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  • Core of Beaverton is Paved Tangle
    Core of Beaverton is Paved Tangle
    by glabah
  • Beaverton Burgerville: compact present location
    Beaverton Burgerville: compact present...
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  • Burgerville in Beaverton in 1970s, Not Much Change
    Burgerville in Beaverton in 1970s, Not...
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Beaverton Things to Do

  • Jenkins Estate Park

    Officially speaking, this jem of a park is located in Aloha, but it is close to Beaverton and as of this writing I don't yet have anything interesting to write about Aloha, so into Beaverton it goes!Jenkins Estate Park is a reginally historic property, having been owned by relatives of early Portland area pioneers and community members.There was a...

  • Cooper Mountain Nature Park

    Of the new parks that have been created in Portland area in recent years, this is probably one of the best. The park features preserved natural habitat and gravel trails through them so that people can experience nature up close.Right now, the park is on the border between suburbs and farm land, but as the growth of the reason continues, there is...

  • Summerlake Park

    During the winter months, geese, ducks, blue heron, and other birds search out just about any location they can for wintering habitat in the Willamette Valley and surrounding areas. The large ponds at Summerlake Park become populated with these birds sometimes.In addition to the winter bird life, Summer Lake Park also offers a number of...

  • Tualatin Hills Nature Park

    There are several islands of preserved wilderness in the Beaverton area. Tualatin Hills Nature Park is one such island, and it is by far the largest such wilderness park near Beaverton.The park has some 219 acres of land with hiking trails, with mostly second growth forest, plus some marsh land and creeks flowing through it. Some of the hiking...

  • Beaverton Creek Wetlands Park

    The park is a preserved wetlands area north of the Tualatin Valley Highway, and to the west of the intersection with SW 153rd Drive. Unlike the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, which is virtually across the street, this park is almost completely ignored by local residents, despite its being a good place to look for certain types of wildlife.The park has...

  • Fanno Creek Trail: Hiking, Biking:...

    In recent years, ongoing efforts have expanded parks and trails running along Fanno Creek. As of this writing (Jan 2008) it is possible to follow the trail from approximately SW Denny Road & 111th (near Highway 2017) south all the way to the Tigard City Hall at SW Hall Blvd. and Edgewood Street. There is a missing trail segment in Tigard (see the...


Beaverton Hotels

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Beaverton Restaurants

  • One of the Chain's Smallest and Older...

    Burgerville is a chain fast food restaurant, but not a terribly ambitious one in terms of making itself into an empire. They are satisfied just being a small group of restaurants rooted in southwest Washington and northern Oregon. Their ingredients are, as much as possible, purchased from local farmers and producers.They have the standard fare...

  • Best Pizza

    The best little authentic Italian restaurant in the Portland, Oregon area. Not fancy, but real honest food. The pizza is exceptional, I like the thnner crust, but the regular is good too. Incredible meal for the low cost.

  • The Old Country Kitchen has...

    The Old Country Kitchen has been around for longer than I can remember. We used to go to the one in Portland and it was a big deal to get one closer by in Beaverton. The restaurant is family owned and has always been famous for its 32 oz steak. If you can eat the entire steak and all the trimmings, you get your meal for free. Beef is obviously the...


Beaverton Transportation

  • Tri- Met Rules!

    Tri-met is a great rail system. It serves Portland and the surrounding areas well. The bus system also meshes well and works great with the light rail system. They use the hub and spoke system, whereas the buses go to the tri-met station from all the different location from the town that you are in. I found it very effective and clean.

  • Bicycle magazine has named...

    Bicycle magazine has named Portland and its surroundings as the freindliest bike city in America. This is important to me, as I spent 4 years of college in Alaska with a bike as my transportation. (I did this without resorting to the usual dorky style that bicyclists tend toward.) Unfortunately here the bikers have taken this 'bike freindly'...

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Beaverton Off The Beaten Path

  • Waterhouse Powerline Park

    Just to the west of downtown Beaverton a powerline corridor stretches across Washington County. In a number of places, this powerline corridor has been converted into park land, and Waterhouse Powerline Park is one of those locations. The park runs north of Walker Road, across Blueridge Drive and all the way past Mission Oaks Drive and to Willow...

  • Waterhouse Park

    This little neighborhood park consists of a forested area, some picnic tables, and a paved walkway that crosses the park and connects several streets in the neighborhood. There is a really nice bridge over a creek that attracts ducks and geese.One small area of the park is set aside as a Camas preserve, in an effort to provide habitat for this...

  • Willow Creek Nature Park Complex

    From the intersection of Waterhouse Avenue and 158th Avenue westward all the way to 173rd Avenue there is a series of parks united by a single trail. Much of the trail is on elevated walkway due to high water in the wet season.Many of the elevated walkways are a somewhat creative design that puts one of the railings quite low so that it functions...


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