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    Cattlemen's Steakhouse: Won in a Poker Game

    by rexvaughan Written Jul 14, 2004

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    This place opened in 1910 in the middle of the stockyards where cattle were brought for sale and shipment. The area in the 1920's was home to meat processors as well and came to be known as Packing Town. Cattlemen's was one of the few places that stayed open after sundown and thereby attracted a somewhat colorful clientele who, during Prohibition, could indulge in the home brewed "liquid delights." In 1945 the business was lost in a dice game. The bet was that Mr. Wade could not roll a "hard six" or 2 3's. He did and on the wall of one of the rooms is branded "33" as a memento of his incredible luck.

    It is a mandatory stop for visiting celebreties and such people as John Wayne, George HW Bush, Ronald Reagan and Rebe McIntyre have dined here.

    Favorite Dish: There are other things on the menu, but why would you order anything but steak here? It is outstanding. We took my son and daugther-in-law there recently and she declared it the best steak she had ever eaten.

    Cattlemen's Steakhouse

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    Cattlemen's Steakhouse: Best Steak Around These Parts

    by msbrandysue Updated Jun 28, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Let's start from the beginning shall we? :)

    The small stockyards (old town) that it is in is simply adorable. I was worried about parking because right beside it is a small section. Well, when I turned in, turns out it is also all the way behind it so it is ready to hold as many people as you got.

    As we were going in I noticed a bunch of people waiting outside so I figured we would have to wait. Then, we found out there is also ANOTHER waiting ROOM upstairs. Well, we said first available...and were seated immediately in a smoking room. It is actually an enclosed room which I wasn't looking forward to but they have one of those machines that sucks the air up into it and then fans all around so it actually wasn't very bad at all. My dad's side of the family all smoke like chimneys so it wasn't no thing.

    We had a fantastic, nice waiter. It was no time that we had our drinks (me just tea, my aunt some wine) and then salads and entrees. For two people and a nice tip it came to $75.

    *History has it that the steakhouse was actually put into the current family's hands because of a poker game. The past owner put up his restaurant betting the man would not roll a "hard six"-two 3's on a dice. Boom! Your restuarant is gone, sir! The picture of the winning gamble was on the wall of the room we were in.

    Hours: Open 6 am daily
    Sunday - Thursday till 10 pm
    Friday & Saturday till 12 midnight

    Favorite Dish: I had the filet mignon, well-done, with a potato and side salad with honey mustard. It was fantastic! We also had handmade rolls come with the entree and homemade crackers for the salad. You get to make up your own potato, which I like, so it was great every which way you see it.

    The restaurant My dinner The lucky hard six Yummm

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    Saltgrass Steakhouse: Another Steakhouse

    by msbrandysue Written Jul 31, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When Saltgrass first started expanding their franchises I hated steak. Yea, yea, I wasn't even a teenager though. So I started with the kids menu and have worked myself up to the best steak in the place.

    The restaurant is authentic country Texas. The decor ranges from televisions with the game on, deer heads, bear heads, license plates and other country decor. They have a full bar and eating area. The tables are covered in white linens and the waitors wear tuxedo shirts and long white aprons.

    I recently went here for my birthday lunch and was surprised to have been given a black napkin and silverware. I think the waitress saw the confusion on my face and said that I was given the black one because my dress pants were black and it was to protect them. Isn't that wonderful? I thought it was very thoughtful of them.

    This steakhouse is in Norman, Oklahoma which is just south of Oklahoma City. It's more around the college campus so if you're heading that way and want a great steak, this is your place!

    Pictures to come soon...

    Favorite Dish: The food is delicious!! I would highly recommend the Maudene's Filet. 7oz. is more than enough for me but I believe there is a 10oz. cut as well. It comes with your choice of side (potatoes a few different ways or veggies) along with onion rings on the side. It's soooooo good!!!! When you order a steak you also get a choice of soup or salad. Both are delicious.

    You get complimentary bread with fantastic tasting butter. So great.

    When you order tea they bring out your own jar of tea so that you can refill your own glasses. My dad likes that.

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    Mickey Mantle's: Take a Swing....

    by ATXtraveler Updated Dec 14, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Oklahoma City is definitely a place for carnivores, as evidenced by how many different steakhouses there are in the city. On this particular business trip, our clients recommended Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse, named for the famous New York Yankee slugger who grew up in OKC.

    The location is in the heart of the Bricktown district, right across from the Bricktown Ballpark. Our first impression upon entering the steakhouse was very negative, as the bar area was still allowed to smoke, and of course smoke likes to drift directly to people who do not smoke, so instantly I felt as though I was at a local pub, rather than a premier steakhouse. We were a little early for our dinner, so rather than wait in the fumes, we went to another establishment until right before our reservation. If we had not already had clients on the way, we would have canceled our reservation.

    When we did sit down, the restaurant was a 180 from the entryway. It was decorated nicely, and you would not even know the bar had so many people disregarding the lives of others blowing smoke. The wait staff was very attentive, offering many options that were off the menu, including a large seafood appetizer selection. We opted to get straight into the meat, which was served a la carte, and the side dishes were ordered family style. I opted for the Bone-in Ribeye, which is typically a delicious cut of meat. I was rather disappointed in my cut, as there was a large amount of gristle, much more than the typical "marbling" of this cut. I ordered it Pittsburgh style, which is also called Black and Blue elsewhere. The temperature and warmth was perfect for this style of cooking, which made the disappointment of the cut of meat that much worse, because it was obvious they knew how to cook a good steak. Our table shared several side dishes as well, and these were definitely a highlight. The mac and cheese was absolutely delightful. I would rate it in the top 5 for mac and cheese so far. The au gratin potatoes were perfect, the mushrooms were above average, and the asparagus was cooked just as I prefer it. We also ordered the creamed spinach, which was very good, but I thought it was a bit too creamed and not enough spinach. I would absolutely order it again, but I would definitely prefer a little more spinach.

    The dessert tray offered a wide selection, of which i opted for the pecan pie. It was served ala mode, and was very good.

    I unfortunately did not get any pictures of the food itself, as I was here for work and it would not have been appropriate to snap too many pictures.

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    Kona Ranch: Got Hawaiian?

    by ATXtraveler Written Dec 14, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I had not realized the history of the American Cowboy, and how it had extended past the continental US and into Hawaii. According to the entry wall, Hawaiians long ago had invited American Cowboys over to their island to teach the locals how to properly herd and ranch the long horned cattle they received from England in and around the early 1800s. These cattle were considered sacred in Hawaiian culture, and the taste of Hawaiian beef became legendary.

    Kona Ranch likes to live off this history, and creates an interesting steakhouse option to the traditional ones in OKC. The menu is evidence of a great cultural switch, and alot of the steaks have options that include some sort of Hawaiian flavor, including pineapples or a sweet teriyaki style sauce. Their sweet and tangy barbecue sauce was absolutely delicious.

    We went to Kona for lunch, so I did not sample the large steak, opting instead for the lunch sized Brisket Baked Potato. This was a large baked potato, with cheese, sour cream, and loaded with brisket, then covered in the Hawaiian style BBQ sauce.

    I would highly recommend this place, and will be returning for dinner.

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  • Cattlemens Steakhouse: A legend!

    by Tanya934 Written Aug 13, 2007

    Very much a place for Carnivores with a very masculine setting.
    Full of History as set in the Historick Stockyard districk of OKC and easilly accessible by trolley car from both the city centre & the hotels on the outskirts.
    Were told by the waiter about the history of Cattlemens and how it's THE place to be taken to if you're a visiting US President or someone important.

    Favorite Dish: Had the huge T-Bone steaks which came with a salad as we'd not eaten since breakfast.
    LIghtly seasoned very tender steaks that were full of flavour and very juicy.
    Served with either Fried, Jacket Potato & I think rice Pilaf but don't quote me on the last one.
    Our friends urged us to try the fruit cobbler which was served A la mode if desired.
    Great wasy to finish of a good filling meal

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  • Cattleman's: Above average, far from the best in the city

    by TusPapi Written Aug 27, 2007

    It's a staple of OKC and has been for years. And really, it's a must-see historically in OKC. The food is very good as are the steaks, and you are not going to get a bad meal there.
    This is a steakhouse where the steaks come with sides and it has a family atmosphere. If you are looking for a top of the line steakhouse or the best steak in the city, this is not it, though. It's not Boulevard, Ranch, etc. However, it's not intended to be and you will not be disappointed.

    Favorite Dish: Ribeye, medium rare.

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    Cattlemen's Steakhouse: Great Steak

    by changeinlatitude Written Mar 16, 2006

    Okay, you have to go to Cattlemen's when you are in OKC. They have great steak, it is very relaxed and the service is alway good. Also, it is located at the Stockyards City and that area in itself is very cool. Lots of neat shops and just kind of old times atmosphere. If you are a horse person, they have great shops for riding attire and a great tack shop.

    I have the web page listed for you. It is very interesting to read the history of this steakhouse and the area it is located in. They open at 6:00 a.m. daily.

    Favorite Dish: The steaks of course.

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  • Cimmaron Steak House: Cimmaron Steak House

    by StephenK Written Aug 24, 2002

    The setting is country and western in a relaxed atmosphere good for the whole family. The prices are very reasonable.
    On Friday and Saturday evenings there is a live band with a dance floor.

    Favorite Dish: Rib Eye Steak with salad and baked potatoe

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