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  • ant1606's Profile Photo

    Seoul Garden: Korean restaurant in Parma

    by ant1606 Updated Oct 28, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I normally don't write tips about restaurants but this time I can't refrain.
    This venue is certainly not the fanciest I've seen. I must say it's not much inspiring as seen from the outside, and the perception doesn't change once having stepped-in. The tables and the interiors have seen better days, but the personnel (a Korean guy and a half-Korean lady) is very courteous and amiable.
    What really left an impression on me was the quality of food. A surprisingly real Korean experience, I was actually not prepared to find to find such excellence outside Korea.
    The menu is well varied and includes most of the typical dishes. I couldn't try everything but sharing with others in my party was sufficient to give a double thumbs up to a number of delicacies. Of course it all comes with the traditional countless side dishes including the ubiquitous cabbage Kimchi.
    Beware of portions as they can feed two or three persons! This restaurant should be in a better location and have bells and whistles. These guys deserve to move on and hope they will. Kudos!

    Favorite Dish: Mandu (Braised dumplings)
    Nakji Bokkum (Grilled Octopus)
    Dwenchang Chigae (Fermented soybean hot pot)
    Dubu (Tofu)
    Kimchi (Fermented cabbage)

    Tableful bounty
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  • DueSer's Profile Photo

    Kennedy's Bakery: Get the Sticky Buns!

    by DueSer Written May 8, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One thing I love about road trips is that when hunger strikes you can end up eating in some interesting places. Interesting can sometimes mean wonderful and sometimes mean downright scary. I've eaten in a lot of little towns where the only reason I stopped was because I was starving and they were on the highway and all they have to offer is a Quick-E-Mart or some such place so I settle for chips and soda or a sub sandwich wrapped in saran wrap.

    Every once in a while, though, I discover a gem. When hunger struck one morning in eastern Ohio, I was approaching Cambridge, a cute town that I had never heard of before. The highway ran right through the town and connected me to another highway I needed and while I was going from one highway to the other, I passed down main street, which in Cambridge is named Wheeling Avenue, and I spotted a sign that said bakery. There was a parking spot in front of the place so I parked and went in.

    Some places just hit you the moment you step inside. They hit you with that feeling, "Oh, yes. This is going to be good." That's what you feel when you step inside Kennedy's and let me tell you, it is definitely good.

    Cakes, cookies, doughnuts, rolls, pastries...need I go on? It looks fantastic, smells better, and tastes out of this world.

    Favorite Dish: The sticky buns! They had a LOT of stuff that looked DELICIOUS but the sticky buns are made of awesome! Fresh pecans, ample carmel drizzle and cinnamon, and the pastry part was so soft and so fresh! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it again.

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    Graeter's: Graeter's Is Great

    by DueSer Written May 3, 2010

    This is a chain of sweet shops throughout Cinci that sell a variety of items but you need to experience the ice cream. They make it the way it was made in the early 1800s and there is a marked difference. I've heard it explained but basically there's less air or something? Whatever the reason, it's worth the trip to Ohio to taste.

    They have a variety of flavors but the different "chip" flavors are what they're known for.

    Favorite Dish: Black raspberry chip, made the old-fashioned way, is creamy and the chips are all different sizes and shapes making every lick an adventure. So delicious, so fun.

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  • Iluv2surf2's Profile Photo

    Old Dutch Restaurant: The Dinner From Hell

    by Iluv2surf2 Written Apr 28, 2010

    This restaurant is supposed to be a buffett. I've eaten there once or twice before, though not overly impressed, it would have been very sufficient for our group of twenty. We stop there between 6-7PM on Sunday evening. We have about a 20 minute wait to be seated. Every once in a while I'd poke my head into the seating area and on more than one occasion I saw people, specifically this one woman, shoving this hugh chicken breast into her purse.

    Once we were seated it took another 15-20 minutes or more to get tableware. We went to get some food, but there was very little left at the buffett. After inquiring we were told that there was food on the way. Once a SMALL amount was restocked people who were already there swarmed in like starving animals and scarfed up everything that was just provided. After complaining about chicken purse lady and the lack of service essentially we were told there wasn't going to be any more.

    This was the WORST RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I would NEVER go back there and I DO NOT recommend ever eating there.

    Favorite Dish: I couldn't tell you.

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  • WheninRome's Profile Photo

    Schmidt's Restaurant and Sausage Haus: A Columbus Tradition

    by WheninRome Updated Dec 31, 2009

    Schmidt's is a Columbus icon in German Village and was also shown on Discover Channel's Man vs. Food show, which I love to watch. I had the luck to stop by Schmidt's for lunch recently while in town on work. I decided to get the buffet so that I had time to sample a little bit of everything, except for the beer on tap, which I would love to try one evening when I am back in town.

    The line to be seated was pretty long and from what I hear they are almost always busy, so arrive patient and prepared for a little wait. The atmosphere is casual if not a little cramped.

    Schmidt's makes their own sausages right on site and there is a glass case full of them right as you walk in. Staring at those delectible sausages makes waiting for a seat that much more difficult.

    The sausages are delicious. I sampled the traditional bratwurst, the Bahama Mama (spicy sausage), the mild Bahama Mama, and garlic bratwurst. My favorite was the Bahama Mama, which was spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. The traditional bratwurst came in second.

    I had sides of a role, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and excellent green beans with ham and small chunks of potato.

    For dessert (as if I needed dessert) I got a jumbo chocolate puff pastry to go (this was not included in the buffet and cost $2.50 extra).

    That was just the buffet. In looking at the menu, many of the traditional dinners (i.e. Alpine Chicken Schnitzel, Bavarian Cabbage Rolls, etc...) also looked out of this world good.

    Favorite Dish: The Bahama Mama sausage melts in your mouth with a slight spicy kick. Best sausage I have ever had.

    The green beans with ham and small potato chunks are also a fantastic side dish.

    Schmidt's Restaurant and Sausage Haus Schmidt's
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  • Phildagr8's Profile Photo

    Marcella's: Great Italian food for a great price!

    by Phildagr8 Updated Jul 5, 2009

    The atmosphere is very nice. they even have an outdoor patio to dine, and a separate bar area as wel. Their wine selection is larger than their food selection,which are each on one side of the menu. At this time, none of the menu dishes are more than $20. Their olive oil & bread are "home-made", too! The walls are decorated with glass-encased shelving that has full bottles of various liquors. They have tables and half-booths against the walls. Very nice!

    For a "guy", you'll likely finish your plate. The serving size is not tremendous, so you may want to splurge for an appetizer if you go their with a strong appetite. But they also have a dessert menu, so you may want to save some room for that, so you can "share" it! 8o)

    Favorite Dish: The food was fabulous! I had the meatball and linguine, which came with an alfredo sauce for the linguine, and a tomato sauce for the meatball. The meatball was fantastic!! Melt in you mouth-type food. The sangria was very good, too, as well as the bread and oil. The oil was very light. A definite repeat-trip is worthy.

    You can either google this place, or check out the website below and even see the menu and the hours they are open.

    This is one of the Cameron Mitchell restaurants. Another one is Molly Woo's.
    Quote on the menu: When life hands you lemons, make lemoncello!

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  • WheninRome's Profile Photo

    Tony Packo's -: Famous Hot Dogs

    by WheninRome Written Apr 1, 2009

    Tony Packo's Hungarian hot dogs and chili are purely awesome and I always try to stop by for lunch whenever I am in Toledo on business. This was one of Corporal Max Klinger's (from the 70's era show MASH) favorite restaurants, and when it comes to hot dogs, Klinger can't be wrong. I believe he actually mentioned Packo's in 1 of the episodes or in an interview, I'm not sure which.

    The hot dogs are spicier than you average dog. So is the chili. Together they make a great combination.

    They have about 5 locations in NW Ohio, with one of the newest being near the Toledo Mudhens AAA baseball stadium. The restaurants are always clean and the service is good.

    Favorite Dish: Hot dogs with the works - chili, onions, etc...

    Packo's at the Ballpark

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  • WheninRome's Profile Photo

    Geisen Haus: German Food and Beer

    by WheninRome Written Feb 22, 2009

    The Geisen Haus is the best place to go for a casual, greasy, fun dinner and drink in Canton, Ohio. I love the atmosphere, the people and the food. The Geisen Haus is not recommended for those on a diet, vegetarian, or those with a history of heart disease. Almost everything is fried (shnitzel) and if it isn't fried, it's stewed. Yum.

    In addition to the food, the Geisen Haus has over 70 different beers for your tasting pleasure. Most of them are imported and many from Germany; however, there are also English, Irish and domestic beers. For regulars, you can drink all of them (not in 1 sitting hopefully) and receive a ceramic mug that is then hung on the wall and you can use it when you are there. For those that do the beer tour twice, you get a T-shirt. Three times I think a coat or something crazy like that.

    I am usually satisfied with my schnitzel (chicken, beef or jager), fries, and a German import.

    Favorite Dish: Schnitzel and a beer.

    Geisen Haus Sign at Night

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  • Caribbean Jerks: A little bit of the Caribbean right here

    by seashellcyndie Updated Jan 10, 2008

    We visited Caribbean Jerks on Dec. 21st. While everyone was rushing around Christmas shopping we enjoyed a little bit of summer with our lunch. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was fun. The decor made us feel like we were on an island somewhere. It's not as fancy as the Cheeseburger in Paradise just down the road but it didn't cost as much either.

    Favorite Dish: We enjoyed the rum bbq chicken pizza and jerk chicken wings.

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  • Ricardos East Second Street: WOW on Defiance Ohio Restaurants

    by cyberchef632004 Updated Mar 13, 2007

    Let me start out by saying ,.,,,,WOWWWWWW.... I have never had a steak as good as i got at Ricardos restaurant.... besides my own ofcourse....and the service was exellent ...i will be going back there soon ...

    Favorite Dish: I had a Ny strip steak ,,,ordered exactly medium rare and that tells alot about the chef....I do believe his name was Chad.....

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  • deecat's Profile Photo

    Benders Tavern: Serving Canton for Over 100 Years

    by deecat Updated May 14, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the best things about visiting Canton, Ohio, was having the opportunity to eat at the nationally famous Benders Tavern (Since 1902), known as Canton's Oldest and Finest Restaurant.

    If only the walls of this beautiful old establishment could talk! They have witnessed so much in the 104 years since Benders Tavern opened in 1902. There was a tragic fire in 1988, but still the beauty of this historic place remains (thank goodness) with its tin ceilings, marble, and tiger oak paneling surviving the blaze.

    The Jacob family (since 1932) continues the traditions of fine food, drink, and hospitality that has prevailed for more than a century.

    We were so fortunate to have Randy Mayle as our helpful, friendly, efficient waiter.As you can tell in Picture #1, he has a welcoming smile at the ready.

    Picture #2 shows the beautiful presentation of the delicious food served at Benders

    Picture #3 is really two photographs of the old entrance signs on each side of the building.

    Picture #4 is a large Black/white post card with a picture of Benders Taproom in 1902, looking much the same as it does today. It was given to me by Randy.

    Finally, picture #5 (apologies for the darkness) is inside Benders looking toward the Taproom today.

    There are four dining rooms and the taproom here at Benders, and all of them maintain "the old world atmosphere" that makes the restaurant truly great.

    Favorite Dish: Bender's Tavern has a wide and diverse menu; there's something to please everyone.
    They have appetizers such as shrimp, mackeral, smoked Maine salmon, Cape Cod little neck clams, sauteed frog legs, Oyster's on the half shell, and New England Crabmeat Cocktail.

    They also offer a wide array of Seafood dishes such as Camp Kagel Style Walleye Pickerel, Stuffed Fresh Flounder with Crabmeat, Sauteed "Georges Banks" Sea Scallops, Surf & Turf, Pan Sauteed Lake Erie Yellow Perch, Bender's Classic Fried Bluefish among many others.

    Of course, they offer Salads (9 choices). Jill and I shared a fantastic salad that had mixed lettuces, Madrin oranges, pecans, Feta Cheese, and Cranraisins with a delicious, mild vinegarette. It also had white meat chicken pieces that had been deep fried. I ordered it on the side because I don't like meats on my salads. However, Jill and I did enjoy the chicken off the salad.

    Jill ordered the deep Fried Lake Erie Yellow Perch, which she shared with me. It was marvelous. It came with Bender's Potatoes. I don't eat potatoes, but Jill "raved" about them.
    She had a side dish of coleslaw also.

    Also offered on the menu are Sandwiches such as Fried Fresh Boston Bluefish, Turkey or Classic Rueben, 8 oz. Angus Burger, Tuna Melts, Chicken Caesar Wrap, Barbeque Chicken Breast.

    For dinner they also offer Certified Black Angus Strip Steak, Royal Filet, Regular Filet, Ribeye Steak, Char-broiled Pork Chops, Chicken Marsala, and Pasta Primavera

    Their desserts sounded just yummy: Bender's Famous Chocolate Peanut Butter Sundaes, Walnut Delight (light pastry filled with walnuts and layered with a whipped cream topping, New York Style Cheesecake plain or with strawberries, and Chef's Weekly Specials.

    Bsides desserts, they offer Coffee & Specialty Drinks.

    Our Food at Bender's Tavern in Canton Original Entrance signs Old Post Card of  Bender's Bar Inside Bender's
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  • deecat's Profile Photo

    Ye Old Mill and Velvet Ice Cream: For Ice Cream Lovers

    by deecat Written May 10, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do you have a "sweet tooth"? If so, visiting Velvet Ice Cream's Ye Olde Mill is a must.
    It's located in Utica, Ohio, just over the Knox and Licking County line.

    Since 1914, Velvet has been making ice cream, and what wonderful ice cream it is! If you are at all curious, it would be wise to go on a tour of the ice cream factor where you look through glass windows to see the process. Also, Ye Olde Mill is Ohio's only Ice Cream Museum. It houses this quaint museum that tells the story of ice cream from Roman times to the present. There is antique ice cream-making machines, interactive facts to discover, and typical furniture from ice cream parlors.

    The original Grist Mill was built in 1817; today, the reproduced Grist Mill adds lovely ambience to this delightful area. Besides the museum and Mill, there is also a visitor center, a 19th century style ice cream parlor, a restaurant, gift shop, nature trails, a petting zoo, picnic park and shelter houses, and a Buckeye tree grove.

    Favorite Dish: Jill and I ate lunch and had dessert at the Ye Olde Mill. I chose a Turkey Panini Melt which is slices of grilled turkey breast, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. It has sun dried tomato pesto on it within two delicious slices of bread. It is much to large for one person.

    Jill chose an Olde Tyme Chicken Reuben made of specially seasoned slices of grilled turkey and Swiss cheese, sauerkraut topped with 1000 Island dressing on marbled rye bread.

    For dessert we both had double dips of ice cream on a waffle cone. Our selections Chocolate Nuts and Maple Black Walnut. YUM!

    Dee holding both of our ice cream cones Ice c\Cream counter and Restaurant Jill at Grist Mill and Jill relaxing Child by pond and Ducks under Bush Ye Olde Mill and Velvet Ice Cream Viewing Gallery
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  • deecat's Profile Photo

    Sips in Mount Vernon, Ohio: For Great Coffee and Other Drinks....

    by deecat Updated May 10, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After a day of sightseeing and shopping, a good coffeehouse is a welcome sight. Jill and I were looking for the Opera House, thinking that it had been restored. We were shocked when we saw it. But on the first floor, there is a local theatre company and a coffee shop called Sips.

    We needed a public restroom, and we were also thirsty, so we stopped in to check it out. What a delight. Not only do they sell coffee and coffee drinks, they also sell fruit smoothies, tea, and colas. Also, they sell coffee beans, pastries, sandwiches, soups, and other sweets.

    There are also two computers that can be used. They were in use the whole time that we were there.

    We were so glad that the downstairs of the Opera House had been remodeled and was serving the community with theatre and food.

    Favorite Dish: Jill and I ordered a Raspberry Smoothie, which we shared; we were more than satisfied.

    The young man who worked behind the counter was so nice about letting us have two glasses to share one drink.

    Sips Coffee Shop Old Opera House location of Sips (1st Floor)
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  • deecat's Profile Photo

    Katie's Kitchen: A Taste of Amish Cooking

    by deecat Updated May 10, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    If you are in Mount Vernon and wish to try Amish-style cooking, it would be a good idea to try Katie's Kitchen on South Main Street. Note: They are closed on Sunday as are all Amish establishments.

    They are, however, open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am-8:00 pm.

    The prices are quite reasonable, as the most expensive item on the entire menu is $9.29! They also offer what they call "Back Door Pick-Up", directing you to the Bright Red Door!

    They offer Salads, Soups, Sandwiches, Dinner, Desserts, Drinks, Ala Carte Items, and Daily Specials.

    The inside is plain, clean, and well organized. The emphasis is on good, hearty meals. The personnell seem friendly and helpful.

    Favorite Dish: My suggestion would be to order Soup of the Day, The Daily Special or Roast Beef (Slow Roasted), Homemade Amish Dressing, and Bread Pudding w/Caramel Sauce..

    Daily Specials are served with Bread and Butter and usually cost about $6.29

    Katies Kitchen in Mount Vernon, Ohio
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  • Fiesta Grande: Loved the Chile Poblano

    by dmaestro Written Apr 23, 2006

    After hearing about this place from my oldest daughter and her
    husband, I took my wife and youngest daughter there for lunch.
    We had a very pleasant experience. The food was expertly
    and quickly prepared, and the cost was quite low compared to
    other places in the area.

    The food arrived on our table in less than 15 minutes of being ordered.

    The most expensive item on the menu is about $15.00, but all the regular
    dinners are $10.00 or less, and lunches are all about $5.00.

    The personnel are very friendly making it a very pleasant place to eat.

    Favorite Dish: I had the #27 Combination, which consist of one beef burrito, one chile poblano, and one beef taco. The poblano pepper was quite a bit larger than I have had anywhere else, and was excelant. The cheese used in this meal was a white mexican cheese which had a very
    nutty, and slightly sweet flavor, and perfectly offset the mildly spiced food.

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