Dayton Warnings and Dangers

  • Just one of the many local jobs that left
    Just one of the many local jobs that...
    by jjunt0522
  • Housing project, closed and waiting for demolition
    Housing project, closed and waiting for...
    by jjunt0522
  • Cornerstore in rough neighborhood
    Cornerstore in rough neighborhood
    by jjunt0522

Most Recent Warnings and Dangers in Dayton

  • travelling to dayton, don't stay downtown

    by daytonvisitor Written Oct 22, 2013

    they have two hotels in downtown dayton, both are hellholes
    my first trip to dayton i stayed at the Doubletree hotel (now called the dayton grand hotel, gues hilton took their brand away from them)
    the room was tiny, you had to squeeze in close to the bath tub and close the bathroom door to reach the toilet which was in an alcove in the closet sized bathroom behind where the door opened at.

    the service was terrible, housekeeper didn't speak or understand english, the room service food was inedible and ridiculously over priced.
    went to the breakfast buffet in their restaurant and the offerings were luke warm and congealed. plus the restaurant is a meter below ground level so when you look out the window all you see is legs and car tires on the street outside.

    when i asked about outside dining i was directed to the spaghetti warehouse (2 block walk down ludlow surrounded by vacant buildings and homeless beggars. the warehouse wasn't bad but i didn't feel safe on the area.

    second trip i chose the crown plaza hotel
    again, food was bad, service was bad, the front desk left unattended half the time i was there.
    don't bother calling the care line in an emergency, it just rings and rings.

    first room they put me in looked dingy and when i pulled back the duvet the sheets had hairs in them. after complaining about the rooms conditions i was offered another room which seemed ok at first. bathrooms about average for a hotel.

    like the double tree, room service was inedible, breakfast in the restaurant was rubber scrambled eggs and burnt bacon. didn't want to go to the spaghetti warehouse again so i asked about other area dinning. was told about cold beer n cheese burgers and the Oregon district. second day i headed over to cold beer and was asked for money three times and offered drugs once in the 2 block walk. the food was acceptable although it looks like a problem area since one of the windows was broken out and covered with plywood. and of course the drug dealer hanging around outside didn't help.
    the next morning i notice another problem through, i found a line of 5 bites running down my leg.
    checking my bed yep, they had bedbugs "shudder"
    the hotel gave me a refund and apologies for my inconvenience but it seemed half harted and i over heard an employee complaining about having to strip another bed bug room so i'd say this was not an isolated or rare situation for them

    next time i trave to the dayton area, i will NOT be staying at either of these places again

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  • How to stay safe and The areas you dont wanna be.

    by daytonhome Written Jun 18, 2013

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dayton is a city with many areas.. lets start with the downtown area. born and raised in dayton and know about all parts of the city..i have lived all over the city. from the hood the suburbs..i know the facts .One of the safest areas is the downtown area,, If your visiting. the downtown area is Heavy with police..Crime is not as common in this area. Downtown is the center of dayton. Main St is that inserter . Now its on of the safest areas to travel at night. dont get ridicules and venture too late because all cities are dangerous at night. Going south from main st. will take u towards Oakwood Kettering and Centerville . Areas with a strong police presence and are very safe and suburban areas. Nice houses and many places to see. Rich Folk area. To be Blunt. Now these areas have there own hoods or projects but are very safe. Trust me i know..A ride down south main St. will show you what i mean. Now back downtown .If u travel north on main .This is where u will find trouble ..North main is notorious for street walkers, Gangs , Robbers, and this area is the hood be careful on north main at night. This area consist of violence. Ive been walking on main in broad daylight and seen people shooting at people like its nothing. Be cautious. This is one of the most notorious areas in dayton. Off of north main is the area know as five oaks . which in its self is a very dangerous area. mainly a housing area in not many projects. Dont be fooled. Gangs strive in this area. Bloods Crips GD and Vice Lords. Filled with alley ways and many escape routes make it a common place for crime. Now More areas close to five oaks consist of salem Ave... another notorious area.. Crimes and Murders are common. Because it is a highly traveled area .Salem area is also home To Dayton View. A notorious area also.Crime is common . be careful not to venture to far at night if your just visiting your asking to get robbed. Their looking for out of state tags,,be smart. A area close to Salem is Gettysburg . Maybe the most notorious St. in dayton place of countless murders and a common place where urban people race there cars and showcase them also. gettysburg will take you to many hoods as we say in dayton. one which is GVC green wich village.. a small community. but can be dangerous. Not as dangerous as most areas but , people commonly will follow a victim in this area Because its not as easy to get away. Another area close to Gettysburg is Hilltop Which is also a dangerous area .This is mainly a west side area, I know many people who have been killed in this housing project so be Careful at night. If your visiting Dayton, This is the projects as some would say. Now lets talk about the most Notorious area in Dayton. This is a west side area. Which consist of the projects called De Sota Bass or the Bass OR Dbk as we know in dayton. This is a dangerous area at all times Shootings and murders are very common. This area is commonly targeted because people seek revenge and have beef with the Bass, growing up 2 streets down from here i know. Shootouts and murders are almost daily in the summer or during Beef.. If u dont want trouble stay away. This area isn't as bad as it was in the 90s. Other areas is the westwood area Dangerous at any time also..A area of houses and not many projects but dangerous .Some housing projects that are also dangerous are Northland be careful at night. patrolled by sheriffs this area is common fro crime because of the easy escape routes and closed in area. Next to this project is another Northcrest provides the same danger as northland. Because of the easy escapes routes. Stay Posted for more updates from a dayton native..

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  • kdoc13's Profile Photo

    Highway Construction

    by kdoc13 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are these little signs everywhere that say "I-75 Sucks!" And it's no lie. Traffic clogs up downtown as you have to shift over to two left lanes as you go north, and two right lanes going south both near route four in what they refer to as accident alley. Then there is the joy of having to get on and off Route 35. And speaking of Route 35, what kind of a *** puts a stop light in the middle of a highway?

    But as bad as these things are, they still pale in comparison to the wonders of the orange blossom season. No, not those wonderful smelling flowers, but those barrels that grow eeach and every spring as road construction starts. Dayton always seems to have somethign messed up. Check out the link below for traffic Info

    Please excuse us while we mess up the works!

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  • jjunt0522's Profile Photo


    by jjunt0522 Written May 19, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dayton is separated by Main Street. It is divided between the East Side and the West Side. One side is not more dangerous than the other. Unemployment is affecting everyone equally. Crime on both sides is very common. The best bet is to stay downtown or at least near downtown. Most tourist spots are near downtown. If you happen to get in a run down neighborhood use common sense. Don't let people come up to your car window. If you see bars on the windows, turn around. Don't venture out to far at night. There is nothing to see in the different neighborhoods at night anyhow. Also, watch out for housing projects. There are many of them in Dayton and they are spread around the city. Fortunately, the city is trying to move the people out of the projects and demolish them. So a few of them have already been shut down.

    Just one of the many local jobs that left Housing project, closed and waiting for demolition Cornerstore in rough neighborhood Houses in bad neighborhood Another eyesore in a bad neighborhood

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  • Just mind your business

    by localdirtball Written Feb 16, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have seen way too many people writing on here that just don't get it right. OK, granted, there are bad parts of Dayton, but it is just like any other city. The main thing about the Dayton "thug element" is they can smell fear. If you act intimidated, they will know it. If you at least give the impression that you are not to be messed with, usually they will leave you alone. I have lived in Dayton for 30 years, and I have never been assaulted, robbed or otherwise. If you walk around town with that "better than thou" attitude, you are asking for it. That being said, if you are truly worried about Dayton, heed what others have said. West Dayton can be intimidating, but if you don't act like you are better than the locals, then you will be okay. I agree with the earlier post about East Dayton. East Dayton is loaded with illegal aliens ( i.e. Mexicans ) that to me are a bigger problem than any West Side issues. These folks can commit any number of crimes, and then leave the country, so just be leary. I really don't get all the bad press about North Dayton, as it is mainly poor white folks. I have never once had a "problem" in OND. Anyways, this town is not "death trap" as told by other posters. Just keep your wits and you will be fine.

    Beautiful at night

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  • Watch yo back!!!!!

    by burkdogg937 Updated Nov 30, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    i used to live in the dyt. its completely out of control. blacks partrol in huge packs and r ready to attack. if they see u makin any kind of deal on their turf the least ur getting is a beating. ive also been jumped by packs of white boys many times. cops dont give a *** either. i remeber when i was 14 drinkin forties at bell mont and cops cruisin by and just nodding their head. say what u want about it, but its my home.

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  • Know Your Strengths

    by DSvelteH1980 Written May 8, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I grew up in Dayton. Those not familiar with the city find it frightening, but I assure you: all you really have to do is know how not to make yourself into a ready-made victim and you're fine. The west Side is no more dangerous than Old North, and most of the violence is gang related. NOTE: STAY OUT OF THE BGANG_BANGER CLUBS!! They've staked their claims, and since the cops are too busy pulling people over for speeding tickets and traffic violations, they've pretty much abandoned those "trouble spots.

    The East Side is where most of the real hell is, primarily because the higher-ups have paid off the beat cops (and probably the media) so that they neglect to report most of the iolence that goes on there. Believe none of the hype. Just make sure you're not unduly provoking attack.

    Thos who pin all of the city's ouble on the West side, incidentally, have obviously never been to Detroit or Cleveland or Chicago or New York or Los Angeles. Try looking around the rest of the country before passing judgment on the city.

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  • Voyageuse30's Profile Photo

    The DARK Side

    by Voyageuse30 Written Oct 23, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Maybe you've heard the rumors. The west side of Dayton is apparently pretty bleak and shall we say, pretty dangerous. It's no Anacostia DC, but it has a reputation for being pretty rough. There are often stories on the Dayton evening news about some violent goings-on. I haven't seen it first hand, but why would I want to go check it out? That's one rumor I'll leave well-enough alone.
    If you want to see Dayton's crime statistics, you can check out this link. It's not exactly comforting that Dayton's crime level is worse than the national average! But don't let that discourage you if you're coming for a visit. Just stay away from the west side and you should be fine.

    Bad boys, bad boys

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  • Steer Clear!

    by RKel Updated Dec 4, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just don't drive past the bridge at any hour and if you do so between 10 and 12 then god help you. You have no business here unless you are black. They don't like white people here, I've have a gun held at me more than once.
    PS. When I say "the bridge" I mean the one seperating Patterson and Edwin C. Moses...or the one next to Sinclair. (Sinclair is the good side)

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  • Karing's Profile Photo

    As with most places use common...

    by Karing Written Sep 12, 2002

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As with most places use common sense and stay aware of your surroundings. There are a few incidents, but I'm a female who frequently goes downtown alone and I haven't had any problems in 20 years. I don't wander alone in isolated and unlit areas--in Dayton or anywhere. There are some rough neighborhoods, but these are mostly residential areas. If you are in the Oregon District stick to the main street, avoid the dark residential streets, and don't drink so much that you stagger down the street like an easy target. Any club will gladly call you a cab.

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  • Ewingjr98's Profile Photo

    Winter Driving in Dayton

    by Ewingjr98 Written Dec 8, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What's more dangerous than being downtown in Dayton after dark? How about driving in the snow in downtown Dayton after dark? Or just winter time driving around here in general.

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