

  • Waterfalls

    Honolulu Off The Beaten Path

    Just a few short miles from Waikiki this 1.3 km hike is a great way to see some nature while on Oahu. The elevation is 800 feet. You're feet will definitely get muddy, so I'd definitely wear some shores instead of slipper or sandals. The trail can be quite slippery. Round trip took about an hour and a half. There is no fee and you can find free...

  • Downtown Seattle

    Seattle Off The Beaten Path

    Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's most well known attractions. However, one part of the market that isn't well marked, unless you go down one level and out a door in the side, is a place called "The Gum Wall". This is a brick wall towards the south side of Pike Place Market where generations of people have left their chewing gum tacked onto...

  • The Beach

    Fort Lauderdale Off The Beaten Path

    1) Big parking lot at Las Olas and the beach. Lots of locals, lots of bars and some shops. Hidden local tip: Park for less under the bridge that carries Las Olas over the Intercostal, then walk three blocks to the beach. 2) For less noise, but still cool wide beach, walk South from Las Olas for 1/4 mile to the intersection of the side road...

  • Pennypack Park

    Philadelphia Off The Beaten Path

    Many historic structures are still intact throughout Pennypack Park. In 1697, the Pennypack Bridge, one of the oldest stone bridges still in use in the United States, was built on King's Highway, now known as Frankford Avenue. The Pennypack Baptist Church, another of the Park's historic sites, was built in 1688. The Verree House on Verree Road...

  • Miscelaneous

    Miami Off The Beaten Path

    This cafe/bar is truly unconventional. Having lived in cities like Seattle and Chicago, where eccentric non-corporate cafes abound, I was dismayed to find nothing of the sort in Miami. Until I stumbled by chance into Luna Star Cafe in North Miami one day after I had visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is a quiet neighborhood, you would think...

  • North Georgia Mountains & Waterfalls

    Atlanta Off The Beaten Path

    Using Blue Sky Cabin Rentals (blueskycabinrentals.com) we snagged a last minute getaway to Ellijay and "The Cabin on the Pond", a one bedroom with 2 twin beds in the loft and a queen in the master, one bath, with electric/gas fireplace and huge hot tub on the porch overlooking the pond. Way back in the hills away from all traffic noise, situated in...

  • Unique / Unusual / One-Of-A-Kind

    Houston Off The Beaten Path

    Just southwest of Houston is the George Ranch in Richmond, TX. I've never been but am including this tip because many travelers want to see an "old west" or "cowboy" side of Houston -- which nowadays, is hard to come by unless it's Rodeo time. According to the web site, the ranch offers vistors: - The struggles of early pioneers to Texas at the...

  • Jerome

    Sedona Off The Beaten Path

    Located just a mile out of Jerome, AZ is a unique "ghost town" that was once home to over 300 people working the mine. The location today is owned by Don Robertson who has been collecting motor vehicles and "stuff" for years. Open 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas you can easily spend an entire day...

  • Parks / Lakes

    Dallas Off The Beaten Path

    I decided to walk from West Village to Mansion on Turtle Creek. Tell you the truth I didn't see anything interesting about Mansion; however, I discovered nice park area along the creek with tall fashionable buildings. Try Turtle Creek Dr and Cedar Springs to see new condominium buildings with prices of condos counting in millions. I know I don't...

  • Hikes / Trails

    Yosemite National Park Off The Beaten Path

    The "Great Sierra Mine" sounds like a huge operation, doesn't it? Well, it's not much of a mine and certainly not great, but the trail up to it, which skirts the jewel-like Gaylor Lakes, is one of the best short hikes in Yosemite. Four miles round trip which can be done in 2-3 hours, you get a good heart-accelerating ascent then a pleasant meander...

  • Disneyland

    Anaheim Off The Beaten Path

    Over the years new rides and attractions open at Disneyland and older ones close. This makes return visits almost as exciting as the first visit. Though some of our favorites are familiar, there is always something new to explore. One thing I learned after a few visits was to start the day at the back, far reaches of the Park and move forward...

  • Downtown

    Tampa Off The Beaten Path

    The Christopher Columbus Monument is located just south of the central business district along Bayshore Drive. The statue was created by Albert Sabas, and features a statue of Columbus atop a stone pillar. The statue is located in aptly named Columbus Statue Park which is the northern end of Bayshore Boulevard Linear Park.

  • Parks

    Memphis Off The Beaten Path

    OK, this one is WAAAYYY off the beaten path - in the Memorial Park Cemetery. Before you get too creeped out, I found this on www.roadsideamerica.com, and it looked interesting. I was not disappointed - it is a beautifully rendered man-made cave, built in 1935 by Mexican artist Dionicio Rodriguez. The grotto has beautiful quartz crystal, and has...

  • Nogales, Mexico

    Tucson Off The Beaten Path

    I read several articles on Nogales Mexico, and not having traveled there for a few years, I was unsettled about whether to go on a recent trip to Tucson. I was told not to for safety reason, by two different businesses telling me to go to Tubac instead. Years ago I noted that Tubac while pretty was considerably higher in prices although you would...

  • Grand Tetons

    Yellowstone National Park Off The Beaten Path

    If you can, fit in a visit to this neighboring national park, even if it is just a day to drive the park road. From Yellowstone’s South Entrance, the road leads directly into Grand Teton National Park. This park offers spectacular mountain scenery of one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. The peaks in the Teton Range stand a...

  • Outlying Areas

    Richmond Off The Beaten Path

    drewry's bluff is one of 13 sites managed by the richmond national battlefield park. this 90 foot bluff has a commanding view of the james river. at the begining of the civil war the confederates built a fort on this site and named it after augustus h. drewery. the confederates also sank boats in the james river to block the union navy from...

  • Anastasia Island State Park.

    Saint Augustine Off The Beaten Path

    The park area has a lightly wooded section, an ocean-front, beach section and a grassy marsh section, so you can see a variety of wading and shore birds. The park is on a migratory path for many species so what birds you see will depend on the time of year for your visit. (see the "birding" section in the website below for more details). This park...

  • MOuntains

    Phoenix Off The Beaten Path

    In the winter, most "official" hiking mountains in Phoenix are packed, with long waits for parking and crowded trails (especially Camelback and Squaw Peak). But there is one official trail that is only used by locals and that has beautiful views... Lookout mountain, in North Phoenix. The trail to the top is just under a mile, and it is a quick,...

  • Lakes & Water

    Austin Off The Beaten Path

    Just about 10 miles south of Austin you'll find the beautiful crystal clear river in San Marcos "Rio Vista Falls" Because it is spring fed it has a constant year round water temperature of about 76 degrees. Recently redeveloped by a kayaker enthusiast. There are now three falls and a nice grassy area for sunbathing. You can also rent tubes for a...

  • Other Points of Interest

    Death Valley National Park Off The Beaten Path

    The ghost town is located in the Bullfrog Hills, on the border of Death Valley National Park, and close to Beatty. A few ghosts (art from Belgian artists) along the road welcome the visitors. There is not much left, beside a a few ruins. Furthermore there is also an obligate traditional and renovated "Bottle House". The station building is still...

  • Parks

    Monterey Off The Beaten Path

    The Frog Pond Wetland Preserve in Del Rey Oaks is maintained and operated by Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District. This tiny 17 acre park is open for pedestrians only and has about one mile of hiking trails. The park is surrounded by houses or road on all four sides, and has a variety of habitats including a freshwater pond, small grassy...

  • Jemez Mountains

    Albuquerque Off The Beaten Path

    A short hike from the battleship rock picnic area, is a small and delightful waterfall. From the parking lot cross the bridge over the river, then turn left and follow the parking lot/picnic areas up along the river. At the end of the parking lot keep hiking up along the brook. If you follow the path along the brook you will find the waterfall...

  • Hoover Dam/Lake Mead

    Grand Canyon Off The Beaten Path

    The Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge which is a Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, was started in 2005 and finished in in October 19, 2010. It was intended to be a bypass bridge to lessen the bottleneck at Hoover Dam going to Arizona via US Route 93 since the hoover dam has only has 2 lanes. The Bridge is an all weather, multi-lane archway...

  • Forest Park

    Portland Off The Beaten Path

    I'm not sure where the main entrance to Forest Park is -- I have a friend who lives next to it and my entrance is her backyard. Anyway, this is the largest urban wilderness park in America, and despite the annoying horns and whistles that come from the train tracks along the river it still makes good hiking and exploring.

  • J.N. Ding Darling Refuge

    Sanibel Island Off The Beaten Path

    The wildlife refuge is a protected area for snakes, alligators, bald eagles and falcons. Unfortunately, I didn't see any while there. I spent a bit of time wandering around the refuge and reading the exhibits at the visitor's center. There are a couple of trails in the area, including one which starts at the visitor's center and leads 4 miles to an...

  • Art / Architecture / Museums

    Minneapolis Off The Beaten Path

    Nicollet is the only inhabited island on the Mississippi and was named for Joseph Nicollet, who explored and mapped the mighty river in the 1830's. This 48-acre limestone oasis was once a busy industrial center of factories, mills and ice houses. It was also, for a time, a fashionable address so while the early commercial structures are mostly...

  • Beaches

    Jacksonville Off The Beaten Path

    Looking for public access in ritzy Ponte Vedra Beach? Exclusive Ponte Vedra Beach boasts the gargantuan oceanfront mansions of millionaires, world-class resorts including the five diamond rated Ponte Vedra Inn & Club and its sister resort The Lodge & Club, and shopping villages filled with high-end boutiques. It is actually said to be the third...

  • Palm Cottage

    Naples Off The Beaten Path

    This is Naples' oldest house, built in 1890. It sits in the historic district on 12th Avenue near the pier. Inside, the Naples Histrical Soeicty has restored its 19th century atmosphere to show how some of Naples' first summer tourists lived. It's amazing how many people pass by this place to go by the pier and never give it a second look. I guess...

  • Downtown KC

    Kansas City Off The Beaten Path

    The 18th and Vine Historic District has one of the best music museums around. It also has jazz and blues festivals during late summer. Also good night life. Robert Altman, a KC native, shot his movie Kansas CIty in this area. It's now the home of the Mutual Musicians Foundation. It's best, if you plan to stay in town, to hire a cab to get there...

  • Heidelberg Project

    Detroit Off The Beaten Path

    This is one surreal place. The area is not to far from downtown and pretty rundown. OK, VERY rundown if you aren’t from Detroit. In the midst of it all you come onto this street where the houses have been modified by a local street artist. Years ago the city tried to clear it all out but it came back again. Now it is run by a non-profit that is...

  • City Walks

    Santa Monica Off The Beaten Path

    Australian Tea Trees grow throughout the southern portion of the Park. These trees have a distinctive appearance, with twisted branches that run along the ground. Two Australian tea trees are located between Colorado and Broadway Avenue. A group of five additional twisted trees are located further north, and one tree grows near Wilshire Boulevard....

  • Beaches / Bays

    Kailua-Kona Off The Beaten Path

    Panaluu black sand beach. It's pretty far south, but on the way to the Volcanoe National Park. Although we didn't snorkel there, I understand the snorkeling is very good there. Plus it's suppose to be a great place to find turtles because of the cool water seeping into the bay from underground. But we didn't have problems finding turtles, they were...

  • Celebrities / Studio Tours

    Hollywood Off The Beaten Path

    There are several studio tours in the Hollywood area. One that is really not well known but probably the closet there is to a true tour is the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. This is a 2.5 hour tour through the backlot of Warner Brothers. Unlike other tours there is a ratio of about 12 people to 1 tour guide, with the main mode of transportation...

  • Local neighborhoods

    Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

    Chagrin is a quaint little town with its curio shops, restaurants, library etc. Keep your eyes open as you might miss the falls! On the way there, admire the stately mansions tucked behind rows of trees. The hilly road gets a little slippery especially since we drove on a winter day.

  • Beyond the Highway

    Big Sur Off The Beaten Path

    Paso Robles Wineries are just about a 95 mile 2 hour 15 minute drive from Big Sur via CA Highway 1 then Highway 46 east. Visiting the fable Hearst Castle in San Simeon at the Central Coast of California can be breathtaking and more so if you are fond of wines and vinyards, it is just less than an hour drive from the nearby Paso Robles Wine Region...


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