Oregon Favorites

  • Favorites
    by Agraichen
  • Crater Lake National Park
    Crater Lake National Park
    by meteorologist1
  • Crater Lake National Park
    Crater Lake National Park
    by meteorologist1

Oregon Favorites

  • Downtown

    Portland Favorites

    Part of the Local Improvement District for the MAX light rail ten fountains with twenty-five bronze sculptures of Pacific Northwest animals were installed in 1986. They were designed by Georgia Gerber. Here are just a few I was able to photograph.

  • Rogue Chocolate Stout

    Out of respect for my wife, I normally don't drink beers with pictures of women on the label, but my wife graciously granted an exception after she tried this rich, tasty beer. The beer pours a dark black with a tan head. The taste is mostly a mild, sweet-smokey chocolate. Thick, rich and tasty.Rogue is a popular west coast brewery founded in...

  • Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA

    Rogue is a popular west coast brewery founded in Oregon. I first tried Rogue beers at their great location in San Francisco's North Beach in about 2006. Rogue was founded in 1988, and it has brewed more than 60 different beers. They have some of the best IPAs in the world.Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA scores an amazing 99/100 on RateBeer.com, so you know...

  • man, that steak was good

    You have to see Crater Lake to believe it. The feeling you get when you come over the rim to first catch a glimpse of it is really on a par with the Grand Canyon. In some ways, it's even better as you don't have the high expectations to contend with. In 1994, Kristin, a long time girlfriend, and I were traveling around the US. We were on a tight...

  • The Great Northwest

    The entire Oregon coast is beautiful. I also suggest the Willamette Valley, Columbia River Gorge, and the city of Portland as other great places to visit. Although July and August are the only months with lots of sunshine, all the rain makes the state extremely beautiful.For more details send me a message! Hiking up small waterfalls in the...

  • Portland

    Beautiful Portland is known as one of the friendliest cities in the U.S. If you fly into the state, chances are you'll land here. Besides having great views of Mount Hood, Portland has some hidden gems of its own, including several rose gardens, a spectacular Japanese Garden and brewpubs aplenty. For more information, feel free to browse my...

  • Waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.

    Along the historic Columbia River Highway are several picturesque waterfalls. The biggest and most visited natural attraction in Oregon, is the Multnomah Falls. See my 'Things to do' section for more information. Here are some more pictures of the Multnomah Falls and one of the Bridal Veil waterfall.

  • Killing time in Brookings.

    I stopped in Brookings, the last major town before California to linger in Oregon and after making the mistake of ordering lunch at The Hungry Clam down on the waterfront, I really did get to linger in Oregon. On Saturday morning there is a market on the waterfront selling local wares. It makes for a minor diversion if you fancy a stroll in...

  • Sealions for free!

    Just south of Heceta Head is the tourist operation called "The Sea Lion Caves". Several people warned me that this was a bit of a rip-off and when I saw that it was about $US15 or something, I decided to skip it. Well, when I pulled over on highway 101, just south of Heceta Head to take a picture of the lighthouse from afar, in a layby, just before...

  • Memorable placenames on the coast.

    Along the southern stretch of the Oregon Coast is the memorably named Mount Humbug. I would guess that this large lump of land rising suddenly up on the coast, is an old volcano. It is one of the rare spots on the coast that highway 101 deviates significantly from its maritime route. This photograph is from the south.

  • The McCullough Bridge, Northbend.

    This bridge is an impressive sight as you drive into Northbend/Coos Bay, the largest urban settlement on the southern part of the Oregon Coast. Named after the designer of the fine bridges dotted all the way along the coast, this bridge, although not as graceful as the Yaquina Bay Bridge and others, is very imposing.

  • A brief stop in Waldport.

    I stopped in Waldport to change some travellers cheques at the bank there, as I had left Newport before the banks opened. I also wanted to photograph the Alsea Bay Bridge. Unlike many of the grand Conde McCullough designed bridges on the coast, the Alsea Bay Bridge was not built in the 1930s or even designed by the aforementioned engineer-supreme....

  • Stop everywhere!

    On the coast, there is lots of opportunities for beach walk, for a picture, for a picnic, or a walk in the forest. Stop everywhere, you never know what you will find! Be sure to keep your camera handy and to get out there. Don't stay in the car... I don't have a BEST memory. All the time I spent on the coast was just wonderful.

  • Weird almost paranormal on the Oregon...

    Who cares what my favorite thing is? ....check out this shot of the green flash at sunset my friend in Newport took!! Really rare....freaky thing. Especially considering it happened THROUGH the clouds. it's not supposed to do that.He also got a shot of the "green rays" at sunset as well....which is on www.beachconnection.net at the moment.He also...

  • Bridges of the Oregon Coast.

    There are some spectacularly graceful bridges along the Oregon Coast. Most of the largest and grandest bridges were designed by Conde McCullough and built in the 1930s. To imagine such imposing and beautiful bridges being built along a coast that must have been even less populated then is quite amazing. The Yaquina Bay Bridge was my favourite. Any...

  • Portland is a city of bridges.

    Portland, astride the broad Willamette River, possess some interesting old bridges. The oldest is the Hawthorne Bridge, which has a section that can be raised to let barges and river shipping pass. I drove across this bridge several times in a very short stay (not always intentionally)!On my last morning in Portland, I somehow managed to find a way...

  • The Way to Find Good Food

    If you're tired of the same chain fast food choices that congregate around most interstate exits, do what we do. On some interstates there are signs that indicate "Historic Downtown District" or something to that effect. Often times there is at least one local diner-type restaurant that serves up homecooked comforted food in such areas. If hungry,...

  • Mount Thielson

    While driving on a road near Crater Lake, I saw this mountain towering over the trees. It was so beautiful, I just had to take a picture.

  • Covered Bridges in the countryside

    If you like covered bridges, there are twelve still left in Oregon. Someday I hope to get to see them all...before they are gone. Yesterday!

  • site so cool it's scary

    if you're into the Oregon Coast...and you REALLY should be....in fact it should be law.....then you MUST check out www.beachconnection.net. check out the virtual tours....so cool they hurt

  • Beer

    If you are a fan of beer then the Pelican Pub and Brewery is a must visit. The pub serves as a brewhouse and resturaunt right on the beach in Pacific City, Oregon.They produce world famous beers that have won awards all over the globe. They have many Gold Medal and Grand Championships to their credit in recent years from some of the most...

  • Oregon wine

    I am not a gourmet of wines (or whatever the experts are called) but I do know Oregon wines are very, very good, and are enjoying an increasing reputation. For examples, I've seen them featured in Newsweek magazine.Anyway, Oregon wineries are mostly located on the western side of the state, and the number of them grew from 47 in 1980 to 250 in...

  • Take in the Scenery

    I believe to experience Oregon you need to hop in the car and drive. There are so many landscapes and secrets to explore. I like to take the camera and just aim and shoot as we drive along. I am in Oregon at least once a week. Not that far from my home. My fondest memory is my High School years. I lived in Sweet Home. It is a beautiful area and I...

  • Crater Lake

    It has everything, Even Rain. The Summers are very Plesent. The RAIN...But this Day at Crater Lake was very nice.They have 2 seasons Aug. and Winter.

  • Visit Mt Hood

    Mt Hood is the tallest mountain in Oregon and is very popular year round for skiing, hiking or just a nice place for dinner. My favourite place there is Timberline Lodge. Not only is it a beautiful example of 1930's architecture but it has a fascinating history as well.

  • Visit Crater Lake National Park

    Visit Crater Lake National Park. This place is beautiful. The views are amazing. There are several hikes to go down to the crater, and in summer they have a guided volcano boat ride you can take to get more information.

  • Sea and surf

    I love the Oregon coast.. There are so many campgrounds and small towns to explore, you could lose yourself in this tiny state for a whole summer. Driving down the Oregon coast in my BMW convertible with the top down (ok, I don't have a convertible, or a BMW, but I did drive the coast).

  • Drive the entire coastal highway, route...

    The amazing coastal scenery (this photo is of Cannon Beach in the northern part of the coast.) Playing in the tidepools with starfish, urchins and anemone.

  • See Crater Lake

    As noted in my Forestry 251a travelogue, we stopped by Crater Lake in Oregon on our way back to BC in April 1982. Very nice. http://www.crater.lake.national-park.com/

  • Impressive trees!

    There are also some pretty impressive trees along the coast of Oregon... worth a look. We saw (and climbed in) this one in April 1982, while on a field trip from Vancouver (UBC). http://www.ohwy.com/or/c/cperpetu.htm

  • Oregon coast - it's spectacular!

    On a forestry field trip from UBC, we travelled to California via the Oregon coast. The scenery is fantastic! http://www.ohwy.com/or/c/cfoulwea.htm

  • Mountains,trees,ocean,volcanos,rivers,wildlife

    See the Oregon coast, and the Cascade Mountain range. I miss everything about Oregon when I am away. Can never get back soon enough.

  • I entered the state from the...

    I entered the state from the south-west corner in the GRANTS PASS area which is filled with beautiful forests. One of my 'must see' in Oregon was the CRATER LAKE National Park. When I showed up over there, some places were already closed due to snow (you're over 8000 ft here), so I was a bit disappointed. But still the setting is wonderful. Be...

  • visit the Sealion cave. A...

    visit the Sealion cave. A natural cave where sealions made there home. The sealions are inside the cave and/or sunbading in front of it.More info: Sea Lions Cave homepage

  • If you have the time I...

    If you have the time I recommend driving down Highway 101. It is one continuous stretch of beautiful coastline. Coos Bay was particularly notable.

  • Take a cruise on the Portland...

    Take a cruise on the Portland Spirit (or the Willamette Star or the Crystal Dolphin). You will see views of Portland's downtown skyline while enjoying dinner and piano music.

  • u must go to crater lake its...

    u must go to crater lake its amazing - blue clear water - unrealalso drive on 101 instead of highway 5 - its slower but the beaches u see r beautifull

  • You must absolutley visit the...

    You must absolutley visit the Oregon Coast, Columbia River Gorge, and the Willamette Valley. All three areas are so scenic and have tons of fun stuff to do and see! Above all else I love how green the western part of the state is. There are so many trees, fields, and other green spaces that are lush and beautiful.

  • get off the beaten path. drive...

    get off the beaten path. drive the small highways in the cascades. Visit the small towns. go to the beach. hike in an old growth forest. this is a picture of mt. washington. I love the fresh air, the GREEN scenery, and the great food the most.

  • Visit Eagle Point. There's a...

    Visit Eagle Point. There's a historic Mill and covered bridge that make it such a beautiful place. The Little Butte runs through the middle of town, and parks are dotted all along it for a nice break. Going up to Lake of the Woods in winter. It becomes even more beautiful in winter time than any other time of the year!

  • Columbia River Gorge

    go hiking and visit Columbia River Gorge which has plenty of hiking trails with gorgeous waterfalls Prineville Reservoir - boating, tubing, water skiingLake Billy Chinook - boating, tubing, water skiingSaddle Mountain - Hiking, watching sunset at the top of the mountainOneonta Falls - Columbia River GorgeKah-nee-ta - Indian ReservationMt. Hoodand...

  • If you only have a couple...

    If you only have a couple days in Oregon, I would spend it on the coast. It will take about that long to really enjoy all the beauty of the Oregon coast. From Astoria in the north, to Brookings in the south, you'll find hundreds of state parks and historic markers. You'll find a very scenic rugged coastlines, sand dunes, little towns, botanical...

  • Wetlander's General Tip

    I grew up in Douglas Fir forest in the foothills of Mt. Hood, and cannot imagine being from somewhere flat.

  • Between Smith River and...

    Between Smith River and Brookings is a place called 'Ship Ashore'......it has absolutely gorgeous views of the ocean, a fun! fun! museum/gift shop made out of a (small) ship, and the best resaurant on the coast! And all relatively inexpensive. I miss the ocean.....the sights, sounds, tastes, etc. etc.

  • Paul Barrett is one of the...

    Paul Barrett is one of the best friends I've met since I've got access on the world wide web. We know eachother since the beginning of 1996. I've met him online on Firefly, the music and film recommendation-site. Unfortunately the site doesn't excist anymore, but the friendship is still there. I was capable to meet him and his wife Tricia in 1999...


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