Ohio Off The Beaten Path

  • Master Bedroom of the Old Vermilion Jailhouse
    Master Bedroom of the Old Vermilion...
    by markosdream
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    Pitt Pa
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  • Off The Beaten Path
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Ohio Off The Beaten Path

  • Parks

    Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

    We were in the area and thought we would check out some covered bridges. This was a nice metro park with nice building that looked like they were having a formal party in ... but we were there for just a brief time to see the bridge.

  • Local neighborhoods

    Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

    Chagrin is a quaint little town with its curio shops, restaurants, library etc. Keep your eyes open as you might miss the falls! On the way there, admire the stately mansions tucked behind rows of trees. The hilly road gets a little slippery especially since we drove on a winter day.

  • Architecture

    Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

    Mausoleums are a sacred resting place and a work of art .. they had the coolest doors. This cemetery had several and I really enjoyed walking around looking around. This cemetery had a lot of things that were interesting. A huge lake with swans .. flowering trees, marble statues and monuments. Lots of mausoleums and I really liked their doorl

  • Museums

    Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

    Lawnfield is the Presidential Home of President James A. Garfield (1876-1900). From the front porch, he ran for president. There is a railroad just to the north that cut through the Garfield farm, and a stop, from which he would catch trains to and from town and the nation. Hours: M-Sa 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.; Su noon - 5 p.m.

  • Shopping

    Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

    Loganberry Books in the Shaker Square area (of Shaker Hts) is AMAZING!! After Border's closed and I needed to find a new bookstore, I found Loganberry. After being recommended from a few friends, I tried it. I'm hooked! The wooden floor creeks when you walk, books of varying ages, and even a store cat :-) I always joke that I was born in the wrong...

  • Local Art & Galleries

    Cleveland Off The Beaten Path

    The Cleveland International Film Festival is held every year around the middle of March for about 10 days in downtown Cleveland at Tower City Ampitheater. A friend of mine turned me on to the festival last year and now I love going. Films typically start around late morning or noon and 4 to 5 films are running at any one time. Well over a hundred...

  • Lanterman's mill

    This was totally worth a stop .. Besides the mill and falls ...what we weren't expecting is nice rock formatiions and a covered bridge right there. There is bathrooms and it's a nice peaceful place. They do still grind corn and flour .. they do offer tours 980 Canfield Rd, Youngstown, OH 44511 330 740 7115

  • Chargrin falls

    Main Street and Chagrin RiverChagrin Falls, OH 44022 we took a weekend and drove around our home state Ohio to see new stuff .. waterfalls were one of the things we went around looking at. This was a cute town .. they were having some sort of carnival .. we looked around the town for about 20 minutes and then got back on the road. This was a nice...

  • Brandywine falls

    Brandywine falls8176 Brandywine Rd, Northfield, OH440) 546-5995The 1.5-mile Brandywine Gorge Trail lets you explore beyond the waterfall. Brandywine falls is 65-foot. A combination of boardwalk and steps brings you into the waterfall's gorge and lets you view the waterfall head-on (a boardwalk option without stairs is also available). The boardwalk...

  • Germantown Ohio Dam

    The dam is right by a metro park outside Germantown but we like to go to the dam after a big rain. check out the video of the rushing water in my videos. Anyway my mom loves the sound of the rushing water and since she doesn't travel ..this is a big thrill for her.

  • smith garden oakwood Ohio

    300-498 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, OH 45409937-298-0775Located on less than one acre at the corner of Oakwood Avenue and Walnut Lane, Smith Gardens boasts one of the "finest tiny public gardens in Ohio. It's like a secret treasure on an ordinary side street." - Ohio Magazine, April, 1996. Various plants and flowers attract birds, small creatures and...

  • driving around Ohio in the fall

    Beautiful fall day in Ohio near Dayton Ohio ... driving around out in the country and looking for places to hike .. parks ect. the weather is perfect in the 70's ... sound of crickets and cicadas all around.

  • Yellowsprings Ohio is a cute town

    Yellowsprings is one of my favorite towns in Ohio. It's great for people watching .. it's sort of a hippie artist vibe with nice bike paths and good hiking. There are a few nice parks Glen Helen, John Bryant and Clifton Mill. Nice Dairy with animals to see and a gorge. In the fall field of sunflowers near the dairy, water falls and cute shops.

  • Brandywine Falls

    Cuyahoga Valley Naional Park lies around the homonym river in the Cleveland metro area. One of the tributaries, the Branwywine Creek, has carved a gorge after an 18-meter drop. This isn't an extraordinary waterfall but worth a visit while taking a hike on one of the numerous trails around the park, or just the one-minute walk from the parking lot....

  • Cleveland - Cuyahoga Valley NP

    Metropolitan Cleveland has a decent extension of green areas for public use. One of these is the Cuyahoga Valley National Park featuring multipurpose trails, bluffs and ledges, waterfalls and woodland.Originally exceeding 300 miles in length, a good portion of the accessible present-day 100-mile long Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail lies within the...

  • Old Woman Creek Reserve

    Old Woman Creek Reserve is a small nature preserve located on the eastern edge of Erie County, Ohio. The preserve is beautiful, but is mostly noted for the estuary environment it protects, where Lake Erie water mixes with water flowing from Old Woman Creek to create a different and unique water chemistry - a freshwater estuary.The preserve is over...

  • Caesar Creek State Park

    Caesar Creek State Park lies in southwestern Ohio in three counties: Warren, Clinton and Greene. The centerpiece of the park is the 2,830-acre Caesar Creek Lake, a reservoir built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the 1970s. The dam is 3 miles above the mouth of Caesar Creek, a tributary of the Little Miami River. The reservoir was built for...

  • Mountain Biking at Quail Hollow State...

    The mountain biking trail at Quail Hollow is one of Northeast Ohio's newer fat tire trails. It is about a 4-mile loop, perfect for beginner and intermediate riders, but it may be a little too mundane for experienced bikers. The trail is packed pretty hard and dries out fairly quickly after rainstorms although there is a field area that you cross...

  • Marblehead Lighthouse

    At the northern tip of Ohio, on the shore of Lake Erie, stands Marblehead Lighthouse, the oldest light on the Great Lakes, and still one of the most picturesque. The 65 feet tall stone tower, built in 1821, is in an idyllic setting, at the eastern tip of Marblehead Peninsula, where Hwy. #163 dead-ends at a rocky point jutting out into Lake...

  • The Seven Caves

    Located in Highland County in southern Ohio, The Seven Caves is a wondrous place. It is an Ohio Natural Landmark, comprised of a stunningly beautiful gorge about 70 feet deep, cut by Rocky Fork and Paint Creeks. Three well marked trails lead visitors on a self guided tour to - and through - The 7 Caves, each with it's own unique formations and...

  • Shawnee State Park

    This wonderful gem of a state park is on the southern edge of Ohio, near the Ohio River, and in the foothills of the Appalachians. It is surrounded by the 63,000 acre Shawnee State Forest, with wooded hills so picturesque that the area is know as "The Little Smokies." These were the ancient hunting grounds of the Shawnee Indians, and still one of...

  • Campbell Hill

    The Highest point in Ohio is on the ground of a tech school in Bellefontaine, Ohio. It is 1,550 ft above sea level


    This harbor along the south shores of Lake Erie was important as both a point of passage for early Mormon ‘gatherers’ coming from the religion’s home grounds in New York and for missionaries who sallied forth throughout the then civilized areas of North America. Two lighthouses originally lit the way for boats coming into the harbor off the lake -...


    Located just off I-77 at the same exit you would take for Zoar, is the only American fort erected during the Revolution - Fort Laurens. The fort was named in honor of the president of the Continental Congress, Henry Laurens, and was a supply point for possible American attacks against British outposts along or near Lake Erie - ie Detroit. The fort...

  • Roller Coaster Capital

    Cedar Point is the world's? well, at least the US's largest concentration of Roller Coasters. 19 at the last count. If you love amusement parks, it's one of the best. If you love roller coasters, it is the best.

  • The Portage Lakes

    Just south of Akron, you will find the Portage Lakes. The area is full of wonderful mom & pop places, like Pav's Creamery, Biggin's Big Dip, Woody's Restaurant, Bailey's, and more. There is a clock tower, several places to rent pontoon boats from, and an amazing fire works display right around the 4th of July. It is a great place for the entire...

  • 19th Century Kirkland, Ohio

    In the early 1830's a religious group known as "Mormons" settled for awhile in Kirkland before moving on to Missouri, and then on to Utah. The were an industrious people building churches, stores, industry of that time and a Temple. Following their departure in about 1835 mush of the city fell into disrepair. Today the Mormon Church based in Salt...

  • Clifton Mill

    Clifton Mill, built in 1802, is the largest remaining water powered grist mill in the United States. A restaurant at the mill serves breakfast, (famous for buckwheat pancakes), and lunch, but is closed in the evenings.. Karen and I had a great lunch here and enjoyed exploring the old mill and browsing the gift shop. We sat for an hour on the back...

  • Siep Mound

    Seip Mound is an ancient burial site of the Hopewell Indians who inhabited much of what is present day Ohio from around 100 B.C. until 500 A.D. The mound, which stands 30 feet high and 240 feet long by 130 feet wide is surrounded by about two miles of earthworks. The surrounding earthworks once stood 10 feet high, but have been erroded by time,...

  • Sorrowful Mother Shrine

    Although we are not Catholic, Karen and I have stopped here at Sorrowful Mother Shrine twice when passing through the area. We found it interesting to see how the devout flock to this out-of-the-way spot surrounded by farmland in northwestern Ohio.With 120 acres, Sorrowful Mother is the largest Marian shrine in the Midwest. Paved pathways lead by...

  • The Road Between Chillicothe and...

    I used this road to reach a town where my great grandparents lived. Just a pretty drive with farms and small roads in every direction.

  • Prebble County, Ohio: Eikenberry...

    This tip is written by Jill MartinWhen Dee and I plan our trips, I check to see if I can visit people,libraries or cemeteries in the area in order to fill gaps in my genealogy.Before this trip, I checked the internet for a cemetery in Preble County,Ohio, just across the state line from Richmond, Indiana. Buried there wasPeter Eichenburg...

  • Great Serpent Mound

    The Great Serpent Mound, the largest and finest serpent effigy in the world, is on a plateau overlooking Brush Creek Valley in Adams County, Ohio. The grass covered mound stretches like a coiled snake for a half mile (1,330-feet), and stands 3 to 4 feet high. It is thought to have been built by the Adena culture (American Indians) who lived in this...

  • Rocky Fork State Park

    Located in rural southwestern Ohio, in Highland County, Rocky Fork State Park is just off U.S. Hwy. 50, about an hour east of Cincinnati. The park is named for the stream flowing through the park and it's central feature is a 2,040 acre reservoir which is a magnet for boaters, fishermen, and water sports enthusiasts. Three marinas around the lake...

  • Lockington Locks

    This historic site is a series of locks on a canal that once ran from Lake Erie to the Ohio River. Remnants of this Canal are spread throughout Western Ohio

  • Comerant fisherman

    statue of friendship from the city of Gifu Japan to it's sister city Cincinnati. Depicts a celebrated tradition begun 1200 years ago by fishermen and their trained comerant seabirds. The birds are tethered and necks secured to prevent swallowing . Released they swoop and capture fish and return to the boats with the catch.Staue located at Eden Park...

  • Caesar Creek Lake, near...

    Caesar Creek Lake, near Dayton, OH, is a decent lake on which to take a boat out. You can fish, just speed around, or what-have-you. Anyway... nice lake.

  • To see the 'big jets' at the...

    To see the 'big jets' at the Cincinnati/N. Ky. International Airport... Take 275 to the Mineola Pike exit. Go south until the road ends. Take a left at the light. At the next street take a right. The sign marks the spot.Small fenced parking area. Outdoor toilet available (which is dreadful), waste cans and speakers so that you can hear the tower...

  • Amish Country.If you see more...

    Amish Country.If you see more than three black buggies in a row, that is considered a traffic jam in Ohio's Amish Country. Amish areas truly are a place apart, a land of plain people who forsake modern conveniences for a simpler way of life. And while these folks may look as if they are from hundreds of miles and decades away, that's not the case....

  • When driving through...

    If people are driving through Ohio (or to a specific location), they often stay on the Interstate Highways. Take a detour and see some beautiful scenery. Click photo to enlarge.

  • If you are traveling through...

    If you are traveling through Ohio, get off the Interstate highways occasionally. Drive through Amish country on Rt. 36 or Rt. 30 (and others). You will find a lot of beautiful farm land and rolling hills (if you stay away from the flats of western Ohio near Indiana!).

  • Ohio has the largest Amish population...

    Ohio has the largest Amish population of any state. Amish farms are scattered throughout Ohio. Amish farmers maintain their simplified way of life, rejecting modern conveniences, including modern farm machinery.There is a large Amish population on the scenic country roads south of Route 30 and Wooster. Route 36 is a designated Scenic Route winding...








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