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  • Kingfisher County Courthouse
    Kingfisher County Courthouse
    by Basaic
  • Kingfisher Historic District
    Kingfisher Historic District
    by Basaic
  • Chisholm Trail Museum
    Chisholm Trail Museum
    by Basaic

Kingfisher Things to Do


    HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS of Kingfisher along highway 81 as we passed through town.Click on the photo to see all of them.

  • Main Street USA

    Part of its Main Street USA area (US-81 in the case of Kingfisher) contains the splendid turn-of-the-century red-brick houses and places of business that have since turned to other uses. Whatever this red brick building had once been, it is now the office of the Pioneer Telephone Company and remains one of the largest of Kingfisher's early...

  • Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church

    Begun in 1903 but destroyed by a severe storm, the cornerstone of Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church were eventually laid in 1909. This is by far the most conspicuous and ornate church building in Kingfisher, filled with stained-glass windows and sitting on the southeast corner of Main and Don Blanding. The belltower and elongated spire are the...

  • From Power to Pillows

    Abraham Seay rose from being an officer in the Civil War (his war sword is one of the relics on display downstairs) to a circuit court judge (Missouri District) to Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma Territory. For all his wealth, Seay lived at a time when architecture had to supply the seasonal wants for temperature in a household....

  • A Territorial Governor's Tastes

    Inside the Seay Mansion, most of the furnishings are authentic relics of the Seay family (the territorial governor is buried in Kingfisher). Whatever happened to the third floor is at present a mystery, but history records that the governor's balls were given there. Built for $13,000 in 1892 and furnished for another $2,000, the decor is believed...

  • Seay Mansion

    Pronounced 'say' if you are a townsman and 'see' if you are a family member, the Seay Mansion represents what amounts to Oklahoma's first governor's mansion. Built by patriach Abraham Jefferson Seay from about 1892 (during which time he was Oklahoma's territorial governor), this illustrious house was originally a three-story mansion built on 15...

  • 89er Theater

    Once the Masonic Temple in Kingfisher, this Main Street building has since been resurrected as a movie theater (one screen). Most of the old downtown buildings in the Main Street USA area are now filled (as they are elsewhere) by lawyers' offices, jewelry and knick-knack stores and the occasional cafe. Current movies are screened at the 89er...

  • 1889 Land Office

    This interesting structure sits adjacent to the Rock Island Line, which essentially covered the same ground as the Chisholm Trail for transporting cattle from Texas to the rail lines running to the east coast from Kansas. In 1889, this office and a similar one in Guthrie provided homestead regulations to the would-be settlers of the Oklahoma Land...

  • Put the Money in the Bag, Mister!

    The Bank of Kingfisher Building was constructed by the Doaks brothers almost immediately after the Land Run opened this area to white settlement in April 1889. The fixtures and furnishings were collected from several other banks from nearby Okeene and Hennessey, as well as other banks in Kingfisher, but all are from the same era (1890s). The...

  • Rural Worship

    Next to the Gant School in the Village stands the Harmony Church, a prime example of rural places of worship near 1900. For those familiar with Cades Coves in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this single-story white structure with an ultra-modest belltower will seem quite in line with church buildings throughout the U.S. during this period. The...

  • Rural Schooldays

    In 1890s Oklahoma (and elsewhere), pupils sometimes traveled for miles to reach the schoolhouse (i.e. which led to the mythology of our parents' walking uphill both to and from school). Before statehood and its accompanying statutes, there was no uniform body of texts from which to study. Students brought whatever existed at home, which meant that...

  • A Stretch in the Jar

    One of the starkest but most appealing of the Village's attractions especially for young visitors is the macabre steel cage -- once an actual jail cell. Of the hundreds of schoolchildren who visit the Chisholm Trail Museum annually, letters back to the curator repeatedly cite the jail as the favorite attraction for ages 5-12. My own daughter (at 16...

  • Mother of the Mob

    Next to the Cole Cabin is the Dalton Cabin, a similar structure to the former but with wooden floors (somewhat of a class distinction among cabins). While not much different in other respects to the Cole Cabin, the Dalton Cabin was the home of Adaline Dalton, mother of the infamous Dalton Gang that lost two of its three members to gunfire during a...

  • Country Living

    In the so-called "Kingfisher Village" behind the Chisholm Trail Museum stand several remnants of turn-of-the-century Oklahoma. In the Cole Cabin you'll find Spartan accommodations -- a small twin bed, a dirt floor typical of the era, and a small pot-bellied stove. Chamber pots, a few cups and plates and a pitched roof are all earmarks of such early...

  • Agriculture, Kingfisher Style

    In its vast holdings, the Chisholm Trail Museum has a wide variety of agricultural implements and other western and rural accouterments. Early harvesters, threshers, wagons, and buggies fill an entire room, while saddles, eating utensils and a host of other items line every conceivable wall space. On somewhat of an incongruous note, there is even a...


Kingfisher Hotels

Kingfisher Restaurants

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    by Basaic Written Sep 27, 2014

    $10 as of June 2014. Doesn't look like much on the outside, but looks okay inside. This is a fairly typical Chinese buffet. Better than usual selection of seafood dishes. Decent chocolate pudding. Service was about average.

    Mei's Chinese Buffet
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Kingfisher Local Customs

  • As American As Apple Pie

    Though poverty is not unknown in Kingfisher, many of the town's neighborhoods consist of posh residences on the old Colonial or classic styles. White pillars, white-washed siding, gabled roofs, and brick chimneys are typical of such rural Oklahoma (and American) residences.

  • Panorama - In Paint and Profile

    Like many of Oklahoma's smaller towns, one prominent building (or sometimes a silo) often serves for a large mural depicting life in Kingfisher, both past and present. Though some serve as a history lesson, giving dates and figures involved, the mural in Kingfisher (one of two along US-81) is rather a becoming panorama of life in the 1930s. Local...

  • Kingfisher Hotels

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Kingfisher Off The Beaten Path

  • Kingfisher Stained Glass

    The First United Methodist Church on US-81 is a conspicuous red-brick house of worship with somewhat of a composite style of architecture and several windows of stained glass. As with all such places, phone ahead to see when services are since the offices are not necessarily open all week.

  • Historic El Reno

    El Reno (like Okarche, Kingfisher and Oklahoma City) grew up at the same time with the Land Run of 1889. More important by far than Okarche, El Reno has a wide variety of historical attractions to compete with Kingfisher for the tourism "donation." (Most museums here are free also, but donations are eagerly welcome.) El Reno has several local...

  • Historic but Petite Okarche

    If you're traveling to El Reno from Kingfisher, you'll pass through the village of Okarche (pop. 1,100). Okarche has few buildings of note but supports a popular and famous restaurant known statewide as Eischen's Bar (or Eischen's Chicken). Otherwise there are a few large mansions in town that seem incongruous with the more humble residences and a...


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