Oklahoma City Travel Guide

  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
    National Cowboy & Western Heritage...
    by skullcrusher
  • Oklahoma State Capitol
    by Astrobuck
  • The oilfield exhibit
    The oilfield exhibit
    by rexvaughan

Oklahoma City Highlights

  • Pro
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     New vitality and progressive sense of lively urbanism 

  • Con
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     Can be brutally hot and windy, or cold and windy 

  • In a nutshell
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     Slow-paced and modest, but growing prettier every day 

Oklahoma City Things to Do

  • OKC National Memorial and Museum

    The memorial grounds outside the museum are beautiful and extremely moving. The museum itself was difficult to get through emotionally but very well done. The conference room was intense and heart stopping. We are glad we went and could, in our small way, help keep the memory of everyone involved alive even if just by reading the names on the...

  • Myriad Botanical Gardens

    The Myriad Botanical Gardens are unusual as botanical gardens go as they are contained in a huge glass enclosure. It's like walking through a space age hot house and on a cool wet day, it's like taking a welcomed trip to the tropics, even if that is where we had just left from about a week ago, from our home in Florida. It was a nice goodbye to...

  • Oklahoma State Capitol

    This stately mansion has been the official residence of Oklahoma's Chief Executive since 1928. Designed by the same architectural firm that was chosen to design the State Capitol Building, the Governor's mansion reflects the same Dutch Colonial style.


Oklahoma City Hotels

Oklahoma City Restaurants

  • Chain Restaurants

    On a couple different occassions, when we were in downtown OKC, we have stopped in to a decent chain Mexican food restaurant called Abuelos. There are two locations in Oklahoma, one being in the middle of Bricktown, which is the most convenient for most people traveling here. Abuelos is a great spot to have fajitas, and I personally enjoyed the...

  • BBQ Joints

    We looked for a place that accommodated families, and Shorty Smalls seems to fit the bill. It's a pretty good-sized BBQ house, with your standard load of silly things on the walls for decor. They have a decent Kids menu, and the choices there run around $4.50, dessert included. For the grown-ups, there are many BBQ choices. I went with a combo...

  • Steakhouses

    I had not realized the history of the American Cowboy, and how it had extended past the continental US and into Hawaii. According to the entry wall, Hawaiians long ago had invited American Cowboys over to their island to teach the locals how to properly herd and ranch the long horned cattle they received from England in and around the early 1800s....


Oklahoma City Nightlife

  • Samurai has REOPENED!!!

    The Samurai was closed...but it has reopened in a new location. It is now located at 3034 N. Portland in a 3 club trio combined with Club Raw and Club Bounce. Ichiro, the clubs former owner, has taken a very hands on approach to refurbishing the clubs atmosphere...while also starting over in a very different location. With two full bars, pool...

  • Great Beer Selection

    On a recent business trip to OKC, we had 7pm dinner reservations at a local steakhouse, and we arrived a little early to make sure we were there in time. Unfortunately, OKC has not joined the 21st Century, and the waiting room at this particular steakhouse was still allowing smokers. So my co-worker and I decided to go down the street a little to...

  • Samurai Saki House

    (Now has gone out of business, too bad, the place was a hoot!) Live local and regional rock bands 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Owned by a true to life 70 year old Samurai and Sensai who hasn't missed a night in his club (that I know of) in the 20 some odd years that he's been in business. Jeans, leather, long hair a plus.


Oklahoma City Transportation

  • By Car

    The USA is a car oriented country. Mass transit is almost frowned upon and in times of cheap gas and US car dominance, it not only sounded good, it was the American way of life, part of the American Dream. So, a car is what you need. The buses and trains won't take you all the places you'll want to see. You don't need a four wheel drive or a fancy...

  • By Plane

    If you are planning to fly into central Oklahoma, then Will Rogers Airport is your likely destination. This airport is located about 10 miles southwest of downtown OKC, and is a fairly convenient airport. Unlike most airports in the country, you can be in and out of the security lines here in 10 minutes or so, as they are highly efficient. There...

  • By Bus

    Don't even think about using public transportation. OKC, like most cities between Chicago and California, has a skeleton system of public transit. In addition, the only way to get a cab is to call for one and wait about 20 minutes. Rent a car. You rarely have to pay for parking. OKC is one of the largest US cities (considering its area, not its...


Oklahoma City Shopping

  • Everything for the Outdoors

    The Bass Pro Shop is definitely the place to go for all things outdoors. With as many people as I saw wearing camouflage around Oklahoma, I can tell that this place is doing a killer amount of business. Although the name would allude to just being a store for fishing, this place also has all kinds of hunting and outdoor wear. The place is not...

  • Fittin' In Country Style

    In the stockyards are many country western shops with boots, clothes, 10 gallon hats and the biggest belt buckles around. I ALMOST bought some boots but I resisted! If you are a fan of the John Deer style you'll have to stop in and get something. Boots and western wear!! Boots will cost $100+ USD

  • Own the same hat as Hank Hill

    It's the very definition of gaudy. HUGE, stuffed bears, guns, camo, and a big tank of bass. Classy! A Bass Pro Shop trucker hat. All the cool kids have them. 10 minutes before the migraine hits you.


Oklahoma City Local Customs

  • Stats

    The population of Oklahoma City is approximately 444,719. The approximate number of families is 212,367.The amount of land area in Oklahoma City is 1575.131 sq. kilometers. The amount of surface water is 38.514 sq kilometers.Oklahoma City is positioned 35.46 degrees north of the equator and 97.51 degrees west of the prime meridian. Oklahoma City...

  • Highrise Hello

    Before skyscrapers assumed the characterless qualities of so many floors of glass and steel, true stone rather than concrete often composed the building material of the outward appearance. True artisans, hoping to beautify the monoliths rising in the city center, often shaped and chiseled decorative motifs or forms into the interior of the lobby,...

  • Building Codes

    Downtown is roughly a heterogeneous skyline with few buildings truly standing out. Unlike Tulsa whose high-rises would tower over their shorter counterparts in Oklahoma City, most of the skyscrapers here do not steal the lion's share of attention. Our tallest building, the BankOne Tower (pictured here) is only 500 feet high, yet there are other...


Oklahoma City Warnings and Dangers

  • Bad Neighborhoods

    Bricktown is the best Oklahoma City has to offer but beware of aggressive panhandlers day & night. My daughter and I used to go for lunch quite a bit but we were harassed too many times. We've been followed and yelled at. I suggest going with a group and staying aware.

  • Tornado

    As a member of both the Midwest and the Great Plains states, Oklahoma sees its share of tornadoes between April and September. Some of the worst storms in recent memory have hit Oklahoma City. Many who never lived here or never visited recall the tornado that ripped through here in the spring of 1999, now familiarly called the "May 3" tornado ($1...

  • Bricktown

    Bricktown is the best Oklahoma City has to offer but beware of aggressive panhandlers day & night. My daughter and I used to go for lunch quite a bit but we were harassed too many times. We've been followed and yelled at. I suggest going with a group and staying aware.


Oklahoma City Tourist Traps

  • Stockyard City

    Located at the Agnew Exit South of I-40 to Exchange Ave, Stockyards City is home to the home of the largest stocker/feeder cattle market in the world. The historic district recaptures the architectural flavor of the earlier part of this century, with gaslights and "Western Themed" retail storefronts. Many of the businesses in Stockyards City date...

  • Paseo Arts District

    The Paseo Arts District was built in 1929 as the first commercial shopping district north of downtown Oklahoma City. This little Spanish village with it's stucco building and clay tile roofs is the home of Oklahoma City's artists' community, the only such district in the state. Located along the Paseo Drive at roughly N. Walker Ave and NW 28th...

  • Capitol Hill

    The Capitol Hill Main Street district is due south of downtown and is the centre of the city's Latin oriented commerce. While development has been much slower than other Bricktown or the Asian District, Capitol Hill does host many restaurants and retail outlets that would leave you to believe you were actually in Mexico. It is tough to say exactly...


Oklahoma City What to Pack

  • Packing List

    Bring sun screen in the summer time...May through August. You can burn very quickly. .

  • Packing List

    Summer time it gets hot up into the 100's, so dress light and get ready for the wind and heat. It's not unusual to have 30mph winds. In the winter it gets windy and cold chill factors down to zero. The best time is usually September, October & part of November or April, May & June. Keep an umbrella handy or a rain coat when visiting in the spring...

  • Packing List

    Family Travel Although you should always have your camera handy for travel. You won't see much worth snapping in OKC. Instead, bring a smile and a handshake and talk to the people who live there - that's the best thing you'll take away from the city. OKC has four beautiful seasons accentuated by hot summers and cold winters. Generally, the...


Oklahoma City Off The Beaten Path

  • First Unitarian Church

    Standing a little away from what has become known as Church Row, the First Unitarian Church has one of the grander spires in Oklahoma City, second only to St Joseph's downtown. This white projection and red-brick building occupy a corner of the downtown area almost by their lonesome, so the grand spire seems even grander when the church itself...

  • Get Off The Highway

    Do yourself a favor when you are traveling in Oklahoma. Get off the main highway. Take different routes, you will be glad you did. Since I traveled the area from Oklahoma City to as far south as Ardmore to as far north as Woodward often, I found myself finding alternate was of getting to my place of destination. Also, there was not one trip that I...

  • Eastside

    The Eastside district is home to the African American community and is experiencing a renaissance of its own. Once a perfect example of urban blight and stereotypical undersight, the Eastside now boasts numerous development and an African American museum is currently in the works. It used to be, that this area would be better suited for the...


Oklahoma City Sports & Outdoors

  • Yard Dawgz

    The Oklahoma City Yard Dawgs are a team of the AF2 (Arena Football 2). The team plays at the Ford Center.The games are action packed and fun for the whole family.You are also able to get an easy autograph at the end of a game. The best seats to see all the action (if you cant afford a luxury suite) are in sections 221,204, and 206 on the Cox...

  • Oklahoma Redhawks

    Missing your baseball while visiting OKC? Head on down to Bricktown to see the Oklahoma Redhawks. You'll find them at the SBC Bricktown Ballpark, known locally as 'The Brick', with a statue of the world famous Mickey Mantle out front. Plenty of local parking or the local trolley stops right outside.

  • Remington Park

    Remington Park is among the latest of the world-class horse-racing venues brought by the DeBartolo family. Betting is allowed (this was a huge political issue at the time, but has since won over the populace), and simulcasts at other venues are provided. Quarter horse and thoroughbred racing at its finest are both seasonally available at this...


Oklahoma City Favorites

  • The history of Oklahoma city

    To be honest, I don't know, as I was only there for a couple of days in October 2006. But, if you're not already aware, Bricktown is good for a visit, as well as the business centre. I found a very interesting site, more history-based, at http://www.dougloudenback.com/ Clean, quiet, well-laid out. Another on my (ever-increasing) list of "places to...

  • the thing about wells

    Waking up in a cheap hotel isn't much better than falling asleep in one. We'd arrived around midnight the night before after finding slim pickings in the way of accommodation on the road from Little Rock to Oklahoma City. I had to bang on the owner's door to get this fleabag and suddenly my wife's tolerance of my penchant for brewpubs was wearing...

  • Famous OKCers: Mickey Mantle

    Mickey Mantle is one of the favorite hometown heroes of Oklahoma City, having grown up here, and going on to play a fairly long professional career with one of the most famous Baseball teams ever, the New York Yankees. Mickey was born in Spavinaw, OK and lived most of his childhood life in Commerce, OK. He also briefly attended the University of...


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