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  • Statue of Edwin M Stanton at the Courthouse
    Statue of Edwin M Stanton at the...
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  • CBD of Steubenville, OH
    CBD of Steubenville, OH
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  • Steubenville, OH, and the steel factory upriver.
    Steubenville, OH, and the steel factory...
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Steubenville Things to Do

  • Gothic Churches: St. Paul's Episcopal...

    St. Paul's is the oldest church in town (circa 1792) and the cornerstone of the current building dates back in part to the 1830's, although the current building proper dates back to 1880. This church was designed by George W. Hewett of Philadelphia, and is described as being of the "low gothic order". It is built of locally quarried sandstone. St....

  • Edwin M. Stanton Statue

    At the corner of 3rd and Market Streets, in front of the Jefferson County Court House, is a large bronze statue of Edwin M. Stanton. Stanton, a native of Steubenville born in 1814, served in a number of government offices, but was most famous for being Abraham Lincoln's Attorney General, and later, Secretary of War. The statue was dedicated in...

  • Stairway From Heaven to the Residences

    Certainly, for many generations, Steubenville town folk walked from church and downtown to the upper hill residences via a couple of stairways and trails through a forest thicket, which had been constructed and maintained by the city. One of these is officially closed, but I trudged up the icy step and deep snow trail anyway. I saw deer leap past...

  • Hilltop Residences, Part 3

    The escarpment bends with the river, and so around the top edge homes have different views. Some homes peer out over Hwy 22 and the Old Fort Steuben Bridge. Many homes on this side though are cut off by a forest. Here also are some substantial home architecture away from the edge. I noticed a sign in my walk that indicated the community meets...

  • Bridges Across the Ohio Near...

    The upper Ohio at Steubenville has a number of venerable old bridges and a relatively new cable-stayed bridge. See the link below for all the measurements of the new cable-stayed Veterans Memorial bridge that has some architectural merit spanning the 800 plus wide gap in the Ohio River along US22. Interestingly, despite the newness of the bridge, a...

  • Hilltop Residences, Part 2

    The hilltop residential part of Steubenville is quite apart from the downtown, and well downriver from the steel mills. Many of the finest homes in town overlook the city and the sandstone escarpment that dominates the other side of the river. Inspite of being above the city, many of these homes have to be sandblasted to remove the unsightly...

  • St. Peter's Catholic Cathedral

    This corner of Ohio, and the Northwest Territories in general, were particularly influenced by early French fur trappers who explored the area, so it's not surprising that a French Catholic diocese would also be an early part of the community in Steubenville. St. Peter's is part of a Dominican order that started in 1832, although the building dates...

  • Steubenville Central Business District

    At the corner of 4th and Market is a small collection of tall business buildings, mostly dating back to the 1930's. Some of these have been renovated with poor architectural results, in my oppinion.

  • Hilltop Residences, Part 1

    The hilltop community of Steubenville should actually be part of the "off the beaten path" tips since getting there involves extra effort. I climbed a steep snow covered hillside, nearly freezing in the process, hoping to not only find interesting homes of the wealthier Steubenville residents, but also a great overview of the city. Fortunately, I...

  • Gothic Churches: Two Presbyterian...

    Coal smoke from the steel factory and home heating have left black soot on monumental churches downtown, and many of these congregations have shrunken or disappeared altogether, but browsing the gothic architecture is still well worthwhile. First, there are two Presbyterian churches downtown, one of which has been transferred to another...

  • Spot Murals: Part Three

    There's a tiny park in the center of town with two murals, one of a bridge that appears quite old. And, then there's the bank and firehouse murals...

  • Spot Murals: Part Two

    Despite the design by committee appearance, there is a variety of interesting murals in Steubenville, many of which can be contrasted with the architecture. Here are a few more of the total of 25 around town.

  • Spot Murals: Part One

    The city has had a problem of blackened building walls from the burning of coal at the steel factories and in home heaters, and so after sandblasting the brick and stone in recent times, it must have occured to civic leaders that downtown had plenty of mural space. There are some 25 murals downtown, most appear to be stylized work by the same...

  • Visit Fort Steuben

    The restored version of the old fort was closed for the winter at the time of my arrival, but I walked the perimeter and studied the location of the corner markers that show the location of the original stockade above the Ohio river. The recreated stockade is expertly crafted, and there's a museum worth visiting. The frontier fort was orginally...

  • Taste of Italy

    Steubenville has an incredible selection of authentic italian cuisine and a few italian markets and festivities. To begin....there are three incredible restaurants that immediately come to mind. For anyone who has never is a must. My personal favorite is located right next door to steubenville in wintersville. The name is Da Peppinos and...


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  • chauncenetta's Profile Photo

    by chauncenetta Written Jul 16, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Outside the Dean Martin Festival I approached a man smoking a cigarette (because this is the usa and they won't let you smoke inside not even at a Dean Martin Festival) and asked him to recommend a good restaurant. He replied that since he rarely eats out as he prefers no Italian food but his own he could only recommend a place a block away. He steered us good.

    Favorite Dish: The chianti. Which I craved desperately as I had been driving all day with my daughter and her friends who were comandeering the music which they constantly switched mid-song while upbriding me relentlessly for taking them to a lame Dean Martin Festival who they had never heard of anyway so I think I earned a drink. The stuffed banana peppers were quite good as well and the eggplant was sublime.

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Steubenville Off The Beaten Path

  • He's still dead

    This is on the other side of the river from East LIverpool, Ohio, in Newell, West Virginia. A beautiful state to which I would like to return.This foto is for Manuel. i thought of Manuel when I saw this sign.

  • It's fun to get lost, which is a good...

    These nice boys gave me directions to the bridge to West Virginia. I told them I thought their town was nice. They scoffed. It was a day of much scoffing.

  • pretty little town

    Actually I took a wrong turn and ended up in East Liverpool, Ohio. Across a charming bridge on the other side of the Ohio River was Newell, West Virginia, home of the Homer Laughlin Factory, manufacturers of Fiesta Ware. Sad though, even though it was a Saturday the town square was empty and devoid of people. As if all the humans had vaporized. I...


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