Columbus Warnings and Dangers

  • watch out, she's hot, but still needs to feed
    watch out, she's hot, but still needs to...
    by tvdandy
  • they feed on BRAINS!!!!
    they feed on BRAINS!!!!
    by tvdandy
  • They are invading the whole city:()
    They are invading the whole city:()
    by tvdandy

Most Recent Warnings and Dangers in Columbus

  • Its not a bad place

    by trianglegalaxy Written Apr 18, 2014

    Yes there are people murdering and raping young women and all, but its nothing terrible. You get that mess everywhere. Ive lived here for 10 years. The only bad things that have happened to me was I was almost killed once. But that was it. Its a beautiful place, especially in the spring and summer. We have nice food places, coffee shops and all. I would say you should visit. :)

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  • It is not as bad as you think

    by BLW12 Written Oct 17, 2011

    I have lived in Columbus ALL MY LIFE. I have found it a decent place to live. The Short North, and around Campus is where it's very lively, and filled with people during day and night. Downtown is very much awesome to go out, walk around go to club, and restaurants. The "bad parts" of Columbus are like don't start nothing, nothing won't happen. I currently live on the West Side of Columbus and things are getting a little on edge, so anywhere PAST the Bottoms down I would stay clear of, East Side is also iffy, stay clear of James Rd, and Livingston AT THE NIGHT, and places on the North Side like 18th Ave. If you do not have family members living in those areas, or your just a tourist there isn't really a need for you out there.

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  • south campus and beyond can be scary

    by bethpops Updated Jul 31, 2011

    My son was robbed at gun point between 8th and 11th aves. and campus area especially south campus, I've heard a lot of
    crime happens there. There is a huge drug area there. Be careful especially at night.

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  • steedappeal's Profile Photo

    Don't wander and stray...

    by steedappeal Written Jul 24, 2011

    It is a good idea not to stray too far (if any) from the Downtown, Short North and University Heights neighborhoods since crime is an issue. Best to ask a local. I did not see many police in uniform so let's hope the rest of the force is undercover and on the job.

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  • you guys are dumb

    by anonymousguy99 Written Apr 17, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Columbus is not like these people are saying. Crime can happen anywhere, and sure at night you might want to watch where you go. But on campus its usually lit up and people walking all over the place... plus police aren't at every stop light waiting on you to break the law, dumbass. If you are driving down high st you will see that people are walking everywhere and crossing in the middle of the road. Yes you can get a 500 dollar fine for littering, but if you're dumb enough to litter, and in front of a cop, you probably shouldn't come to columbus. Don't leave *** in your car and park anywhere on high street or one of its side street expecting it to be there when you come back... you just have to be smart, don't be a dumbass. Streets aren't that confusing just BE SMART!

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  • Weather and driving

    by Juloha Written Oct 14, 2007

    - A little trivia: candy buckeyes are delicious--I especially recommend the ones from Anthony Thomas--but the real ones are very poisonous.

    - The Ohio State University campus is very safe and well-lit, but the surrounding areas are a little sketchy after dark.

    - If you are unfamiliar with the area, do not attempt to survive rush hour on the freeways--we have a lot of treacherous cross-lane traffic (where an exit ramp immediately follows an entrance ramp in the same lane, and everyone is rushing to get in or out of that lane at once).

    Pack sunscreen, winterwear, raingear and shorts for the same trip, because Ohio weather is very "indecisive."

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  • tvdandy's Profile Photo

    well, there is the 'Undead' problem

    by tvdandy Written May 27, 2007

    Columbus is a great city, but there is that little ZOMBIE problem. Every year in late May the undead take to the streets in search for human flesh, or stories of how their bodies are rotting, or nerdy companionship in the annual Zombie Walk. This is actually alot of fun, as the zombies stroll up and down High St, usually to some kind of party destination. People really get into this, and their are usually several hundred of these ghouls that participate.

    watch out, she's hot, but still needs to feed hippie zombie, wow they feed on BRAINS!!!! a zombie beauty queen They are invading the whole city:()
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  • maxwebster's Profile Photo

    Beware of all of the crime

    by maxwebster Written Dec 16, 2005

    Columbus has lots of crime. Be very careful where you go. At least one person is killed (on average) in Columbus every week. Columbus has a very strong urban presence (if you know what I mean). So be very careful if you go out after dark.

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  • East versus West

    by katzenbacker73 Written Dec 6, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It seems the crime all most always falls on the east side of US 23 (High st) inside the I-270 belt way.

    The west side of US 23 is relatively clear of hazzards.

    If you stay away from the high crime zones on the east side, you will have a very positive impression on Columbus.

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  • Columbus,Ohio: dont litter or jaywalk ever

    by Columbus83 Updated Sep 12, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Columbus is very strict when comes to littering and jaywalking

    Columbus police and the public safety department are set on keeping the city clean and safe and they do this by:

    Littering: 1000 dollar fine if the police come by and see you litter (the police have video monitering on the sides of every police and public works vehicle). They enforce this one big time and depend on it for revenue.

    Speeding: one mile over the limit and you get a big fine, especially in New Rome

    Dumping: Columbus police and city attorneys office love to give massive fines for this one

    Jaywalking: Cross the street at the wrong time or even when the light blinks red and you get a 100 dollar ticket, the city of Columbus has police at most downtown intersections enforcing this during business hours

    You can get the point, law and order are the rules of the game in Columbus

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  • Columbus: generally safe, but a few iffy areas

    by Columbus83 Written Sep 11, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Despite the extreme clealiness and politeness of Columbus,Ohio residents there a few bad areas in the columbus metropolitan area which include....
    East Side- the area bordered from Livingston Ave on the south, to Morse on the north and from Childrens hospital on the west and Nelson on the east
    West Side- sections near the projects on Mound street are kinda bad at night
    South Side- Some areas of South Parsons are a bit iffy after dark

    All and all Columbus, Ohio is a safe city which averages about 60 murders a year which is much lower than most cities of half the size.

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  • Talond's Profile Photo

    Columbus residents has some...

    by Talond Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Columbus residents has some driving issues, mostly centering around turns. Be prepared for left turns from the right lane, right from the left, striaghts from a turn only lane, etc. They also tend to follow what they quaintly refer to as the 'seven second rule,' which allows anyone turning left at a light seven seconds after the light has turned red to make their turn.

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  • mtwohig's Profile Photo

    Terrorist Alert for Ohio... ...

    by mtwohig Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Terrorist Alert for Ohio...

    The FBI issued a warning in today's Millersburg, Ohio newspaper that a terrorist suspect may be hiding in the Amish community. This photo was the first clue, which triggered the investigation:

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  • Please be careful of the area...

    by jmcadoo1 Written Aug 24, 2002

    Please be careful of the area just west of the Scioto River from Downtown Columbus. I noticed broken glass all over West Broad Street & the surrounding side streets, along with many street people consuming alcohol at 11:30 AM on a Saturday.

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