Cincinnati Warnings and Dangers

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    Say No to Crack
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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  • the stadium they blew up
    the stadium they blew up
    by ochera

Best Rated Warnings and Dangers in Cincinnati

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    cincinnati riots

    by ochera Written May 9, 2003

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    While Cincinnati does have racial problems. It is by far not a dangerous city. Over the Rhine can be a rough neighborhood that needs a lot of rehab. The only problem with Cincinnati is that the leaders would rather tear down a perfectly good stadium and waste money building a new one for a team that can't even win a game. Sadly all that money could have been used for rehab in areas of town like Over the Rhine, or even to build and renovate our schools which so badly need help. Anyway, to sum things up, Cincinnati is a wonderful place to visit, it is not dangerous, as long as you use common sense.

    the stadium they blew up

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    Avoid Seedy Neighborhoods After Dark

    by Stephen-KarenConn Updated Jun 23, 2004

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    Cincinnati has the sixth lowest crime rate of any major American city, according to a recent survey, but it has gotten a bad rap in the media. We were surprised (shocked) when in London, England, a couple of years ago to learn that potential travelers there were being warned not to go to Cincinnati. We live just outside of Cincinnati and go into the city often with never a second thought for our safety. Sometimes we even go downtown after dark to a concert or other event and feel no need for undue concern.

    Cincinnati is no more dangerous than any other city of its size. Sure, there is crime here, but it is almost never directed at tourists. Just use common sense. If you frequent the run-down sections of town after dark, where large groups of young men loiter on the streets and many of the businesses are boarded up, and you are looking to buy illegal drugs or pick up a prostitute, you are taking a risk. Most of Cincinnati is perfectly safe for law abiding citizens.

    One of Cincinnati's Worst Neighborhoods

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  • Dangerous Neighborhoods To avoid

    by jboy67 Written Feb 2, 2006

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    Ok so alot of these other reviews dont really tell you if visting cincinnati the neighborhoods to avoid the top 5 areas to stay out of unless ur looking for trouble are
    1.) Bond Hill
    2.) Avondale (exception: North Avondale)
    3.)Over- The- Rhine
    5.) East Walnut Hills

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    Getting more and more like Detroit everyday.

    by Cincinnati1313 Updated Jan 27, 2005

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    Cincinnati is a good place to live and has many good characteristics. But on the con list Cincinnati has a growing crime rate. Cincinnati isn't as dangerous as many other US cities but you still need to use big city common sense and ask the locals what areas you should avoid. The best advice I could give you is not to look people in the eyes and if you have money don't flash it. Most of all don't try and be a hard guy. If your a visitor and staying in the downtown area, just ask any valet or doorman which areas to avoid and you should be fine. I work 2 jobs in downtown and the crime has only gotten worse. Don't leave anything in sight in your car that you wouldn't want stolen and don't carry to much money on you.

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    Driving on Hills

    by Cincinnati1313 Written Jun 3, 2004

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    Cincinnati doesn't have the worst winters of all time but Cincinnati is a city located on hills. If you are not good at driving in ice or snow while going up or down hills you might want to skip Cincinnati in the winter time.

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    Drug Bust

    by frankcanfly Written Apr 27, 2005

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    Like all cities, Cincinnati has it's problem with drugs.

    I happened to be sitting in my car in the parking lot of a bowling alley in Norwood, when this bust 'went down' right outside my window....

    It was quite exciting!

    Say No to Crack

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    by jjunt0522 Updated May 18, 2008

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    Over-The-Rhine received national publicity in 2001 when the neighborhood was caught in the middle of a riot. Since then many people are afraid to go there. Which may be a good idea for many people. While it is probably the most dangerous section of Cincinnati, it isn't as bad as many people say. In fact, some of the most beautiful buildings in the city are here. It's just to the north of downtown, so if you take a wrong turn, don't panic. You will be fine. We have been through it many times and have never had any problems. Just use your best judgment. Just turn around and go back the way you came. Like I said, it's the neighborhood directly north of downtown, so it won't take long to get back downtown.

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  • Cincinnati bad & good neighborhood guide

    by doug84 Updated Aug 4, 2010

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    1.Definitely Avoid!!!
    These areas are moderately high in crime.

    1.Over the Rhine (Rated #1 dangerous neighborhood in the nation)
    2.Price Hill
    5.Walnut Hills
    6.Bond Hill
    7.(East) Westwood

    2.Be Careful In
    These areas are decent but do not be over comfortable in them

    3.East Monfort Heights
    4.South Monfort Heights
    5.Winton Hills
    8.College Hill
    9.Delhi Township

    3.Safe Places
    Most of the places above College hill are safe.

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    If this is your first time...

    by hayworth Written Aug 26, 2002

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    If this is your first time driving to Cincinnati, be careful on the hill coming down from Kentucky (the airport is there) towards the Ohio river. There are lots of wrecks there. It could be the combination of going downhill, turning a corner, and the sudden appearance of a great view of downtown as you round that downhill corner. It can also be icy in wintery conditions.

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  • From what I've been told,...

    by dzni Written Aug 26, 2002

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    From what I've been told, Cincinnati, downtown, is not so safe anymore at night. This is due in part to the recent racial tensions that have stemmed greatly from the fairly recent shooting of an unarmed black 17 year-old who was running from police. Maybe you remember the rioting after that? Anyway, apparently tensions are still high. I believe much of this is happening in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, which I've been told is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country.

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    In the weeks before Easter in...

    by Ky_Happy_Dad Written Aug 24, 2002

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    In the weeks before Easter in April 2001, race riots broke out in the city after the police shot a fleeing unarmed black man wanted on misdemeanor charges. The police say they thought he had a gun. Evidently, racial tensions were simmering beneath the surface. I would be cautious about traveling in downtown and certain neighborhoods; and I would check to see if the curfew banning travel except to and from work in the evenings is still in place before planning any trips to the City. This is very sad. I personally have never had any problems in the City and did not realize racial tensions were a problem.

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    No major warnings in...

    by CJD68 Written Aug 24, 2002

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    No major warnings in Cincinnati. The downtown area is fairly safe if you stay in to the main streets. Some areas are a little rough - lower Price Hill, the non-commericial areas of Over the Rhine, the non-commercial areas of Clifton and Corryville and the residential portions of downtown.

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    Unfortunatly, downtown area is...

    by Pierre_Rouss Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Unfortunatly, downtown area is not too safe. Vine street is great from the North, but downtown it starts to be rundown and scary. There have been riots, I have been told.
    And South of that, it's just better that you stay in your car at night.

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  • Downtown and Over The Rhine

    by cincytransplant Written Mar 25, 2011

    I'm not suggesting that you avoid these areas, but just use caution as you would in any other large city.

    Downtown - There are lots of homeless folks (who are for the most part harmless) that will hit you up for money. There are also lots of others who pretend they are homeless and will try to scam you for money. Best advice is to avoid eye contact or allowing them to involve you in a conversation. Also, the main bus stop tends to be a gathering place for some hostile kids. There are cops that are on patrol in the area, but just be careful.

    Over the Rhine - There are some great restaurants and Findlay Market which is a must see, but this is a dangerous area. Best thing is to visit Findlay Market in the morning or early afternoon. There are lots of police on patrol there. Also, if you are dining in the area, get a parking place closeby the restaurant and don't linger around afterwards.

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  • Best List Of Neighborhoods to Avoid

    by Supercritty513 Written Oct 25, 2011

    I have lived in Cincinnati for all 19 years of my life....Some reviews are missing some of the worst neighborhoods
    -East end (eastern ave) etc....
    -Over the Rhine
    -Hawaiian Terrace
    -Winton Terrace
    -Parts of Price Hill
    -College Hill
    -Parts of Clifton
    -Avondale (by OTR)
    -Lincoln Heights
    -Bond Hill
    -Parts of Walnut Hills
    -Some Parts of Kenwood
    -Shady Looking Areas in general

    Also, Cincinnati has an undeserved reputation. I have lived there my whole life and love it. As long as you find some friends there are always plenty of things to do....

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