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  • Kings Valley Millstone at Avery Park
    Kings Valley Millstone at Avery Park
    by glabah
  • Broad Paved Trail along Willamette River in Park
    Broad Paved Trail along Willamette River...
    by glabah
  • Paved Trail through Forest Plantings in Park
    Paved Trail through Forest Plantings in...
    by glabah

Corvallis Things to Do

  • Willamette Park / Crystal Lake Sports...

    One of the most popular parks in Corvallis is located on the south side of town along the Willamette River. The north end of the park is a very popular sports field complex (see photo 3) with the dominating sports being soccer and baseball.Parts of the park are a "natural area", but the chances of seeing many types of wildlife are drastically...

  • News of Various Artist's Performances...

    As mentioned in my Arts Center tip, there is a bulletin board in the hidden back corner of the building that gives a broad range of news of various artistic events, public performances, displays, lessons, and all manner of other things going on in the community and surrounding area.To get here, you first have to go to the Arts Center, which is...

  • The Arts Center

    Corvallis got an early start at being an artistic community. It is said to have been the first city in Oregon, and only the 21st nationally, to have a local arts council, for example.The Arts Center originally started as a church (as should be obvious from the photographs) but the congregation that had it did not need it any more. At the same time,...

  • Central Park

    Central Park features a wide open grass areas that are useful for getting a bit of exercise, as well as a number of flower beds that are dedicated and maintained by various individiuals. On the south side of Central Park, between the park and The Arts Center, there is an open plaza featuring a few statues and other outdoor artwork. One of the...

  • Peavey Arboretum / McDonald State Forest

    Peavey Arboretum and the McDonald State Forest are part of one complex of facilities. Oregon State University operates the research part of the facilities here, while the state forest one of quite a number of such state forests in the coast range.While not inside the city of Corvallis, Corvallis is the closest community of any significant size and...

  • Riverfront Commemorative Park

    This park runs along the Willamette River through central downtown Corvallis. There are several sculptures, a fountain, and a number of park benches and shady areas. There is a paved sidwalk trail that runs the length of the park, and beyond, serving as a connection to areas beyond the park.


Corvallis Hotels

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Corvallis Restaurants

  • The penultimate Corvallis hangout!

    There are about 10 Beanery coffee houses located throughout the state of Oregon but in my view the location near the riverfront on 2d street is the best! You can get a real feel for this university town by just hanging out here to enjoy a latte or cappucino or one of their delicious blends of locally roasted coffee or tea! The prices are very...

  • Average Grade Mexican Food

    Andale is stuffed into a deep storefront originally intended for some other purpose, as the long display windows are better suited for a clothing store or other such retail, rather than restaurant seating. The photos and artwork on the wall feature a number of odds and ends of life in Mexico, as well as what appear to be early Mexican movie...

  • Fantastic Sandwiches!

    Small Vietnamese sandwich (Banh mi) shop. Menu is only sandwiches, all on freshly-bake baguettes, and a few salads and salad rolls (Goi Cuon). Each one is tasty, fresh, and satisfying. I can't wait to go back and have more.


Corvallis Nightlife

  • glabah's Profile Photo

    Whiteside Theatre: Assorted Performances by Various Groups

    by glabah Written Jan 23, 2012

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    The Whiteside Theatre dates from an era in which movie theatres were also designed to host vaudeville acts and various other performances, and even have an orchestra perform the sound track to a silent movie.

    On October 31, 2011 the 89th Anniversary of the structure was celebrated.

    However, things haven't always looked so good for the theatre. In late 2002 it stopped its long run as part of the movie history of Corvallis, and a message went up on the marquee saying "Thanks Act III Theatres", obviously implying that competition from the large cinaplex chains had closed it. In reality, Tim Moyer Cinemas Inc. purchased the structure in 1985, and simply operated it until it decided to open a cinaplex - so the competition already owned this little theatre by then.

    Today, it is operated by a non-profit group that hopes to keep it restored in its historic appearance, and yet still have events inside as part of its preservation. Today, they do in fact have occasional special events, concerts and performances, and it pays to check the web site to see what is on offer at this theatre.

    Or, you could simply walk past and see what is on the posters out front.

    Unlike certain other historic theatres, however, the basic structure inside and outside has not changed much from the 1920s. The hope is to restore it to its former glory, including re-installing the grand movie theatre pipe organ that originally graced its interior and provided sound for the silent films. It has been in storage for several decades but is available to be reinstalled. A number of the original architectural details, unfortunately, have been removed and would have to be recreated or approximated. Even so, the interior is still grand.

    Dress Code: Should be appropriate to the event, and the events are varied.

    Whiteside Theatre in Corvallis dates from 1920s
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Corvallis Transportation

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    Reasonably Good Bus System for Small...

    by glabah Written Apr 28, 2012

    Corvallis is not an extremely huge urban area, but despite this a number of bus routes run until fairly late at night during University session weeks - which is a symptom of this community originally being mostly oriented around Oregon State University. Yet, despite the fact that some bus routes operate until 2 in the morning, there is no transit service on Sundays, nor is there any transit service on major holidays (Independence Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Labor Day).

    Routes and bus stops of the Corvallis bus system are featured on Google Transit, and Google Maps feature the bus stops. If you zoom into the map close enough it is possible to see them on the Google map of Corvallis.

    There are several dedicated numbered bus routes, plus a connecting bus to Philomath. The "Beaver Bus" is so named as it only operates during the weeks that Oregon State University is in session, but anyone is able to ride it. It operates until 2 in the morning on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays covering three routes in various parts of the city.

    The core services are based on a transit center that is located slightly west and north of the downtown area, very close to Central Park. A number of the routes change number when they go through the transit center and thus it is helpful to find out what bus number your bus will become as many times it is not necessary to transfer buses.

    The Corvallis bus system no longer charges for riding, but if you are going to transfer to another route it is good to let the driver know as they can let the other driver of the other bus know they need to wait for a connecting passenger should your first bus be delayed for some reason.

    The majority of the routes run hourly, with a few of the routes being rush hour only. A few of the routes are once every half hour during the peak commuter times.

    Other than the connecting bus to Philomath, Corvallis Transit does not operate outside the Corvallis area. However, the following services offer connecting services to the outside world:

    + The Linn-Benton Loop Bus connects the transit system in Albany with the transit system in Corvallis and with Linn-Benton Community College.

    + HUT Shuttle provides a shuttle service specifically designed to deliver people to the Portland airport, but has stops in several cities along the way.

    + A once per day bus operates from Albany to Newport, with a stop in Corvallis. This is operated by Valley Retriever. An additional bus operates on certain days starting in Portland, with a stop in Salem and then Albany and on to Newport. This bus service is also reservable through the Amtrak web site as it serves as a connection for certain Amtrak trains.

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Corvallis Shopping

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    The Arts Center (The Store): Willamette Valley Artwork

    by glabah Updated Apr 20, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The store is part of The Arts Center (see separate tip ) that features an assortment of artwork and artistic events.

    The items here are created by artists from all over the Willamette Valley, so what you see here is probably not going to be available in most other stores anywhere else. Except for what is on display in the gallery, very few of the items for sale in the store are original artwork. For example, there are post cards and greeting cards that were created from prints of original artwork.

    What you find here will not be completely unique, therefore, but as the original artwork was made by a local artist the chances of finding a duplicate in some other city outside the region isn't very large.

    What to buy: As this is written, you will find animal sculpture candles made from bees wax, doorbell buttons with unique decorations, various pottery items, hand crafted wooden toys, prints from a local artist featuring wildlife, native American and a number of other themes, and jewelery.

    What to pay: As with most places in the USA, there is no negotiation over prices. What is put on the tag is what is expected.

    Local Artwork on shelves in The Art Center store attractive soap dispenser purchased at Art Shop 100% bees wax hippo cangle from Art Shop
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Corvallis Local Customs

  • Eccentricities of a Small University...

    Being in a small university town (that is, a small city where the population of the local university competes with that of the population of the rest of the city) has some interesting features.Also consider that Oregon State University has an extensive engineering program.Considering these things, it should not be too surprising that there are some...

  • Fourth of July on the River

    If you're in the area around Independence Day, it's well worth staying for the riverfront fireworks display. If you bring a camera, though, bring a tripod. A chair is a good idea too.(Do you like this tip? Please rate it, thanks!)

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Corvallis Off The Beaten Path

  • King's Valley Millstone (Avery Park)

    Located near the Rose Garden part of Avery Park, this mill stone was one of the first to be used in the southwestern part of the Willamette Valley, and was a great help in making the Willamette Valley a viable place to live. If you can't make the agricultural fields into usable food, then not much is really practical with them. This is especially...

  • Bald Hill Natural Area

    Not so very far to the west of Corvallis, the housing tracts give way to farm land and some forested hillsides. This will not be this way much longer, and the march of population growth is already filling in much of this land with dense housing and residential streets. Some of this, however, has been preserved as parks devoted to maintaining the...

  • Assorted Eccentric Sculptures and Public...

    Aside of the sculptures in the plaza between Central Park and The Arts Center, there are a number of other less obvious, but still quite interesting, sculptures and other public art scattered through the city. At least a few of these are on Madison Aveue. This street forms an art corridor of sorts connecting Central Park and The Arts Center with...


Corvallis Sports & Outdoors

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    Local Bicycle trips

    by vremerman Written Aug 22, 2004

    A nice bike trip close to town is Vineyard Mountain. Five miles or so out of town is Vineyard Mountain and McDonald Forest. A 1and half mile or so climb up and you are near the top and a jumping off point for many miles of Mountain Biking. Oregon State University has Mcdonald Forest for research. Lots of trails and logging roads.

    Equipment: One can either ride your road bike to the jump off point and back to town or you could either drive to the top with your Mountain bike or ride from town. For Mountaion Biking I recommend water and maybe a snack, bring a blanket for a picnic break in the secluded forest. You could spend a few hours and not see the same place, it is possible to get lost on some of the far out trails. Be careful.

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